Exes Ohs

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Meet Jennifer, a documentary filmmaker with a vivid fantasy life (which we see) and a floundering career (which we also see). Jennifer wants to find Ms. Right. but first she must navigate the rules of lesbian life, most of which she learns the hard way. Fortunately, her friends are there to help: Sam, a sexy commitment-phobe who flips women faster than real estate; Chris and Kris, a lesbian couple expanding both their pet accessory business and their family; and Crutch, a young musician who wants to be taken seriously but still has some growing up to do. Surviving singlehood, couplehood - and each other - has never looked quite like this.

Season 2

8 Episodes

Aug 17 2011
Aug 10 2011
Aug 03 2011
Jul 27 2011
Jul 20 2011
Jul 13 2011
Jul 08 2011
Jun 29 2011

Season 1

6 Episodes

A new, extreme Jennifer tells off her ex after Sienna shows up looking for sympathy, but Sienna doesn't go away quite that easily. While Chris and Kris get inseminated, Sam matures through therapy and Crutch finds fans in unexpected people.
Nov 26 2007
After taking a pole-dancing class, Jennifer feels less inhibited in other aspects of her life.
Nov 12 2007
Jennifer finds a sponsor for her documentary, but this sponsor is interested in more than just a film.
Oct 29 2007
A friendly competition over a girl between Sam and Jennifer brings up unresolved problems from their romantic past.
Oct 22 2007
Chris and Kris try to find homes for stray animals when they come to a startling realization.
Oct 15 2007
Jennifer is trapped on a yacht where her ex-girlfriend is getting married. A friend suggests the only way to finally move past the relationship is to get some action of her own.
Oct 08 2007