How Do They Do It?

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How Do They Do It? Ever wondered how the stripes get into toothpaste or how contact lenses are made? How do goods get from one country to another and then into our supermarkets? What are car tires made from and exactly why are plasma TV screens flat? Eating, drinking, driving, flying. These all are activities that we carry out with barely a second thought. But have you ever wondered what exactly goes into your teabag and how it got there? How does an airport handle hundreds of thousands of items of luggage each day? And just how can a car’s airbag inflate so quickly? Every day – often without even realizing it – we come into contact with technology, be it in the bathroom, in the car or on the golf course. We take a look at how things work, and focus on some of the most amazing examples of everyday objects including the world’s fastest elevator and the most expensive chocolate money can buy.

Season 14

20 Episodes

Fire Gloves for Emergency Services Personnel; The Enamel Used for Baking.
Modern Paving Stones; A Traditionally Tailored Tuxedo.
Steam-Powered Paddleboats on the Mississippi River; The Waterfall Defense System.
Race Cars That Run on Electricity; Mead.
Crayons for Children and Artists; Mirrors in India.
Giant Floating Power Stations; The World's Smallest Aircraft.
How they make the tank piercing super bullet; how they forge the infamous torture weapon, the dentist's drill.
How do they build emergency bridges that can take the weight of a tank, make a marker pen that never fades, and design a 200 mph superbike?
Included: the Tesla; horse-hair fabrics; and pool cleaners.
Oct 17 2016
How Wensleydale cheese, paintbrushes, eucalyptus oil and plastic wrap are made.
Oct 10 2016
How axes, messenger bags and fast-rescue boats are made.
Oct 03 2016
How non-alcoholic beer, Tomcars, escalators and lie detectors are made.
Sep 19 2016
Vinyl records, bumper cars and tiger balm are featured.
Sep 12 2016
Included: caravans; tuning forks; ice resurfacers; and Festival of Lights.
Sep 05 2016
How the world's sharpest photos are taken; what it takes to create an airbag that can catch a falling car; and how jelly beans are made.
Aug 29 2016
How coffee is roasted; how bricks are built; how lava lamps are made; and how diamonds are mined from an extinct volcano.
Aug 22 2016
How longboards are made; how lemons are turned into lemonade; and how forklifts are built.
Aug 15 2016
How baklava is made; how pilots fly gyroplanes; how a ukulele is crafted; and how the world's fastest ferry was built.
Aug 08 2016

Season 13

20 Episodes

How electricity is delivered in London. Also: using NASA technology to make a perfect pizza in minutes; and turning pine trees into playhouses.
Oct 01 2015
How fraud-proof credit cards are made; how hot lunches are delivered to Mumbai workers; and how a thousand-ton ship is hoisted hundreds of feet into the air.
Sep 24 2015
How South Africa's famous red bush tea is produced; how luggage makes it to the correct plane; and how hairbrushes are made for royalty.
Sep 17 2015
A mohair exchange in South Africa; the James Bond-inspired quad bike; and harps.
Sep 10 2015
How fedora hats and cement are made. Also: freezing fresh peas in less than three hours.
Sep 03 2015
How the sitar is made; the origins of India's a favorite South African snack; and how monster bulldozers are produced.
Aug 27 2015
Included: high-rise construction; Dr. Martens boots; and cooking pans.
Aug 20 2015
South Africa's macadamia farmers; Chicago's water-filtration system. Also: the use of Mojo Barriers to keep music fans safe at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands.
Aug 15 2015
Included: fashionable footwear; prefabricated houses; and underground storage for books and documents.
Aug 06 2015
Indian construction crews that use bamboo for their scaffolding needs. Also: multicolored fireworks.
Jul 30 2015
A Netherlands farm that's run almost entirely by robots; and a log stacker. Also: moving grand pianos through the streets of New York.
Jul 23 2015
How scrap metal is turned into AGA cookers; how incense is made; and how Dutch gin is created.
Jul 09 2015
How harp strings and roof windows are made. Also: origins of Belgian waffles.
Jul 02 2015
How grapefruit is picked and processed in the African country of Swaziland; a North America ski resort that produces snow on demand; and the luggage-transportation systems at the world's airports.
Jun 18 2015
Included: road rollers; canned bread; and cell phones made with rubies and sapphires.
Jun 11 2015
How screws help hold the world together. Also: marmalade's bitter roots; and fashionable clothing created with technology.
Jun 15 2015
How popular wines are produced; and how PTFE is used to make extreme weather clothing.
May 28 2015
Mumbai's monorail; hand-painted porcelain statues in Denmark; and creative cupcake recipes.
May 21 2015
Assembling an advanced plane; making warm, waterproof boots. Also: how they get bananas just ripe.
May 14 2015
The Season 13 premiere features skyline logging; and a Spanish workshop that turns ordinary clay into intricate tiles. Also: preparing a 90-year-old British treat.
May 07 2015

Season 12

20 Episodes

How electricity is delivered in London. Also: using NASA technology to make a perfect pizza in minutes; and turning pine trees into playhouses.
Oct 01 2015
How fraud-proof credit cards are made; how hot lunches are delivered to Mumbai workers; and how a thousand-ton ship is hoisted hundreds of feet into the air.
Sep 24 2015
Sep 17 2015
Sep 10 2015
Sep 03 2015
Aug 27 2015
Aug 20 2015
South Africa's macadamia farmers; Chicago's water-filtration system. Also: the use of Mojo Barriers to keep music fans safe at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands.
Aug 13 2015
Fashionable footwear; prefabricated houses; underground storage for books and documents.
Aug 06 2015
Indian construction crews that use bamboo for their scaffolding needs; Mining strontium for multicolored fireworks.
Jul 30 2015
A farm in the Netherlands is run almost entirely by robots. One of the largest toughest log stackers is put to work in Sweeden and grand pianos are navigated through the streets of New York.
Jul 23 2015
Scrap metal is made into a gourmet cooking machine; The exotic aromas of India are created by hand; How sailors got their Dutch Courage.
Jul 09 2015
Making the world's finest harp strings; Building roof windows that can keep out a hurricane; Making Belgian waffles.
Jul 03 2015
Jun 18 2015
The powerful machines essential to building roads and highways are made; No pans are needed when you can bake bread in a can; Luxurious cell phones are made with rubies and sapphires.
Jun 11 2015
Building a fighter jet; Turning bitter oranges into marmalade; Printing out a dress fit for the catwalk.
Jun 04 2015
Travel down under, home to some of the largest wineries in the world and see how some of the most popular wines are produced. What does PTFE stand for? And how is it used to make extreme weather clothing for the most demanding customers.
May 28 2015
Commuters rise above Mumbai's chaos by riding India's only monorail. In Denmark, porcelain statues are hand painted and take several weeks to complete. Creative cupcake recipes originate in Manhattan and stretch around the world.
May 21 2015
Skyline logging is used to wrangle Vancouver's most elusive trees. Muscle and skill turns ordinary clay into intricate tiles in a Spanish workshop. A 90-year-old British treat is also prepared.
May 14 2015
Jet over to Spain and see one of the most advanced and powerful planes in the world assembled. LL Bean's secret to making warm waterproof boots is revealed. And discover how they get bananas just ripe.
May 10 2015

Season 11

20 Episodes

A look at how nickel is mined, how the lock gates for canals are built so that barges and boats can climb hills, and the processes involved in creating Taiwan's beloved bubble tea
Dec 31 2014
A look at how George Washington's favourite tipple is made, how aircraft seats are tested without crashing a plane, and the manufacturing processes behind billions of batteries
Dec 31 2014
How car windows are made to keep out wind and rain, stones, thieves, noise and harmful UV rays. Plus, a look at the way gloss is added to create the perfect shade of lipstick
Dec 31 2014
How plasterboard is made from power station smoke, the casting of the world's top awards, and how planes are built that can take off and land almost anywhere.
Nov 28 2014
The technological processes involved in keeping people comfortable, entertained and safe with the latest aircraft seats, and a look at the design of bras with aerospace technology.
Nov 21 2014
A look at the process of forging super steel to make cars lighter, greener and safer, and how Australia's 80 million sheep are sheared every spring.
Nov 07 2014
A look at how to build a port ready to receive the world's biggest container ships, and how 28 million plastic bags are made every day.
Oct 24 2014
An insight into how the world's most expensive vinegar is made, how divers keep dry and warm in the freezing ocean, and how to build a plane that can fly upside down.
Oct 24 2014
How the alcoholic spirit aquavit is made, and how kangaroos help protect motorcycle riders in a crash. Plus, a look at the cleaning of New York's St Patrick's Cathedral.
Oct 17 2014
An insight into how the minerals that are an essential ingredient in glass cookware are mined, and a look at how money is kept safe and secure inside cash machines.
Oct 10 2014
An insight into how people care for bees, plus a look at how to build a trike that can carry a whole family and how to stop a bullet with a sheet of ceramic.
Jul 17 2014
A look at how the world's finest canvases are created, how tofu is made, and how to get 50 drinks out of a single bottle of beer.
Jul 10 2014
Examining how rosebuds are turned into Turkish delight, and how sunscreen is made to block out harmful UV light. Plus, how to hammer out a silver spoon.
Jul 03 2014
A look at how waste is collected in Venice, how Australia's famous sheepskin boots are made, and how pond algae is turned into a health supplement.
Jun 26 2014
A look at how New York bagels are hand-rolled, how they make a racing car tyre that will grip the track at 320kph, and how life-like sculptures are created out of glass.
Jun 19 2014
A look at how one of the fastest bikes in the world was created, how pilots train to perform death-defying acrobatics, and how oil and gas is brought up from the bottom of the sea.
Jun 12 2014
Examining how the street lamps of Venice are cast, and how tiny trees are grown for the ancient Chinese art of penjing.
Jun 05 2014
A look at how sea weed for sushi is farmed, how a beer bottle is made that lasts for fifteen years and how they keep swimmers and surfers off a sharks menu.
May 29 2014
A look at ways to weave an authentic Turkish carpet, and how helicopter blade technology is being used to make cross country skis. Plus, the practicalities behind the Niagara Falls
May 22 2014
A look at how to make parmesan cheese, and the key to keeping the runways running at the world's busiest airports. Plus, a look at manufacturing reclining chairs
May 15 2014

Season 10

20 Episodes

Feb 06 2014
Jan 30 2014
Jan 23 2014
Jan 16 2014
Dec 19 2013
Dec 12 2013
Dec 05 2013
Nov 28 2013
Nov 21 2013
Nov 14 2013
Nov 07 2013
Oct 31 2013
Oct 24 2013
Oct 17 2013
Oct 10 2013
Sep 26 2013
Salad; Rope; Insulin
Sep 19 2013
Sep 12 2013
Sep 05 2013
Digging out the rare opal in the Australian desert; Building the classic bi-wing strong enough to stand the stresses of modern stunt flying; Making the nougat core of everybody's favorite sweets.
Sep 05 2013

Season 9

21 Episodes

Turning rubber into chewing gum; How fish hooks are made to catch a shark.
Dec 20 2012
Dec 13 2012
How to connect a billion people across the world; using grass to make vodka; building the world's most expensive cable car.
Dec 06 2012
Nov 29 2012
Making and testing tennis balls; the ultimate surround sound home cinema system; supplying New York with the finest steaks.
Oct 25 2012
How stuntmen survive a day of being knocked down and beaten up; how they make a watercraft that can swim like a dolphin; how they mine precious amber.
Oct 25 2012
A drink made from cactus; New York City uses steam; making soft ice cream.
Oct 11 2012
Oct 04 2012
Sep 27 2012
Sep 20 2012
Building the world's most powerful trucks; solving crimes using the world's largest DNA database; making cheese with paraffin.
Sep 13 2012
Making a cable strong enough to hold a bridge; modern hunters use medieval weapons; how stores determine the right sizes and colors to have in stock.
Sep 06 2012
How billions of bees produce a million tons of California almonds; clearing snow to keep Norway's planes flying; removing the toughest stains.
Aug 30 2012
Making footballs for the National Football League; how mussels are farmed; designing the ultimate fighter pilot's helmet.
Aug 23 2012
Building a modern fighter jet; Belgium's Trappist monks make the world's finest beers; America's best performing SUV.
Aug 09 2012
Jul 26 2012
Aug 02 2012
How volcanoes help produce the world's best guacamole; building a truck that can cross a swamp; Fiskars scissors.
Jul 26 2012
Panama hats; rounding up Florida's escaped pythons; keeping drivers safe in the world's longest tunnel.
Jul 19 2012
Jul 12 2012

Season 8

20 Episodes

Tsukji; cricket bats; Parcels.
Jan 19 2012
Jan 12 2012
Jan 05 2012
Frankfurter; casino security; sniper rifles.
Dec 29 2011
How a 1700-seat circus tent is set up in 36 hours; turning Japanese maple and mahogany into an electric guitar.
Dec 15 2011
Dec 08 2011
Kepping a car on the road in a 24 hour race; turning sweet sugar cane into rum.
Dec 01 2011
Rescuing the crew of a sunken submarine; a monster digger; a car that runs on beer.
Oct 27 2011
Oct 19 2011
How accordions are built; how wasabi is made; how they produce a duck call that can trick birds.
Oct 18 2011
Defusing thousands of World War II land mines; making crisp tasting cider; clearing undergrowth with a thin strip of nylon wire.
Aug 26 2011
How roulette wheels are made; making the world's purest olive oil; transforming a rusty wreck into a classic Batmobile.
Aug 05 2011
Making playing cards that can defeat a cheat; brewing more than a billion bottles of lager a year; the world's most luxurious private jets.
Jul 29 2011
Jul 22 2011
Jul 15 2011
New York's Rikers Island prison; how the famous Royal Mail mail boxes are made; turning fruit into jam.
Jul 01 2011
A 700-hundred-year-old tree is made into a two-ton Japanese drum; how a factory produces thousands of cars and stays green; how Italians make pasta.
Jun 24 2011
World's biggest ice hockey rink and car plant.
Jun 17 2011
Bowling balls; tower bridge; Gummy Bears.
Jun 10 2011
How Japanese master chefs prepare the extremely poisonous puffer fish; freight trains; how Scots weave over 700 types of tartan for kilts.
Jun 03 2011

Season 7

20 Episodes

The processes involved in turning trees into matches.
Oct 08 2010
The complex technological processes involved in making off-road vehicles, the best way to stay on a bucking bronco, and how flour is used when making cakes.
Oct 01 2010
The working processes of America's largest mine, and how made-to-measure shotguns are manufactured.
Sep 24 2010
Building the world's fastest lawnmower; setting the price of bread; how coconuts clean water.
Sep 17 2010
Examining the training of arson investigation dogs and the making of oak barrels for French wine.
Sep 10 2010
How coffee beans are decaffeinated, salmon is smoked, and water is harnessed to power ships.
Sep 03 2010
The complex processes involved in maintaining the Eiffel Tower, and how snowboards are made.
Aug 27 2010
Aug 20 2010
Explore how fish are farmed, raw cane is turned into sugar, and suits are tailored in just one day.
Aug 13 2010
The complex technological processes involved in creating banknotes, and how leather hide is turned into a pair of shoes.
Aug 06 2010
How aircraft tires are constructed, precision 19th-Century revolvers, and how synthetic fibers are designed to imitate natural grass.
Jul 30 2010
The technology involved in building life-saving crash test dummies, book binding, and the making of the butter substitute, margarine.
Jul 23 2010
The processes involved in turning water into whisky, and the preparations that are being made for another natural disaster on the scale of Hurricane Katrina.
Jul 16 2010
How money is transferred in a safe and secure manner with behind-the-scenes banking technology, landing big game fish, bagpipes.
Jul 09 2010
Examining the technology used to dive for natural sponges, and how taxi drivers know their way to so many different destinations
Jul 02 2010
The mining of the marble used in Washington DC's monuments, the manufacture of Tabasco sauce and storm-proof umbrellas.
Jun 25 2010
Examining the operation of versatile construction machines, how beans are turned into sauce, and the processes involved in maintaining the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago.
Jun 18 2010
Examining how phosphates are used to put out fires, and the processes involved in refuelling and resupplying cruise liners.
Jun 11 2010
A Guinness brewery tour, silk's journey from silkworm cocoons to closets, and how soup is put into cans.
Jun 10 2010
How peanut butter is made and how household devices are tested.
Jun 04 2010

Season 6

20 Episodes

How to avoid docking disaster when handling a thousand ships a day; creating new oil reserves from forest mud; restoring old movies.
Oct 29 2009
Making military helicopters; metro systems; engineering artificial reefs.
Sep 04 2009
Manufacturing stainless steel; making paper; making stretch limos.
Sep 03 2009
How batteries, perfume and artificial islands are made.
Sep 02 2009
Find out how they look after sharks at the world's biggest aquarium, how to grow precious stones and what it takes to build a luxury Bentley.
Aug 31 2009
Manufacturing propellers, intelligent cars, turning metal into magnets.
Aug 28 2009
Work in 600-degree heat, make champagne, expand ports.
Aug 27 2009
Blasting through rocks, mapping Earth, providing flowers year round.
Aug 26 2009
Designing airplane parachutes; solar power; sunglasses.
Aug 25 2009
Designing assembly lines, sealing wine bottles, removing salt from sea water.
Aug 24 2009
G-Suits stop pilots from blacking out in flight; smart grid; tracking and stopping a stolen car.
Aug 21 2009
Servicing jumbo jets; creating nuclear power; building pianos.
Aug 20 2009
Drilling through a mile of solid rock; producing fresh orange juice all year round; bending glass.
Aug 19 2009
Aug 18 2009
NASA communicates with distant satellites; maintaining large ships; satellite technology provides directions for vehicles.
Aug 17 2009
How they stop planes from icing up in cold weather; how clay is used to keep glossy magazines looking sharp; making a 200km-per-hour electric car.
Aug 14 2009
Cowboy hats; deep-sea diving; in-flight catering.
Aug 13 2009
Creating artificial reefs; earthquake-proof buildings; running cars on rocket fuel.
Aug 10 2009
The Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squadron; an indoor ski slope located in one of the world's hottest deserts; turning fresh fish into sushi.
Jul 16 2009
Turning garbage from a St. Patrick's Day parade into energy to power New York City; turning luxury cars into sports cars; Damascus Steel.
Jul 02 2009

Season 5

20 Episodes

Turning sand into aluminum foil; how a GPS (global positioning system) guides people to a specific destination.
Apr 01 2008
Manufacturing durable jeans; creating the perfect wine glass.
Mar 31 2008
The secrets behind the manufacturing of mirrors; creating a two-dimensional design for a 3-D car.
Mar 28 2008
The technology behind high-speed trains; manufacturing ballpoint pens.
Mar 27 2008
The making of wool carpeting and LEGO children's toys.
Mar 26 2008
How gasoline is delivered to the pumps; the making of Swiss Army knives.
Mar 25 2008
Generating power from hydroelectric dams; manufacturing powerful computer microchips.
Mar 20 2008
How the latest generation of passenger aircraft are assembled; a lightweight chainsaw can have more muscle and a sharper bite than a great white shark.
Mar 19 2008
Manufacturing halogen light bulbs; car mufflers; creating unique lock and key sets.
Mar 18 2008
Transporting oil rigs long distances; making electric shavers.
Mar 17 2008
The rockets that launch the space shuttle; binocular lenses; windshield wiper blades.
Mar 14 2008
Large cargo ships transport goods around the world; Peterbilt makes large, custom built trucks.
Mar 13 2008
Constructing freeways to handle a quarter of a million cars each day; minting coins.
Mar 12 2008
How meteorologists forecast the weather; the Swedish armed forces use hovercrafts to carry troops and equipment over many types of surfaces.
Mar 11 2008
Manufacturing drink cartons; prefabricated homes; mobile intensive-care vehicles.
Mar 10 2008
Discover how packages are shipped worldwide in less than 24 hours; mining enough coal to feed the world's power stations.
Mar 07 2008
Providing fresh drinking water in the desert; LED television screens; Ferrari sports cars.
Mar 06 2008
The science behind electricity; the world's largest floating cranes.
Mar 05 2008
The world's strongest knives; growing diamonds in a laboratory; producing enough bricks to build the modern world.
Mar 04 2008
Learning how large ships make their way through the Panama Canal; technology assists in waste management.
Mar 03 2008

Season 4

6 Episodes

The design and manufacturing of large jet engines; non-lethal weapons that stun without killing; the world's largest telescope.
Apr 25 2007
How black boxes survive an airplane crash; transporting giant steam turbines; making fireproof suits for race-car drivers.
Apr 25 2007
The world's largest land-mining machine; how airboats are built; warehouse for car parts.
Apr 18 2007
Secrets behind nuclear submarines; crash-test dummies; growing fruits and vegetables.
Apr 18 2007
How a spacesuit keeps an astronaut alive, the diesel engines that power the world's biggest ships, and the manufacturing processes behind the famous neon signs which cover Las Vegas
Apr 11 2007
Go beneath the surface to understand forest fires, car exhaust and the space station.
Apr 11 2007

Season 1

6 Episodes

Concrete, Cell Phones, Lightbulbs, Steel, Traffic
Jun 17 2006
Glass, Golf Balls, Zippers, Coke Cans, Tire Changes
Jun 10 2006
Internet Cable, Cranes, Pencils, Water, Toothpaste
Jun 03 2006
Tires, Excavators, Newspapers, Ports, Contact Lenses
May 27 2006
Salt mines, Trainers, Ships, Watches, Wind Farms
May 13 2006
This episode begins with explaining how recycling works using as an example airplanes. Then goes on to Plasma TV’s by explaining the theory and showing us the Hitachi factory. After that it’s the fireworks turn. From China to New York, from production to consumption you can see how they do it! Big hot and noisy, it is time to make railway tracks. Melt, shape, cool, check, you are done! Finally, microseconds, micrometers, welcome to the world of inkjet cartridges and its ink, by taking a tour in the Hewlett Packard cartridge factory.
May 06 2006