Drugs, Inc.: The Fix

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Those enhanced episodes unwraps the facts behind the illegal drug trade.

Season 2

25 Episodes

In Chicago, the 4th of July means fireworks, drugs, and gang violence.
Sep 04 2019
Aug 28 2019
Aug 28 2019
Aug 21 2019
Aug 14 2019
Aug 07 2019
New Year's Eve revelry means drugs are hot commodities near Times Square.
Jul 31 2019
Exploring the morphing marijuana trade as laws and trafficking tactics change.
Jul 24 2019
Salt Lake City is battling addiction as opioids flood the Mormon capital.
Jul 24 2019
Drugs, guns and an angel-voiced cop, all in the home of blues and Graceland.
Jun 19 2019
In this enhanced episode, heroin and benzodiazepine pills have flooded the streets of Boston.
Jun 12 2019
Mexican cartels dominate the meth market via superlabs, hitmen, and smugglers.
May 22 2019
The Austin music scene veils a darker revelry: a highly competitive drug trade.
May 22 2019
In this enhanced episode, a cocaine-dusted trail is blazed from Peru to West Africa to Amsterdam.
May 15 2019
This enhanced episode explores 'molly', the bliss-inducing rave drug shrouded in confusion and fraud.
May 08 2019
In this enhanced episode, porn stars hide drug habits, and the industry turns a blind eye.
May 01 2019
Apr 24 2019
In this enhanced episode, the Steel City is awash with heroin, and a deadly batch has hit the streets.
Apr 17 2019
In this enhanced episode, the heroin trade is tracked from poppy fields in Sinaloa to overdoses in Ohio.
Apr 10 2019
An enhanced episode: Dominican cocaine dealers have emerged as big players in the big apple
Apr 03 2019
Mar 27 2019
This enhanced episode goes trick-or-treating in Detroit on the scariest drug-fueled holiday of the year
Mar 20 2019
This enhanced episode follows the Dallas gangs and cartel connections that feed the addicts of east Texas
Mar 20 2019
In this enhanced episode, the Twin Cities tell tales of dealers, cops, and the snitches that bind them.
Mar 13 2019
In this enhanced episode, rappers boast of their gangster lifestyle, but the drug world can bite back.
Mar 13 2019

Season 1

25 Episodes

New York City targets the large appetite for narcotics and addiction reaching epidemic proportions.
Sep 12 2018
Nicknamed the Mile-High City, Denver is the center of falling profits on illegal marijuana, forcing drug dealers to replace them with new products.
Sep 05 2018
Cocaine and marijuana dominate a drug-fueled, 24-hour lifestyle for Londoners, who work hard and play even harder; enhanced.
Aug 29 2018
A bankrupt city, Motor City, sitting on an international border opens doors to drug dealers from far and wide.
Aug 22 2018
Aug 15 2018
Phoenix is under the control of one of Mexico's most powerful and ruthless drug organizations, the Sinaloa Cartel.
Aug 01 2018
Jul 25 2018
Jul 18 2018
In Miami, the drug scene goes underground as dealers and users play a cat-and-mouse game with the police while living in dread of federal agents.
Jul 11 2018
Jun 27 2018
Hawaii's drug business' highs and lows are shown as demand rises for crystal methamphetamine.
Jun 20 2018
Puerto Rico is now a major gateway for South American cocaine bound for the US. Its inhabitants are experiencing a wave of violence, and the streets are in the grip of a drug epidemic.
Jun 13 2018
Jun 06 2018
In this enhanced episode, Seattle's liberal laws and high demand for drugs attract gangsters and dealers looking to get rich.
May 30 2018
An insight into the extreme violence drug dealers use on the streets, and the elite undercover detectives who aim to bring them down.
May 25 2018
The hallucinogen PCP plagues the African-American neighborhoods of southeast D.C., driving some to insane acts of bestiality.
May 11 2018
How Chicago is saturated with high levels of overdoses and homicides, as gangs fight over drug turf.
May 11 2018
Molly is laced with methamphetamine or made with dangerous synthetics; the party drug has become a menace in Atlanta, where police officers are fighting back
May 04 2018
Facts behind Montana becoming a hot spot for drugs coming in from Mexico and Canada are uncovered.
Apr 27 2018
Apr 20 2018
Apr 13 2018
This enhanced episode digs into the facts behind how Portland, Oregon became the heroin capital of America.
Mar 28 2018
This enhanced episode breaks down the clear and present danger of meth, crack and heroin on the colorful streets of a San Francisco.
Mar 21 2018
This enhanced episode breaks down the truth behind the players, dealers, and doctors behind the drug trade in “the City of Angels”, Los Angeles.
Mar 14 2018
This enhanced episode unwraps the facts behind the illegal drug trade, Mexican cartel trafficking and tourist industry in Las Vegas.
Mar 07 2018