Family Time

Continuing Monday / 9:00pm Bounce TV US 30 min.
Family Time centers around the life and times of The Stallworths, a working class African American family who scratches off a lottery ticket and jumps to middle class overnight. They're an authentic picture of an African American family working to live the dream. This family-next-door consists of two loving parents: Anthony (Omar Gooding) and Lisa (Angell Conwell) Stallworth and their children Ebony (Jayla Calhoun) and Devin (Bentley Kyle Evans, Jr.) The Stallworths move to a middle class community in sunny southern California and both Anthony and Lisa bring baggage and other family members into their relationship that makes for great comedy - and occasional drama.

Season 6

13 Episodes

Scrooge 6x13
Dec 17 2018
Dec 17 2018
Roots 6x11
Dec 10 2018
Dec 03 2018
Nov 26 2018
Devin brings home a friend from college for Thanksgiving break. Lori invites her new man to join the family for Thanksgiving dinner.
Nov 19 2018
Tony is introduced to cryptocurrency. Lisa decides to help Vivian rekindle her real estate mojo.
Nov 12 2018
Nov 05 2018
Oct 29 2018
Oct 22 2018
Oct 15 2018
Oct 08 2018
Tony grows worried when he discovers that Devin's college roommate is white. Ebony prepares for her school debate.
Oct 01 2018

Season 5

13 Episodes

Finding the perfect Secret Santa gift proves harder than either Tony or Lisa expected.
Dec 18 2017
Devin gets in to college but doesn't want to go; Lisa's friend comes for a visit.
Dec 18 2017
Tony and Lisa struggle to find the perfect anniversary gift for each other.
Dec 11 2017
Tony and Lisa get caught in a lie.
Dec 04 2017
Lisa coaches Ebony's cheerleading team while Tony and Donnie deal with a mouse in the house.
Nov 27 2017
The Stallworths deal with everyone canceling on Thanksgiving.
Nov 20 2017
Lisa's aunt comes for a visit; Donnie gets stalked.
Nov 13 2017
Lisa meets her celebrity crush; Tony deals with a strike at the office.
Nov 06 2017
Lisa puts a halt on Halloween while she solves the mystery of her broken clock.
Oct 30 2017
Tony and Lisa are shocked that Devin has a new girlfriend but are even more surprised to discover that Tony has a history with her mother.
Oct 23 2017
Lisa sets Cheryl up at Tony and Lisa's high school reunion while Donnie crashes the party.
Oct 16 2017
Tony uses social media to shame the kids while Lisa finds herself in a sister tug-of-war.
Oct 09 2017
Lisa helps Ebony with the SATs while Tony deals with Donnie's "inheritance."
Oct 02 2017

Season 4

13 Episodes

Dec 27 2016
Dec 20 2016
Dec 13 2016
Dec 06 2016
Nov 29 2016
It's time to give thanks for friends and family at the Stallworth house. Devin makes a new friend and shows the real meaning for the season.
Nov 22 2016
Even with Ebony's return, tempers continue to flare between Tony and Lisa.
Nov 15 2016
With Tony and Lisa at odds, Ebony fears disappointing them and takes matters into her own hands.
Nov 08 2016
Tony attempts to spark the flame of romance for his and Lisa's upcoming anniversary. Lisa takes a hands-on approach to being in her children's life.
Nov 01 2016
Oct 25 2016
Oct 18 2016
Oct 11 2016
Oct 04 2016

Season 3

10 Episodes

Dec 08 2015
Dec 01 2015
Nov 24 2015
Air RNB 3x07
Nov 17 2015
Nov 10 2015
Nov 03 2015
Oct 27 2015
Oct 20 2015
Oct 13 2015
Oct 06 2015

Season 2

10 Episodes

Dec 16 2014
Tony hangs out in the local barbershop, while Lori considers her options for having a baby.
Dec 09 2014
Tony and Lisa have to deal with the possibility of a new baby.
Dec 02 2014
When Tony feels his family is drifting apart, he bans technology in the household.
Nov 25 2014
Lisa is hot and bothered when her sister Lori starts dating her ex-boyfriend.
Nov 18 2014
Tony and Lisa ban all lying in the household - including the little white lies that hold the family together.
Nov 11 2014
Lisa invites Tony's godparents to stay for a few nights, and no one can get them to leave.
Nov 04 2014
Oct 28 2014
Tony and Lisa's family argue over who should take custody of their children in the event that something happens to them.
Oct 21 2014
Tony hosts "fight night" with the guys on the same night as Lisa's dinner party.
Oct 14 2014

Season 1

6 Episodes

Jul 23 2012
Jul 16 2012
Tony and his brother Todd come in from playing golf and Lisa reminds them of their moms upcoming sixty fifth birthday. Once Lisa is out of the room Tony pulls a tennis bracelet from the closet and shows it to Todd. Todd informs Tony that he can’t give it to her. He explains that Lisa doesn’t have a tennis bracelet that big and she’s not going to be cool with it. It’s gift time and Tony gives the bracelet to his mom and she’s overwhelmed, but Lisa has instant attitude and withdraws from the celebration. Tony thinks Lisa is being ridiculous and seeks advice from his dad. Pop Stallworth that gives him a lesson on keeping the peace.
Jul 09 2012
Jul 02 2012
With the Stallworth children at their grandparent's home, Anthony and Lisa plan a romantic weekend together.
Jun 25 2012
Jun 18 2012