Blue Planet UK

Ended Daily / 7:00pm BBC One 45 min.
Celebrating marine life from all corners of the planet as we dive deep to explore the health of our oceans.

Season 1

5 Episodes

The final programme comes from St Abbs in Scotland and looks at whether herring - the 'silver darlings of the sea' are making a comeback this year. One man shares his passion for sea horses and Gillian investigates whether being a brave crab is a disastrous strategy. Plus there's exploration into the lesser-known British coral reefs and a reflection on life as a lighthouse keeper.
Mar 29 2019
Steve finds out how washing our clothes is harming our marine life. Why has the fish and chips supper changed? And which lobster is making a comeback? Plus why is one man fascinated by 'the Christmas Tree fish of the sea? Chris finds out. Presented from Herne Bay in Kent.
Mar 28 2019
In Herne Bay in Kent, Steve makes a jaw-dropping discovery of sharks teeth on the beach. Looking at how bad fatbergs are for the arteries of our seas. Plus we soar high over Mull with Sea eagles, and Chris meets a photographer who believes we have the best marine life in the world.
Mar 27 2019
Steve uncovers the historic secrets of seabirds in Yorkshire, Gillian finds out how we're stressing our sea creatures, and Chris meets a retired couple adding to shark science.
Mar 26 2019
From St Abbs in Scotland, Steve reveals how ocean plastic rubbish is turned into kayaks that clean up our seas, Gillian goes oyster fishing in Cornwall and Chris meets author Philip Hoare who thinks we should all take a daily dip in the sea.
Mar 25 2019