Easy Money

Ended Sunday / 7:00pm The CW US 45 min.
At Prestige Payday Loans, Bobette Buffkin, a business savvy family matriarch, runs the show and has made it into one of the best quick-cash companies in the entire Southwest. However, trouble soon comes when new competitors begin to set up shop, leaving middle son Morgan to deal with the tension the new competitors create around the house. Morgan's own household tension leads him to pair up with Julia Miller to look into a childhood secret. Morgan's older brother, Cooper goes head-to-head with corrupt Detective Yapp who ends up blackmailing Morgan. Now Morgan must find a way to both find the secrets of his past all while fending off Yapp's investigatoin.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Marijuana growers Dan and Melody McBride are unable to pay back their loan from Prestige because they are being blackmailed by Det. Yapp, so Bobette asks Morgan to help them out. But Yapp himself is in a financial bind between his wife and his girlfriend Tiffany. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to repair his relationship with Julia, who canít easily excuse Morganís work for Prestige. Bobette joins Brandy at Madisonís bridal shower, where she canít resist going to great lengths to discredit one of her debtors in front of the other guests. Cooper gets away from his marital troubles by spending a leisurely day with Roy.
Aug 16 2009
Aug 09 2009
Aug 02 2009
Jul 26 2009
Morgan, knowing now that he is adopted, sets out on a search for the true details about his past. Bobette gives him a small detail about his adoption, but still keeps him close since she needs his help in the family business.
Oct 26 2008
While Julia is busy wondering what the reason behind her lab partner's strange behavior may be, Morgan confronts Bobbette about the flaws in her stories about his childhood. Meanwhile, Mike has an inconvenient encounter with Prestige's new rivals when they come to collect.
Oct 19 2008
Morgan and Julia's research leads Morgan to believe that he may not be related to any of his siblings, thus implying that he may possibly not be a Buffkin. Meanwhile, Brandy and Mike find themselves arguing over Mike's money problems, and Morgan is forced to confront loan business rival Manny Mamayo when Mamayo's shady methods are brought to light.
Oct 12 2008
DNA 1x01
Morgan Buffkin teams up with Julia Miller to investigate the secrets of his past. Corrupt Detective Yapp is close on his tail as Morgan tries to find clues to help him uncover a secret that will lead him to a better life.
Oct 05 2008