A Touch of Cloth

Ended / 7:00pm Sky1 45 min.
Hannah plays DI Jack Cloth, who is called in to investigate an apparent series of serial killings alongside his new partner, DC Anne Oldman, described as a "plucky, no-nonsense sidekick". Playing with the cliches and conventions of British police dramas, subplots include Cloth dealing with visions of his dead wife and the bisexual DC Oldman coming to grips with her feelings for both her female fiancee and Cloth.

Season 3

2 Episodes

As the body count continues to rise, Cloth closes in on the killer. But there's a horrific realization that the culprit is far too close to him for comfort.
Aug 10 2014
DCI Jack Cloth's brother, Terry, has been killed. The pair weren't close, in fact, they were estranged, but, you know, it still hurts.
Aug 09 2014

Season 2

2 Episodes

Going even deeper undercover, Cloth learns that Macratty's big plan has got even bigger, taking on a heist for the mysterious Big Man.
Sep 01 2013
Cloth has quit the force, never to return. Well, until a bank robbery goes wrong. But things are awkward at the station, particularly with ACC Tom Boss back at work.
Aug 25 2013

Season 1

2 Episodes

Booze addled and widowed loner, DCI Jack Cloth continues his struggle to hold himself together while solving grisly murders and suffering from the death of his wife.
Aug 27 2012
DCI Jack Cloth and DC Anne Oldman investigate a series of gruesome murders with the help of pathologist Natasha Sachet and Tom Boss.
Aug 26 2012