Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

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Applying her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues, Samantha Bee provides her nuanced perspective on world events, repartees with newsmakers from across ideological spectrums and stabs injustice with the hot poker of comedy.

Season 3

4 Episodes

Mar 21 2018
Mar 14 2018
Mar 07 2018
Honoring Black History Month by exposing the racist origins of some of the U.S.' most beloved heirlooms.
Feb 07 2018

Season 2

33 Episodes

Samantha Bee covers everything the President forgot to mention in his State of the Union address.
Jan 31 2018
Correspondents dash around the globe in an Apology Race to try to make amends for any deeply embarrassing comments made by President Trump.
Jan 24 2018
First came the shitty men, then came the garbage hot takes. Full Frontal addresses the recent backlash to #MeToo.
Jan 17 2018
Full Frontal salutes a week full of Fire and Fury, but most of what we are furious about has nothing to do with a book.
Jan 10 2018
In true Full Frontal-style, Samantha Bee celebrates the long-awaited end to The War on Christmas.
Dec 20 2017
Is this real life? Full Frontal celebrates the results of the Alabama special election and the return of our ability to feel joy.
Dec 13 2017
Samantha Bee tests her lung capacity in tonight's roundup of sexual harassment allegations. Hope you brought your earplugs!
Dec 06 2017
Looking at the possible future President and First Mother in "Meet the Pences."
Nov 15 2017
Taking a look at what's happened in the 365 days since the 2016 election.
Nov 08 2017
Samantha swallows the red pill and dives deep into the matrix of election integrity.
Nov 01 2017
Serving up the scariest Halloween fright - an entire show on climate change.
Oct 25 2017
Correspondent Amy Hoggart seeks refuge from America's fake news pandemic in Finland.
Oct 11 2017
Exploring America's other favorite pastime- screwing over Puerto Rico.
Oct 04 2017
"Full Frontal" stuns the nation with its second sports-related segment in just two weeks.
Sep 27 2017
Full Frontal joins progressives at the Netroots Nation conference to try to answer the burning question: can the left pull it together by 2018?
Sep 20 2017
Sam goes over hurricanes, fires and Nazis.
Sep 13 2017
Sam meets Kurdish women who've taken work-life balance to a new level.
Aug 09 2017
A musical tribute to Kris Kobach's unconstitutional laws, with help from Javier Munoz.
Aug 02 2017
Sam offers up a warning to the newest member of the Trump administration: beware the spreading taint!
Jul 26 2017
Checking on an impeachment rally to see how the left is using its time and energy to combat the Trump administration.
Jul 19 2017
Samantha sits down with Senator Elizabeth Warren to grab some secondhand hope.
Jun 28 2017
A walk through the "Upside Down," or as it was known before Donald Trump, the English language.
Jun 21 2017
Sam tries to prove civil discourse isn't dead with a discussion about Rikers Island.
Jun 14 2017
Reluctantly revisiting the 1980s to discuss the War on Drugs.
Jun 07 2017
Former White House Counsel John Dean helps Sam settle the debate of "Who Wore Corruption Better," Nixon or Trump.
May 31 2017
Between religious freedom and healthcare reform, Republicans have been very busy, so Samantha examines the fruits of their labors.
May 10 2017
From the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., Samantha Bee hosts an alternative event to the official White House Correspondents' Dinner. Proceeds benefit the Committee to Protect Journalists.
Apr 29 2017
Full Frontal inducts a new "she-leader" into the Great Feminists in Feminism Herstory Hall of Lady Fame.
Apr 05 2017
Remember that Georgia Rape Kits story? Well, get ready for Rape Kits 2...
Mar 29 2017
Sam sets out to save journalism one small-town newspaper at a time.
Mar 22 2017
Full Frontal discusses the Deep State; destroying the spy microwave in the kitchen.
Mar 15 2017
Full Frontal takes a look at the Department of... well, it used to be Justice. We're not quite sure what it is now.
Mar 08 2017
Full Frontal finally takes a look at all the bullshit we've been missing since the White House of Horrors opened.
Feb 15 2017

Season 1

39 Episodes

A trip across the pond to explore Donald Trump's policies.
Feb 08 2017
Discussing the real "bad dudes" in the White House who are rushing to ruin America.
Feb 01 2017
A visit to the nation's capital to see a taping of America's finale.
Jan 25 2017
Sam interviews author-journalist Masha Gessen. Topics include how to survive an autocracy.
Jan 18 2017
Sam explores deportation and detainment policies under the Obama administration.
Jan 11 2017
Sam interviews Glenn Beck.
Dec 19 2016
A study of a vindictive Big Brother.
Dec 12 2016
Issues and politics in North Carolina are explored.
Dec 05 2016
Sam addresses America's empathy failure.
Nov 14 2016
Sam heaves a sigh of relief at the end of the 2016 election with some very special guests.
Nov 09 2016
Sam travels to Moscow and decides not to move her show there.
Nov 07 2016
Sam takes on trolls, conspiracy theories and the alt-right movement; a conversation with President Obama.
Oct 31 2016
Sam visits the U.N. and speaks with female leaders from around the world.
Oct 24 2016
Full Frontal presents an extra-large post-debate episode.
Oct 10 2016
Rigged! 1x25
Correspondents Allana Harkin and Amy Hoggart visit a Trump rally to see if his supporters think the upcoming election is rigged against him.
Oct 05 2016
Recapping the first presidential debate of 2016.
Sep 28 2016
To better understand the Democrats' optics problem, Sam speaks with a superdelegate who doubles as a lobbyist.
Sep 19 2016
- Latinos for Trump
Sep 12 2016
- Democratic National Convention
Aug 01 2016
- Republican National Convention
Jul 25 2016
- We Got a Bus! - Nice to Meet You, America - A Very Special Pep Talk - Hello, Cleveland!
Jul 20 2016
- The Not- Ready-For-Primetime Party - Born Again in the U.S.A. - Cleveland Braces for Impact - A Very Special Full Frontal Special
Jul 18 2016
- Rue Britannia - Oh Shit, Brexit - Saw Something Said Something - The Supremely Busy Court - The Many faces of Charlie Rose
Jun 27 2016
- From Their Cold Dead Hands - Looking Under the GOP's Hood - Indian Bummer - Something Nice for a Change
Jun 20 2016
- Again? Again. - Florida's Mental Health - The Many Faces (and Crotches) of Libertarians - Pat Kiernan: National Treasure
Jun 13 2016
- A Man, A Sam, and A Tiny Horse - The Bed We've Made - #passMJIA - Gary Johnson - The "Ted Cruz Caress" Challenge
Jun 06 2016
Vaping 1x13
- Feel The Turn - The Religious Right: Part Two - Big Tobacco vs. Little Vape - Whatever Happened to Full Frontal?
May 23 2016
- The Religious Right - The Seattle Seawards - The Victims of Super PACs
May 16 2016
- Cruz Bows Out / Michelle Branch - 2010 Election: Part Two - Crisis Pregnancy Centers - Play Us Out, Michelle
May 09 2016
- Kasich and Cruz: Brothers in Hopelessness - Twenty-Dollar Tubman - The Wrong Guy - Sanders and Superdelegates - Sam's Fashion Consultant
Apr 25 2016
- New York Primaries Part 1 - New York Primaries Part 2 - The Worst Person in Tennessee 1 - Bernie "Bros" - The Worst Person in Tennessee 2 - Blame Katie Couric
Apr 18 2016
- What the Hell Are Superdelegates? - Poor Babies Don't Deserve Diapers - Eddie Eagle - Gun TV
Apr 11 2016
- Sam and Gloria Steinem - Supreme Court Battle - Rape Kit Backlog - There is No God at CPAC - In Case You Missed It...
Mar 21 2016
- Hillary, No! - Cruz 101 - Matt Bevin - Greetings, Trump Supporters - North Korean Missiles
Mar 14 2016
- Great Job, Sam! - R.I.P. G.O.P. - Democrats Debate in Flint - Duck and Cover - Women Business Owners
Mar 07 2016
- The Office Tour - 2010 Elections - Abortions, Texas-Style - Black History Month - The Archbishop Vs. The Girl Scouts
Feb 29 2016
- Republicans in South Carolina - The Real Kasich - Job Fair for Future Women - Syrian Refugees Part 2 - Kasich Defunds Planned Parenthood
Feb 22 2016
- Scalia Dies, Republicans Debate - The Democratic Debate - Syrian Refugees Part 1
Feb 15 2016
- Ask Her Anything - A Modesty Proposal - A Jeb in Winter - New Hampshire Primary Part 1 - New Hampshire Primary Part 2
Feb 08 2016