Big Day

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm ABC (US) US 25 min.
Everything matters at a wedding, and the smallest imperfections can reverberate throughout the event as if lives actually hang in the balance. Things are about to get even more complicated for Danny and Alice, as their day turns into a season-long roller coaster where nothing goes according to plan.

Season 1

13 Episodes

Steve gives a $10,000 wedding gift to the couple but Alice refuses while Danny is thrilled to accept it.
Alice and Danny gets stuck when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere while back at home, Jane and Steve decide to renew their vows.
Jan 30 2007
Jane's old boyfriend gets her stoned while they reconnect while Steve doesnt want Alice to marry Danny.
Jan 09 2007
Janes ex-boyfriend shows up; Lorna hires her ex-fiancÚ who dumped her, while Danny gets gold feet.
Jan 09 2007
During the pre-marital meeting, the minister behaves like a raging nutcase and ultimately ends up to be fired and Steve forces major wedding cuts at the last minute.
Jan 02 2007
The neighbors kids are threatening the wedding when they have a huge birthday party and attack the staff with paintball guns and their clown steals Alices wedding dress. Meantime, Danny saddlery decide to invite 40 additional guests from Steves hospital staff without asking permission.
Jan 02 2007
Skobo loses the wedding rings while Steve, Becca and Danny are going to the hospital since Steve has been called for an emergency. Meantime, Lorna finally stands up to Jane but it doesn't turn like she thought it would.
Dec 26 2006
Danny and Alice are coached for their big dance by an instructor, but it's not going well, however Alice's mother and Danny are perfect partners. Sibling rivalry comes into play when Becca feels jealous because of her father's memories of raising Alice.
Dec 26 2006
The couple's honeymoon island is taken over by rebels, and Danny begs Skobo to use his connections to book a suitable alternative. Meanwhile, the Garf dreams that Steve dies before the wedding, and Alice worries about writing her vows.
Dec 19 2006
While Lorna deals with a rival wedding planner to get a replacement tent, the guys make a detour to a strip club after picking up their tuxes, and Alice bets all of her wedding gifts in a board game with Becca.
Dec 19 2006
When Becca and Skobo each try to get the other banned from the wedding party, secret are surfacing, Skobo reveals that, as pre-teens, he and Alice kissed.
Dec 12 2006
When Danny's father, a.k.a. "The Garf", comes in bicycling from Maine to assist the wedding, everyone thinks that it couldn't get more awkward. Until he offers to give massages to Alice's family. Meanwhile, a prolonged mutual hostility between Becca and Skobo's families threatens the wedding.
Dec 05 2006
Pilot 1x01
Today is the big day! The moment that Danny and Alice were waiting for has arrived. Today is their wedding day, but things for the happy couple soon become complicated due to their friends and their family. Are they really going to be able to survive this day with all these problems? Is love more powerful than anything?
Nov 28 2006