Elena of Avalor

Ended Friday / 7:00pm Disney Channel 25 min.
Elena of Avalor tells the story of a brave teenager who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as a crown princess until she’s old enough to be queen.

Season 3

28 Episodes

On the day of Elena's coronation. Esteban releases Legendary Spirit misfits forcing Elena to journey to the spirit world to save her kingdom.
Aug 23 2020
When Elena wonders what her life would be like if she had not been born a princess, Zuzo casts a spell to show Elena an alternate reality.
Aug 16 2020
With only a few days left until Elena's Coronation, Elena is forced to take a much-needed day off.
Aug 09 2020
Quita Moz sees a prophecy about Isabel and sends her on a fantastic quest to find an object that will give her the courage to face anything.
Aug 02 2020
After a revelation leaves Luisa doubting her mothering skills, Elena tries to rally her spirits on Mother's Day.
Jul 26 2020
Elena needs the help of two old enemies in order to free a new magical ally from a curse.
Jul 19 2020
Armando tries to impress Marlena on Sweetheart's Day but accidentally casts a spell that makes everyone sing.
May 08 2020
Gabe snubs Mateo and recruits a flashier wizard to teach his guards magic, but learns that there are no shortcuts to success.
Apr 03 2020
Elena and Isa learn what it takes to succeed at science when they must fix a telescope in time for their grandfather to see a rare comet.
Mar 06 2020
Naomi returns to Avalor to warn Elena about a growing magical threat to the kingdom.
Feb 07 2020
Elena throws a birthday party for Princess Chloe aboard the royal sailboat, but things go awry when they wash ashore a magical isle inhabited by a cursed sea nymph.
Jan 10 2020
A royal family from the Latino Jewish kingdom of Galonia is shipwrecked off the coast of Avalor on their way home to celebrate Hanukkah, so Elena invites them to the palace to celebrate their cherished holiday and learn about their traditions.
Dec 06 2019
Naomi has second thoughts about her role on the Grand Council after her childhood friend, Veronica, visits.
Nov 22 2019
When Elena falls under the spell of a magical bandit named Tito, it's up to Isabel and her friends to save Elena and the kingdom.
Nov 15 2019
Mateo and Elena try to free Mateo's grandfather from an enchanted book.
Oct 25 2019
When Skylar's father falls ill, Skylar becomes king for a day and must learn what it takes to be in charge.
Oct 24 2019
Elena helps the Royal Seamstress follow her dream of becoming the first female member of Avalor's Royal Guard.
Oct 23 2019
When Elena's dreams magically start coming to life, she must confront the underlying feelings causing them.
Oct 22 2019
Elena and Isabel help two feuding brothers find a valuable treasure hidden by their mother.
Oct 21 2019
When Elena has trouble making time for family, Luisa convinces her to reopen the family chocolate shop.
Oct 18 2019
Mateo and Gabe's friendship is put to the test after Mateo is put in charge of the Royal Guard.
Oct 17 2019
When two mischievous spirits try to ruin Día de los Muertos, Elena teams up with her childhood friend Felicia to travel to the spirit world and save the holiday.
Oct 16 2019
On the eve of Carnaval, Elena attempts to capture Avalor’s most dangerous villain and falls into an ancient well of magic crystals, giving her new magical abilities.
Oct 13 2019
Elena takes a trip to the Kingdom of Norberg to help their Queen resolve a dispute with a neighboring kingdom.
Oct 11 2019
Things go awry when newly-elected Magister of Trade, Julio, decides to host his first Feast of Friendship and ancient magic shrinks all of the royal attendees.
Oct 10 2019
On the day the new Chief of the Jaquins will be chosen, Migs must bring his three Jaquin kids to work.
Oct 09 2019
After Elena discovers that Hool used up her life force to repair her scepter, she risks everything to save her friend.
Oct 08 2019
Isabel tries to prove she’s old enough to join Elena and her team when they set off on a mission to track down escaped villains Ash and Carla.
Oct 07 2019

Season 2

24 Episodes

When Victor, Carla and Ash capture Elena and her friends, Naomi must trust her instincts to save them.
Jun 01 2019
Luna convinces King Verago to give her a shot at joining the King's Guard and gets partnered with a gruff jaquin named Tornado to show her the ropes.
Apr 27 2019
While her magical scepter isn't working properly, Elena is forced to face a fire starting creature without her magic.
Mar 23 2019
When Elena invites Mateo to move into his own Royal Wizard quarters within the palace, his mother assumes she is invited to move in too.
Feb 16 2019
After being invited to attend his first Royal Retreat, Prince Marzel tries hard to impress and accidentally turns the visiting kings into Sirenas.
Jan 19 2019
A snowstorm threatens to ruin Elena’s plans of spending a quiet and peaceful Navidad at home.
Nov 24 2018
When Zuzo goes missing in the spirit world, Elena enlists the help of other spirit guides to find him.
Nov 03 2018
On Día de los Muertos, Elena and her abuelo team up with the spirits of two of his old friends, El Guerrero and El Místico, to complete a mission that they had started many years ago and were not able to complete.
Oct 27 2018
When Elena attempts to get a Unity Pact signed between the humans and the sirenas, Daria enlists the help of evil shape-shifting dolphins called malandros to disrupt the peace.
Oct 13 2018
While visiting her cousin who lives along the coast of Avalor, Elena encounters a group of mermaid-like sea creatures called sirenas and learns about their complicated history with humans. In an attempt to make amends, Elena befriends the sirenas and enlists their help to defeat evil sorceress Shuriki.
Sep 21 2018
When a female rock creature is unhappy, Elena enlists the help of Charoca to find out why before she causes a monfuego to erupt.
Aug 11 2018
When Armando's older brother Santos comes to Avalor, Armando loses all confidence in his ability to run the All Kingdoms Fair.
Aug 04 2018
Isabel takes her first class at the Science Academy with her favorite scientist, Professor Ochoa.
Jul 28 2018
Elena returns to Vallestrella to receive training from three mystical sun birds on how to master her Scepter of Light.
Jul 21 2018
Elena races to Vallestrella to find the missing pieces of the Scepter of Night befor Shuriki can get her hands on them.
Jul 14 2018
After saving her kingdom from an evil sorceress, Princess Elena must prepare for her new role.
Mar 17 2018
Convinced that she must personally search for Shuriki, Elena shapeshifts into a jaquin but becomes framed for a crime she didn't commit.
Mar 10 2018
Elena comes face-to-face with Shuriki in a magical battle and the evil wizard, Fiero, returns to join Shuriki on her quest to retake control over Avalor.
Mar 03 2018
Isabel enters the science fair with her friends but ignores Elena's advice about teamwork and tries to do everything herself.
Feb 24 2018
While in disguise, Carla infiltrates the castle to try and steal Elena's mother's tiara.
Nov 25 2017
Isabel tries to prove that that she can handle more responsibility by looking after three baby jaquins by herself.
Nov 18 2017
When Captain Sandoval retires, a skill competition is used to select his successor. Gabe is possessed by the spirit of a sword of a former General called El Guapo and acts like a jerk during the competition.
Nov 11 2017
Elena invites a princess from a neighboring kingdom to Avalor hoping to repair an old alliance.
Oct 28 2017
On Día de los Muertos, Elena meets a Maruvian ghost named Amaláy who stands watch over the powerful Jewel of Maru.
Oct 14 2017

Season 1

25 Episodes

When visiting dignitaries fall under a spell of magical masks, Elena must learn to work with the equally headstrong Dona Paloma to break the spell.
Oct 01 2017
When a mysterious spell turns Elena and her friends into moving Maruvian sculptures, it's up to Isabel to undo the magic!
Sep 16 2017
Elena and her friends get stranded on a sailboat and are rescued by a mysterious ship.
Aug 25 2017
Elena and her sister Isabel must work together to help undo a curse when an explorer is turned into a gecko.
Aug 18 2017
Elena travels to the realm of the jaquins, but unknowingly puts Avalor in danger.
Aug 12 2017
Mateo takes on an apprentice, but soon discovers teaching is harder than it looks.
Jul 21 2017
Elena must rescue Mateo when an unruly spirit monkey launches him into the Spirit World.
Jun 30 2017
When Elena finds out that her best friend Naomi's sixteenth birthday is coming up, she decides to throw her a Royal Quinceanera at the palace! But when Naomi becomes obsessed with having the perfect party, their friendship is put to the test.
May 06 2017
Esteban’s childhood friend, Victor, returns to Avalor during the kingdom’s Carnaval celebration and convinces Esteban to help him rob the royal treasury.
Apr 22 2017
Naomi's mom gets a new job in their old kingdom. Naomi and Elena try to convince her not to move the family away from Avalor.
Apr 08 2017
Elena enters a fencing tournament disguised as "Knight Elezar" to prove that she is a great fencer.
Mar 18 2017
On Isabel’s first day of school, she tries changing herself in order to fit in on a field trip to the Crystal Caverns.
Mar 11 2017
Skylar is chosen to help train three young jaquins to protect the Kingdom of Avalanche.
Mar 04 2017
Olaball 1x12
Elena helps coach Gabe when he joins Avalor's Royal "olaball" team despite being a terrible player.
Feb 25 2017
Navidad 1x11
Elena brings all the communities of Avalor together to share each other's holiday traditions. But when a Doña Paloma scheme causes an overly competitive atmosphere, Elena sets off on a traditional "parranda" and carols through the city to remind everyone of the true spirit of Navidad.
Dec 09 2016
When a moth fairy tries to bring "the gift of eternal darkness" to Avalor during a solar eclipse, Elena must learn how to control the magic in her royal scepter.
Nov 04 2016
Elena learns she has the ability to see ghosts and helps the spirit of an elderly woman mend the rift between her grandchildren and save the family restaurant.
Oct 16 2016
Elena attends her first Royal Retreat as the Crown Princess; a disagreement with a fellow ruler helps her realize the importance of doing the right thing over fitting in.
Sep 30 2016
Esteban releases a magical elf-like creature during an archaeological dig who unleashes hundreds of other duendes on Avalor.
Sep 23 2016
Elena sets aside her royal duties; a gigantic wooden totem creature called the Yacalli based on a Mayan legend awakens.
Sep 16 2016
A wicked wizard turns Elena's family to stone; Mateo helps to undo the spell and saves Elena's family.
Aug 26 2016
While the castle is preparing a surprise party for Esteban, Elena and Mateo take him sailing to an island where the Fountain of Youth is located. Elena and Mateo must save Esteban when he drinks too much water and becomes younger.
Aug 12 2016
A magical rock's anger threatens to result in a huge eruption and Elena butts heads with the Grand Council over how to deal with it.
Jul 29 2016
Elena must decide between helping Isabel as promised and fulfilling her new royal obligations as crown princess.
Jul 22 2016
Elena officially becomes the crown princess; she rescues her sister, Isabel, from Noblins -- elf-like creatures that can shape shift.
Jul 22 2016