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You’ve seen ’em do the crime, now see ’em get the time. From John Langley, producer of the groundbreaking Cops, comes the next big law enforcement reality series Jail. Shot on location in cities across the U.S., Jail follows prison inmates from their initial booking through their first moments behind bars. Each episode captures the harsh and sometimes humorous reality of what happens to criminals after they’re caught. If its groundbreaking, its on MyNetworkTV

Season 5

20 Episodes

After falling down a flight of stairs while drunk, a young man is amazed he is in jail for refusing to go to the hospital. A correction officer tries to explain to a young man why carrying a gun-shaped knife is not a good idea. An expectant father is arrested after a gin-fueled rampage at his parent's house and misses the birth of his first child. A woman arrested for selling fake designer purses as real ones says she didn’t know it was a crime.
Jul 15 2017
Officers have to get ”hands on“ when a man tries to swallow his ring. A heroin addict wants help when he realizes his habit has cost him everything he loves. One man fights with his girlfriend in a bathroom, another fights with his girlfriend at home, both are surprised they are arrested for domestic violence. A habitual criminal is worried that other inmates will fight over him.
Jul 08 2017
Angry over her arrest, a woman becomes combative with officers. Busted once again for drugs, a smart young woman knows she is making dumb choices but can't stop using. A man eluding the police swipes food from his workplace before landing in jail. Officers get a laugh from an arrested panhandler who wants to buy a permit for panhandling.
Apr 22 2017
Officers find hidden drugs on a burglary suspect during a pat down that leads to a tense confrontation. A beer sets off a fight between a mom and her daughter causing one family member to end up in jail. A rare event takes place in the county jail - a woman arrested for a warrant is in a good mood. Punching a pit bull while drunk lands in man in jail where he comes face to face with a childhood hero.
Apr 15 2017
Officers warn a man that dressing up like a clown in Texas is not a good idea.
Feb 12 2017
Booze and a cellphone dispute lead one man to the "green suit."
Feb 04 2017
An arrested man is caught on camera making a run for freedom.
Jan 28 2017
A woman confesses to having drugs hidden where they can't be seen.
Nov 05 2016
A man arrested for domestic violence threatens to put all the officers in jail. Inmates on kitchen duty get into a fist fight over a dish towel. A woman unsure about her sexual identity is arrested for trespassing at a friend’s home. Officers find an unusual bit of clothing when a man is changed into a jail uniform.
Oct 29 2016
A trustee finds himself in hot water after officers discover his contraband; an oil worker doesn't think the charge fits the crime after stealing two hedge trimmers; conflict arises when an officer and inmate butt heads.
Oct 22 2016
A young father pulls a desperate double robbery to make ends meet; a routine shakedown gets deadly when officers uncover alarming contraband; an inmate plays innocent about her criminal past until she's confronted by officers.
Oct 15 2016
Over the course of a single shift, officers go toe to toe with a hotheaded inmate refusing to change cells without a fight, and deal with the whims of a homeless man who demands room service and a better cell.
Oct 08 2016
A women goes to jail after telling police she was frightened by a monkey mask; an intoxicated man has feelings for an officer; an officer finds contraband in a pack of cigarettes during a search.
Oct 01 2016
An agitated woman wants to call the shots, a drunk man claims he knows the law, and an older man gets booked for domestic violence.
Sep 24 2016
Two sisters go on a mini-crime spree, get caught and find no one will bail them out. A domestic argument about night fishing lands a husband in jail for breaking into his own car. An irate inmate blows off steam by doing laps in her jail cell. A woman finds out it's hard to stop selling drugs when the neighborhood knows her business.
Aug 20 2016
An inmate claims to be the victim of an internet scam which led to his arrest. Officers take it easy on a rowdy inmate struggling through a spiritual crisis. Years of prison time can’t sway a young gang affiliate from changing his ways. Prisoners cause plumbing problems to send a message. A mother and daughter bond over being locked up together.
Aug 13 2016
A woman who says she’s called “Sunshine” has less than a sunny disposition. A man ditches a halfway house for jail to get his life in order. A career criminal shows no regret for his “thug life.” Tense moments in Booking as officers and medical staff try to save a young man from a drug overdose.
Aug 06 2016
Welcoming an eccentric regular back to jail; a man fleeing Mexico details the horrors he escaped; a young woman describes her lucrative stint as a stripper.
Jul 30 2016
A man arrested on drug warrants gets upset about the brisket he left on the grill; a drunk man flirts with the jail staff; an inmate sells tree leaves as pot to an undercover officer.
Jul 23 2016
A driver with a baby in her backseat texts, drinks and drives; after his arrest for shoplifting, a young man realizes the consequences of his crime.
Jul 09 2016

Season 4

22 Episodes

A trio en route to the annual Electric Daisy Carnival is busted with a large amount of psychedelic 'shrooms in their car. A young lady learns that girls get searched too after her friends convince her to hide drugs in her bra.
Nov 21 2015
A bar fight sends a UFC fighter to the hospital and the bartender who slugged him to Jail.
Nov 14 2015
An angry woman smashes her cheating boyfriend's windshield with a spike while riding on the hood of the car.
Nov 07 2015
A drunken nightclub security guard wrecks his scooter and ends up under the car he hit.
Oct 24 2015
A jaywalker from Utah claims someone hit him on the head. One inmate is sucker-punched from another who was just having a bad day.
Oct 17 2015
A family reunion ends with a bruised and bloodied husband.
Oct 05 2015
An old crooner believes that rap stars are going to bail him out of jail. Handcuffs don't stop a woman from trying flirt with an officer.
Sep 29 2015
Aug 22 2015
Aug 15 2015
The restraint chair does nothing to change the combative attitude of a woman who refuses to listen to officers. A spitmask-wearing suspect tries to score male enhancement drugs from the jail nurse.
Aug 08 2015
A self-described Hawaiian princess in town to rescue animals is arrested for calling 911 too many times.
Aug 01 2015
A young woman learns that what happens in Vegas can come back to haunt you on your next visit.
Jul 18 2015
Taking an illegal drug has an unexpected consequence to one man's face. Open Booking becomes a stage as one woman launches her singing career.
Jul 11 2015
Las Vegas has exclusive access, as officers on the street and in the jail brace for the arrests and the aftermath of out-of-control revelers during Sin City's New Year's Eve festivities.
Jun 27 2015
A meth user tries to prove how tough he is. A drunk woman rages against everyone in her path. A couple’s wedding plans are ruined after officers find their stash of meth.
Feb 28 2015
A man gets locked up after he blows all his casino winnings.
Feb 20 2015
A drunk trapeze artist takes a drive on his moped.
Feb 14 2015
A married boyfriend gets his young lover arrested.
Feb 07 2015
A man says his family loves him but behind bars he hates everybody else.
Jan 31 2015
A one-legged biker shows off his balancing skills to officers.
Jan 24 2015
Naked meditation in a parking lot lands a street artist in jail.
Jan 17 2015
An angry wife stabs her husband and he ends up in hand cuffs.
Jan 10 2015

Season 3

18 Episodes

Sep 23 2010
Sep 16 2010
Sep 09 2010
Sep 02 2010
Aug 26 2010
Aug 19 2010
Aug 12 2010
Aug 05 2010
A man is brought in for disorderly conduct; a man is booked for trespassing; a man is arrested for domestic violence after biting his girlfriend.
Jul 29 2010
A man is booked for a DUI but says he wasn't drinking; a gang member is busted for graffiti.
Jul 22 2010
A man is arrested for the harassment of homeless people; another man is arrested for threatening a bouncer.
Jul 15 2010
A man is brought in for starting fights; a woman is arrested for hitting a child; a man doesn't understand why he's being arrested.
May 24 2010
A combative woman has to be restrained; a drunk is brought in for not paying the subway toll; a man is arrested for domestic violence
May 17 2010
An intoxicated male is arrested for domestic violence.
May 03 2010
An intoxicated female’s emotions yo-yo between coherency and a possible breakdown.
Apr 26 2010
Officers are forced to use pepper spray on a combative male inmate.
Apr 19 2010
A man is arrested for forgery, but his belligerent behavior lands him in isolation.
Apr 12 2010
A former marine is brought in for trespassing.
Apr 07 2010

Season 2

18 Episodes

Jul 14 2009
Jul 07 2009
May 19 2009
May 12 2009
May 05 2009
Apr 28 2009
Mar 31 2009
Mar 24 2009
Mar 17 2009
Mar 10 2009
Nov 25 2008
Nov 18 2008
An inside look at the jails of Salt Lake City, UT, Tulsa, OK, and Austin, TX.
Oct 07 2008
A look inside the lockups in Austin, TX, Las Vegas and Santa Ana, CA
Sep 30 2008
On an all new Jail, a highly agitated young woman brought in on a domestic violence charge must deal with solitary when her temper explodes. Then, two young women take a birthday celebration too far and the Travis County officers must take drastic measures. And watch how a cranky homeless woman in Vegas has a remarkable love affair with makeup products.
Sep 23 2008
Every jail has rules and every deputy has limits. It all works fine until someone crosses the line. From flooded cells to master manipulators and the one wrong move that pushes an officer over the edge.
Sep 16 2008
An inside look at the jails in Tulsa, Las Vegas and Portland, Ore.
Sep 09 2008
It's an all new Crimetime Tuesday with the season premiere of Jail. The officers bring in a man who seems like the model inmate, until something sets him off! And one inmate takes the term "when push comes to shove" to the literal extreme. A look at the lockups in Portland, Ore. and Austin.
Sep 09 2008

Season 1

24 Episodes

May 27 2008
May 20 2008
May 13 2008
May 06 2008
Apr 29 2008
Feb 26 2008
Feb 19 2008
Feb 12 2008
Feb 05 2008
Jan 29 2008
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