Blue Planet Live

Ended Daily / 7:00pm BBC One 60 min.
In an exciting week of programmes, Blue Planet Live will celebrate marine life around the globe to explore the health of our oceans.

Season 1

4 Episodes

In the final programme of this week-long ocean health check, we find out what the future holds for the next generation of marine life and how we can help. The team looks at how scientists across the world are embracing technology to find solutions to the pressures faced by wildlife at sea. In Mexico, Chris is at the endpoint of his journey, the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula, uncovering the secret success of humpback whales. He joins a team deploying an innovative listening device that reveals some extraordinary whale behaviour. As night turns to day, we join Liz live in Australia as she tunes in to an underwater dawn chorus to be captivated by fluorescent corals that light up the reef. She also witnesses tiny turtle hatchlings running the gauntlet of predators ahead of their epic migration. Over in the Bahamas, Steve prepares for his final and most challenging dive of the week. To understand more about hammerhead sharks and the journey they will make when they leave the Bahamas, he has his most dramatic underwater encounter yet as he joins scientists attempting to count one of the biggest gatherings on the planet. Out on the open ocean in the Pacific, our expedition vessel reports back with exciting new discoveries that the latest technology is bringing us from the deep.
Mar 31 2019
As marine life around the world is poised to embark on epic journeys across the planet’s vast oceans, the Blue Planet Live team discover how ocean traffic, over-fishing and noise pollution could impact these sea faring commuters. Steve Backshall, Chris Packham and Liz Bonnin will be rolling up their sleeves with scientists to further understand the importance of migrations, long and short, and understand how human demands on the oceans have made an impact on these wild journeys. Liz joins scientists on the Great Barrier Reef to witness baby turtles taking their first steps and carries out a live weigh in on young shearwater chicks. Steve finds himself surrounded by stingrays as a team attempt to ultrasound some pregnant females, and over in Mexico’s Seat of Cortez, Chris hooks up with whale experts in search for the return of a long lost visitor to these waters, the sperm whale. Live cameras will be standing by on research vessel Atlantis in the Pacific, as deep-sub Alvin resurfaces with some vital signs from the abyss.
Mar 28 2019
In a race to find out what great pressures confront life in our ocean, the team continue their mission across our blue planet to investigate the effect human impact has had on our fragile marine ecosystem. As the sun rises over the Great Barrier Reef, Liz Bonnin joins scientists live to find out how temperature rises are impacting the reef, and how plastic is putting the future of the planet’s turtles at risk. In a dramatic manoeuvre to capture coral spawning, we follow an ambitious attempt to restore the reef through IVF. 15,000 miles away Steve Backshall explores an eerie Caribbean wreck, during a live dive, in search of a super-sized fish that is upsetting the natural order in the shark’s home waters. Continuing his journey down the Baja peninsula in Mexico, Chris is on a quest for ocean giants; are this year’s blue whale families are in good shape? He helps researchers deploy a ‘snotbot’ to make their diagnosis. Out in the pacific the crew on board expedition research vessel, Atlantis, explore the mysterious world of the deep ocean. Their findings will help them assess the health of ocean and find out how our actions are impacting the deepest, darkest, depths.
Mar 27 2019
Chris Packham, Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall kick off an exciting new live series to explore the health of our oceans and its wildlife, broadcasting thousands of miles from across the planet to find out how marine life is coping in the face of increasing environmental pressure. Chris pairs up with scientists in the world’s biggest whale nursery, in Mexico. As hundreds of mums and babies arrive, we gain a unique view of this spectacle from the air, and discover in real time how their condition and how the population is faring. Over in the Bahamas, Steve will be in shark heaven as he drops anchor to take the plunge live with some enormous ocean predators. An encounter with the impressive tigershark offers some clues to the success of their species. On the fragile Great Barrier Reef, Liz sets up base at a research station where state-of-the-art coral experiments try to find solutions to ensure the Reef’s survival in the face of environmental threats. This is a prime moment to meet the colourful characters that live on the delicate coral and the perfect time to follow the trials and tribulations of new-born turtles living on the island.
Mar 24 2019