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Pop culture, comedy, and plain good eating: Host Alton Brown explores the origins of ingredients, decodes culinary customs and presents food and equipment trends. Punctuated by unusual interludes, simple preparations and unconventional discussions, he'll bring you food in its finest and funniest form.

Season 16

8 Episodes

Mar 25 2021
Mar 18 2021
Mar 11 2021
Mar 04 2021
The best way to cook fish: Put it back in the water ... in a bag!
Feb 25 2021
Alton takes on two very different fried breads, each with a twist
Feb 18 2021
Alton opens all-new dimensions of coffee enjoyment with an exploration of cold brew – and no, iced coffee isn’t the same thing
Feb 18 2021
Alton tackles bone marrow and delivers everything you need to know to enjoy “God’s butter” at home
Feb 18 2021

Season 15

13 Episodes

Alton Brown delves into the history of and techniques for this classic Hanukkah dish which, believe it or not, was originally made with a famous Italian cheese.
Dec 15 2019
If your family is anything like Alton Brown's, it's easy to understand how one might overdo it at the holidays. The trick is to stick with these low-alcohol beverages. The flavors will knock you out, but the proof won't.
Dec 15 2019
Alton Brown shares three turkey recipes to make year-round.
Nov 17 2019
First the pandemic, then the zombies, then the nukes and now: desolation and a giant dinosaur-thing. Luckily there are still plenty of yeast in the air, and Alton Brown proves that with a wild sourdough in the kitchen, the post-apocalyptic world can still taste good -- and he makes cheese crackers and waffles to prove it.
Sep 22 2019
Alton Brown tells everything you need to know to get dates into your culinary life, including three recipes for the 1960s classic “Devils on Horseback” and a very “scrummy” Sticky Toffee Pudding.
Sep 22 2019
Alton Brown journeys through the history and science of the greatest of all raw meat dishes: steak tartare. But first, you have to promise to never make it. Right? Right. Oh, and there's poke too!
Sep 15 2019
One of America's most storied sandwiches gets a historic rethink and a technical do-over, from the oysters to the bread and everything in between. Alton Brown also makes an argument for shucking.
Sep 15 2019
Alton Brown resuscitates the languishing tradition of the "icebox" or "refrigerator" cake. These no-bake cakes were all the rage in the 1950s, but they’re ready for a pastry redux.
Sep 08 2019
Alton Brown takes a deep dive on one of the most internet-famous dishes of the decade by way of a famous film from the 1940s. Along the way, Alton talks through preserved lemons and homemade harissa.
Sep 08 2019
The last decade has seen a lot of change in the food world, but no device has made more of a difference than the immersion circulator. Alton Brown makes an argument for having one in every kitchen by featuring dishes such as perfect rump roast, cheesecake and a killer liqueur.
Sep 01 2019
No matter how good of a cook you are, sooner or later your seafood is going to let you down. Alton Brown has the sauces that will save your dinner every time.
Sep 01 2019
Ancient American grains like amaranth, chia and quinoa are making a comeback due to their versatility and nutritional content. Alton Brown shows how to make the most of these very old kitchen newcomers.
Aug 25 2019
Alton Brown makes the argument that Italian food was actually invented in America, and that Chicken Parmesan is the dish where it all began. Yet, an Italian canned tomato makes it all possible.
Aug 25 2019

Season 14

22 Episodes

Host Alton Brown investigates the culinary possibilities of Asian Noodles. Dishes include "ants climbing trees".
May 02 2011
Host Alton Brown makes amends for having insulted the odd ball of the cabbage family: cauliflower.
Apr 25 2011
Roll Call 14x20
Host Alton Brown harnesses the power of yeast to put classic rolls back onto the American dinner table.
Apr 18 2011
Host Alton Brown uses a scientific secret formula in an attempt to devise the definitive bread pudding.
Apr 11 2011
Bouillabaisse may be a scary name, but the soup it represents doesn't have to be. In fact, if you're willing to buy some decent fish and master a few basics, it can most definitely qualify as Good Eats.
Apr 04 2011
If lasagna (the noodle) is the most comforting ingredient of all time (and it is) then lasagna (the casserole) must be the most comforting dish of all time. Problem is, most American lasagnas deliver more consternation than comfort. Join host Alton Brown as he puts lasagna back in its place.
Mar 28 2011
Chicken Pot Pie is a medieval classic that's fallen into disrepair recently, due in large part to our willingness to let factories do the baking for us. Join host Alton Brown as he looks at three different ways to fix this sad state.
Mar 21 2011
Do you have to tangle with dark forces in order to create a quality Devil's Food Cake or its crimson kin, Red Velvet? Yes you do. And it's called cocoa powder. Join host Alton Brown as he reinvents the classics.
Mar 14 2011
International travel is a risky, uncomfortable, and expensive business these days but if you have dry chickpeas in your pantry, exotic destinations are easily reached from the comfort of your kitchen. Join host Alton Brown as he journeys to the near east with hummus and falafel. Recipes in This Episode ----------------------------- Falafel Hummus For Real Pressure Cooker Chickpeas Roasted Chickpeas Slow Cooker Chickpeas
Mar 07 2011
Alton takes an in-depth look at three classic meringue-based desserts, including Baked Alaska, a time-honored favorite in households across the United States.
Dec 30 2010
Host Alton Brown delves into the Fall Classic taking it back to Plymouth and forward to the future.
Nov 18 2010
Host Alton Brown deals deliciously with a surprising glut of summer squash.
Nov 04 2010
Host Alton Brown decides to put the "trick" into his treats with three sinister twists on classic Halloween candies.
Oct 28 2010
Host Alton Brown helps you get more oats in your diet with some very surprising culinary incarnations.
Oct 14 2010
Host Alton Brown takes on the most mythic, magical, but often times monstrous form of frying known to modern man.
Oct 07 2010
They may have been born in Mexico but today the taco is a concept as "American" as apple pie. Host Alton Brown seeks to refurbish 2 particularly tarnished variations on the theme.
Jul 08 2010
Whether you like them cool and cream topped or warm with a crown of meringue, odds are if you're a banana pudding fan it's been a long time since you smiled. That's all about to change.
Jul 01 2010
Thin and crispy artisanal wood fired pizzas are nearly impossible to manage at home but with some sound science and a good grill, you can come close to perfection.
Jun 24 2010
When it comes to brunch, Eggs Benedict is king. Problem is, it usually isn't good eats. Host Alton Brown tears down the dish and rebuilds from the ground up.
Jun 17 2010
Everything you never knew you wanted to know about procuring, preserving, and presenting the first vegetable of the season: asparagus. Buying, storing, and cooking are investigated as well as the science behind smell.
Jun 10 2010
If you own a grill, sooner or later you're going to put some chicken on's inevitable. And odds are good you won't be happy with the results, unless of course you watch this show.
Jun 03 2010
Learn everything you need to know about this legendary cut-o-cow to produce steak house standard results for a hundred bucks under steak house prices.
May 27 2010

Season 13

19 Episodes

Host Alton Brown demystifies the Spanish pan and the rice dish it's famous for.
Apr 29 2010
After confessing a long-lived love for catfish, host Alton Brown sets out to modernize its image.
Apr 08 2010
Alton Brown attempts to set the record straight on the English dish that made India famous.
Mar 29 2010
Host Alton Brown takes on the classic American soup that divides the country, and his family.
Mar 22 2010
Host Alton Brown examines ways to super-charge desserts with salt. Bacon praline anyone?
Mar 08 2010
Join Alton Brown as he deconstructs the Margarita and Bloody Mary and reconstructs them with a classic formula Good Eats style.
Jan 25 2010
Alton discusses the eating plan that helped him lose 50 pounds.
Jan 04 2010
Host Alton Brown breaks into the liquor cabinet, not to concoct a drink but to examine the uses of alcohol in food preparation.
Nov 23 2009
The ingredients for that beguiling Japanese concoction, miso soup, may seem a bit unusual until host Alton Brown demystifies them and explores the wonders of the Japanese pantry.
Nov 09 2009
Concerned about the impact of over-fishing, host Alton Brown explores tasty and extremely sustainable farm-raised trout.
Nov 02 2009
The pound cake may have been born in Britain but host Alton Brown considers it to be an American classic. Join him as he explores the history and preparation of this delicious treat.
Oct 26 2009
Most people think of beer and wine only as drinks, but host Alton Brown thinks outside the bottle as he uses them as key ingredients in several tasty dishes.
Oct 19 2009
Host Alton Brown helps an average Joe overcome his kitchen phobias and whip up the classic breakfast of bacon, eggs and coffee.
Oct 12 2009
Despite its long and noble history, punch rarely receives the respect it deserves so host Alton Brown begins a quest to return the drink to its rightful culinary position.
Jun 22 2009
In an effort to tempt his niece into eating her vegetables, host Alton Brown manages to sneak them into several tasty treats.
Jun 08 2009
Looking for an alternative to chicken? Host Alton Brown turns to the pork tenderloin as a delicious yet low fat substitute for the ubiquitous bird.
May 26 2009
Although usually considered an Italian dish, spaghetti with meat sauce proves to be an American classic as host Alton Brown explores its origins.
May 18 2009
Quite possibly the original convenience food, tamales are ancient and delicious. Join host Alton Brown on an historical and tasty exploration of these tempting treats.
May 04 2009
Host Alton Brown explores a bayou staple, the delicious and sustainable alternative to lobster, the crawfish.
Apr 27 2009

Season 12

15 Episodes

Alton shows how properly and simply prepared wild salmon is worth the extra cost.
Mar 02 2009
Alton cooks with molasses.
Feb 16 2009
Alton uses oranges to create a classic drink, a topping, and a creamy cold dessert.
Feb 02 2009
Alton deals with the dreaded Brussells Sprout.
Jan 26 2009
Alton explores various sweet uses of the spice, ginger.
Jan 19 2009
Phyllo dough can be finicky but host Alton Brown tames this difficult pastry to create that wonderfully layered dessert known as baklava.
Dec 01 2008
Alton explores the cultural and historical influences on the New Orleans classic, beans and rice.
Nov 17 2008
In this fourth Flat is Beautiful episode, Alton shows his audience how to create a variety of crackers at home, including graham crackers.
Nov 10 2008
Alton uses the soy bean in a various recipes.
Nov 03 2008
Join host Alton Brown as he tells the tale of an ancestor's journey to the New World by way of a curious meat pie shop. He explores the origins and preparation of Shepherd's Pie and Mincemeat Pie.
Oct 27 2008
Alton shows how the freezer can be used for proper food preservation.
Aug 11 2008
Alton puts cooking oils to use in the kitchen as well as the car.
Jul 29 2008
An animated icon visits host Alton Brown and challenges him to raise the bar on canned tuna beyond the usual casserole or tuna salad sandwich.
Jul 07 2008
Celeryman 12x02
Celeryman Celery is not just for peanut butter anymore as host Alton Brown explores the only common plant that can be used as a vegetable, a starch, an herb and a spice.
Jun 23 2008
Armed with one simple yet versatile recipe, host Alton Brown creates a variety of dishes from a breakfast treat to that dinner classic, Yorkshire pudding. Recipes: Dutch Baby, Yorkshire Pudding with Roast, Basic Popover
Jun 09 2008

Season 11

20 Episodes

The power might be out but that doesn't stop host Alton Brown from breaking out the cast iron and using his hearth and his grill to whip up some very good eats. Recipes : Knead Not Sourdough Dutch Oven Cherry Clafouti Dutch Oven Hoecakes
May 05 2008
Join host Alton Brown as he breaks the trend toward an overly sweet and fussy pastry and gets us back to the original chiffon cupcake that will make you feel like a kid again. Recipes: Chiffon Cupcakes Chocolate Chiffon Cupcake
Apr 14 2008
Host Alton Brown takes us from the bog to the bar as he explores the many uses of that all-American super fruit, the cranberry. Note: The episode was taped during the Cranberry season (September - October) of 2007. By the time it was edited in 2008, Food Network decided to hold it until the Thanksgiving season in the US even though it was the last episode of Season 11 and Season 12 was already beginning to air. It did, however air in Canada on 5-26-2008.
Mar 31 2008
Host Alton Brown proves that Crown Roast of Lamb can be a dish to shock and awe without needlessly intimidating any cook who attempts to prepare it. Recipes: Crown Roast of Lamb
Mar 17 2008
It may be the bane of children and presidents but broccoli is a nutritional superfood. Join host Alton Brown as he transforms broccoli from limp and bitter to crisp and delicious. Recipes: Fresh Broccoli Salad Pan Steamed Broccoli Oven Roasted Broccoli
Feb 18 2008
An American classic is revisited when host Alton Brown makes everybody's favorite, apple pie. Recipes: Super Apple Pie
Feb 04 2008
The Wing's the thing as Alton Brown prepares America's most ubiquitous of bar foods: Buffalo chicken wings. Recipes: Orange Glazed Chicken Wings Buffalo Wings
Jan 30 2008
Alton dedicates a show to the tools of the trade, cutlery. In it he discusses the three types of cutting techniques and the blade that best suits each. He also show the similarity between salsa and gazpacho. Recipes: Gazpacho
Jan 07 2008
From their swampy origins to modern machine molds, host Alton Brown shares the sweet, sticky science behind homemade marshmallow. Recipes: Homemade Marshmallows Ambrosia
Dec 03 2007
Join host Alton Brown as he reveals the secret to turning this summer's superstar, the blueberry, into a year-round treat. Recipes Blueberry Buckle Frozen Blueberry Pie Blueberry Soda
Nov 14 2007
Join Food Network's intrepid host, Alton Brown, as he reinvents the classic green bean casserole just in time to save the holidays. Recipes: Best Ever Green Bean Casserole
Nov 07 2007
A little ghostly inspiration is all Alton Brown needs to turn a handful of peanuts into some seriously good eats. Recipes: Boiled Peanuts Boiled Peanut Soup Roasted Peanuts Homemade Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Pie
Oct 15 2007
Join host Alton Brown as he helps a humble cucumber fulfill its culinary destiny of becoming a pickle. Recipes: Deep-Fried Pickles Dill Pickles
Oct 08 2007
If great stew, like great music, is a commingling of ingredients to create culinary harmony, why do so many stews taste less like beautiful music and more like a murky dirge? Recipes: Good Eats Beef Stew
Aug 13 2007
Dried fruit may not be glamorous, but what it lacks in fashion it more than makes up for in flavor and versatility. Recipes: Dried Fruit Individual Fruit Compote Pies Sweet Dried Fruit Compote Trail Mix
Aug 08 2007
Scales, tails and eyes oh my! Who's afraid of whole fish? Not Alton Brown. Confront your fishy phobias head on with the fearless host as he roasts, planks and fries up a few good (whole) fish. Recipes: Pan-Fried Smelts Plank Grilled Whole Trout Whole Striped Bass
Jul 23 2007
Whether filling in for your French teacher or your favorite spice, substitutes can be every bit as successful as the original. Join host Alton Brown and a handful of substitute chefs as they take on a few good recipes with one ingredient tied behind their backs. Recipes: The Chewy Gluten Free Southern Biscuits Faux Peanut Sauce
Jul 16 2007
Is it possible to make great cake with coconut from a can? Should you even try? Host Alton Brown wants to know and he's willing to crack open as many nuts as it takes to make a slice of paradise on a plate. Recipes: Coconut Cake with 7-Minute Frosting Coconut Milk and Cream Coconut Extract
Jul 09 2007
The pretzel, once a delicious treat, has sadly been twisted into the edible equivalent of cardboard. Alton Brown recreates the traditional soft pretzel in all its crisp, chewy, golden brown glory. Recipes: Homemade Soft Pretzels Homemade Hard Pretzels Best Mustard Ever
Jun 20 2007
Milk Made 11x01
Only one naturally occurring edible substance exists only as food – milk. Even honey, technically a manufactured product, does not qualify. Alton spends some time discussing the production and history of milk as well as some things to watch out for (featuring a surprise guest). Recipes: Tres Leche Cake Dolce de Leche Quick Cottage Cheese
Jun 06 2007

Season 10

20 Episodes

Alton begins a new series focusing on the basic but often neglected simple fare of America. First up is the spinach salad. Popeye's favorite vegetable needs only a few additions to become a top-notch salad. Also, salad spinners to make your head spin. Recipes in this episode: - Wilted spinach salad with bacon dressing - Cold spinach salad with bacon and egg dressing
Apr 18 2007
Put down the Venti mocha soy latte and step away from the Starbucks slowly. Alton gets back to basics with the tiny cup of brew that started it all. From the perfect bean to buying a grinder and an espresso machine, learn where you should spend your money. Recipes featured in this episode: - Espresso - Macchiato - Cappuccino - Latte
Apr 04 2007
Inspired by a trip to New York City, the capital of corned beef, Alton decides to make his own, since good corned beef is hard to find outside of the Big Apple and certainly south of the Mason-Dixon. Along the way, the history of the succulent meat and the myth of the St. Patrick's Day traditional meal. Recipes - Corned beef brisket - Corned beef and cabbage - Corned beef hash
Mar 14 2007
The pomegranate looks like something from outer space, but Alton tells us that it's one of the healthiest fruits available. But only if you know how to get to the capsules of juicy goodness without making a mess. Recipes in this episode: - Pomegranate Syrup or Molasses - Pomegranate Gelatin - Grilled Leg of Lamb with Pomegranate Molasses Glaze - Tequila Sunrise
Mar 07 2007
Cornish hens are small and delicious, but have the same dangers of their larger brethren. Alton gives a crash course on how to avoid illness with the tiny birds, featuring his Four Cs of food safety: Contain, Clean, Cook and Chill.- Recipies - Grilled Curry Cornish Hens - Cornish Game Hen with Bacon and Onions
Feb 21 2007
AB breaks down the whole concept of Gumbo, clarifies the differences between Cajun and Creole and explains the importance of the roux this classic dish. After numerous roux failures AB comes up with a foolproof method for making a brick (dark) roux and the perfect gumbo. Recipes: Shrimp Gumbo
Feb 14 2007
Alton is under siege. His kitchen is being picketed by Cooks Against Wasted Left-Overs. Alone and abandoned by his film crew, Alton is visited by the Mother of Culinary Invention, who gives the desperate cook inspiration. Recipes in this episode: - Enchilada Lasagna - Masa Tots - Ultimate Nachos
Feb 02 2007
Alton considers the lentil, a delicious source of protein, fiber and minerals that works in soups, in salads, and even in baked goods like cookies - yes, cookies! The sixth in an occasional series about the contents of the well-stocked pantry. Recipes Lentil Cookies Lentil Salad Lentil Soup
Jan 17 2007
Deep-frying a turkey is a cooking method growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. But it can also be one of the most dangerous, with potential for serious oil burns or even fire. Alton spotlights the essential steps for ultimate safety, including how to select the best frying kit and making the Alton Brown Turkey Derrick®, his recommended way to get the bird in and out of the pot without putting yourself at risk. Featured recipes in this episode:- Deep-fried Turkey
Nov 12 2006
Alton turns the spotlight on the king of spices, pepper, which has seen its once lofty stature reduced to being a companion for table salt. Included: A historical lesson tracing the spice empires of the 17th century and how to select pepper grinders. Recipes in this episode: - Pepper Deviled Eggs - Black Pepper Mango Sorbet - Slow Cooker Pepper Pork Chops - Pepper Vodka
Nov 08 2006
Pop Art 10x10
A trip to a local cinema reminds Alton that popcorn was once light, fluffy and flavorful. Learn the how and why of exploding kernels and see Alton's improvised, inexpensive popcorn popper.
Oct 11 2006
Alton takes to the sea on a research ship to learn more about squid and demonstrate recipes for squid appetizers. Recipes in this episode: - Dry Fried Calamari - Wet Fried Calamari - Seaside Squid Salad - Squid Stuffed Squid
Oct 04 2006
Sid the Edibles Agent returns, asking Alton to help redeem his latest problem client, the infamously slimy seedpod known as okra. Recipes featured in this episode: - Okra and Tomatoes - Pickled Okra - Wet Fried Okra - Dry Fried Okra
Sep 27 2006
Good Southern boy Alton takes on the South's favorite fruit, featuring its history, varieties and how to preserve the famously perishable flesh. Recipes in this episode: - Grilled Peach Melba - Individual Peach Upside-Down Cake
Sep 20 2006
Alton continues his exploration of water, explaining how home water filters remove contaminants, how water softeners work, and describes the attributes of water's other forms -- steam and ice.
Jul 19 2006
Alton explains the sources of drinking water, its properties and dangers, and the popularity of bottled water.
Jul 12 2006
Alton examines the history of the cube steak and tries to bring country cooking home again. Recipes featured in this episode: Country Style Steak, Swiss Steak, Chicken Fried Steak.
Jun 21 2006
Alton's trying to sell a house, but the realtor insists the delectable smell of baked goods can help make the sale, so it's off to the oven for Alton. Recipes featured in this episode: - Cinnamon Buns - Citrus Ginger Ring - Monkey Bread
Jun 07 2006
AB takes the handful of simple grains of barley and tries to turn them into a meal we could all love. Recipes featured in this episode: Baked Barley, Barley Bread, Barley and Lamb Stew, Barley Salad, Barley Water.
May 17 2006
With so few Americans making their own tortillas, AB hopes to provide some simple tips and recipes to make a great tortilla, replacing the mediocre store-bought ones we have in our pantry. Recipes featured in this episode: Corn Tortillas, Lime Tortilla Chips.
May 03 2006

Season 9

22 Episodes

If you're a Good Eats fan, you've seen Alton do it all. Although hard to believe, he does have some help when it comes to creating each episode. Join us "Behind the Eats" as the Good Eats crew reveal their thrilling, compelling and sometimes hard to believe behind the scenes secrets.
Jul 29 2006
Although small, olives pack a whallop in the taste department. Alton tries to prove martinis aren't the place olives can be used. Recipes: Citrus Marinated Olives Tapenade Olive Loaf
Apr 19 2006
Alton sets his sights on Maine in hopes of finding a monster scallop. Recipes: Seared Scallops Scallops on the Half Shell Scallop Mousse
Apr 05 2006
AB sets out to try to make some great Thai stir fry with common ingredients. Recipes featured in this episode: Pad Thai
Mar 15 2006
Join Alton as he creates dishes suited specifically for the flounder Recipes featured in this episode: Baked Stuffed Flounder, Oil Poached Flounder Flounder Fish Salad.
Feb 22 2006
Alton takes another look at the one of the single best (and most expensive) cuts of meat, the tenderloin. Recipes featured in this episode: Center Cut Tenderloin Roast, Chain of Bull Cheese Steaks. Beef Carpaccio, and Stuffed Tenderloin.
Feb 01 2006
Alton looks at the basics of what makes up a bar and prepares a few drinks. Recipes featured in this episode: Daiquiri, AB's Martini, and Mint Julep.
Jan 25 2006
Alton looks at the one of the single best (and most expensive) cuts of meat, the tenderloin. Recipes featured in this episode: Steak au Poivre
Jan 18 2006
My Pod 9x14
Alton takes a look at the vanilla bean/pod. Recipes : Creme Brulee Fruit Salad with Vanilla Dressing Vanilla Poached Pears
Jan 11 2006
Alton Brown reviews the history of egg nog, and comes up with several variations on the theme. He also investigates how bourbon is made. Recipes: Eggnog Eggnog Ice Cream
Dec 01 2005
Join host Alton Brown as he looks into the past, future and present of the very handy ""pocket"" pie. Recipes featured in this episode: Pocket Pie
Nov 09 2005
Alton studies the avocado and discovers some surprising avocado treats. Recipes featured: Avocado Compound Butter, Avocado Ice Cream, Avocado Buttercream Frosting
Nov 02 2005
Alton explains how to make meatballs, with two examples: baked meatballs, and Swedish meatballs. Recipes Baked Meatballs Swedish Meatballs
Oct 19 2005
Alton Brown dresses up as the ""Waffler"" and rids the neighborhood of pathetic commercial frozen waffles, and then shows how to make your very own. Recipes Basic Waffle Chocolate Waffle
Oct 12 2005
Join host Alton Brown as he dives deep into the pantry to investigate the many facets of vinegar. Recipes: Grilled Romaine Sauerbraten
Sep 21 2005
After years of applying, AB is finally getting a shot to join the prestigious Institute for the Preservation of Culinary Heritage and Authenticity. All he has to do to get in is prepare a dessert for a special dinner. Recipes Rhubarb Peach Cobbler Blackberry Grunt Individual Berry Crisps
Aug 24 2005
AB investigates the ins and outs of ordering, eating, shopping for and even making basic sushi. Plenty of history thrown in for good measure. Remember, in Sushiworld nothing can go wrong! Recipes Sushi Rice California Roll
Aug 03 2005
AB looks at the nutritional challenges then concocts a protein bar, an ""energy"" bar, and a very healthy puffed rice treat that is also ""crispy"". Recipes Brown Rice Crispy Bar Granola Bars Protein Bars
Jul 27 2005
AB sets out to figure out how to make ice cream himself. After a visit from some federal ice cream agents and a little investigation of ingredients, AB cracks the code. Recipes Chocolate Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream Mint Chip Ice Cream
Jul 13 2005
Alton Brown takes us on a tour of beef jerky from its ancient beginnings to shopping for it, making it, and cooking with it. Recipes featured in this episode: Beef Jerky. Jerky Tomato Sauce
Jun 29 2005
Does the kabob still have a roll to play in the modern culinary carnival? Sure it does. You just need the right ingredients, the right skewers, the right heat and the right mindset. Recipes featured on this episode: Spicy Beef Kebabs and Vanilla Lime Pineapple Skewers.
Jun 15 2005
AB is called to a normal, suburban house one night to ""treat"" a boy who, having been told that he can't leave the table until he eats his peas, hasn't left the table for a very long time. Recipes featured in the episode: Green Peas with Cheese and Herbs, Split Pea Burgers, and Curried Split Pea Soup. This episode was the first of the season and ushered in a new set of cameras. Alton and the crew played with the camera with one episode last season, and we got to see the different cameras from shot to shot. It now looks as though they're only going to be using the new cameras, which result in a different picture.
Jun 01 2005

Season 8

22 Episodes

To most Americans rice means long grain, white grains. But we're missing out on the marvels of short, medium and brown grains. Join host Alton Brown as he stirs up a risotto, makes a rice salad and delves deep into a mixed bag of starch. Recipes: Baked Brown Rice Brown Rice Salad Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto
May 04 2005
Was your childhood eating plagued with plate-loads of slimy, foul-smelling leaves? Host Alton Brown shows how to turn fiend to friend when he takes on dark leafy greens. Tune in and you might learn a thing or two about nutrition too. Recipes: Mustard Green Gratin Pot O'Greens Lemon Sesame Glazed Greens
Apr 20 2005
The gyro may just be the perfect sandwich. Too bad you can't make one at home.or can you? Join host Alton Brown as he tackles rotisseries, tzatziki sauce and a pile of broken plates. Recipes : Gyro Meat with Tzatziki Sauce
Apr 06 2005
Tune in as Alton shows us how to create a great loaf of bread. Recipes: Very Basic Bread
Mar 16 2005
Host Alton Brown ponders the leek, the lesser-known member of the Allium family which it turns, can do anything its siblings can do, only better. Don't believe it? Try these onion rings. Recipes: Grilled Braised Leeks Leek Rings Leek Potato Soup
Mar 02 2005
They’re long, they’re orange and they’re everywhere, but do we ever really think about carrots? Host Alton Brown does?a lot. Join him as he concocts everything from salads to cakes and explains the whole carrot/vision thing. Recipes: Carrot Slaw Glazed Carrots Carrot Cake
Feb 16 2005
Can a fussy French fricassee fit a modern American lifestyle? Sure. All it takes is a chicken, a couple bottles of wine and a little know-how. The fussy French part is purely optional. Recipes: Coq au Vin
Feb 02 2005
Join host Alton Brown as he sears meat, washes mushrooms, oils the pasta water and tries to blow-up water.
Jan 19 2005
Join host Alton Brown as he attempts to demystify one of the most complex and promising fruits around. Recipes : Hot Melon Salad Melon Sorbet
Jan 05 2005
In an effort to pay off the IRS, host Alton Brown decides to enter a pudding recipe contest being held by the TV pudding queen: Auntie Pudding. Recipes: Indian Rice Pudding Tapioca Pudding Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix Chocolate Pudding
Dec 01 2004
AB's gone on record as saying the stuff is evil and yet, hundreds of protest letters have him rethinking his position. Can a stuffing be designed that's good for diner and bird alike? Recipes Stuffed Squash Turkey with Stuffing
Nov 14 2004
Whether you're cooking up a mess of grits or a pot of polenta cornmeal may just be the most powerful player in the pantry. Join host Alton Brown as he battles with cultural claims, doses up some science and cranks out an upside-down cake with a twist. Recipes: Cheese Grits Savory Polenta Pineapple Upside-Down Cornmeal Cake
Nov 03 2004
What could possibly be more chocolaty than chocolate? Join host Alton Brown as for his third journey into the world of chocolate. Recipes: Chocolate Truffles Ganache Frosting Good Eats Fudgepops
Oct 27 2004
Join host Alton Brown for a collection of short films about his favorite food: cheese. Learn about everything from pasteurization to pairing, Lactose to graters. Learn how to make cheese into soup, crackers, and a spread to end all spreads. Recipes: Cheese Soup Fromage Fort Parmesan Crisps
Oct 17 2004
A good soup is like a cooking school in a bowl and class is in session for host Alton Brown's nephew Elton. Join the two as they work together to craft an old classic and (perhaps) a new one. Recipes: Garden Vegetable Soup Grape Gazpacho
Oct 03 2004
To some it's a couple of pieces of bread with something shoved between. To others, a sandwich is a sublime balance of flavor and texture born as much of technique as ingredient. Alton Brown and his nephew Elton dose up a little Sandwich-craft. Recipes: Cuban Sandwich Pan Bagnat Roasted Vegetable Spread
Oct 03 2004
Join Host and cowpoke Gerald P Hobbs (Alton Brown) and his sidekick Rusty as they rustle up a good, honest bowl of red. Along the way, they'll ponder the chili mythology, grind up their own chili powder (that's chili with an ""i"") and do some serious work under pressure. Recipes: AB's Chili Powder Pressure Cooker Chili
Aug 18 2004
The humble wonton skin may look exotic but it's also the most versatile pasta you can invite into your kitchen. Join Alton Brown as he stuffs and folds and fries and steams and bakes up a mess of good eats out of this Chinese restaurant standard. Recipes : Perfect Potstickers Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings Pear Walnut Wontons
Aug 04 2004
Everybody loves donuts but nobody seems to make their own...until now. Join host Alton Brown as he delves into this country's favorite pastry. Not only will you learn how to make your own you'll find out how the donut really got its hole. Recipes: Yeast Doughnuts Doughnut Glaze Chocolate Doughnut Glaze
Jul 21 2004
These days we're all looking for ways to make more out of less. Alton Brown's favorite strategy: flatten meats wafer thin and cover them with flavor. New looks at old classics like Chicken Kiev, Turkey Piccata and Carpaccio. Recipes: Beef Paillard Chicken Kiev Turkey Piccata
Jul 07 2004
Oysters are a mystery to many and downright spooky to some. Join host Alton Brown as he unravels the secrets of this bivalve, cracks a safe or two and reinvents classic applications like oysters ""Rock-A-Fella."" Recipes: Baked Oysters Brownefeller Horseradish Cream Sauce Oyster Soup
Jun 23 2004
With a few simple tools and some basic chemistry, host Alton Brown simplifies the most common sauce quandaries. Throw away your boxed preparations and find how simple it is to create an elegant hollandaise and peppercorn sauce for your favorite steak. Recipes: Strip Steak with Pepper Cream Sauce Hollandaise
Jun 16 2004

Season 7

20 Episodes

There's a lot more under that peel than most folks think. Learn more about the many varieties available in the US and how they like to be handled. Take a side trip through plantains, learn how to make an amazingly fast banana bread and classic Bananas Foster... with fire and everything. Recipes: Banana Ice Cream Banana's Foster Fried Plantains
May 03 2004
Some of the world's greatest dishes...Bruschetta, French Toast, Welsh Rabbit to better croutons to your basic breakfast shingle, toast is an example of good eats that could usually be a whole lot better. Recipes: French Toast Bruschetta Welsh Rarebit
Apr 14 2004
I Pie 7x18
Alton Brown goes undercover for an in depth look at lemon meringue pie. Recipes: Lemon Meringue Pie Pie Crust
Mar 03 2004
Whether they're the main ingredient or a supporting player, nuts have needs?special needs if we're going to get the most out of them. Learn better ways to store, cook and cook with a variety of nuts, which turn out to be as good for you as they taste. Recipes: Cashew Sauce Pistachio Mixed Herb Pesto Pistachio Fruit Balls Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi Macadamia Nut Crust
Feb 25 2004
It turns out the secret to producing the archetypal American candy doesn't lie in the power of chocolate but in the power of crystals. Host Alton Brown helps you to grow your own. Recipes: Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter Fudge
Feb 11 2004
Just in time for the big game, a show all about food best consumed in a lazy-boy: real, honest to goodness corn dogs and basket burgers (those little single bite burgers that are so darned good). Recipes: Corn Dogs Mini Man Burgers
Jan 28 2004
A primer for buying, storing, mixing and matching, cooking and eating spices. Find the best tools for grinding them, learn what they are, where they come from and how they shaped the modern world. Recipes : Broiled Salmon with AB's Spice Pomade Vegetable Curry Curry Powder Blend Dried Pear and Fig Compote
Jan 14 2004
Where ""Spice Trade"" took on the seeds, bark, berries and fruits we grind onto our foods, this show focuses on the wide range of greenery that can add depth and dimension that make Good Eats better. Plus, learn how to set up your own container herb garden. Recipes: Tarragon Chive Vinegar Parsley Salad
Jan 07 2004
Santa Claus is coming to town, and unless Alton Brown can bake up the perfect holiday cookie he's going to find himself on the wrong end of the big guy's list. Join AB for an evening of cookie baking basics, frosting food science, and maybe a little reindeer wrangling. Recipes: Sugar Cookies Royal Icing Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies
Dec 04 2003
Long typecast as a character actor on the culinary stage, this longsuffering root is finally ready for a star role, and it's not in Silence of the Yams. Recipes : Sweet Potato Waffles Sweet Potato Pie Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potatoes
Nov 12 2003
Despite the fact that Americans spend billions a year on manufactured treats, truth is, great candy starts in the home. Join host Alton Brown as he explains the trick to treats like taffy, brittles, and jellies. Recipes: Chocolate Taffy Acid Jellies Peanut Brittle
Oct 26 2003
Wheat berries, bulgur, and couscous aren't your usual wheaty fare but then you don't see a lot of food shows featuring amnesia or kidnapping either. Recipes: Bulgur Gazpacho Wheat Berry Tapanade Mushroom Wheat Berry Pilaf Steamed Couscous Basic Cooked Wheat Berries Cherry Couscous Pudding
Oct 08 2003
Living fast often means getting your food from a bag. Host Alton Brown doesn't see anything wrong with that as long as the bag comes out of your oven or microwave. Pouch cookery may have ancient origins but it may just be the key to your future food. Recipes : Ramen Shrimp Pouch Red Snapper en Papillote Salmon Fillet en Papillote with Julienne Vegetable Stone Fruit Pouches Vanilla Sugar
Sep 13 2003
Host Alton Brown returns to the scene of episode #1 to re-think the great American steak. Recipes : Sirloin Steak Skirt Steak
Sep 10 2003
Host Alton Brown thinks that sausage should be our national dish. Never made your own? Once you know how easy it is, you will. Take a look at grinders, the perfect hunk of pork and the longest piece of protein in the world. Recipes : Breakfast Sausage Italian Sausage
Aug 20 2003
Some folks may think of home made stocks as culinary anachronisms, but host Alton Brown thinks they're the best edible investment in town. Follow him as he buys the perfect stock pot and brews up some chickeney goodness spiced up with a tasty jolt of science and major dose of practical advice. Recipes: Chicken Stock Chicken Noodle Soup
Aug 06 2003
America's favorite breakfast bread moved out of the home kitchen long ago. With the help of some sound science and an incarcerated brother, host Alton Brown plans to change all that. Recipes: Blueberry Muffins English Muffins
Jul 23 2003
Alternative name: Zen and the Art of Omelet Maintenance Host Alton Brown gets Zen with the simply delicious yet simply misunderstood king of egg applications. Recipes: Omelet Omelet for a Crowd Frittata
Jul 09 2003
Q 7x02
Host Alton Brown thinks he's cracked the code to true 'cue: brined pork, a flower pot, a trashcan, hardwood smoke and a lot of patience. Recipes : Pulled Pork
Jun 11 2003
What do you do when your live crab runs away from home? If you're Alton Brown you turn to frozen legs and other packaged products. A cop out? Nope, good eats. Recipes: Steamed Alaskan King Crab Claws Ghee Crab Cakes or Fritters Marinated Crab Salad
May 25 2003

Season 6

17 Episodes

Since childhood, host Alton Brown's had a soft spot in his appetite for roulades, savory rolls of meaty goodness that look hard... but aren' long as you've got science on your side. Recipes: Braciole Fish Roll with Compound Butter
Mar 19 2003
Beet It 6x16
Long feared by baby boomers accustomed to being accosted by noxious red wedges, beets are good eats, or so says host Alton Brown who suggests one approach the ruby roots with an open mind and a good pair of gloves. Recipes: Beet Green Gratin Glazed Baby Beets Pickled Beets
Mar 05 2003
Cake is dandy but let's face it, without frosting it's just sweet bread (not sweetbreads). Host Alton Brown builds a better butter cream then builds a layer cake from ground up...with tools from his local hardware. Recipes: Buttercream Ganache Writing Chocolate
Feb 19 2003
Host Alton Brown finds a challenge in his mail box: decipher a deceased family baker's famous yellow cake. Recipes: Cocoa Whipped Cream Gold Cake
Feb 05 2003
Alton Brown's slaw-centric guest slot on a popular morning talk show turns into a strange and wonderful half hour of good eats. Recipes: Marinated Slaw Asian Slaw Beet Slaw Coleslaw
Jan 29 2003
Stuffed pastas like Ravioli are much loved but seldom made. Host Alton Brown intends to put that to an end by demystifying noodle and filling alike.The answer: Your ironing board. Recipes: Ravioli Tortellini
Jan 15 2003
When a Sunday drive goes bad, host Alton Brown finds himself pushing the limits of his casserole knowledge to free his dog from angry church ladies. Recipes: Broccoli Casserole Curry Chicken Pot Pie Garlic Shrimp Casserole
Jan 08 2003
The easiest pastry dough to make also happens to be the most versatile and delicious. Trouble is, Americans won's make it because it's got a scary name:pate a choux. Join host Alton Brown as he takes the steamy dough from cream puff to eclair and beyond. Recipes: Funnel Cake Sweet or Savory Pate a Choux
Nov 13 2002
Host Alton Brown yearns for the juicy chop of yesterdayand he intends to get it. Visit the neighborhood butcher, pick up stuffing tips (no, stuffing is not evil) and learn more than you ever wanted to know about propane. Recipes: Stuffed Grilled Pork Chops
Nov 06 2002
Dips may have driven Alton Brown a little bonkers but that won't keep him from delivering the goods on guacamole, California dip and the unjustly dissed chicken liver mousse. Recipes: Chicken Liver Mousse Guacamole Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip Onion Dip from Scratch
Oct 16 2002
Join Host Alton Brown and learn everything you need to know about yeast, barley, hops and the hardware you need to bring them together to produce that most American of foods, Beer. Recipes: Good Brew
Oct 09 2002
Learn everything you need to know about making the best use of the biggest berry to ever be called a vegetable. Take a serious look at serrated knives, a strange and delicious sandwich and a tomato sauce that almost isn't. Recipes: Stuffed Tomatoes Tomato Sauce TBL Panzanella
Oct 02 2002
The word "souffle" has instilled fear in cooks for ages. Host Alton Brown believes a strong dose of science is all that's needed to get control of your egg foam. Learn the ins and outs of the cheese souffle, and how to manage the heat in your oven. Recipes: Cheese Souffle
Aug 07 2002
Yogurt's not just good for you, it's just plain good. Especially when you make your own. Host Alton Brown shows how easy this miraculous feat really is, then demonstrates plenty of ways to use the white stuff up. Recipes : Fresh Yogurt Lemon-Ginger Frozen Yogurt Tarragon Yogurt Sauce Thousand Island Dressing Herb Spread Yogurt Cheese
Jul 24 2002
Host Alton Brown gets to the heart of artichokes. Pick up tips on storing, prepping, cooking and even eating this giant flower bud, as well as how to make your own herb oil to marinate them in. Recipes: Artichoke Pasta Salad Broiled Chokes Herb Oil
Jul 10 2002
Join Host Alton Brown to learn how to make the most of strawberry season. You can macerate them, glaze them, freeze them with dry ice, and even build a summer pudding in a tin can. AB even holds a quick lesson on the power of antioxidants. Recipes: Clotted Cream Macerated Strawberries Strawberry Pudding Frozen Strawberries Clotted Cream Macerated Strawberries Strawberry Pudding Frozen Strawberries
Jul 03 2002
A quick trip to the afterlife convinces host Alton Brown to get serious about eating more tuna. Find out how to grill on a chimney charcoal starter, how to avoid fake soy sauce, and why you can see a rainbow on Tuna Steaks. Recipes: Chimney Tuna Loin
Jun 19 2002

Season 5

13 Episodes

Alton, ever the Spud Stud, cooks up homey Potato Soup, creamy Potato Salad and a spectacular Swiss Rosti. Recipes: Leftover Baked Potato Soup Cold-Fashioned Potato Salad Potato Roesti
Apr 20 2002
No bivalve is more American than the clam nor is any other shell-dweller more versatile in the kitchen. Learn the ins and outs of clam identification, decide which ones to use where, buy a clam opening device and make a wicked chowder. Recipes: Radonsky for the New Millenium Clams on the Half Shell with Fresh Mayonnaise Clam Chowder
Apr 10 2002
Learn what you can do to return Macaroni & Cheese to a table near you. Evaluate bakeware, noodle noodles, look into evaporated milk and of course?cheddar cheese. Recipes: Baked Macaroni and Cheese Stove Top Mac-n-Cheese Next Day Mac and Cheese "Toast"
Apr 03 2002
Hard or "winter" squashes confuse and confound for no other reason than there are so darned many of them. Learn how to shop, store, and cook a plethora of gourdy recipes, find out what's really up with beta carotene and why you need to buy a stick blender. Recipes: Butternut Dumplings with Brown Butter and Sage Pumpkin Bread Squash Soup
Mar 06 2002
Alton gets the dirt on Dutch processing and the dead Dutch guy who invented it, choose a few powders then apply them to hot chocolate, brownies, sorbet and homemade chocolate syrup. Recipes: Cocoa Brownies Hot Cocoa Cocoa Syrup
Feb 13 2002
Alton finds himself catering a tailgate party for a group of folks out to catch a glimpse of a mythical sea monster.To commemorate the event, Alton prepares a menu featuring his favorite tailgateable sea monster: squid. Recipes: Squid Vicious
Jan 30 2002
Alton helps discover the secrets of cream cheese and its alter-ego marscapone. Conquer crumb crusts, buy into some pans, and produce both savory and sweet cheesecakes without a crack in site. Recipes: Savory Cheesecake Sour Cream Cheesecake
Jan 23 2002
The aliens among us are eggplants and they are delicious?really. Learn to shop for and store different varieties of eggplant, evaluate bread crumbs, and celebrate the vegetable peeler. Recipes: Baba Ghannouj Eggplant Pasta Eggplant Steaks
Jan 16 2002
Alton Brown finds himself participating in a rather odd TV game show. The arena: a junkyard. The opponent: Chef Midwest. The ingredient: pork belly. Recipes: Bacon Vinaigrette with Grilled Radicchio Scrap Iron Chef's Bacon Honey Mustard Cure Molasses Black Pepper Cure Red Pepper Brine Soy Honey Brine
Jan 09 2002
As the holidays approach Alton Brown ponders the perfect roast beast, meets with a butcher, comes to terms with aging, learns about ovens & radiant heat, discovers new ways to have fun with flower pots, and produces the ultimate carnivores delight. Recipes: Dry-Aged Standing Rib Roast with Sage Jus
Dec 05 2001
Crepes are a great wrap with a bad rap. Truth is, crepes are incredibly simple, versatile, and good eats. All you need is science, a good pan, and a limber wrist. Alton performs crepe technique for a live audience. Recipes : Crepes Crepe Quiche Lorraine Crepes Suzette Mushroom Crepe Cake
Nov 28 2001
Nov 07 2001
Alton is working as a consultant on a low budget sci-fi movie. His job: make spooky, gooey gelatin molds. Since gelatin is one of the most powerful tools on the pantry planet, Alton's happy to comply, but he insists on making it taste real good. Recipes: Panna Cotta Brain with Cranberry Glaze Spooky Edible Eyes Sparkling Gingered Face Cinnamon Cherry Heart
Oct 24 2001

Season 4

13 Episodes

Alton investigates the fruity heat of chilies and that ubiquitous condiment: salsa.
Oct 03 2001
Tea is the second most popular beverage, so let's brew some.
Sep 05 2001
Don't be afraid, the store stuff can deliver the puff.
Aug 22 2001
Join Alton Brown as he debunks the many mysteries of mayonnaise.
Aug 08 2001
Meet the Count and discover the miraculous properties of Garlic.
Jul 25 2001
The most mentioned food in the Bible; The only food produced for us by animals. It's a sweetener, it's an antiseptic, it's amazing.
Jul 11 2001
From ordinary chuck to sublime, melt in your mouth flavor: how to make the perfect pot roast without the pot.
Jun 27 2001
Chocolate layer and sheet cakes are more American than apple pie, yet few of us ever bake them anymore. We're going to change all that. Shop for cake pans, learn everything you need to know to keep your foam from flopping and produce a heavenly cake.
Jun 13 2001
Country and city hams: cured, smoked, raw, brined or fresh, get your juices going for some good old American ham.
May 30 2001
Host Alton Brown demystifies the buying, handling and cooking of the briny bug that put the surf into the surf-n-turf.
May 16 2001
AB pan-fries a chicken, also showing how to butcher it into perfect pieces. Buttermilk bathed, golden brown and deliciousmmm, mmm, fry some more, 'cause nobody doesn't love fried chicken.
Apr 25 2001
The scientific theory behind capturing meaty goodness in liquid form and why the pressure cooker makes great broth.
Apr 18 2001
Get the lowdown on wood chips and creating a simple smoker for fish.
Apr 11 2001

Season 3

14 Episodes

Watch as AB shows the grill can be a great tool in making a great meal.
Mar 07 2001
Alton Brown gets inside a cabbage's head and comes out with a better understanding of what makes this potentially troublesome vegetable tick.
Feb 21 2001
Alton makes what once seemed foreign into an understandable all American classic.
Feb 07 2001
Alton must pit his poaching skills against those of the evil ""Frenchman"".
Jan 31 2001
AB takes us through what it takes to turn beans into a great meal.
Jan 17 2001
AB claims we won't be satisfied with pizza until we take matters into our own hands.
Jan 10 2001
AB goes to court to defend butter against its bad wrap.
Jan 03 2001
Great pancakes (flapjacks) don't have to come from a box...
Dec 27 2000
Alton uses time travel to explain the mystery behind cookies with three kinds: the thin, the puffy and the chewy.
Dec 13 2000
AB is out to show you can make a great meal with Thanksgiving leftovers.
Nov 18 2000
Watch as Alton proves to us Americans that Duck can be a regular dish.
Nov 01 2000
AB, in his second egg show, is out to show eggs don't have to be scrambled or an omlet.
Oct 18 2000
Alton explains the simple pleasures of mussels.
Oct 11 2000
There is no good reason that people do not make their own pickles. They are easy and delicious. Let Alton show you simple joys of pickling.
Sep 20 2000

Season 2

14 Episodes

Alton shops, shucks and shares the history and methods of the summer fave: corn.
Jul 19 2000
Just how difficult is it to create finger-licking ribs?
Jul 05 2000
Desserts don't need to be difficult to create, and Alton is out to prove it.
Jun 21 2000
Need a tomato sauce?
Jun 07 2000
Using good science and easy methods, Alton will show you how to jam.
May 24 2000
Alton wants to show that proper know-how allows everyone to make healthy, delicious and safe fried foods.
May 10 2000
Learn to be excited when meat loaf is for dinner... and other ground beef techniques. Recipes: Burger of the Gods; Good Eats Meat Loaf. Production title: "Daily Grind."
Apr 26 2000
Watch as Alton leads us through the history and prep of our favorite bean.
Apr 12 2000
Watch as Alton Brown creats the pie crust of his dreams.
Mar 22 2000
Mushrooms are mysterious no longer, Alton makes them a kitchen staple.
Mar 15 2000
Shrimp cocktail is not just for wedding receptions anymore.
Mar 08 2000
Watch Alton Brown show you how to shop, store, and prepare some apple classics.
Mar 01 2000
See what fondue has to do with football, make the best grilled cheese sandwich you have ever had and see why cheese is milk's leap to immortality.
Jan 19 2000
Alton Brown is out to prove that fruitcake shouldn't be the butt of holiday jokes any longer.
Dec 15 1999

Season 1

13 Episodes

Alton Brown delves into the dark world of chocolate, picks a pod, roasts some beans, questions mysterious guests, visits his shrink, makes a mousse and hits upon the ultimate chocolate recipe. Recipes : Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Lava Muffins
Sep 29 1999
Alton brown heads to LA for a sack of rice, evaluates rice cookers, unlocks saffron and rewrites the rules for the most versatile of all rice dishes: pilaf. Recipes: Rice Pilaf
Sep 22 1999
Part one of an ongoing series looks at the king of pantry essentials: Dried pasta. Alton Brown explores pasta styles, the best cooking method (water is key), the tools you really need (big), and a different way of saucing. Recipes: Pasta
Sep 15 1999
Alton Brown dives deep into the watery world of fish and finds that with just three cooking methods under your belt, you can cook just about all of the critters. Recipes: Grilled Salmon Steaks Pan Fried Fish Striped Bass in Salt Dome
Sep 08 1999
Host Alton Brown journeys to the center of the onion. After rediscovering a kitchen classic, and debunking the mythology of tear-free onion cutting, he emerges with a darned fine bowl of soup. Recipes: French Onion Soup
Sep 01 1999
Host Alton Brown conquers ""rouxs"" and leads the way to lump free gravy. Recipes: Gravy from Roast Drippings Sawmill Gravy White Roux
Aug 25 1999
Searching for the perfect southern-style biscuit, Alton Brown investigates flour and leaveners and turns to his Grandmother for a pointer or two...not to mention a few pointed comments. Recipes: Scones Shortcake Southern Biscuits
Aug 18 1999
You scream, I scream, but Alton Brown would rather make his own ice cream...and sorbet and granita. Secrets the pros don't want you to know and how to find an ice cream machine that delivers the goods without breaking the bank. Recipes: Serious Vanilla Ice Cream Coffee Granita Key Lime Sorbet
Aug 11 1999
Why did the chicken cross the road? Probably to escape Alton Brown, who seems intent on defining the perfect broiled chicken that's out of the oven and bathed in sauce in under half an hour. Recipes : Broiled, Butterflied Chicken
Aug 04 1999
Exiled to bars, chopped and pre-packaged, drenched in noxious concoctions, the tossed salad deserves better. Alton Brown goes back to salad basics and pays homage to Caesar. Recipes: Hail Caesar Salad Veni Vedi Vinaigrette
Jul 28 1999
Alton Brown cracks the mysterious egg case and pursues a higher understanding of the amazing ovoid's culinary powers. How to land a non-stick pan, scramble, over easy--and consider eggs for dessert Recipes: Lemon Curd Scrambled Eggs Unscrambled
Jul 21 1999
Alton Brown ponders the potato and its main ingredient: Starch. Baking, mashing and gratins are re-examined. Recipes: Mashers Potato/Portobello Gratin The Baked Potato
Jul 14 1999
Host Alton Brown journeys from field to market to hardware store in search of the perfect steak and the perfect pan to sear it in . Recipes featured on episode: Pan Seared Rib Eye.
Jul 07 1999