Acquisitions Incorporated

Continuing Wednesday / 7:00pm YouTube 30 min.
Acquisitions Incorporated is a Dungeons & Dragons party starring in a series of online adventures since 2008, originally in podcast format but nowadays mainly published on YouTube. A collaboration between Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast, the series was originally created to showcase the then-new 4th Edition of D&D, but soon evolved into something of an improvisational Comic Fantasy thanks to the fun dynamics between the players and excellent Dungeon Mastering by the WOTC producer Chris Perkins.

Season 1

13 Episodes

Aug 24 2016
Aug 17 2016
Aug 10 2016
Aug 03 2016
Jul 27 2016
Jul 20 2016
Jul 13 2016
Jul 06 2016
Jun 29 2016
Jun 22 2016
Jun 15 2016
Welcome to the pilot season full of new Acquisition Incorporated adventures, filmed on-location in an actual basement, delivered episodically for your amusement.
Jun 08 2016