About A Girl

Ended Friday / 7:00pm E! US 25 min.
Amy Ryan is determined to get through college on her own. Almost. Amy Ryan rooms up with four guys and finds that living with the opposite sex isn’t her idea of a great living situation in About a Girl.

Season 1

13 Episodes

The guys' old roommate returns and it worries Amy. She's concerned about her place among the guys.
Feb 29 2008
The guys goes on a weekend camping trip with Amy and her best friend Erin. The only problem: there's only one tent.
Feb 22 2008
The guys help Amy with her unpaid parking tickets while Benny undergoes a makeover for Erin.
Feb 15 2008
Amy takes the guys to the library for an all night study session. Her plan heads south, however, when the guys start pining over girls at the library.
Feb 09 2008
When Amy fails her marine-biology exam, she asks the guys what she should do. After following their advice, she has a major blow up in front of her class. Now Amy must decide if marine-biology is really her lifes passion.
Jan 26 2008
Amy has to fight back when the guys pull a prank on her.
Jan 19 2008
On the eve of the campus chili-cookout, Amy has a sexy dream about Jason.
Nov 16 2007
When Amy's mom unexpectedly visits, it spells trouble for her time remaining in the house.
Nov 09 2007
Amy turns to the guys for support after her new boyfriend lets her down.
Nov 02 2007
After Stacy's sorority house floods, she stays with Amy and the guys.
Oct 26 2007
Amy enjoys her job at the campus bookstore but that all changes when her boss becomes romantically interested in her.
Oct 19 2007
When things get to out of hand, Amy decides its time to make house rules for the guys.
Oct 12 2007
Amy Ryan is finally own her own and she passes up sorority life to share a house with four guys.
Oct 05 2007