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Set against the backdrop of Bath, a city steeped in 3,000 years of history, Gillian and her team Dr Ben Akomfrah (forensic, objective), Professor Gregory Parton (encyclopaedic but terminally louche) and eager young post-grad intern Viv Davis are brought in under a variety of imperatives to extract bodies, books, weapons and all manner of artefacts which lead them into an investigation of the past that will unlock dangers and mysteries in the present.

Season 1

6 Episodes

Professor Gillian Magwilde risks everything to find the greatest sword in history. She starts the same search that already made her mother go mad.
Aug 12 2008
In France, a British World War One tank is found. Some remains are inside. A feud between the Germans and the British starts.
Aug 05 2008
Gillian's ex-lover and archeologist from Iraq comes to Bath to repossess some Iraqi relics which were stolen.
Jul 29 2008
The team discovers secret chambers under the city of Bath. Those are dated to Celtic times and tell the love story of a queen and a Roman soldier.
Jul 22 2008
The team of archeologists uncovers bones that they think belonged to slaves from the 18th century. But soon, they realize the bones are connected with the crew of a ship.
Jul 15 2008
During an excavation of medieval soldiers from the Crusades, archaeologist Gillian Magwilde and her team find themselves in mortal danger as their discoveries lead them to search for the True Cross. Meanwhile fanatical right wing Christian, Edward Laygass, stands in their way, buying the land where the excavation is taking place and declaring it Holy Ground.
Jul 08 2008