David Jason's Great British Inventions

Continuing Tuesday / 7:00pm More4 45 min.
Sir David Jason explores his favourite great British inventions and discovers how and why they were first thought up.

Season 1

4 Episodes

Sir David finds out about the invention of the incandescent light bulb as he learns about the British innovations that have transformed our homes
Feb 11 2020
Sir David gets behind the controls of a tank as he finds out about the British inventors who gave us some of the most extreme machines on the planet
Feb 04 2020
Flight 1x02
The actor examines British innovations in the history of flight, from the first glider to the modern jet suit, and discovers how Britain contributed to the moon landing.
Jan 28 2020
Sir David looks at the British inventors who played a vital part in the evolution of the wheel, from the Penny Farthing to the Stephenson Rocket and the Reliant Regal Supervan.
Jan 21 2020