Let's Get Physical

Continuing Wednesday / 8:30pm Pop 30 min.
Let's Get Physical is a mood-boosting scripted comedy playing off the 1980s world of aerobics. The show centers on a middle-aged slacker who makes a reluctant comeback in the fitness industry after his dad, the Godfather of Aerobics, unexpectedly passes away and wills his son the broken-down family gym with eccentric conditions attached in order to get his actual fortune and estate.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Just before the teams are about to hit the stage at the Competitive Aerobics Championships Finals, Barry reveals Joe and Claudia's secret deal to the Fitness by Force Team: Claudia will own half of Joe's gym, no matter what team wins. Tina doesn't react well to this, hinting at her true feelings for Joe. Later, Barry takes the stage in the Singles competition. The Fitness by Force team is shocked to see Barry has stolen every move from Joe's routine, including Colonel Force's top-secret one. In response, Joe pulls out all the stops with a last-minute unorthodox routine – but will it be enough to win?
It's the day before the Competitive Aerobics Championships Finals and the teams are preparing for the evening gala where Joe will accept the Icon Award on behalf of his father. In a desperate attempt to shed some pounds, Joe takes too many diet pills and subsequently passes out in the hotel hallway. While unconscious, "Angel Barry" leads him on a Christmas Carol type journey through his past, present and future. The visions force Joe to confront parts of himself he's been avoiding. When he wakes up, he starts to put a scheme in motion. Unfortunately, Claudia has other plans.
Joe is getting into Barry's head. Realizing he should not underestimate his opponent, Barry trains his Metrix team to emulate the enemy. He takes his team on an alcohol and pizza fueled bender at the Metrix. Joe and Claudia take Joe's recently deceased car on a tow truck tour down memory lane. Then Barry and Joe take their rivalry to the cameras, recording a Cross vs. Force promo for the Competitive Aerobics Championships Finals.
Feb 28 2018
It's the Regionals and the top two teams will advance to the Nationals. Even though the Fitness by Force and The Metrix teams both pulled off great performances, the head judge announces no team will advance. The two teams put aside their differences to discover the truth behind this injustice. Janet, Tina and Claudia use their female intuition and common sense to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, Joe and Barry go in a completely different direction, which ends with each of them in humiliating positions.
Feb 21 2018
Joe's terrible choice in uniforms leads his team on a road trip to Arcyl Industries. When they arrive at the facility, Janet introduces them to her long-time friend, Dr. Arcyl (Lycra spelled backwards). This is the man who invented the legendary fabric that changed the aerobics industry. Dr. Arcyl coerces everyone into increasing levels of discomfort to create new uniforms. By the end of the excruciating endeavor, everyone is at odds with one another and unsure about their abilities as a team. Meanwhile, Claudia is getting tired of Barry's alpha attitude and decides to do something about it.
Feb 14 2018
Right after Joe and Janet fail to secure a loan to pay their team members, they find out the Colonel left them a safety deposit box with a mystery reel inside that's labelled, "The Beginning." Could this be footage of secret aerobics moves and the solution to their money problems? They host an auction for gym reps from the top franchises to try to sell off the priceless artifact. But, Barry Cross uses sneaky tactics to win the reel. As Barry seems to mentally unravel and Joe's team loses faith, Joe and Claudia devise a way to protect their respective futures.
Feb 07 2018
As Joe and Janet craft a plan for how to win the championships, Joe continues to hang around his loser bandmates in Guns Van Bovi. Janet knows these guys must go. She figures out how to get rid of them, which creates conflict with Joe. Then Joe and Janet meet the first (and only) dancers to audition for the Fitness by Force team, Clarence and Snacks. Meanwhile, Barry and Claudia begin recruiting dancers for the Metrix team. When Metrix employee, Tina, is cut from the team, Joe and Janet add her to the Fitness by Force squad.
Jan 31 2018
Joe Force lives a life of sex (sometimes), drugs (all the time), and (bad) rock n' roll. He's a boozy cover band singer who has a good time going nowhere. But all that changes when he finds out his dad, Colonel Tom Force, the Godfather of Aerobics has died of a heart attack. When Joe returns home, he learns that he'll only receive his $8 million inheritance if he beats his old rival, Barry Cross at the next Competitive Aerobics Championships. Barry happens to be the guy who beat Joe in the same championships years ago, in high school. He's also the guy who married Claudia, Joe's former flame. Can Joe take on his father's challenge? With the help of his mother, Janet, a former beauty queen and partner in Colonel Force's fitness empire, Joe attempts to recapture his old glory and win his inheritance.
Jan 24 2018