Faking It (2014)

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm MTV 25 min.
A romantic comedy about two best friends who love each other – in slightly different ways. After numerous failed attempts to become popular, the girls are mistakenly outed as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status. Seduced by their newfound fame, Karma and Amy decide to keep up their romantic ruse.

Season 3

10 Episodes

With the new year approaching, Karma goes to great lengths to make Amy happy; and Lauren's self-esteem takes a hit when someone from the past returns.
May 17 2016
Karma looks for evidence to use against Sabrina, who's growing closer to Amy; Liam tries to set up Lauren; and Shane seeks advice.
May 10 2016
Lauren's quest to save Christmas at Hester puts Amy in a difficult position. Karma helps Felix get ready to ask out Amy, and Shane learns a secret about Noah.
May 03 2016
Game On 3x07
Karma’s rivalry with Amy’s old camp friend comes to a head; Liam tries to stay on Lauren’s good side; and Noah’s mixed signals confuse Shane.
Apr 26 2016
Amy and Karma try to use a Halloween party as an opportunity to move on; and Shane is suspicious of Liam.
Apr 19 2016
A revelation in Karma's home life derails Amy and Lauren's plan to reunite their parents; and Liam and Shane have dinner with Liam's rabbi.
Apr 12 2016
Amy decides to do a documentary about Lauren to keep her mind off Karma; Karma and Shane start a band.
Apr 05 2016
Amy and Liam keep a secret from Karma; Lauren and Shane do damage control when Amy and Karma feud.
Mar 29 2016
Amy and Karma are both ready to make amends, but neither wants to be the first one to extend the olive branch; Zita shows her support for Liam.
Mar 22 2016
Amy is surprised by changes when she returns to Austin; Liam becomes jealous.
Mar 15 2016

Season 2

20 Episodes

The future of Hester lies in the balance. Amy makes an important decision.
Nov 02 2015
Amy and Lauren find themselves hosting a house party. Karma reinvents herself.
Oct 26 2015
Karma and Shane try to one up each other. Amy is surprised by new feelings.
Oct 19 2015
Prom becomes mandatory everyone scrambles to find a date.
Oct 12 2015
Karma and Amy turns back to old habits.
Oct 05 2015
Tensions come to a head when the gang gets detention.
Sep 28 2015
Lauren and Amy think one of their parents is having an affair. Karma and Shane feel insecure about their relationships.
Sep 21 2015
A college fair makes Amy question her future. Liam suspects he's found his real dad.
Sep 14 2015
Shane and Amy help Lauren with her revenge on Theo; Karma and Reagan must work together.
Sep 07 2015
When a new Principal cracks down on Hester, Shane leads a revolt. Amy suspects Karma is hiding something.
Aug 31 2015
Busted 2x10
Amy and Karma argue; Liam receives some promising news about his future; Lauren makes a discovery about her relationship; Shane crosses a line to get what he wants.
Nov 25 2014
Amy, Karma and Liam find themselves at odds during a school-wide social experiment.
Nov 18 2014
After Lauren enters a beauty pageant, Amy follows suit to prove she is a contender.
Nov 11 2014
Everyone has a date Saturday night.
Nov 04 2014
An embarrassing mistake is made by Liam. Shane and Amy invite Lauren to join them at a dance party.
Oct 28 2014
Amy plans a scavenger hunt to celebrate Karma's sixteenth birthday.
Oct 21 2014
Karma, Lauren and Shane compete for a spot in Hester's drama club; Amy crashes a posh part at Liam's mansion.
Oct 14 2014
Sexy Brazilians arrive at school; Karma tries to get Amy to fall for someone else.
Oct 07 2014
Karma and Amy must deal with the tension between them during a girl's weekend; Liam's new friend takes him to a dive bar, making Shane jealous.
Sep 30 2014
Karma deals with the fallout from Amy's confession; Amy feels guilty about her tryst with Liam; Lauren and Shane devise a plan to protect Lauren's secret.
Sep 23 2014

Season 1

8 Episodes

Karma hides her relationship with Liam while Amy hides her feelings from Karma.
Jun 10 2014
Karma convinces Amy that they need to stage a break up, and Liam takes the blame.
Jun 03 2014
Amy agrees to a threesome with Liam and Karma, while Shane steps in for Lauren's dance partner.
May 27 2014
Farrah's bridal shower interferes with the girls' weekend, while Liam goes to Shane for help.
May 20 2014
Shane helps Amy determine if she likes girls or boys while Liam helps at Karma's parents' juice truck they've parked at the school.
May 13 2014
The students protest a donation from a tech company, while Amy looks for a boyfriend.
May 06 2014
Lauren announces she wants Amy's room or she threatens to out Amy and Karma's new relationship to Amy's very conservative mother. Meanwhile, Karma considers losing her virginity to Liam.
Apr 29 2014
Pilot 1x01
Two best friends are mistaken for a lesbian couple and soon find themselves more popular then they ever were before.
Apr 22 2014