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A few lost individuals arrive in Oslo under unclear circumstances. They turn out to be the start of a stream of people from the past who seek refuge in our time. The main action in the series takes place seven years later, describing how society has been transformed by the so-called immigrants.

Season 2

1 Episodes


Season 1

6 Episodes

The hunt for the Tjuvholmen killer is coming to an end, and Alfhildr must face a hard truth.
Sep 11 2019
In the hunt for answers in the Tjuvholmen case, Lars becomes his own worst enemy.
Sep 11 2019
When Lars's daughter is involved in a mysterious accident at sea, Alfhildr has to seek Norse help to continue the investigation.
Sep 04 2019
Lars and Alfhildr finds a new main suspect in the Tjuvholmen murder: a rich entrepreneur from the Stone Age.
Aug 28 2019
The investigation leads Lars and Alfhildr down into Oslo's new and multitemporal criminal underworld.
Aug 21 2019
A dead woman floats ashore at Tjuvholmen, and Lars Haaland has to investigate with his new partner: Alfhildr Enginnsdottir from the Viking Age
Aug 21 2019