Beyond the Break

Ended Thursday / 7:00pm Noggin US 30 min.
The N's new half-hour weekly teen drama series, Beyond the Break , is shot entirely on location in Oahu, Hawaii and follows the ups and downs of the competitve surfing circuit known as Wave Sync, following the stories of four girls, the flirt, the native, the one trying to fit in and the criminal.

Season 3

14 Episodes

Wronged 3x14
Jun 25 2009
Worked 3x13
Jun 25 2009
Jun 24 2009
Jun 23 2009
Bailed 3x10
Jun 22 2009
Jun 18 2009
One 3x08
Jun 17 2009
Jun 16 2009
Jun 15 2009
Jun 11 2009
Jun 10 2009
Jun 09 2009
Jun 08 2009
Jun 08 2009

Season 2

11 Episodes

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Dawn walks out of WaveSync, and it costs her more than just a place to crash.
Feb 02 2007
Lacey won't give in to her mom, even if it means leaving WaveSync forever. Dawn won't give in to Dale-and it just might mean leaving WaveSync forever
Jan 26 2007
Kai faces down Dawn, and Lacey faces down her mom.
Jan 19 2007
Lacey's mom suddenly walks back into her life and decides to make it her own.
Jan 12 2007
coming soon
Jan 05 2007
With Marcus on his way to Iraq, Birdie watches her life fall apart, and she can't do anything to stop it. Meanwhile Kai's plan to fix her life with pain pills backfires, and the only way she can take control is to confess the truth she's been hiding from Lacey
Jan 05 2007
Prepare for season 2 of Beyond the Break with special behind the scenes looks at season 2 and looks back at what happened in season 1.
Dec 31 2006

Season 1

10 Episodes

Birdie has Marcus and Bailey competing over her, Dawn continues trying to get a date for Shoe, and Kai shows her feelings for Vin.
Jul 28 2006
Trying to deal with the pain of her injuries, Lacey reveals to Kai her past problems with narcotics addiction. Kai tries to overcome her guilt about the beating her friends gave to Lacey, and enjoy her time with Vin. Meanwhile, Dawn decides to try to find a girlfriend for Shoe, and Marcus starts to become jealous of the time Birdie and Bailey have been spending together.
Jul 21 2006
Birdie nudges Bailey toward resuming his surfing career, Shoe tries to save his troubled relationship with Dawn, and Kai's friends Mily and Lani decide to give Lacey a lesson about staying away from Vin.
Jul 14 2006
Jealous over Lacey's relationship with Vin, Kai admits to Lacey that she's in love with Vin. Dawn is shocked by what she finds out about Shoe, and Birdie tells Bailey what WaveSync holds for his future.
Jul 07 2006
WaveSync hosts a party to introduce the team, at which Lacey and Kai have a confrontation over Vin.
Jun 30 2006
Birdie and Dawn date soldiers. Lacey is uncomfortable with the attention she is getting from Vin, whom she knows Kai likes.
Jun 23 2006
The first event in the Makaha surf tournament tests whether the WaveSync girls have what it takes, in the water and inside themselves. Also, Lacey and Kai discover how important they are to the other people in their lives.
Jun 16 2006
Lacey tries to scrape together the entry fee for a surfing contest, Kai's old friends hate her new life at Wavesync, and Birdie finds out why Dawn has spent $3000 at the resort in the past week.
Jun 09 2006
Although Lacey gets help from her old friend Justin, who is coaching an all-female surfing team, she finds that starting a new life is harder than she thought.
Jun 02 2006
Lacey Farmer ditches her dysfunctional family and runs away to Hawaii to win a spot on the WaveSync pro surfing team. But it's not as easy as she thinks.
Jun 02 2006