Bomb Patrol Afghanistan

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm G4 US 60 min.
From the streets of Afghanistan comes an all-new series profiling the U.S. military's most dangerous job. The first of its kind, Bomb Patrol Afghanistan is a groundbreaking docu-series giving viewers an unprecedented first person view of one of the most dangerous jobs in the world in one of the most dangerous places on earth. G4 embeds viewers within the U.S. Navy E.O.D. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Unit as it trains state-side prior to deployment. Outside the wire in war-torn Afghanistan, helmet and body mounted cameras and state-of-the-art robotics bring you a never before seen look at the intensity of war. Viewers will witness as the elite team searches out, disarms and destroys an array of deadly explosives with one goal: to save civilian and military lives and return home safely. This is war like you've never seen before.

Season 1

17 Episodes

Reunion 1x17
Josh Duhamel interviews four members of Navy EOD Platoon 3-4-2, who discuss their deployment and moments that changed their lives.
May 01 2012
May 01 2012
Examining the technology the Navy EOD Platoon 342 uses to find and dispose of IEDs.
Apr 24 2012
Best of 1x14
Series highlights.
Apr 17 2012
Conclusion. Ricky, Matt and Sam help clear a dangerous road.
Apr 10 2012
Part 1 of 2. Ricky, Matt and Sam help the U.S. Army's Route Clearance Patrol clear one of the most heavily mined roads in Afghanistan.
Apr 03 2012
Donkeys 1x11
A donkey breaches security; the team finds an unusual bomb on Ring Road.
Mar 27 2012
Brad, Ricky and Chase must reach soldiers who are trapped in a damaged vehicle amid a firefight with the Taliban in the series finale.
Dec 27 2011
Ambush 1x09
A route clearance mission finds an abandoned car that facilitates an ambush.
Dec 20 2011
Changes occur in the platoon
Dec 13 2011
Sam, Ricky and Matt must clear a checkpoint that was recently abandoned by the Taliban; Chase and Brendan try to pull an intact pressure plate out of the ground.
Dec 06 2011
A mission to retrieve a suicide vest unfolds; Sam, Ricky and Matt must remove an IED near a Taliban stronghold.
Nov 29 2011
A swarm of militia fighters complicates a mission for Ricky, Matt and Sam; Brendan's first chance to lead takes a turn for the worse.
Nov 22 2011
A road must be cleared for the return of 200 U.S. troops; Brad, Jeremy and Brendan try to dig up an IED at night.
Nov 15 2011
The platoon is looking for a Taliban triggerman and must detonate a live grenade.
Nov 09 2011
Sam, Ricky and Matt help the Army clear the most heavily mined road in Northern Afghanistan; a deadly Taliban trap is discovered at an ANP Checkpoint.
Nov 01 2011
Eight soldiers begin a dangerous 5-month mission to find and destroy improvised explosive devices in the opener of the documentary series following the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Platoon 342 as they patrol Afghanistan.
Oct 25 2011