Burning Love (2013)

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Burning Love follows fireman Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) as he searches for the perfect woman. The scripted comedy series features an impressive line up of comedic actors from film and television including Ken Marino, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, Michael Ian Black, Adam Scott and more. Burning Love gives viewers a front row seat to the champagne toasts, candles, heartbreak, bubble baths, chocolate, choreography, hair extensions, roller skating, betrayal, spray-tans, and rainbows in the most romantic, comedic web series ever made.

Season 3

14 Episodes

The big finale. The winner of the $900 is finally revealed.
Apr 26 2013
The remaining three couples dance their way to the finish line.
Apr 26 2013
Personal tragedy causes the game to twist again.
Apr 25 2013
A poetic challenge causes some hearts to soar and some to break.
Apr 24 2013
Mark makes a tough decision. The contestants compete in a Pop Culture Contest.
Apr 23 2013
Jealousy causes one contestant to go too far.
Apr 22 2013
A twist on the traditional Wet T-Shirt contest has the house buzzing. Lexie is pushed to her breaking point.
Apr 19 2013
The contestants must compete in a medically themed challenge. Simon and Virginia confront their relationship status.
Apr 18 2013
Feelings are hurt as the contestants are forced to play a game of "Hurtful Questions."
Apr 17 2013
A physical challenge is presented. The winners are given the power to shake up the game. Fruit is involved.
Apr 16 2013
Amidst blossoming romantic relationships, the contestants compete in a Singing Contest. The winning couple is treated to a private concert with a celebrity music guest.
Apr 15 2013
Hormones and tempers flare in a sexually charged challenge.
Apr 12 2013
The game proves to be all about relationships. Two contestants are voted out.
Apr 12 2013
Your favorite Burning Love stars return to the mansion in the hopes of winning $900.
Apr 12 2013

Season 2

14 Episodes

In "Out the Box," Bill Tundle hosts this special recap episode. He catches up with the guys Julie dumped along the way, and finds out if Julie and her fiancÚ are truly living happily ever after.
Mar 22 2013
Julie must choose who will receive her final box.
Mar 22 2013
An old love returns to the mansion to help Julie determine which guy would be best for her. A beach ball is tossed around.
Mar 21 2013
The remaining three men invite their families to the mansion so Julie can decide which one she would like to join.
Mar 15 2013
A rap legend blesses the mansion with his presence to help Julie determine who is the illest of the guys. Another surprise visitor shakes up the game.
Mar 14 2013
Julie takes two guys on a high fashion photo shoot date. Which guy will impress her more? Which guy will impress her less?
Mar 08 2013
Mark Orlando returns to share some shocking news with Burning Love. Bill ever so gently guides him through the emotional trauma of this very personal interview.
Mar 07 2013
Julie takes her remaining guys on a camping trip. Emotions run high as stunning secrets are revealed. Simon has a breakthrough of his own.
Mar 01 2013
Julie's world is turned upside down by a surprise visit from one of her guys. Prince Simon and Julie are scheduled to go on a date to the zoo!
Feb 28 2013
Julie brings her remaining guys to visit old friend, Annie, at her school. They are all put to the test in more ways than one.
Feb 22 2013
Julie chooses Zak for an All American date. Robby Z does his best to lighten the mood at the mansion.
Feb 21 2013
Julie treats the guys to a puppet show date during which she loses her cool.
Feb 14 2013
Julie enjoys getting to know her guys during a cocktail party until several game changers change the game.
Feb 14 2013
Julie Gristlewhite welcomes the men who will be competing for her heart.
Feb 14 2013

Season 1

14 Episodes

The ladies are back to talk about what it was really like competing for the same man. Mark returns to the hot seat to face the ladies he rejected. Does he have any regrets? Is he still engaged? Don't miss this thrilling reunion episode.
Jul 16 2012
Finale 1x13
Mark invites Annie and Carly to spend a romantic night with him. Annie hopes this day is the happiest of her life. Carly feels like she's walking the plank. Mark proposes to the woman of his dreams in this stunning finale.
Jul 12 2012
Mark brings the final two ladies to the firehouse to meet his best friend, Jay. Mark's heart to heart with Jay is interrupted by a fire. Annie and Carly tag along as Mark and Jay put their lives on the line. Fire is annoying.
Jul 09 2012
The final three ladies bring their families to the mansion. Titi's father gives Mark more than just his permission to marry her. Carly's mom feels a connection with Mark. But Annie's brother doesn't approve.
Jul 05 2012
Mark takes the remaining four ladies to build a home for charity. Annie is overjoyed to help. Willow reconnects with an old friend. Carly tries to send Mark a message. Titi must face her deeply intense fear of homeless people.
Jul 02 2012
Tamara and Carly compete for a hose on an exercise themed two on one date. Personal Trainer Brock Glencoe helps Mark determine who's most fit. Mark is leaning toward Tamara but will her monkey heart help or hurt her chances?
Jun 28 2012
In an emotionally charged and unprecedented episode, one lady is sent home for breaking the rules. A heartbroken Mark is not sure he can go on, but a surprise visitor helps him through the storm.
Jun 25 2012
A fun group date at the roller rink turns dramatic when Julie is forced to confront her past. Vivian also reveals something to Mark that he was not expecting to see. Tim the medic reconsiders his profession.
Jun 21 2012
Mark surprises Agnes by bringing her son, Hershel to meet them at the park. Mark knows Hershel is an important part of Agnes's life and wants to make sure he fits into their family. Hershel is 40 years old.
Jun 18 2012
A pool party seems like the perfect way for Mark to get to know the ladies better, also to get a sense of what they might look like naked. Annie bakes, Titi wiggles, but it's Lexie who comes on the strongest. Will it pay off?
Jun 14 2012
Mark arranges a group date at a comedy club. The ladies must perform standup in the hopes of winning a hose and a bubble bath date with Mark. Good girl Mandy doesn't want to compromise her values but really wants that hose!
Jun 11 2012
Haley gets the first one on one date. Mark hopes a night at The Saddle Ranch will bring them closer. Haley impresses him with her zest for life and her record bull riding performance.
Jun 03 2012
Mark gets to know the ladies in the first cocktail party. The night turns dramatic when the ladies are given the task of making the first cut. Who will it be? Mark is hoping to see the blind girl go.
Jun 02 2012
Fireman Mark Orlando arrives at the Burning Love mansion to meet his future wife. Will she be beautiful, smart, ethnic? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, he's going to have a tough time narrowing it down to one woman. Can't he have two?
Jun 01 2012