Black Moon

Continuing Friday / 7:00pm Netflix 45 min.
In 17th century Italy, a teenage midwife accused of witchcraft must choose between a star-crossed love and fulfilling her powerful destiny.

Season 1

6 Episodes

Light 1x06
The witches and the Benandanti clash in a climactic confrontation in which lives and loves are forever transformed.
Jan 31 2020
Weapons 1x05
Valente seeks revenge on Sante. Leptis and Tebe argue over strategy. The Benandanti increase their aggressive tactics, and Pietro feels conflicted.
Jan 31 2020
Fate 1x04
Pietro rejects Ade while mourning his loss and deciding whether or not to join his father's cause. Ade, Tebe and the other witches rescue more women.
Jan 31 2020
Voices 1x03
While women's voices plague her, Ade struggles with how to respond to Pietro's proposal. Leptis teaches Valente how to use a bow and arrow.
Jan 31 2020
Ade learns about the Book of Kingdoms and the history of the Lost Cities. Cesaria and Spirto look for clues at Natalia's house.
Jan 31 2020
Omen 1x01
Teenage Ade has a dark premonition while helping her grandmother deliver a baby. The two are accused of witchcraft, and one is sentenced to death.
Jan 31 2020