Gator Boys

Continuing Sunday / 10:00pm Animal Planet US 45 min.
Before the intrusion of man, alligators used to own South Florida. Times have changed, however, and now there's a daily struggle between man and beast. It's that struggle that keeps Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle busy. The "Gator Boys'' operate an animal facility in the Everglades, with the goal to capture nuisance gators -- and other wildlife -- and return them to their natural habitat before trappers kill the animals. With 30 years of experience between them, Bedard and Riffle have a well-earned reputation for successfully rescuing and wrangling gators with their bare hands and saving locals from many precarious situations.

Season 5

21 Episodes

Paul rallies the Gator Boys to rush to Mississippi to capture the gigantic gator Moby Dick before hunting season begins. With Ashley in charge in Florida, her goal is to prove that the Gator Girls can match the Gator Boys catch for catch.
Aug 17 2015
After Jimmy is bitten by a mean gator, Bob Freer announces he must close Everglades Outpost due to money problems. With no outpost to take in gators, the rescue can't continue. It's a race against time as Paul fights to save the outpost and Gator Boys.
Aug 17 2015
Ashley analyzes the challenges she's overcome to achieve success for a gator wrestling event with a women's empowerment group. She must show how the work of a lady-gator wrestler differs from that of her male counterparts.
Aug 17 2015
Jimmy leaves town with Ashley and Andy to do his road show, while Paul has only newbie Caroline to help with gator calls.
Oct 22 2014
Paul has his hands full juggling nuisance gator catches and training new volunteer Caroline; Jimmy, Tre and Scott try to save a gator that swallowed a flip-flop.
Oct 15 2014
A woman who calls about a gator in her backyard, soon ends up volunteering for Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, but when Tre starts to teach her the ins and outs, the experience goes to his head and decides to open a gator wrestling class.
Oct 08 2014
The Gator Boys return to Mississippi to save a supersized gator before hunting season. After a week of treacherous Mississippi mud, Paul and Jimmy return to Florida but leave some Gator Boys behind to search for "Moby Dick".
Oct 01 2014
Paul springs into action to find a veterinarian to fuse an injured alligator's mouth back together to save his life. The gator's life hangs in the balance as the doctor and Paul work to perfect a risky procedure that has never been done before.
Sep 24 2014
A combination of bad volunteers and dangerous gators convince the Gator Boys they desperately need Jimmy back. A gator rescue turns deadly when Ashley twists her ankle and becomes unable to help Paul capture a nasty gator.
Sep 14 2014
The gators are bigger and meaner than ever, but everybody is stretched thin since Jimmy quit the Gator Boys. As the nuisance gator calls stack up, Paul realizes Jimmy won't return and decides it's time to find a replacement.
Sep 07 2014
Paul is busy saving gators, but Jimmy's schedule is impossible to manage. With the restaurant, road shows and girlfriend, Jimmy has no time for the Gator Boys. As Paul runs things solo, Jimmy makes a decision that may change Gator Boys forever.
Aug 24 2014
Paul and Jimmy go after some of the biggest and nastiest gators they have ever faced, including an 11-foot monster gator. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Eric has an identity crisis that leads him to strange behavior that confuses and amuses the team.
Aug 17 2014
This episode takes the Gator Boys into many unexpected places! When the Gator Boys volunteer to take on a different type of animal rescue, relocating animals away from rising floodwaters, they soon realize that moving confused, annoyed donkeys might just be more challenging than even the meanest of gators. Meanwhile, Scott is tasked with entering a cage to remove a cute, cuddly and inconspicuous coatimundi, but he quickly gets a “hands-on” education that the animal is actually a dangerously aggressive South American raccoon. Paul and Jimmy shift from rescuing nuisance gators to rescuing nuisance Gator Boys when Scott and Tre get lost deep in the everglades on an airboat that’s running on empty.
Aug 10 2014
Paul and Jimmy continue their work in Mazatlan, capturing nuisance crocs and training their Mexican counterparts. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the Gator Boys haven’t captured “El Diablo,” the legendary monster-croc, and it’s hanging heavily over their heads. The team experiences unique hospitality and a bit of a culture shock as they tour the city and outlying villages. The Gator Boys are surprised to see a different side of Paul as he spends a lot of time with Pamela, one of the local volunteers. It’s a gripping Mexican finale when Paul goes into uncharted waters for a final face-off with “El Diablo.”
Aug 03 2014
Paul and Jimmy take the team to Mazatlan, Mexico, to establish the country’s first no-kill crocodile rescue. The team takes on massive nuisance crocodiles while training their Mexican counterparts to use the Gator Boys’ unique capturing techniques. Crocodiles are known for being even more aggressive than alligators and handling the animals in unfamiliar terrain proves daunting. However, when Paul learns that a legendary monster-croc (“El Diablo”) has terrorized the countryside for decades, he vows not to return to Florida until the dangerous beast has been captured. Ashley is in for a shock when her boyfriend, Chris Gillette, takes time off from his South American crocodile research project to surprise her in Mazatlan.
Aug 03 2014
This episode takes the Gator Boys into many unexpected places! When the Gator Boys volunteer to take on a different type of animal rescue, relocating animals away from rising floodwaters, they soon realize that moving confused, annoyed donkeys might just be more challenging than even the meanest of gators. Meanwhile, Scott is tasked with entering a cage to remove a cute, cuddly and inconspicuous coatimundi, but he quickly gets a “hands-on” education that the animal is actually a dangerously aggressive South American raccoon. Paul and Jimmy shift from rescuing nuisance gators to rescuing nuisance Gator Boys when Scott and Tre get lost deep in the everglades on an airboat that’s running on empty.
Mar 02 2014
A friend has a personal emergency and needs Ashley’s help back at the wildlife sanctuary where she worked before joining Gator Boys. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s restaurant is struggling so he must take time away from gator catches as he struggles to bring in more customers. With Ashley gone, the office quickly becomes a mess and Paul is stretched thin and everything is falling apart, piece-by-piece. Paul is at a crossroads and must come to terms with “the new normal” or figure out how to get Ashley and Jimmy back full-time.
Feb 23 2014
The Gator Boys are taking nuisance gator calls at a frantic pace, and the newest volunteer wants to help. Unfortunately, 12-year-old Eric doesn’t have the experience to get “hands on” with alligators. Noticing the youngster’s frustration, Jimmy creates a novel plan for Eric to gain experience. Meanwhile, Tre meets an elder with the Seminole Indian Tribe. Although he is 87 years old, he was a gator wrestler in his youth and wants one last chance to get “hands on” with an alligator.
Feb 09 2014
The Gator Boys are tasked with one of their most important gator calls ever when they are called to clear gator-infested waters around a pump station so divers safely can make repairs. If the pump station isn’t fixed quickly, the waterways could flood, causing serious damage to the local ecosystem. Meanwhile, Jimmy prepares for his biggest and most important gator road show and asks Tre to come up with a never-before-seen trick to guarantee success. Tre creates a trick that is sure to shock the audience… but one wrong move could spell disaster.
Jan 19 2014
Gator Boys Alligator Rescue finds a new volunteer – 12-year-old Eric – who is eager to get his feet wet. Eric might be the first in a new generation of Gator Boys, but a novice on the team means there’s always someone to look after and ultimately slow things down! Paul catches an alligator and, as a result, sustains a gruesome injury that requires him to get major surgery to avoid infection. A homeowner claims he saw a gator in his mucky pool, and Jimmy and Tre pull up everything but the kitchen sink from the muddy mess. Can they find the gator before the gator finds them?
Jan 12 2014
When Jimmy buys a restaurant, it creates major friction with Paul. Stretched thin by road shows and a new juke joint, they struggle to keep the rescue going. Jimmy and Scott tackle a gator in a tight spot; Paul and Ashley deal with a major threat.
Jan 05 2014

Season 4

10 Episodes

The Gator Boys tackle nuisance calls and donate gators to a wildlife preserve. Jimmy meets his biggest fan: a 3-year-old girl with a life-threatening disease. While on the road, the boys remove an aggressive alligator from a muddy Mississippi ditch.
Oct 06 2013
While Paul and Ashley work to train Kayla to be a gator wrestler, Jimmy and the volunteers head to Tampa to help a new park with its grand opening. They get more than they expected when a ferocious 17-foot crocodile refuses to move without a fight.
Sep 29 2013
A nuisance call for a giant gator of medieval proportions at a renaissance fair forces the Gator Boys to don medieval costumes to get the job done. When Ashley starts to sell her artwork at Holiday Park, Tre decides he should become an artist too.
Sep 22 2013
In one of Gator Boys' more bizarre gator rescues, Paul and Jimmy remove a nuisance gator from under an Elvis Impersonator's 1959 Cadillac. Tre crashes Paul's truck and destroys his only means of transportation, forcing Paul to ride in Jimmy's truck.
Sep 15 2013
The Gator Boys visit Native Village, the place where they got their start. After they fight a 14-foot gator that once took a big bite out of Paul, Jimmy is confronted with the death of his friend and mentor, Skeet, the original owner of Native Village.
Sep 08 2013
The Gator Boys capture a fast and furious alligator at a golf course. Paul and Jimmy meet a teen whose arm was bitten off by an alligator, and help him face his fears by giving him hands-on experience with a giant gator.
Aug 25 2013
The Gator Boys find themselves facing record-breaking sized alligators. When Tre's metal detector hobby begins to distract Scott and other volunteers, Paul comes up with a plan to end Tre's treasure hunting for good.
Aug 18 2013
The Gator Boys must rebuild their old enclosures or be forced to turn away gators due to overcrowding. Tre tries to impress the airboat boss, but crashes the boat. Chest deep in murky, weedy water, Jimmy and Paul search for a feisty and agile alligator.
Aug 11 2013
The Gator Boys are doing their best to tackle an unusually high number of nuisance gators. Ashley thinks everybody is squeezing her out so Kayla can take her job. Paul takes Kayla out to hand-catch gators, a move that could prove dangerous if not deadly.
Aug 04 2013
The Gator Boys head home to Florida, but must first catch several giant gators, and teach the Mississippi crew gator wrestling. Paul gets stuck on tree branches thirty-feet underwater without air while trying to pull a 9-foot gator to the surface.
Jul 28 2013

Season 3

9 Episodes

Paul takes another trip to Florida to negotiate terms of a possible return to the Everglades Holiday Park. Meanwhile, a photo shoot in the Mississippi swamps turns into a dangerous distraction.
Mar 10 2013
Tales of a legendary creature send the crew into the Mississippi swamps, but Tre gets distracted on the mission to find it
Mar 03 2013
Paul rushes back to Florida to deal with a threat to alligators at the Everglades Holiday Park. In Mississippi, an alligator rescue along the Gulf Coast goes awry when Tre is attacked and Scott must get him out of the swamp and to a hospital.
Feb 24 2013
A clash between Mississippi alligators and ones from Florida starts a debate over which state's animals are superior, so Paul calls on an expert to settle the issue. Meanwhile, Jimmy's busy schedule leaves little time for his girlfriend
Feb 17 2013
Scott helps Ashley with her PR stunt until he realizes he has to wear an alligator costume; Paul must act quickly when a boy jumps in a pool with a gator.
Feb 10 2013
The guys hunt for a legendary alligator reported to be at least 15-foot long, but when they think they've found the beast, the job might be too big for just the two of them. Back at the ranch, Chris and Paul test the accuracy of knives and bullwhips
Jan 27 2013
The rescue of an aggressive alligator reveals a problem with the animal's eyes, so it's brought to the gator ranch for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, Jimmy has a dangerous encounter with a canebrake rattlesnake; and Ashley adjusts to her new job as marketing director for the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch.
Jan 20 2013
Early setbacks in Mississippi for Paul and Jimmy include a flat tire and not knowing their way around, and the heat and humidity make it difficult to construct a gator pit before the wrestling shows can begin.
Jan 13 2013
In the Season 3 premiere, renovations to their Florida location mean Jimmy and Paul must find a new home, but when the former learns of a gator ranch in Mississippi, the latter isn't sure if he wants to move or go out of business
Jan 06 2013

Season 2

6 Episodes

The guys could lose their headquarters when the future of the Everglades Holiday Park is in doubt. Also: Jimmy and Paul are dispatched to deal with a large pregnant alligator.
Jul 23 2012
Jimmy's preoccupation with road shows and romance create friction with Paul, who attempts to rescue a gator buried under debris on a construction site all by himself.
Jul 16 2012
Paul pulls a prank on Ashley and Chris; the crew have their hands full with four large gators, a venomous water moccasin and a 6-foot rattlesnake.
Jul 08 2012
A triple-amputee veteran gets a chance to wrestle an alligator; farm animals are stalked by a 12-foot alligator; an alligator takes up residence in a neighborhood pond.
Jul 01 2012
A research project requires blood samples taken from a 600-lb. gator, but the window of opportunity is only three minutes
Jun 24 2012
A gig with swimsuit models and alligators makes Paul and Jimmy worry about the company's reputation; Paul attempts to save a gator from another trapper.
Jun 17 2012

Season 1

6 Episodes

Paul and Jimmy capture gators on a playground, a garage and a housing development, but are interrupted as volunteers ask Paul to solve their problems. After Paul and Tre are bitten, he forces the volunteers to streamline and create a workflow or hit the road.
Feb 19 2012
Jimmy goes on the road with the best volunteers, but is attacked by a tarantula and has a run-in with the police. Meanwhile, Paul tries to keep the business afloat despite being left shorthanded.
Feb 12 2012
A volunteer is in danger in the gator pit, which may be the result of inadequate training; stormy weather makes the crew's work even more perilous than it already is.
Jan 29 2012
Paul and Jimmy capture a monster sized gator; later they go on a hunt for hatchlings and run into the mama gator.
Jan 22 2012
Paul and Jimmy have to rescue an eight toed gator before it gets captured and killed! Trouble stirs as the volunteers don't have the necessary gator catching skills.
Jan 15 2012
Paul and Jimmy fight over Jimmy's goal to expand the Gator Boys Operation; Jimmy disappears and Paul struggles to keep the Gator Boys afloat.
Jan 08 2012