Late Show with David Letterman

Ended Weekdays / 7:00pm CBS 45 min.
“Late Show with David Letterman” is an hour-long weeknight comedy and talk show broadcast by CBS from the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway in New York City and is produced and hosted by David Letterman. The show's music director and bandleader of the house band, the CBS Orchestra, is Paul Shaffer. The head writers are brothers Justin Stangel and Eric Stangel. The announcer is Alan Kalter, who replaced Bill Wendell as announcer in 1995. The show airs at night, but is recorded the afternoon of the broadcast.

Season 22

138 Episodes

6,028th broadcast
May 20 2015
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Jan 30 2015
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Jan 28 2015
Jan 27 2015
Louis CK|Nicolle Wallace|the Lone Bellow
Jan 26 2015
Jan 16 2015
Jan 15 2015
Jan 14 2015
Jan 13 2015
Jan 12 2015
Jeff Goldblum; comedian Michael Somerville. Also: singer/songwriter Nicole Atkins performs.
Jan 09 2015
Jan 08 2015
Jan 07 2015
Jan 06 2015
Jan 05 2015
Dec 19 2014
Dec 18 2014
Dec 17 2014
Dec 16 2014
Dec 15 2014
Dec 12 2014
Dec 11 2014
Meryl Streep (Into the Woods (2014)); actress Rebel Wilson (Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)). Also: J. Cole performs, 'Be Free'.
Dec 10 2014
Dec 09 2014
Dec 08 2014
Nov 26 2014
Nov 25 2014
Nov 24 2014
Nov 21 2014
Nov 20 2014
Nov 19 2014
Nov 18 2014
Nov 17 2014
Actress Kristin Chenoweth; Chris Young performs.
Nov 14 2014
Nov 13 2014
Nov 12 2014
Nov 11 2014
Nov 10 2014
Nov 07 2014
Nov 06 2014
Nov 05 2014
Nov 03 2014
Oct 31 2014
Oct 30 2014
Oct 29 2014
Oct 28 2014
Oct 27 2014
Oct 17 2014
Oct 16 2014
Oct 15 2014
Oct 14 2014
Russell Brand, Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters
Oct 13 2014
TV host Chelsea Handler; comics Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele; Angaleena Presley performs.
Oct 10 2014
Oct 09 2014
Oct 08 2014
Oct 07 2014
Oct 06 2014
Oct 03 2014
Oct 02 2014
Oct 01 2014
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Sep 02 2014

Season 21

118 Episodes

Sep 02 2014
Aug 28 2014
Aug 27 2014
Aug 26 2014
Aug 25 2014
Aug 21 2014
Aug 20 2014
Aug 19 2014
Aug 18 2014
Jul 31 2014
Jul 30 2014
Jul 29 2014
Jul 28 2014
Jul 24 2014
Jul 23 2014
Jul 22 2014
Dave welcomes actor Jeff Daniels, "CBS This Morning" co-anchor Norah O'Donnell, and a performance of the song "MacArthur Park" by an all-star ensemble.
Jul 21 2014
Jul 17 2014
Jul 16 2014
Jul 15 2014
Jul 14 2014
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May 13 2014
May 12 2014
May 09 2014
May 08 2014
May 07 2014
May 06 2014
May 05 2014
May 02 2014
Louis C.K.; Amy Sedaris. Also: a performance from Broadway's "Rocky".
May 01 2014
Apr 30 2014
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Feb 20 2014
Feb 19 2014
Cole Swindell?
Feb 18 2014
Feb 17 2014
Feb 07 2014
Feb 06 2014
Feb 05 2014
Feb 04 2014
Feb 03 2014
From "The Monuments Men", actor/comic Bill Murray; musical guests Eagulls.
Jan 31 2014
TV host Dr. Phil McGraw; from "Counting Cars", TV personality Danny Koker; musical guests Dum Dum Girls.
Jan 30 2014
New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees; actor/author/comedian B.J. Novak; a Top Ten List presented by David Stern; musical guests Against Me!.
Jan 29 2014
From "Modern Family", actor Eric Stonestreet; freeskier Nick Goepper; musical guests Bastille.
Jan 28 2014
From "Louie", creator and comic Louis C.K.; Marine veteran B.J. Ganem; musical guests Artic Monkeys.
Jan 27 2014
From "The Following", actor Kevin Bacon; stand-up comedy by Pat McGann; musical guests Devon Avenue.
Jan 24 2014
TV host and journalist Rachel Maddow; from "Her", director and writer Spike Jonze; musical guests No Age.
Jan 23 2014
From "The Wolf of Wall Street", director Martin Scorsese; from "Girls", actress Allison Williams; musical guests Cults.
Jan 22 2014
From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", actor and comedian Andy Samberg; from "That Awkward Moment", actor Michael B. Jordan; musical guest Ellie Goulding.
Jan 21 2014
From "House of Lies", actor/producer Don Cheadle; stand-up comedy by Myq Kaplan; musical guests Roadkill Ghost Choir.
Jan 17 2014
New anchor Brian Williams; musical guest Rosanne Cash.
Jan 16 2014
Actor and comedian Kevin Hart; from "My Grandmother’s Ravioli" and "CBS Sunday Morning", journalist Mo Rocca; musical guests The Orwells.
Jan 15 2014
From "LIVE with Kelly and Michael", co-host Michael Strahan; musical guest Jennifer Nettles.
Jan 14 2014
Comedy legend Bill Cosby; musical guests Sleigh Bells.
Jan 13 2014
From "The Mindy Project", creator and actress Mindy Kaling; stand-up comedy by Jeff Altman; musical guests Red Fang.
Jan 10 2014
TV host Anderson Cooper; from "Saturday Night Live", comedian Bobby Moynihan; musical guest Will Hoge.
Jan 09 2014
From "Captain America: The Winter Solider", actress Scarlett Johansson; musical guest John Grant.
Jan 08 2014
From "Community", actor Joel McHale; sportscaster Marv Albert; musical guests Washed Out.
Jan 07 2014
From "Girls", creator and actress Lena Dunham; from "New Girl", actor Max Greenfield; musical guest Brandy Clark.
Jan 06 2014

Season 20

179 Episodes

From "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues", actress Kristen Wiig; musical guest Darlene Love.
Dec 20 2013
From "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues", actor Steve Carell; musical guests The Saint Johns.
Dec 19 2013
From "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", actor and director Ben Stiller; holiday toy demo with Shannon Eis; musical guest Brett Dennen.
Dec 18 2013
From "Anchorman: The Legend Continues", actor Paul Rudd; journalist Barbara Walters presents the Top Ten List; from "The Wolf of Wall Street", actress Cristin Milioti; musical guests Alt-J.
Dec 17 2013
From "Anchorman: The Legend Continues", actor Will Ferrell; a Top Ten List presented by the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston; musical guests Chris Cornell feat. Joy Williams.
Dec 16 2013
Talk show host Regis Philbin; stand-up comedy by John Witherspoon; musical guest Seasick Steve.
Dec 13 2013
From "August: Osage County", actress Julia Roberts; musical guest Glen Hansard.
Dec 12 2013
From "Saving Mr. Banks", actress Emma Thompson; singer Josh Groban presents the Top Ten List; comedian Andy Cohen; musical guest Nick Lowe.
Dec 11 2013
Actor and comedian Billy Crystal; from "The Talk", co-host Julie Chen; musical guest ZZ Ward.
Dec 10 2013
From "The Colbert Report", host Stephen Colbert; from "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", actor Sir Ian McKellen; musical guests Chvrches.
Dec 09 2013
From "Inside Llewyn Davis" and "Alpha House", actor John Goodman; stand-up comedy by Kevin McCaffrey; musical guests Iggy Azalea with T.I.
Nov 27 2013
TV personality and style expert Martha Stewart; musical guest Pitbull.
Nov 26 2013
From "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", actor Josh Hutcherson; sportscaster Chris “Mad Dog” Russo; musical guest Sky Ferreira.
Nov 25 2013
Radio talk show host Howard Stern; stand-up comedy by Adrienne Iapalucci.
Nov 22 2013
From "The Wolf of Wall Street", actor Jonah Hill; from "12 Years a Slave", actor Chiwetel Ejiofor; musical guests J. Roddy Walston and The Business.
Nov 21 2013
From "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", actress Jennifer Lawrence; from "Person of Interest", actress Taraji P. Henson.
Nov 20 2013
Author and jounalist Anderson Cooper; from "Modern Family", actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson; musical guests The Neighbourhood.
Nov 19 2013
From "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues", actor Vince Vaughn; 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion, Jimmie Johnson; musical guests Luscious Jackson.
Nov 18 2013
From "Nashville", actress Connie Britton; Stupid Pet Tricks; musical guests Lady Antebellum.
Nov 15 2013
From "Homeland", actress Claire Danes; from "Nebraska", actor Will Forte; musical guests Metric.
Nov 14 2013
From "Oldboy", actor Samuel L. Jackson; journalist Chris Matthews.
Nov 13 2013
From "The Michael J. Fox Show", actor Michael J. Fox; musical guest Lorde.
Nov 12 2013
From "The Good Wife", actress Julianna Margulies; Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno; musical guests Moon Taxi.
Nov 11 2013
News anchor Tom Brokaw; stand-up comedy by Rhys Darby; musical guest Black Joe Lewis.
Nov 08 2013
From "Live! With Kelly and Michael", talk show host Kelly Ripa; from "How I Met Your Mother", actress Cobie Smulders; musicial guest Gary Clark Jr.
Nov 07 2013
From "Thor: The Dark World", actress Natalie Portman; from "Eagleheart", actor and comedian Chris Elliott; musical guest James Blunt.
Nov 06 2013
Actress and comedienne Kathy Griffin; author Bruce McCall; musical guest J. Cole; and a Top Ten List presented by Rep. Nancy Pelosi.
Nov 05 2013
From "Out of the Furnace", actor Woody Harrelson; from World Series champion Boston Red Sox, MVP David Ortiz; musical guests The Wanted.
Nov 04 2013
From "Last Vegas", actor Morgan Freeman; stand-up comedy by Brian Regan; musical guests Frightened Rabbit.
Nov 01 2013
The Late Show's annual Halloween costume show; from "Ender's Game", actor Harrison Ford; musical guests Holy Ghost! perform.
Oct 31 2013
From "The Millers", actor Will Arnett; author of "The Soundtrack of My Life", Clive Davis; musical guests The Avett Brothers.
Oct 30 2013
From "Parks and Recreation", actor Rob Lowe; the 2013 Indy Car Champion, Scott Dixon; musical guest Alan Jackson.
Oct 29 2013
Basketball legend and commentator Charles Barkley; skiing champion Lindsey Vonn; musical guest King Krule.
Oct 28 2013
From "The View", co-host Barbara Walters; author Steve Young; musical guests White Denim.
Oct 18 2013
Real estate mogul Donald Trump; musical guest Selena Gomez.
Oct 17 2013
TV host Bill O'Reilly; musical guests The Head and the Heart.
Oct 16 2013
From "The Expendables 3", director and actor Sylvester Stallone; from "Mom", actress Anna Faris; musical guests Deltron 3030.
Oct 15 2013
From "Parenthood", actor and comedian Ray Romano; from "As I Lay Dying", actor James Franco; Top Ten list presented by Madison Square Garden legends.
Oct 14 2013
Talk show host and Football commentator Michael Strahan; stand-up comedy by Simon Amstell; musical guests Cage the Elephant.
Oct 11 2013
Animal expert Jack Hanna; from "The Big Bang Theory", actor Kunal Nayyar.
Oct 10 2013
From "Elementary", actress Lucy Liu; civil engineering professor Mark Jacobson; musical guest The Weeknd.
Oct 09 2013
From "The Awesomes" and "Saturday Night Live", comedic actor Seth Meyers; from "The Counselor", actor Michael Fassbender; musical guest Amos Lee.
Oct 08 2013
From "Captain Phillips", actor Tom Hanks; Siri Top Ten; musical guests Two Door Cinema Club.
Oct 07 2013
From "Blue Bloods", actor Tom Selleck; stand-up comedy by Michael Somerville; musical guest Albert Hammond Jr.
Oct 04 2013
Stupid Human Tricks; TV anchor Brian Williams; a performance from the film "Muscle Shoals".
Oct 03 2013
From "Scandal", actress Kerry Washington; from "Flying Wild Alaska", TV personality Ariel Tweto; musical guests Yoko One & The Flaming Lips (as Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band).
Oct 02 2013
From "The Crazy Ones", actress Sarah Michelle Gellar; from "Parks and Recreation", actor Nick Offerman; musical guests First Aid Kit.
Oct 01 2013
From "Sean Saves the World", actor Sean Hayes; musical guest Sting.
Sep 30 2013
Legendary comedic actor and musician Steve Martin; stand-up comedy by Kathleen Madigan; musican guests The Kruger Brothers with Steve Martin.
Sep 27 2013
Musician and humanitarian Bono; from "CBGB" and "The Big Bang Theory", actor Johnny Galecki; musical guests Kings of Leon.
Sep 26 2013
From "The Crazy Ones", actor Robin Williams; from "Masters of Sex", actress Lizzy Caplan; an opera Top Ten List presented by soprano Renée Fleming; musical guests Icona Pop.
Sep 25 2013
Cher 20x128
Interview with and musical performance by Cher. Lizzy Caplan preempted.
Sep 24 2013
Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton; musical guests Tired Pony.
Sep 23 2013
From "Dr. Phil", self-help guru Dr. Phil McGraw; comic Tom Dreesen.
Sep 13 2013
Actor Alec Baldwin; from "Hostages", actress Toni Collette.
Sep 12 2013
From "Don Jon", director and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt; talk show host Keith Olbermann; musical guest Keith Urban.
Sep 11 2013
From "Monsters University", actor Billy Crystal; musical guest Sheryl Crow.
Sep 10 2013
From "Derek", creator and actor Ricky Gervais; Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; musical guest Janelle Monae.
Sep 09 2013
From "The Arsenio Hall Show", host and actor/comedian Arsenio Hall; stand-up from Dan Naturman; musical guest Laura Mvula.
Sep 06 2013
From "Teach", host and actress Queen Latifah; from "New Girl", actor Jake Johnson; musical guests TV on the Radio.
Sep 05 2013
From "Thanks for Sharing", actor Tim Robbins; football commentator Herm Edwards; musical guests Passion Pit.
Sep 04 2013
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal; host of "Big Brother" and co-host of "The Talk", producer Julie Chen; musical guests The Dodos.
Sep 03 2013
Dave celebrates the Late Show and its 20 years and 3,897 episodes with a look back at the past with actor Bill Murray; musical guests Lenny Kravitz & Gladys Knight.
Aug 29 2013
Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Carter; from "Nashville", actress Hayden Panettiere; musical guests In the Valley Below.
Aug 28 2013
Journalist Anderson Cooper; from "The Newsroom", actress Olivia Munn; musical guests Robert Randolph & The Family Band.
Aug 27 2013
From "Ushi Must Marry", actor Patrick Dempsey; actress and writer Amy Sedaris; musical guest Laura Marling.
Aug 26 2013
Tennis champion Serena Williams; comedian Sean Donnelly; musical guests MGMT.
Aug 22 2013
Actress and comedian Tina Fey; musical guest Valerie June.
Aug 21 2013
Comedian and star of "Louie", Louis C.K.; from The Global Citizen Festival, humanitarian Hugh Evans; musical guest John Legend.
Aug 20 2013
From "Drinking Buddies", actress Olivia Wilde; from "Under the Dome", actor Dean Norris; musical guest John Mayer.
Aug 19 2013
TV icon and actress Oprah Winfrey discusses "The Butler"; from "Anchorman: The Legend Continues", actor Paul Rudd.
Aug 01 2013
From "Elysium", actor Matt Damon; musical guest Hanni El Khatib.
Jul 31 2013
From "Breaking Bad", actor Bryan Cranston; from "Lovelace", Amanda Seyfried; musicial guests Michael Franti & Spearhead.
Jul 30 2013
From "2 Guns", actor Denzel Washington; musical guest James McCartney.
Jul 29 2013
TV personality Regis Philbin; ventriloquist Terry Fator.
Jul 25 2013
From "We're the Millers", actor Jason Sudeikis; musical guests Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
Jul 24 2013
From "The Wolverine", actor Hugh Jackman; from "Web Therapy", actress Lisa Kudrow; musician Jason Isbell performs.
Jul 23 2013
From "Blue Jasmine", actress Cate Blanchett; from "The Talk", co-host Aisha Tyler; musical guests Franz Ferdinand.
Jul 22 2013
From "Ray Donovan", actor Liev Schreiber; comedian Adam Newman; musical guests Cold War Kids.
Jul 18 2013
From "Nightly News with Brian Williams", anchor Brian Williams; musical guests Court Yard Hounds.
Jul 17 2013
From "Real Time with Bill Maher", host Bill Maher; from "Unforgettable", actress Poppy Montgomery; musical guest Pokey LaFarge.
Jul 16 2013
From "Red 2", star Bruce Willis; MLB commissioner Bud Selig; musical guest Valerie Simpson.
Jul 15 2013
From "Grown Ups 2", actor Kevin James; snowboarder Shaun White; musical guest Darius Rucker.
Jul 11 2013
From "Grown Ups 2", actress Salma Hayek Pinault; from "Veep" and "Arrested Development", actor Tony Hale; musical guests Houndmouth.
Jul 10 2013
From "Grown Ups 2", actor/comedian Adam Sandler; musical guest Joseph Arthur.
Jul 09 2013
From "Crystal Fairy", actor Michael Cera; "Living the Good Life" author Martha Stewart; musical guests Ra Ra Riot .
Jul 08 2013
From "The Lone Ranger", actor Johnny Depp; from "Maron", comedian Marc Maron; musical guests Dawes.
Jun 27 2013
From "White House Down", actor Jamie Foxx; Stanley Cup MVP Patrick Kane; a Top Ten List presented by Backstreet Boys; musical guest Wale.
Jun 26 2013
From "White House Down", actor Channing Tatum; activist Tim DeChristopher; musical guests Fitz and The Tantrums.
Jun 25 2013
From "The Heat", actress Melissa McCarthy; from "Pacific Rim", actor Idris Elba; musical guests Dale Watson and His Lone Stars.
Jun 24 2013
From "Killing Season", actor John Travolta; comic Chris DiStefano; musical guests Japandroids.
Jun 20 2013
From "The Newsroom", actor Jeff Daniels; from "Despicable Me 2", actor Ken Jeong; musical guest Jim James.
Jun 19 2013
Comic Don Rickles; from "America's Got Talent", host Nick Cannon; musical guest Tom Keifer.
Jun 18 2013
Journalist Bill O'Reilly; from "Frances Ha", actress Greta Gerwig; musical guests Quadron.
Jun 17 2013
Interview with and musical performance by Harry Connick, Jr.; a Top Ten List presented by members of the U.S. Army; comic Dylan Moran.
Jun 13 2013
News anchor Tom Brokaw; interview with and musical performance by Darlene Love.
Jun 12 2013
Actor & comic Dana Carvey; from "The Kings of Summer" and "Melissa & Joey", actor Nick Robinson; a performance by the cast of Broadway musical "Matilda".
Jun 11 2013
From "Despicable Me 2", actor & comic Russell Brand; from "Man of Steel", actor Michael Shannon; musical guests Haim.
Jun 10 2013
From "The Internship", actor Vince Vaughn; comic Andy Kindler; musical guests Queens of the Stone Age.
Jun 06 2013
From "The Big Bang Theory", actor Johnny Galecki; from the play "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County", musician John Mellencamp and author Stephen King; musical guests Queens of the Stone Age.
Jun 05 2013
From "Castle", actor Nathan Fillion; from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", comic John Oliver; a Top Ten List presented by Joan Rivers; musical guests Local Natives.
Jun 04 2013
Host of the 67th Annual Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris; 2013 Indianapolis 500 winner Tony Kanaan; musical guest Frank Turner.
Jun 03 2013
From "Now You See Me", actor Woody Harrelson; comic Tommy Johnagin; musical guests John Fogerty with Dawes.
May 22 2013
From "Arrested Development", actor Jason Bateman; Piedmont bird callers; musical guest John Fogerty; surprise guest Tom Hanks plugs his Broadway play during the monologue and top ten list.
May 21 2013
From "After Earth", actor Will Smith; musical guests The National.
May 20 2013
From "Arrested Development" and the new CBS series "The Millers", actor Will Arnett; comic Trevor Noah; musical guest Kurt Vile.
May 17 2013
Journalist Barbara Walters; from "Now You See Me", actor Jesse Eisenberg; musical guests MS MR.
May 16 2013
From "The Hangover Part III", actor Ed Helms; talk show host Hoda Kotb; musical guest Brad Paisley.
May 15 2013
From the Broadway play "Lucky Guy", actor Tom Hanks; a performance by the cast of Broadway musical "Pippin".
May 14 2013
From "NCIS", actor Mark Harmon; from "Inside Amy Schumer", comedienne Amy Schumer; musical guest Luke Bryan.
May 13 2013
From "Star Trek: Into Darkness", actor Chris Pine; comic Tom Dreesen; musical guests She & Him.
May 10 2013
Animal expert Jack Hanna; from "Star Trek: Into Darkness", actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
May 09 2013
From "Live! With Kelly and Michael", host Michael Strahan; from "How I Met Your Mother", actress Alyson Hannigan; musical guest Natalie Maines.
May 08 2013
From "New Girl", actress Zooey Deschanel; comic Jim Gaffigan; musical guests Pistol Annies; sitting in musician Todd Rundgren.
May 07 2013
From "The Office", actor John Krasinski; from "Scandal", actress Kerry Washington; musical guest James Blake.
May 06 2013
From "The English Teacher" and Broadway's "The Nance", actor Nathan Lane; comic Joe Matarese; musical guest Kacey Musgraves.
May 03 2013
From "Bling Ring", Paris Hilton; Miriam Tucker (swallowed and recovered a $5,000 diamond); musical guests Atlas Genius.
May 02 2013
From "The Great Gatsby", actor Tobey Maguire; Stupid Pet Tricks; musical guest Tom Odell.
May 01 2013
Talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw; from "Family Tree", actor Chris O'Dowd; musical guests Phoenix.
Apr 30 2013
From "The Mindy Project", actress Mindy Kaling; from documentary "Manhunt", former CIA analyst & targeting officer Nada Bakos; musical guest Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite.
Apr 29 2013
From "Mad Men", actor Jon Hamm; from "Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay", magician Ricky Jay; musical guests The So So Glos.
Apr 26 2013
From "The Big Bang Theory", actor Jim Parsons; musical guest Snoop Lion; a Top Ten List presented by Barry Sanders, the cover athlete of the Madden 25 video game.
Apr 25 2013
From "The Reluctant Fundamentalist", actress Kate Hudson; former KFYR-TV anchor A.J. Clemente; musical guest Selena Gomez.
Apr 24 2013
Actor Steve Martin; musician Edie Brickell; from "The Office", actress Jenna Fischer; musical guests Steve Martin & Edie Brickell.
Apr 23 2013
From "Mud", actor Matthew McConaughey; Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte; musical guests Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchess).
Apr 22 2013
From "42", actor Harrison Ford; actress Rita Wilson; musical guest Jake Bugg.
Apr 10 2013
From "Scary Movie 5", actress Lindsay Lohan; comic Pete Lee; musical guest Gary Clark Jr.
Apr 09 2013
From "Chelsea Lately", talk show host Chelsea Handler; comic Ross Bennett; musical guests Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Apr 05 2013
Actor/comedian Martin Short; musical guest Tyler, the Creator; a top ten list with Kevin Ware.
Apr 04 2013
Comic Louis C.K.; talk show host Rachel Maddow; musical guests The Flaming Lips.
Apr 03 2013
Talk show legend Regis Philbin; a performance from the Broadway musical "Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella".
Apr 02 2013
From "The Company You Keep", actor Shia LaBeouf; comic Jeff Altman; musical guests The Band Perry.
Apr 01 2013
From "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice", real estate mogul Donald Trump; comic Gary Gulman; musical guests Wavves.
Mar 27 2013
News anchor Brian Williams; musical guests Pegi Young & The Survivors.
Mar 26 2013
From "Oz the Great and Powerful" and "Spring Breakers", actor James Franco; national grocery bagging champion Andrew Borracchini; music by Ed Sheeran.
Mar 25 2013
Actress Eva Mendes; a Top Ten List presented by IndyCar driver Graham Rahal; comic Andy Hendrickson; musical guests The Airborne Toxic Event.
Mar 20 2013
Comic Bill Cosby; U.S. skier Mikaela Shiffrin; musical guests Garbage.
Mar 19 2013
Actress Selena Gomez; comic Bob Sarlatte; musical guest Killer Mike.
Mar 18 2013
From "Saturday Night Live", comedian & writer Seth Meyers; comic Demetri Martin; musical guests Dropkick Murphys.
Mar 15 2013
From "Olympus Has Fallen", actor Gerard Butler; musical guest Elizabeth Cook
Mar 14 2013
From "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone", actor & comedian Jim Carrey; musical guest Richard Thompson.
Mar 13 2013
From "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone", actor Steve Carell; from "Game of Thrones", actress Emilia Clarke; musical guest Josh Ritter.
Mar 12 2013
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; musical guests Depeche Mode.
Mar 11 2013
Actress and writer Tina Fey; from "Modern Family", actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson; musical guest Solange.
Feb 27 2013
Comic Joan Rivers; Daytona 500 winner Jimmie Johnson; musical guest Kendrick Lamar.
Feb 26 2013
From "AmeriQua", actor Alec Baldwin; musical guests Emmylou Harris with Rodney Crowell.
Feb 25 2013
Actor Luke Wilson; comic Dan Mintz; musical performance by Imagine Dragons.
Feb 22 2013
Stupid Human Tricks; actor Johnny Depp; musical performance by Bill Carter and The Blame.
Feb 21 2013
Actor Hugh Jackman; from "Girls", actress Zosia Mamet; musical guests The Americans.
Feb 20 2013
From "Oz the Great and Powerful", actress Michelle Williams; from "NCIS: Los Angeles", actor Chris O'Donnell; musical guests von Grey.
Feb 19 2013
From "Rules of Engagement", actor and comedian David Spade; dog trainer/reality TV personality Kenny Licklider; musical guest Aaron Neville.
Feb 18 2013
From "Decoding Annie Parker", actress Helen Hunt; comic Jeff Caldwell; musical guests The Maccabees.
Feb 15 2013
Comic Jerry Seinfeld; musician Dave Grohl; musical guests Dave Grohl & the Sound City Players with Stevie Nicks.
Feb 14 2013
Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha; from "The Carrie Diaries", actress AnnaSophia Robb; musical guest Robert DeLong. Quvenzhané Wallis preempted.
Feb 13 2013
From "A Good Day to Die Hard", actor Bruce Willis; 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Kate Upton; musical guests Little Big Town.
Feb 12 2013
Talk show host Bill O'Reilly; a Top Ten List presented by ten 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models and the 2013 S.I. Swimsuit cover model reveal; musical guests The Avett Brothers.
Feb 11 2013
From "NCIS", actress Pauley Perrette; comedian Jake Johannsen; a performance by Elvis tribute artist Ben Portsmouth.
Feb 08 2013
Actress Sally Field; Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh; a performance by Elvis tribute artist Shawn Klush.
Feb 07 2013
From "Community", actor and TV host Joel McHale; actress and comedienne Amy Sedaris; a performance by Elvis tribute artist Justin Shandor.
Feb 06 2013
From "Modern Family", actor Eric Stonestreet; Trick: Norman will ride a scooter; from Sirius XM Radio, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo; a performance by Elvis tribute artist Brandon Bennett.
Feb 05 2013
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco; a performance by Elvis tribute artist Cody Ray Slaughter.
Feb 04 2013
From "House of Cards", actor Kevin Spacey; comic Nick Griffin; musical guest Emeli Sandé.
Feb 01 2013
Fom "Stand Up Guys", actor Al Pacino; musical guests Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
Jan 31 2013
From "Identity Thief", actor Jason Bateman; from "Community", actress Alison Brie; musical guests Shovels & Rope.
Jan 30 2013
From "Bullet to the Head", actor Sylvester Stallone; former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.
Jan 29 2013
From "Mike & Molly", actress Melissa McCarthy; from "The Walking Dead", actor David Morrissey; musical guests David Byrne & St. Vincent.
Jan 28 2013
From "The Following", actor Kevin Bacon; comic Brian Kiley; musical guests The Amazing.
Jan 18 2013
From "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters", actor Jeremy Renner; animal expert Jack Hanna.
Jan 17 2013
Reality TV personalities Kim & Kourtney Kardashian; musical guest Buddy Guy.
Jan 16 2013
Actress Jennifer Lawrence; author Alan Zweibel; musical guest A$AP Rocky.
Jan 15 2013
From "Anger Management", actor Charlie Sheen; CBS Sports commentator and former NFL quarterback Phil Simms; musical guest José James.
Jan 14 2013
From "Broken City", actress Catherine Zeta-Jones; from "Girls", actress Allison Williams; musical guests Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
Jan 11 2013
Actor Michael J. Fox; from "Girls", actress Lena Dunham.
Jan 10 2013
From "Gangster Squad", actor Josh Brolin; from "Zero Dark Thirty", director Kathryn Bigelow; musical guest Ray Wylie Hubbard.
Jan 09 2013
News anchor Brian Williams; musical guest Morrissey.
Jan 08 2013
Talk show host Michael Strahan; from "Zero Dark Thirty", actress Jessica Chastain; musical guest Conor Maynard.
Jan 07 2013
From "30 Rock", actor Tracy Morgan; sportscaster Marv Albert; musical guests Everest.
Jan 04 2013
TV personality Regis Philbin; musical guest Zedd.
Jan 03 2013
Comic Kathy Griffin; from "Zero Dark Thirty", actor Chris Pratt; Big Boi performs.
Jan 02 2013

Season 19

178 Episodes

From "The Impossible," actress Naomi Watts; actor Jay Thomas; musical guest Darlene Love
Dec 21 2012
Actress Katie Holmes; musical guest Jon Bon Jovi
Dec 20 2012
From "The Guilt Trip," actor Seth Rogen; Christmas Toys; comic John Witherspoon
Dec 19 2012
From "This Is 40," actor Paul Rudd; musical guest Alicia Keys
Dec 18 2012
From "Jack Reacher," actor Tom Cruise; musical guests MNDR
Dec 17 2012
From "Django Unchained," actor Samuel L. Jackson; from "Portlandia," actors Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen; Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit perform
Dec 14 2012
From "Django Unchained," actor Jamie Foxx; from "The Talk," co-host Julie Chen; musical guests DIIV
Dec 13 2012
From "Parental Guidance," actor Billy Crystal; photographer James Balog; musical guests Grizzly Bear
Dec 12 2012
From "Les Miserables," actress Amanda Seyfried; ballerina Natalia Makarova, honoree at "35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors"; musical guests Awolnation; a Top Ten List presented by rock icon Mick Jagger
Dec 11 2012
From "Les Miserables," actress Anne Hathaway; from "New Girl," actor Jake Johnson; a Top Ten List presented by the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner; musical guests "The President's Own" United States Marine Band
Dec 10 2012
Actor Dustin Hoffman, an honoree at "The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors"; musical guests One Direction
Dec 07 2012
From "Hyde Park on Hudson," actor Bill Murray; musical guests Vintage Trouble
Dec 06 2012
From "This is 40," actor Albert Brooks; musical guests Diana Krall
Dec 05 2012
From "Promised Land," actor Matt Damon; from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," actor Martin Freeman; musical guest J.D. McPherson
Dec 04 2012
Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, honorees at "The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors"; from "The Office," actor John Krasinski; musical guest Paloma Faith
Dec 03 2012
From "Hitchcock," actress Scarlett Johansson; musician Willie Nelson; musical guest Gary Clark Jr.
Nov 21 2012
From "Parks and Recreation," actress Amy Poehler; from "Red Dawn," actor Josh Hutcherson; musical guests Tegan and Sara; Special Top Ten list presented by NASCAR Champion Brad Keselowski
Nov 20 2012
From "Playing for Keeps," actress Jessica Biel; musician Pete Townshend; musical guest Philip Phillips; Top Ten by Pail Rudd
Nov 19 2012
Talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw; comic Carmen Lynch; musical guest Divine Fits
Nov 16 2012
From "New Girl," actress Zooey Deschanel; comic Lisa Lampanelli; musical guest Donald Fagen
Nov 15 2012
From "30 Rock," actor Alec Baldwin; musical guests Dirty Projectors
Nov 14 2012
rom "The Good Wife," actress Julianna Margulies; Stupid Pet Tricks; musical guests Mumford & Sons
Nov 13 2012
From "Silver Linings Playbook," actor Bradley Cooper; comic Robert Klein; musical guests Soundgarden
Nov 12 2012
Journalist and talk show host Anderson Cooper; Comic Myq Kaplan; musical guests Alberta Cross
Nov 09 2012
Actor Robin Williams; a Top Ten List presented by Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons"; musical guest Lianne La Havas
Nov 08 2012
News anchor Brian Williams; musical guest Ne-Yo
Nov 07 2012
From "The Big Bang Theory," actor Simon Helberg; actor/comic Ricky Gervais; musical guest Ty Segall.
Nov 05 2012
From "Saturday Night Live," actor Jason Sudeikis; comic Michael Che; musical guests Ultraĩsta
Nov 02 2012
Musicians Steven Tyler and Joe Perry; actress Judy Greer; musical guests Aerosmith; a Top Ten List presented by Vice President Joe Biden
Nov 01 2012
Talk show host and ABC Special Correspondent Katie Couric; New Halloween Costumes; Musical guest by Rita Ora
Oct 31 2012
Meteorologist Jim Cantore; documentary filmmaker Ken Burns; musical guests St. Vincent and David Byrne (Kate Hudson, from "Glee" Scheduled, cancelled to due to Hurricane Sandy)
Oct 30 2012
From "Flight," actor Denzel Washington; musical guest Paul Banks
Oct 29 2012
From "Vegas," actor Dennis Quaid; from "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23," actress Krysten Ritter; musical guests Diamond Rings.
Oct 26 2012
Real estate mogul Donald Trump; from "The Voice," musician Adam Levine; musical guest Carly Rae Jepsen
Oct 25 2012
Journalist Bill O'Reilly; reality television star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi; musical guests The Lumineers.
Oct 24 2012
Musical guest Taylor Swift; political journalist Rachel Maddow.
Oct 23 2012
From "Cloud Atlas", actor Tom Hanks; musical guest Tony Bennett.
Oct 22 2012
From "Trouble with the Curve," actor John Goodman; comic Jeff Altman; musical guests Jamey Johnson with Alison Krauss
Oct 12 2012
From "Elementary," actress Lucy Liu; actor Rob Corddry; musical guests Daughter.
Oct 11 2012
From "Here Comes the Boom," actress Salma Hayek Pinault; from "Parks and Recreation," actor Nick Offerman; musical guest KISS.
Oct 10 2012
Oct 09 2012
Animal expert Jack Hanna; from "New Girl," actor Max Greenfield.
Oct 08 2012
Early Voting; Is a Time Machine Possible?; Results in the Latest Zogby Poll; a Top Ten List; and Weekend Late Show with Bruce and Linda. TOP TEN: THINGS YOU DON'T EXPECT TO HEAR FROM A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER - NFL players are complaining that the new form-fitting uniforms make them look fat. Billy is in town to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of "The Princess Bride" at nearby Lincoln Center. From the forthcoming album, "Glad All Over," The Wallflowers performed "Reboot The Mission".
Oct 05 2012
A Debate Highlight; Body Language; Depression Medication; Jim Lehrer: Tough Gig; What's New with Mitt; a Top Ten List; Funding Cut at PBS; a Simulation of Mitt Romney in the Guest Chair. TOP TEN PRESIDENT OBAMA EXCUSES - why such a poor performance Wednesday night? Craig has moved his "Late Late Show" into a new studio. The old one was small . . . small for a studio, but big for a closet. Anna is now starring in the new film, "Pitch Perfect" about competitive free-style acapella.
Oct 04 2012
The new NFL uniforms; American Airlines explains; a debate promo from Telemundo; and a Top Ten list. TOP TEN: SIGNS YOU HAVE A BAD DEBATE MODERATOR TINA FEY - it's the 7th and final season of "30 Rock". The divisiveness in Washington is not reflected in the people across America -C-SPAN has created a stage for the Congress to perform. This has a lot to do with why nothing gets done. From her CD, "Into The Wild", LP performed "Into The Wild".
Oct 03 2012
Genius Grants; the U.S. Postal Service; a Top Ten List; and a Mitt Romney on the Late Show Simulation. TOP TEN: THINGS OVERHEARD WHEN JUSTIN BIEBER URPED To allay any concerns the Romney campaign may have, we decided to offer this simulation of how his appearance would go. Mr. Short is full of compliments for Dave, impressed with Dave's youthful hair and skin . . . the skin not firm, but very youthful. Kat, short for Katherine, is from the hit CBS comedy series, "2 Broke Girls."
Oct 02 2012
Fox News highlight; Mitt zingers; Memorable Debate Comebacks; Dave's Voter Guide; and a Top Ten list. TOP TEN: WORST POLITICIAN EXCUSES The very funny Mr. Colbert hosts the very successful "The Colbert Report" on the Comedy Central. Colbert was a recent guest on the new Oprah show, "Oprah's Next Chapter". Theresa is able to make a connection. She admits to feeling someone in the green room. She's the Long Island Medium. She talks to dead people, or as she calls it, people who have crossed-over.
Oct 01 2012
Ahmadinejad in New York, the ancient papyrus; a Top Ten list; and Dave makes a plea to Mitt. TOP TEN REASONS MITT ROMNEY SHOULD APPEAR ON THE SHOW Our favorite uncle!! Dave is happy to see his old friend. What has Regis been up to? What did he do last night? Tom is in Clint Eastwood's new film, "Trouble With The Curve." We take a look at Tom's entire performance in the film.
Sep 28 2012
Ahmadinejad at the U.N.; a New Mitt Release; Mitt on the Campaign; the Zogby Poll; and a CBS Promo. Jimmy Fallon - star and host of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." And he's the executive producer of the new NBC show, "Guys with Kids," Wednesdays at 8:30. Neil's "music player" is called the Pono. It promises to be better than anything you've experienced before. He shows off the prototype at the desk.
Sep 27 2012
The U.N. In Memoriam; something for our Dutch friends; more tax returns from Mitt; and a Top Ten list. TOP TEN: WORDS THAT ALMOST RHYME WITH 'MAHMOUD Dave and the Prime Minister talk about the Arab Spring, the Euro, the financial state of the U.K., running for the office of Prime Minister, and the successful Summer Olympics and Para Olympics. And Larry the Kitty. Jonny's in the new CBS drama "Elementary." Jonny is Sherlock Holmes! Playing the role of Dr. Watson is Lucy Liu.
Sep 26 2012
Something For the Swedes; Alan is Late for the Show; the Obamas on "The View"; Mitt Trying Out Material; Ahmadinejad Drops By; a Top Ten List; and a Phone Call from the Commissioner of the NFL. Alan Kalter arrives late after a bad night refereeing the Packers/Seahawks game. TOP TEN: SIGNS YOU'RE A BAD REFEREE Kaley was impressed with the balloon through the nose Stupid Human Trick.
Sep 25 2012
Dave welcomes actor Steve Martin and musical guest Gotye. Pat Farmer with a question; Slow News Day; What did Dave do during the Emmys; New Books, a Top Ten list; and the recipient of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and bluegrass, Mark Johnson. TOP TEN: LEAST POPULAR SNACKS Steve is here to perform with year's winner of the annual Steve Martin Prize For Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. Dave welcomes the world's richest man, Mexican business magnate with a net worth of 69 billion dollars, Carlos Slim. GOTYE: from his album, "Making Mirrors," the singer from Australia performed "Eyes Wide Open".
Sep 24 2012
Great Moments on the Campaign Trail; Obama in the House; an Invitation to Mitt; a Top Ten List; Weekend Late Show; and Jesus is On The Line! TOP TEN: SUGGESTIVE BASEBALL PHRASES Nathan is a New Yorker and says he is lucky to be alive. He made the mistake of carpooling with Lindsay Lohan. He's the 2012 IndyCar Series Champion. Ryan drove for Dave for a year-and-a-half in 2007-2008. Dave shows off the Astor Cup with IndyCar champ Ryan Hunter-Reay.
Sep 21 2012
An upset audience guy; an upset Mitt Romney; an upset Alan Kalter; and a Top Ten list. Alan Kalter's beautiful mind tries to figure out how Dave became a Kennedy Center Honoree. TOP TEN: MITT ROMNEY PET PEEVES ABOUT AMERICANS He's the new co-host of "Live! With Kelly and Michael" beating out the 53% Romney likes. "We Made This Movie" is Arthur's first film and he is terribly excited, as are his parents in Chicago. Their excitement makes Arthur even more excited . . . but not so excited that he would fly them in for the premiere.
Sep 19 2012
President Barack Obama discusses the comments made by Mitt Romney in a recently released video. Dave wants to keep the vacant chair vacant . . . . just in case the President wants to speak to it. Dave and the President talked about the Conventions, the deficit, jobs, the divisiveness in politics, beer in the White House, the Romney tape, and the troubles in Libya, Egypt, and the Middle East.
Sep 18 2012
Mike Francesca; the Late Show nurse; Who Cares?; a Barack Obama campaign commercial; a new baby; the Late Show softball team; a Top Ten list; Coach's Corner with Mike Singletary; and Dave to receive a Kennedy Center Honor. Dave makes the worst mistake of his life in front of the CBS nurse. TOP TEN: CHARACTERISTICS OF THE NEWLY DISCOVERED MONKEY JGL says he will reveal part of the Batman movie, adding "so if you haven't seen the movie yet, turn off your TV now". Dave jumps in, "Oh, they've done that a long time ago, long before you came out here". You know her from "The Office," and now Mindy has got herself in deep as the creator, writer, and star of the new FOX comedy series, "The Mindy Project".
Sep 17 2012
Dave welcomes Howard Stern and musical guest Jason Aldean. A Mistake at the Convention; a Surprise at the Convention; Biff at the Convention; Weekend Late Show; and a Top Ten List. Biff gives Senator Patty Murray a shout-out at the DNC. TOP TEN: SIGNS IT'S TIME FOR A FLIGHT ATTENDANT TO RETIRE Howard is the day to two girls and Dave asks for some advice. Wait! What? Parenting advice from Howard?
Sep 06 2012
Political Twins in History; what's happening at the Convention; the new Obama campaign commercial; our team of political analysts standing by; Biff Henderson at the Democratic National Convention, and a Top Ten list presented by First Lady Michelle Obama. TOP TEN: REASONS TO WATCH THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION - and to present tonight's Top Ten list, plausibly live, First Lady Michelle Obama. You know her from the Harry Potter films. She now stars in a new film, "The Perks of Being A Wallflower." Emma spent the summer in Iceland working on another film. She's the host of the CBS daytime talk show, "The Talk". Julie is pleased that Dave is so familiar with "The Talk". Dave's political analysts: insight or incoherent?
Sep 05 2012
Paul Ryan Not Lying; the New Co-Host at LIVE!; Is the Pressure Getting to Barack?; a Top Ten List; a Barack Obama Unfulfilled Campaign Promise; and Biff Henderson at the Democratic National Convention. Biff gets touchy-feely with Geraldo Rivera at the DNC. TOP TEN: QUESTIONABLE CLAIMS BY PAUL RYAN. The pregnant Claire Danes. Claire has been coming to the show since she was 16 years old, half a lifetime ago. DWYANE WADE He's a two-time and reigning NBA champion with the Miami Heat. From his new CD "Silver Age" in stores today, the founding member of Hüsker Dü performed "The Descent".
Sep 04 2012
Dave welcomes actor Bruce Willis, comedian Brian Regan, and musical guests The Heavy. The Late Show's 19th Anniversary; A Greet from a CBS Exec; a Few Looks In on the Republican National Convention; Weekend Late Show; a Top Ten List; and Andy Kindler at the Republican National Convention. TOP TEN: THINGS WE AT THE LATE SHOW HOPED TO ACCOMPLISH BY OUR 19TH ANNIVERSARY
Aug 30 2012
Dr. Phil's car; get to know Reince; the national debt clock; the Chris Christie Cholesterol Clock; a new Republican commercial; security is tight at the Late Show; and a Top Ten list. TOP TEN HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST CONVENTIONS The First Lady says kids are eating healthier, but do they still play Pong?
Aug 29 2012
al-Qaeda Want Ad; a New Romney Campaign Commercial; Paul Ryan and Samuel Skinner at the Convention; Chris Christie's Keynote Address; a Top Ten List; Dave Promotes the U.S. Open for CBS, and Andy Kindler with a Report from the Republican National Convention. TOP TEN: SIGNS YOU'RE NOT ONE OF THE SMARTEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD
Aug 28 2012
Happenings at the Republican National Convention; Lance Armstrong; Roger Clemens; Ann and Mitt Romney Lies; a carrot incident, a Top Ten list; and Andy Kindler at the Republican National Convention. TOP TEN: FRESCO RESTORER EXCUSES
Aug 27 2012
How bin Laden really died; RNC advice for fellow Republicans; a Chris Christie non-fat joke; Dave on Trump; a Top Ten List; the Weekend Late Show; and Alan Kalter Takes You Inside. TOP TEN: QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE BUYING $300 SNEAKERS
Aug 23 2012
Hurricane at the RNC?; "Nobody Cares"; An Apology Template; and the Dave/Trump Thing. TOP TEN: SIGNS YOUR CONGRESSMAN IS AN IDIOT Should Rep. Todd Akin quit the Senate race? MSNBC's Rachel Maddow weighs in.
Aug 22 2012
Dave welcomes actor/comedian Bill Hader, actress Mary Louise Parker, and musical guest The Walkmen. How bin Laden Really Died; Misbehaving Politicians; a Skateboarding Goat; a Top Ten list Presented by Members of the United States Air Force; and That Ain't Apple Juice.
Aug 21 2012
An announcement from Augusta National; Obama beer; how Osama bin Laden really died; Dave makes fireworks better; the Mars Curiosity. Top Ten Congressman Kevin Yoder Excuses. Kelsey recalls getting choked by a famous actress during an audition. Olivia went to Sweden and all she saw was some mist on a lake.
Aug 20 2012
Dave welcomes actor Tracy Morgan, U.S. Men's Olympic High Jump silver medalist Erik Kynard, and musical guest Ben Howard. Top Ten Things We've Learned About Mars. Tracy Morgan tells Dave about his new "Jaws"-themed shark tank. Did Tracy Morgan go to high school with Mitt Romney? The "30 Rock" star tells all. Olympic silver medal champion Erik Kynard, Jr. tells Dave how he got involved in the high jump.
Aug 16 2012
Dave welcomes News anchor Tom Brokaw, U.S. Women's Olympic swimming gold medalist Dana Vollmer, musical guest Beth Orton, and Top Ten List is presented by musician Lionel Richie. Top Ten Rejected Lionel Richie Song Lyrics. Rattlesnakes, shock collars and more when Dave and Tom discuss the wild west. The Olympic swimmer talks about overcoming her medical issues to win gold in London.
Aug 15 2012
Dave welcomes the gold medal-winning U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastics team, actress Jennifer Garner, and musical guest Rodriguez. Top Ten Other Promotional Corporate Vehicles. Jennifer Garner loves being 40, but how does hubby Ben Affleck feel about reaching the 4-0? McKayla Maroney and her US Olympic Gymnastics teammates recreate her infamous "not impressed" face. What sports would they compete in if they weren't gymnasts? Find out when Dave welcomes the gold medal-winning US Women's Olympic Gymnastics team, Kyla, Jordan, McKayla, Aly and Gabby.
Aug 14 2012
Dave welcomes Andy Samberg, gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic decathlete Ashton Eaton and Glen Hansard performs. Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Paul Ryan. Bill Scheft tries to recall numbers of some of the great U.S. track and field Olympic stars. Andy awkwardly tries to describe the Olympics opening ceremony in one word. He won the gold medal at the Olympics, but can Ashton Eaton do comedy? The U.S. decathlete breaks down his gold medal-winning performance at the 2012 Olympics.
Aug 13 2012
Dave welcomes actor Joel McHale, comedian Andrew Norelli, and musical guest Will.I.Am. Top Ten Nations Competing in the Olympics or Bones in the Human Body. Biff Henderson hangs out with some of the United States' top athletes. Are Joel McHale and Chevy Chase fighting behind the scenes at "Community"?
Jul 26 2012
Dave welcomes actor Jonah Hill, cardiothoracic surgery professor Dr. Leonard Girardi, and musical guest Milo Greene. Top Ten Excuses Of The Burger King Employee Who Stood In The Lettuce. Jonah Hill's grandma isn't happy with Martin Scorsese. Find out why. Dave discusses his heart bypass and more with Dr. Leonard Girardi from NY Med.
Jul 25 2012
Dave welcomes actor Zach Galifianakis, former U.S. Army Sgt. Valerie Brown, and musical guest Allen Stone. Dave has some fun with the "Late Show" Hose Cam at the expense movie superstar Zach Galifianakis ("The Campaign"). Awkward! See what happens when "The Campaign" star Zach Galifianakis shows up wearing the same suit as TV's Paul Shaffer. Zach Galifianakis tells how he got co-star Will Ferrell to moon a group of fans. Dave welcomes former Army Sgt. Valerie Brown to discuss her military service and ongoing job search.
Jul 24 2012
Dave welcomes actor Will Ferrell and musical guest Rufus Wainwright. Top Ten Television Shows Not Nominated For An Emmy. Which big Hollywood star has a little penis? Ask Will Ferrell's son.
Jul 23 2012
Dave welcomes actor Woody Harrelson, comedian Todd Barry, and musical guest Grafitti6. Top Ten North Korean Hit Songs. Woody Harrelson tells how he embarrassed himself racing his bike through NYC.
Jul 19 2012
Dave welcomes actress Kyra Sedgwick, sportscasters Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, and musical guest Red Wanting Blue. Top Ten Questions On The Application To Become Mitt Romney's Running Mate. Kyra remembers the sights, sounds and smells of New York City in the summer. Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg talk about the New York Knicks losing Jeremy Lin.
Jul 18 2012
Dave welcomes comedian Roseanne Barr, actress Aubrey Plaza, and musical guest Jeff the Brotherhood. Top Ten Ways To Describe the Current Weather. Don't mess with her medical marijuana! Roseanne Barr has a stern warning for President Obama. She once suffered a stroke, so does actress Aubrey Plaza qualify for medical marijuana?
Jul 17 2012
Jul 16 2012
Dave welcomes actress Anne Hathaway, comedian Moody McCarthy, and musical guest Loudon Wainwright III. Top Ten Other Popular Erotic Novels. Anne Hathaway talks about performing her own stunts in "The Dark Knight Rises" and the forthcoming "Les Miserables".
Jul 12 2012
Dave welcomes actor Bryan Cranston, New York Mets All-Star pitcher R.A. Dickey and musical guests Zac Brown Band. Top Ten Superhero Pet Peeves. Steve Martin moves in on Dave's turf with his own New York City celebrity park. "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston gets an odd autograph request. NY Mets All-Star R.A. Dickey demonstrates his crazy knuckleball pitch for Dave.
Jul 11 2012
Actress/singer Queen Latifah, actor Fred Armisen, musical guests Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, musician Buddy Guy sits in with Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra. Kayaker/Shark Top Ten. "Ice Age: Continental Drift" star Queen Latifah gets carried away by the music of blues legend Buddy Guy. "SNL" star Fred Armisen talks about the making of his TV series, "Portlandia."
Jul 10 2012
Dave welcomes actor Ray Romano and musical guest Tom Waits. And the Top Ten list presented by 10 American League All-Stars. Derek Jeter, Josh Hamilton and the American League stars present the "Top Ten Fun Facts About The All-Star Game." Ray shows off one of his son's odd eBay purchases. Ray explains why he and his wife have two more years left together. Tom performs "Chicago" from his album, "Bad As Me". The music legend shows off his better mousetrap.
Jul 09 2012
Dave welcomes actress Blake Lively and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Top Ten Least Popular Picnic Offerings. "Savages" star Blake Lively tells Dave about her last-minute trip to the Super Bowl. New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees talks about his efforts to reduce the risk of concussions with Dick's Sporting Goods' PACE Program. Quarterback Drew Brees discusses the investigation into a pay-to-injure scheme within the New Orleans Saints.
Jun 28 2012
Dave welcomes actor Channing Tatum, Scott Pelley, anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News, and musical guests The Gaslight Anthem. Top Ten Words That Could Be Mistaken For 'Boo'. Channing Tatum offers to help Dave learn the art of male stripping. Can Channing Tatum outdo Matt Damon with his Matthew McConaughey impression? Channing Tatum tells Dave about his "Survivor"-like experience in the jungles of South America. Dave gives the CBS Evening News anchor a helpful tip on how to have a long career in broadcasting.
Jun 27 2012
Dave welcomes Miami Heat star and NBA Finals MVP LeBron James, actor Andrew Garfield and musical guest Maroon 5. From the world champion Miami Heat, Dave welcomes NBA Finals MVP LeBron James. "The Amazing Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield gets some amazing wisdom about life from Dave.
Jun 26 2012
Dave welcomes actress Emma Stone, comedian Jimmie Walker, and musical guests Diamond Rugs. Top Ten Things You May Not Know About The United States Supreme Court. Alan Kalter tests Bill's knowledge of the 70's Oakland Athletics. After traveling the globe, Emma discovers the one thing that everybody in the world can agree on.
Jun 25 2012
Dave welcomes musician Justin Bieber and actor/comedian Michael Ian Black. Top Ten Summer Blockbuster Films About Presidents. Can the Biebs sing opera? Dave and Paul do their best to make Justin Bieber an opera star. Now that he's graduated from high school, will Justin Bieber be heading off to college? Justin Bieber shows Dave the new tattoo he got in honor of his new CD, "Believe." Justin Bieber talks about celebrating his 18th birthday. Plus: does this mean he'll get out and vote?
Jun 21 2012
Dave welcomes actor Alec Baldwin and musical guest Michael Kiwanuka. To mark the beginning of summer, Dave and Alec go pantsless. Alec sets the record straight about what he was saying to the Daily News photographer. Alec shares some behind the scenes info about Dave's appearance on his podcast. Alec talks about how he had to get loud with the legendary film director.
Jun 20 2012
Dave welcomes actor Jeff Daniels, actor Benjamin Walker, and musical guest Walk the Moon. Top Ten Things an Out-Of-Touch Person Would Say. Actor and certified RV driver Jeff Daniels tells of becoming a connoisseur of truck stops. Jeff Daniels shares stories about driving his RV around the country. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" star Benjamin Walker shares a story about performing on Broadway.
Jun 19 2012
Dave welcomes actor Denis Leary, actress Olivia Wilde, and musical guests The Pierces. The San Francisco Giants perfect game pitcher presents the "Top Ten Things I Want To Achieve Now That I've Thrown A Perfect Game". Denis has come up with the next killer app idea. Olivia and boyfriend Jason Sudeikis went to Jamaica, but it turned into a bad Japanese game show. The duo from Alabama performs "You'll Be Mine" from their album, "You & I."
Jun 18 2012
Dave welcomes talk show host Regis Philbin, comedian Lenny Marcus, and musical guest Elizabeth Cook. Regis Philbin recounts how he took a spill on the Vespa that Dave gifted him. Regis guest-stars on Betty White's show, but were the co-stars ever a couple?
Jun 14 2012
Adam remembers the first time he heard his father curse. Adam gives his 3-year old daughter an adult chore. Adam admits that he and the other SNL guys used to follow Dave around at NBC.
Jun 13 2012
Dave welcomes animal expert Jack Hanna, musical guest Patti Smith, and musician Bootsy Collins sits in with Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra. Top Ten Other White House Leaks. Can a camel have a drinking problem? Dave think so in the latest visit from "Jungle" Jack Hanna and his animals. Patti Smith performs the title track from her album, "Banga."
Jun 12 2012
Dave welcomes actor Mark Wahlberg, Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel, and musical guests Black Box Revelation. Mark talks about being the "dumbest f**ker ever" during his time in prison. The Formula One champion talks about what it takes to drive in New Jersey. Black Box Revelation performing "High on a Wire" from their CD release, "My Perception."
Jun 11 2012
Dave welcomes actor Bill Murray and musical guests The Temper Trap. Top Ten Other Superhero Revelations. Will there be a "Ghostbusters 3"? Bill Murray tells Dave what it will take to make that happen. How tough is the crowd at the Cannes Film Festival? Bill Murray explains. Bill Murray tells of his "Hollywood fight" with Chevy Chase. Plus: how things have changed at SNL. Following the likes of Tupac, Marilyn Monroe, Sinatra and Elvis, Bill Murray introduces his very own hologram.
Jun 07 2012
Dave welcomes actress Jane Fonda, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and musical guest Jimmy Cliff. Dave discovers something disturbing when he takes a look back at Jane's workout videos. The mayor talks about London, Michael Bloomberg and his hair.
Jun 06 2012
First Lady Michelle Obama presents the "Top Ten Fun Facts About Gardening." Tony Awards host Neil Patrick Harris tells what it's like to be interviewed by Oprah in your own home. Alan Jackson performing "So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore" from his CD, "Thirty Miles West."
Jun 05 2012
Dave welcomes Comedian Joan Rivers, Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti, and musical guests Silversun Pickups. Joan Rivers Licks The Queen. Joan talks about her "close friends" in England's Royal Family. Dave and Dario discuss the exciting final lap of this year's Indianapolis 500.
Jun 04 2012
Dave welcomes The Piedmont Bird Callers, talk show host Bill O'Reilly, and musical guest Pitbull. They may not agree on politics, but will Dave and Bill come together for a friendly fist bump?
May 23 2012
Will Smith made an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" and discussed his slapping of a reporter who kissed him on the "Men in Black 3" Moscow red carpet.
May 22 2012
Dave welcomes actress Lea Michele and director Barry Sonnenfeld. The Glee star explains her family's unusual tradition of getting inked. The Men in Black director explains how he deals with big-time actors like Will Smith and Josh Brolin. The "award-winning" martial artists from Ringling Brothers takes on the 48 Blades of Doom.
May 21 2012
Dave welcomes actor Sacha Baron Cohen, Julie Chen, co-host of the CBS daytime talk show "The Talk" and musical guests Beach House. Find out why Sacha Baron Cohen is better off staying at home than attending star-studded Hollywood parties. "The Talk" host Julie Chen tells tales of Martha Stewart and Howard Stern.
May 18 2012
Dave welcomes late night talk show host Conan O'Brien, musical guest Regina Spektor, and musician John Mayer sits in with Paul Shaffer & the CBS Orchestra. Conan O'Brien tells Dave about the differences between himself and Jay Leno. Conan O'Brien tells what happened when his son had a hunger fit before meeting President Obama.
May 17 2012
Dave welcomes actress Betty White, former U.S. Marine Corporal Moses Maddox, and musical guests Best Coast. Betty White Gets Hot With Regis. He played a gay hairdresser on Betty's show, but apparently Regis is quite the ladies' man.
May 16 2012
Dave welcomes news anchor Brian Williams and musical guests El-P. See what Brian Williams is up to when Dave turns on the camera in the "Late Show" Green Room.
May 15 2012
Dave welcomes talk show host Kelly Ripa, actor Adam Scott, and musical guests Tenacious D.
May 14 2012
Dave welcomes actor Jon Cryer from the CBS comedy series "Two and a Half Men", comedian Tommy Johnagin and musical guest M.Ward. Jon's German fans get a surprise when they visit his star on the Walk of Fame.
May 11 2012
Dave welcomes Kid Scientists, actress Elizabeth Banks, and musical guests Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Kid Scientist Cairo Lawrence demonstrates her "Newtonian Headgear". Kid Scientist Jack Brandt demonstrates the "Can Crush". Elizabeth Banks recalls a family road trip where her sister got left behind at a McDonald's.
May 10 2012
Dave welcomes Actress Eva Longoria, comedian Tom Dreesen, musical guests Florence and the Machine, and musician Booker T. Jones sits in with Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra.
May 09 2012
Jimmy Carter in a Speedo? "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski shares colorful stories from her past.
May 08 2012
Dave welcomes talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, actress Beth Behrs from the CBS comedy series “2 Broke Girls”, and musical guests Spiritualized. What's Dave's problem? Dr. Phil tries to help.
May 07 2012
Dave welcomes journalist Anderson Cooper, aviation enthusiast/ inventor Yves "Jetman" Rossy and musical guest Electric Guess. Anderson Cooper and Dave compare notes on comedian Kathy Griffin.
May 04 2012
Dave welcomes talk show host Stephen Colbert, actress Chloe Grace Moretz, and a performance from the Broadway musical Nice Work If You Can Get It. Stephen Colbert's Super PAC. Chloe Grace Moretz describes her first awkward encounter with "Dark Shadows" co-star Johnny Depp.
May 03 2012
An all-new group of animals joins Dave for Stupid Pet Tricks. Johnny Galecki's Anatomy Lesson. Johnny Galecki learns about female anatomy from a 6-year old kid.
May 02 2012
Dave welcomes Comedian Seth Meyers, actress Krysten Ritter, and musical guest Father John Misty. Seth Meyers recalls his faux pas when meeting President Obama at last year's White House Correspondents Dinner.
May 01 2012
Dave welcomes Comedian Don Rickles and musical guest Carrie Underwood. Regis crashes the party to tell a story about Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra.
Apr 30 2012
Dave welcomes actor Chris Hemsworth, comedian Darrell Hammond and musical guest Miike Snow. How well does Chris know the other Avengers? Dave puts him to the test. Sue Hum Tells Don Rickles Jokes.
Apr 27 2012
Dave welcomes actor Robin Williams and prospective NFL #1 draft pick Andrew Luck. Robin Williams: Secret Service Scandal.
Apr 26 2012
Dave welcomes actor Rob Lowe, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, and musical guests The War on Drugs. Rob reveals the source of his tweet about Peyton Manning.
Apr 25 2012
Dave welcomes actress Amy Poehler, talk show host/actress Wendy Williams, and musical guests Trampled by Turtles. "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler talks about her two kids. Is her oldest son watching her every move?
Apr 24 2012
Dave welcomes Actor Jason Segel from the CBS comedy series 'How I Met Your Mother,' author Zach Wahls, musical guests Fun, and a Top Ten List presented by Chicago White Sox perfect game pitcher Philip Humber.
Apr 23 2012
Dave welcomes actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, comedian Keith Alberstadt, and musical guest Bonnie Raitt. She couldn't actually get close to First Lady Michelle Obama, but Julia still got a picture with her.
Apr 13 2012
Dave welcomes actor Billy Crystal and musical guests Alabama Shakes. In celebration of Dave's 65th birthday, Billy Crystal shares a special video he created for the occasion. Billy Crystal shares his great old showbiz story about comedian Red Foxx.
Apr 12 2012
Dave welcomes Basketball legends Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, comedian Jim Gaffigan, and musical guests Kaiser Chiefs. They were competitors on the court, but how did Magic Johnson and Larry Bird get along off the court?
Apr 11 2012
Dave welcomes Masters Champ Bubba Watson, actor Sean Hayes and musical guest Shooter Jennings. Bubba Watson dons the coveted green jacket and talks "Bubba Golf" with Dave. Dave's ready for Sean Hayes' interview, but is Sean Hayes ready for Dave?
Apr 10 2012
Biff Henderson hangs with Jeter, Reggie and more at NY Yankees Spring Training. Ricky Gervais brings Dave an age-appropriate gift for his upcoming birthday. Cobie Smulders worked in Europe as a model when she was 17, but didn't party. True or false?
Apr 09 2012
Dave welcomes actor Kiefer Sutherland, actor Eugene Levy, and musical guests The Punch Brothers. Top Ten Sneezes. Kiefer tries to keep up with his energetic grandkids. Eugene, Paul Shaffer and Martin Short form a Rat Pack of old Jewish guys.
Apr 04 2012
Dave welcomes talk show host Keith Olbermann, actress/singer Allison Williams, and musical guests Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real. Top Ten Questions Received by the Marshmallow Peeps Hotline. Keith Olbermann addresses allegations surrounding his departure from Current TV. Allison Williams, star of Girls, talks about having news anchor Brian Williams as her dad.
Apr 03 2012
Dave welcomes actress Megan Mullally, comedian Joe Wong, and musical guest Band of Skulls.
Mar 30 2012
Dave welcomes actor/comedian Tracy Morgan, sportscaster Jim Rome, and a performance from the Broadway musical “Once.”
Mar 29 2012
Dave welcomes actor/comedian Chris Elliott, former President of the Maldives/climate change activist Mohamed Nasheed, and musical guest Justin Townes Earle.
Mar 28 2012
Dave welcomes actor Jason Sudeikis, musician Lionel Richie, and musical guests Lionel Richie with Jason Aldean. A lesson in bad parenting: Jason Sudeikis recalls how his Dad once took his ticket to a Final Four game and invited a friend instead. Jason Sudeikis shows Dave a special bat he received from Kansas City Royal and Hall of Famer George Brett.
Mar 27 2012
Dave welcomes journalist Rachel Maddow, actor Timothy Olyphant, and musical guests Train.
Mar 26 2012
Dave welcomes actress Debra Messing, actor Josh Hutcherson, and musical guests Oberhofer. The "Smash" star discovers a lot of fake Debra Messings on Twitter.
Mar 21 2012
Dave welcomes actress Jennifer Lawrence, journalist/author Gail Collins and musical guests The Shins. "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence tells Dave how she hates watching herself on the big screen.
Mar 20 2012
Dave welcomes First Lady Michelle Obama and musical guest Esperanza Spalding.
Mar 19 2012
Dave welcomes actor Martin Short and musical guests The Ting Tings. Martin upsets a famous female broadcaster and her husband (but it's not Connie Chung and Maury Povich).
Mar 14 2012
Dave welcomes actress Amanda Peet and actor Nick Offerman. Musical guests The Chieftains with Low Anthem and a Top Ten List presented by musician Cee Lo Green.
Mar 13 2012
Dave welcomes actor Will Ferrell and actor Jon Bernthal.
Mar 12 2012
Mar 01 2012
Dave and Neil Patrick Harris have an awkward green room encounter. The Late Show cue card takes you into the weird world of candle-making. Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Leap Year. After years of speculation, Neil reveals the big "How I Met Your Mother" secret. The "John Carter" star runs into some trouble on his way to work in the Philippines. The Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Lupe Fiasco and Bilal perform "Always Shine" from the CD, "Black Radio."
Feb 29 2012
Dave welcomes actor Nathan Lane, actress Pauley Perrette from the CBS drama series "NCIS" and musical guest Estelle.
Feb 28 2012
Dave welcomes actor Ed Helms, sportscaster Dan Patrick, and musical guest Lyle Lovett.
Feb 27 2012
Dave welcomes actor Matthew Broderick, comedian Nick Griffin, and musical guests We Are Augustines.
Feb 24 2012
What happened to Kristin Chenoweth's formerly perky eyes? Why is Kristin Chenoweth wearing sunglasses? Find out when she tells Dave about the problem with her eyelash extensions.
Feb 23 2012
Feb 22 2012
Dave welcomes actor Alec Baldwin and musical guest Eric Hutchinson. Alec Baldwin talks about losing weight by going sugar free while Dave extols the virtues of Mexican Coke.
Feb 21 2012
Dave welcomes animal expert "Jungle" Jack Hanna and actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
Feb 20 2012
The Academy Award nominee Kristen Wiig takes a tumble in front of pretty boy Brad Pitt.
Feb 17 2012
Dave welcomes comedian Joan Rivers, actor Andrew Lincoln, and musical guest Jason Mraz.
Feb 16 2012
Dave welcomes TV show host Jon Stewart, American Bagging Champion Stephanie Teteak, and musical guests Yelawolf and Kid Rock.
Feb 15 2012
Dave welcomes actress Viola Davis, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Model Kate Upton, and musical guests Mark Ronson and Erykah Badu.
Feb 14 2012
Dave welcomes actress Reese Witherspoon, a Top Ten List with 10 of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models and the reveal of the 2012 cover model, actor Michael Weatherly from the CBS drama series "NCIS", and musical guests Kasabian. Top Ten Reasons This Year's 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue Is The Best One Ever.
Feb 13 2012
Dave welcomes actor David Spade from the CBS comedy series "Rules Of Engagement" and musical guest Betty Wright.
Feb 10 2012
Dave welcomes actor Nicolas Cage, actress Michelle Dockery, A Top Ten List presented by Foo Fighters, and musical guest The Kills. Top Ten Interesting Facts About The GrammyAwards. Nicolas Cage tells how he and Charlie Sheen were nearly arrested for making trouble on a plane. Is Nicolas Cage a vampire? The "Ghost Rider" star addresses the rumors sweeping the Internet. Dave welcomes Michelle Dockery, star of the hit PBS series, "Downton Abbey."
Feb 09 2012
Dave welcomes actor Ryan Reynolds, actress Ellie Kemper, and musical guest Dierks Bentley. Before "The Office," there was "The Man Under The Stairs."
Feb 08 2012
Dave welcomes actor Denzel Washington and musical guest The Fray.
Feb 07 2012
Highlights from Biff's big day at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Dave's "favorite" Manning talks about his brother Peyton's football future. Sarah embarrasses herself in front of a group of punk kids. The South African rap-rave group performs "I Fink U Freeky."
Feb 06 2012
Dave welcomes actress Michelle Williams, comic Jake Johannsen and musical guest Ziggy Marley. Top Ten Super Bowl Fun Facts. Why wasn't Michelle paying attention to her Academy Awards nominations announcement?
Feb 03 2012
Feb 02 2012
Dave welcomes radio host Howard Stern and musical guest The Airborne Toxic Event.
Feb 01 2012
Dave welcomes actor Bill Murray and musical guest Girls' Generation.
Jan 31 2012
Dave welcomes actress Jennifer Lopez, actor Rob Schneider form the CBS comedy series "Rob!", and musical guest James McCartney.
Jan 30 2012
Dave welcomes comedian Dana Carvey, Jon Fisch and musical guest Los Campesinos! performs.
Jan 20 2012
Dave welcomes comedian Kathy Griffin, actor Simon Helberg from the CBS comedy series "The Big Bang Theory," and musical guest Joseph Aurthur.
Jan 19 2012
Dave welcomes actress Marg Helgenberger from the CBS drama series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," actor Michael Fassbender, and musical guest Ellie Goulding.
Jan 18 2012
Dave welcomes actor Ricky Gervais, actress Jessica Chastain, and musical guest Kathleen Edwards.
Jan 17 2012
Jan 16 2012
Jan 13 2012
Dave welcomes Senator John McCain and musical guest Johnny Winter.
Jan 12 2012
Dave welcomes musician Dolly Parton and writer Alan Zweibel. Top Ten Things Kim Jong-Un Wants To Accomplish As Supreme Commander of North Korea. What's proper bus etiquette? Dolly airs out all the details. A charity lunch date turns into a nightmare for Alan.
Jan 11 2012
Dave welcomes Kate Beckinsale, Bloopers with Marv Albert, and music from The Little Willies.
Jan 10 2012
Dave welcomes actor Mark Wahlberg, actress Heather Morris, and musical guest Snow Patrol. "Top Ten Ways Kim Jong Un Celebrated His Birthday". The Glee star turns filmmaker with a special video for Dave.
Jan 09 2012
Dave welcomes actress Kristen Bell and musical guest Blind Pilot.
Jan 06 2012
Tina Fey Vandalizes Dave's Car. Jeremy Irvine tells Dave about his quick rise to stardom in "War Horse."
Jan 05 2012
Jan 04 2012
Jan 03 2012

Season 18

182 Episodes

Dave welcomes actor Jay Thomas, David Hyde Pierce and musical guest Darlene Love.
Dec 23 2011
Dave welcomes journalist/talk show host Anderson Cooper, Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn, and musical guest Childish Gambino.
Dec 22 2011
Dec 21 2011
Dec 20 2011
Dave welcomes actor Tom Cruise and musical guest Anthony Hamilton. Featuring a Top Ten List presented by former Governor Mitt Romney.
Dec 19 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jude Law, comedian Bob Sarlatte and musical guest Gary Clark Jr. Jude Law recalls the last night of a stage production when fake booze was replaced with the real deal. The multi-talented singer-songwriter from Texas performs "Bright Lights" from his debut EP.
Dec 16 2011
Dave welcomes actor Tom Hanks and musical guest My Morning Jacket. He's brought his own mistletoe! Tom Hanks shares an intimate Christmas greeting with Dave's viewers. Don't miss the excitement as Tom Hanks unveils the trailer for his new Pop Tart HBO mini-series. My Morning Jacket performs "Outta My System" from their new release, "Circuital".
Dec 15 2011
Dave welcomes actor Robert Downey Jr. and actress Rooney Mara. Top Ten Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Demands For Returning Our Drone. From alpacas to kitties, Robert runs down the list of animals on his family farm. Rooney talks about how hard it was to shake her "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" character. The "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" star gets wasted to get the role.
Dec 14 2011
Dave welcomes journalist/talk show host Barbara Walters, actor/comedian Bill Hader, and musical guest Wild Flag. Top Ten Signs the Candidates Have Debate Fatigue. Dave knows the identity of Barbara Walters' most fascinating person of the year, but will he keep it a mystery? Bill Hader recounts a family ski trip where Dad took the wrong trail. Wild Flag makes their network television debut with the song "Romance" from their self-titled CD.
Dec 13 2011
Dave welcomes actress Scarlett Johansson, Julie Chen, host of the CBS daytime talk show "The Talk", and a Top Ten List presented by Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Robert Griffin III's Mind When He Won The Heisman Trophy. Scarlett and Dave talk about the naked photos that were hacked from her phone. Now that she's moved to LA, Julie finds New York City much more charming than before.
Dec 12 2011
Dave welcomes comic Hugh Fink and musical guest Young Jeezy. Top Ten Signs You're At A Bad Mall. He went to meditate, but all David got was a big pile of horsesh**. Hugh performs stand-up.
Dec 09 2011
Dave welcomes actress Charlize Theron, comedian Kevin Nealon, and musical guest Blitzen Trapper. Top Ten Signs Your Local News Team Is Drunk. Down and dirty trains that go backwards for seven hours? "Young Adult" star Charlize Theron tells Dave about her recent trip through Spain. Former "SNL" cast member Kevin Nealon recalls meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger for a "Hans and Franz" skit. Blitzen Trapper performing "Might Find It Cheap" from their album, "American Goldwing."
Dec 08 2011
Dave welcomes actress Jessica Biel, comedian Tom Dreesen, and musical guest The Black Keys. Top Ten Messages Left On Rod Blagojevich's Answering Machine. There are a ton of big stars in "New Year's Eve," but did Jessica actually meet any of them? The Black Keys play their hit song 'Gold On The Ceiling' off their new album El Camino.
Dec 07 2011
Dave welcomes actor Matt Damon and musical guest Shelby Lynne. Rupert Jee selects a fan to pose with Dave for their 2011 holiday card. Top Ten Ways the Super Earth Is Different From Earth. Matt Damon tells of someone who didn't want their photo with him. Plus: Matt and Dave pose for their holiday card. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter performs "Revelation Road."
Dec 06 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jonah Hill, actress Kristen Johnston, and musical guest Ryan Adams. Do all celebrities know each other? Jonah's mom thinks so. Kristen tells Dave about her drug problem.
Dec 05 2011
Dave welcomes musician Justin Bieber, comedian Brian Regan, and musical guest Freesol. Top Ten Signs You Ate Too Much At Thanksgiving Dinner. The pop star talks about the paternity case and his DNA test.
Nov 23 2011
Dave welcomes actress Amy Sedaris, radio host Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo, and musical guest Sondre Lerche.
Nov 22 2011
Dave welcomes actor Ty Burrell, CBS News' Gayle King, and musical guest Needtobreath. Andy hangs out with the guys from American Pickers. Top Ten Other Articles In The Al Qaeda Magazine. What does the "Modern Family" star's family think about him being named one of People's Sexiest Men? The star of CBS' new morning show talks about her new co-star and her old friend Oprah.
Nov 21 2011
Dave welcomes republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, and musical guest Grouplove.
Nov 18 2011
Dave welcomes talk show host Regis Philbin and musical guest John Fogerty. See what happens when Regis Philbin takes a ride on his retirement gift from Dave, a new Vespa.
Nov 17 2011
Dave welcomes comedian Jerry Seinfeld and musical guest Lykke Li.
Nov 16 2011
Dave welcomes comedian/talk show host Bill Maher, actress Nikki Reed, and musical guests Foo Fighters featuring Joan Jet.
Nov 15 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jason Segal from the CBS comedy series "How I Met Your Mother," chef Jamie Oliver, and musical guest The Kooks.
Nov 14 2011
Dave welcomes actor Steve Martin and actress Felicity Jones.
Nov 11 2011
Dave welcomes actress Katie Holmes, musical guest Noel Ghallager's High Flying Birds, and a Top Ten List presented by Texas Governor Rick Perry. Also, Stupid Humans Tricks.
Nov 10 2011
Dave welcomes actor Adam Sandler and musical guest Peter Gabriel.
Nov 09 2011
Dave welcomes actor Robert Pattinson, photographer Annie Leibovitz, and musical guests David Crosby and Graham Nash.
Nov 08 2011
Dave welcomes actress Melissa McCarthy from the CBS comedy series "Mike & Molly," chef Anthony Bourdain, and musical guests Joan Baez and Kris Kristofferson.
Nov 07 2011
Dave welcomes comedian Bill Cosby and musical guest Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.
Nov 04 2011
"Beavis & Butt-Head" creator Mike Judge entertains with a dialogue and voices from a recent episode.
Nov 03 2011
Nov 02 2011
Nov 01 2011
Oct 31 2011
Dave welcomes news anchor Tom Brokaw, comedian Myq Kaplan, and musical guest The Head & The Heart.
Oct 28 2011
Dave welcomes actor Johnny Depp and musical guest Foster The People.
Oct 27 2011
Dave welcomes actor Justin Timberlake, actress Jennifer Esposito and musical guest The Civil Wars.
Oct 26 2011
Dave welcomes actor Eddie Murphy, actress Jane Levy and musical guest Mayer Hawthorne.
Oct 25 2011
Dave welcomes actress Selma Hayek, talk show host Keith Olbermann and musical guest Jane's Addiction.
Oct 24 2011
Dave welcomes comedian/radio host Artie Lange and comedian Eddie Brill and musical guest Beirut.
Oct 14 2011
Dave welcomes talk show host/author Bill O'Reilly and musical guest Martina McBride.
Oct 13 2011
Dave welcomes former President Bill Clinton and musical guest Deer Tick.
Oct 12 2011
Dave welcomes actor Matthew Broderick, horse wrangler Erin Bolster and her horse Tonk, who saved a young boy's life, and musical guest Hunter Hayes.
Oct 11 2011
Dave welcomes actor Tracy Morgan, sportscasters Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic and musical guest Mates of State.
Oct 10 2011
Dave welcomes actor Bryan Cranston, comedian Jeff Altman and musical guest Garland Jeffreys.
Oct 07 2011
Dave welcomes author Caroline Kennedy, diving dogs and musical guest The Joy Formidable.
Oct 06 2011
Dave welcomes actor George Clooney and musical guest Mastodon.
Oct 05 2011
Dave welcomes actor Hugh Jackman, actress Sean Young and musical guest Feist.
Oct 04 2011
Dave welcomes news anchor Brian Williams and musical Sting.
Oct 03 2011
Dave welcomes actor Samuel L. Jackson, comedian Karen Rontowski and musical guest Anne-Sophie Mutter.
Sep 30 2011
Dave welcomes actress Kaley Cuoco from the CBS comedy series "The Big Bang Theory", "Hillbilly Handfishin's" Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson and musical guest Death Cab for Cutie.
Sep 29 2011
Dave welcomes talk show host Anderson Cooper, actor Nick Offerman and musical guest The Knux.
Sep 28 2011
Dave welcomes "Jungle" Jack Hanna and "What's Your Number?" star Anna Faris.
Sep 27 2011
Dave welcomes actor Seth Rogen, Poppy Montgomery from the new CBS drama series "Unforgettable" and musical guest Fleet Foxes.
Sep 26 2011
Dave welcomes actor Nathan Fillion, comedian Larry Miller and musical guest Jayhawks.
Sep 23 2011
Dave welcomes Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant Dakota Meyer, actress Sofia Vergara and musical guest Chris Cornell.
Sep 22 2011
Dave welcomes actor Taylor Lautner, actress Minka Kelly and musical guest Wilco.
Sep 21 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jonah Hill, reality show judge Paula Abdul and musical guest Coldplay.
Sep 20 2011
Dave welcomes Second Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden and actor Ted Danson from the CBS drama series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation".
Sep 19 2011
Dave welcomes actor Michael J. Fox, a Top Ten List presented by Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones from the CBS comedy series "Two and a Half Men", comedian Jim McDonald and musical guest John Doe.
Sep 08 2011
Sep 07 2011
Dave welcomes reality television stars Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, actor Michael Emerson from the new CBS drama series "Person Of Interest" and musical guest The Jim Jones Revue.
Sep 06 2011
Kids say the darnedest things: find out what happened when Julianna Margulies' 3 year-old son saw her getting dressed. Joe Wong performs stand-up on the "Late Show" on September 1, 2011.
Sep 01 2011
Dave welcomes David Arquette, who can currently be seen on 'Dancing with the Stars', Aubrey Plaza, who plays April Ludgate in the TV's 'Parks and Recreation', and Thurston Moore, lead singer of the iconic Sonic Youth for over 30 years, plays a track from his new album "Demolished Thoughts", produced by Beck.
Aug 31 2011
Dave welcomes actor Alec Baldwin, New York Jets legend, Joe Namath and musical guest Lenny Kravitz.
Aug 30 2011
From Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis promotes his movie "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy" Bettina Luescher, World Food Programme Chief Spokesperson for North America St. Vincent - Lead Singer Annie Clark and St. Vincent performs ‘Cruel’, a new track from their upcoming album Strange Mercy.
Aug 29 2011
Dave welcomes actor Paul Rudd and comedian Bill Burr also a drum solo by Dennis Chambers.
Aug 25 2011
Dave welcomes actor Ashton Kutcher, star of the CBS comedy series "Two and a Half Men" and tennis star Rafael Nadal also a drum solo by Stewart Copeland.
Aug 24 2011
Dave welcomes talk show host Rachel Maddow and actress Rose Byrne also a drum solo by Gavin Harrison.
Aug 23 2011
Dave welcomes actor Dennis Leary, radio show host and singer Elizabeth Cook, and drum solo by Tony Royster Jr.
Aug 22 2011
Dave welcomes actor Colin Farrell, NASA astronaut Christopher Ferguson and musical guest Typhoon.
Aug 04 2011
Dave welcomes actress Emma Stone, Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally and musical guest Sallie Ford.
Aug 03 2011
Dave welcomes actor Ricky Gervais, television host Cat Deeley, musical guest Explosions in the Sky and a Top Ten List presented by Julie Chen, host of CBS's "Big Brother" and "The Talk".
Aug 02 2011
How cool are the special effects in the new Planet of the Apes movie? Check it out. The Glee star has broken her nose not once, but twice. Find out how she did it. Christina Perri performing "Arms" from her new CD release, "Lovestrong."
Aug 01 2011
Dave welcomes actress Kirstie Alley, comedian Louis CK and musical guests Fountains of Wayne.
Jul 28 2011
Dave welcomes Craig Ferguson, host of CBS's "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," actress Connie Britton and musical guest Anna Calvi.
Jul 27 2011
Dave welcomes actress Julianne Moore, actor Johnny Galecki from the CBS comedy series "The Big Bang Theory," musical guest Eels and an X Games stunt on 53rd Street with Tanner Foust.
Jul 26 2011
Dave welcomes news anchor Brian Williams and musical guest Tim Robbins & The Rogue Gallery Band.
Jul 25 2011
Dave welcomes actor Harrison Ford and musical guests Porcelain Black.
Jul 21 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jeremy Piven, author Captain Luis Montalvan and musical guest Cee Lo Green.
Jul 20 2011
Dave welcomes actor Steve Carell, U.S. women's soccer stars Hope Solo and Abby Wambach and musical guests The Del McCoury Band and the Preservation Hall Band.
Jul 19 2011
Jul 18 2011
Dave welcomes actress Kyra Sedgwick, a Top Ten List presented by "Captain America" star Chris Evans, comedian Tim Harmston and musical guest Nikki Jean.
Jul 14 2011
Dave participates in a Summer Toy Demo and welcomes actor Ryan Gosling and musical guest Gomez.
Jul 13 2011
Dave welcomes comedian Roseanne Barr, actor Tom Felton and musical guest Blake Shelton.
Jul 12 2011
Dave welcomes actress Emma Watson, comedian/talk show host George Lopez and musical guest Incubus.
Jul 11 2011
Dave welcomes actress Julia Roberts and musical guest Cake. Top Ten Reasons I, Dave Letterman, Am Proud To Be An American. How well does Julia Roberts know her "Larry Crowne" co-star Tom Hanks?
Jun 30 2011
Dave welcomes actor Patrick Dempsey, CBS News' "The Early Show" Anchor Erica Hill and musical guest Marty Stuart.
Jun 29 2011
Dave welcomes actor Tom Hanks and musical guest Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.
Jun 28 2011
Dave welcomes actor Shia LaBeouf, comedian/reality series star Bert Kreischer and musical guest Dawes. TV legend Henry Winkler joins Dave and Paul as celebrity judge for "Is This Anything?"
Jun 27 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jason Segel from the CBS comedy series "How I Met Your Mother," horse whisperer Buck Brannaman and musical guests Noah and the Whale.
Jun 23 2011
Dave welcomes actor Kevin James, pet fashion designer Ada Nieves, musical guests Beady Eye and a "Top Ten" list presented by musician Justin Bieber.
Jun 22 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jason Bateman, actress Amy Sedaris, musical guests Drive-By Truckers and a "Top Ten" List presented by Keith Olbermann.
Jun 21 2011
Jun 20 2011
Dave welcomes actor Samuel L. Jackson, Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton and Jennifer Hudson performs.
Jun 16 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jim Carrey, actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and a Top Ten list presented by the 2011 NBA Champions, The Dallas Mavericks.
Jun 15 2011
Dave welcomes actor Ryan Reynolds, chef Eric Ripert and a performance from the cast of the Broadway musical "Anything Goes."
Jun 14 2011
Dave welcomes Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, A top-ten List presented by Betty White and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears perform.
Jun 13 2011
Dave welcomes actor Neil Patrick Harris of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother," comic Mike Birbiglia and drummer Neil Peart performs.
Jun 09 2011
Dave welcomes actor Jon Cryer from CBS' "Two and a Half Men," journalist Rachel Maddow and drummer Roy Haynes performs.
Jun 08 2011
Jun 07 2011
Jun 06 2011
Dave welcomes Actor Ray Romano, comedian Reese Waters and Arctic Monkeys perform.
May 26 2011
Dave welcomes actor Kevin Bacon, Piedmont Bird Callers perform, a top ten list presented by U S Armed Forces personnel and Augustana performs.
May 25 2011
Dave welcomes actor Ewan McGregor, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley and Brad Paisley performs.
May 24 2011
Dave welcomes musician Lady Gaga, actor Eric Stonestreet and the Vaccines perform.
May 23 2011
Dave welcomes actor Tracy Morgan, comic Jake Johannsen and The Airborne Toxic Event performs.
May 20 2011
Dave welcomes Kelly Ripa, X-Men's Jennifer Lawrence and the cast of the Broadway's "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." Plus: What Would Chris Rock Do?
May 19 2011
Dave welcomes TV host Keith Olbermann, actress Julie Bowen and Ben Harper performs.
May 18 2011
Dave welcomes actor Martin Short, actress Melissa McCarthy from CBS's "Mike & Molly" and Tinie Tempah performs.
May 17 2011
Dave welcomes actress Julianna Margulies from CBS's "The Good Wife," talk show host Andy Cohen, a Top Ten List presented by singer Christina Aguilera and White Lies perform.
May 16 2011
Dave welcomes comedian Joan Rivers, comic Nick Griffin and Okkervil River performs.
May 13 2011
May 12 2011
Chaz Bono, Ray LaMontagne
May 11 2011
May 10 2011
May 09 2011
Bill Murray, "The Human Fuse" Brian Miser, Brother
May 06 2011
Jodie Foster, Tom Dreesen, Neon Trees
May 05 2011
Dave welcomes actress Betty White, reality-TV star Rick Harrison and Morning Teleportation performs.
May 04 2011
May 03 2011
May 02 2011
Apr 29 2011
Apr 28 2011
Apr 27 2011
Apr 26 2011
Apr 25 2011
Apr 15 2011
Apr 14 2011
Apr 13 2011
Apr 12 2011
Apr 11 2011
Apr 06 2011
Apr 05 2011
Apr 01 2011
Mar 31 2011
Mar 30 2011
Mar 29 2011
Mar 28 2011
Mar 23 2011
Mar 22 2011
Mar 21 2011
Mar 16 2011
Mar 15 2011
Mar 14 2011
Mar 03 2011
Mar 02 2011
Mar 01 2011
Brian Williams, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Zac Brown Band
Feb 28 2011
Feb 25 2011
Feb 24 2011
Feb 23 2011
Feb 22 2011
Feb 21 2011
Feb 18 2011
Paris Hilton, Nathan Fillion, Scissor Sisters
Feb 17 2011
Feb 16 2011
Feb 15 2011
Tom Brokaw, a Top Ten List presented by 10 "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit models, Theophilus London
Feb 14 2011
Feb 11 2011
Feb 10 2011
Feb 09 2011
Feb 08 2011
Feb 07 2011
Feb 04 2011
Feb 03 2011
Feb 02 2011
Feb 01 2011
Jan 31 2011
Jan 21 2011
Jan 20 2011
Jan 19 2011
Jan 18 2011
Jan 17 2011
Jan 14 2011
Jan 13 2011
Jan 12 2011
Jan 11 2011
Jan 10 2011
Jan 07 2011
Jan 06 2011
Jan 05 2011
Jan 04 2011
Jan 03 2011

Season 17

245 Episodes

Dec 23 2010
Dec 22 2010
Dec 21 2010
Dec 20 2010
Dec 17 2010
Dec 16 2010
Dec 15 2010
Dec 14 2010
Dec 13 2010
Dec 10 2010
Dec 09 2010
Dec 08 2010
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Tina Fey 17x220
Nov 03 2010
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Sep 30 2010
Sep 29 2010
Sep 28 2010
Sep 27 2010
Sep 24 2010
Sep 23 2010
Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Jones
Sep 22 2010
Sep 21 2010
Sep 20 2010
Sep 09 2010
Sep 08 2010
Sep 07 2010
Dave welcomes actress Jessica Alba, comic Jimmie Walker and Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses.
Aug 30 2010
Dave welcomes actress Anne Heche, documentarian Ken Burns and The Specials perform.
Aug 26 2010
Dave welcomes actress Christina Applegate, comedian Tom Dreesen and The Pretty Reckless performs.
Aug 25 2010
Actress Drew Berrymore; Katy Perry performs.
Aug 24 2010
Actor Mark Wahlberg (The Other Guys); Dock Diving Dogs; comedian Cory Kahaney; VV Brown (CD, "Traveling Like The Light") performs.
Aug 05 2010
Actress Julia Roberts (Eat, Pray, Love); The Dead Weather (CD, "Sea of Cowards") performs.
Aug 04 2010
Actor Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World); TV show host Rachel Maddow (The Rachel Maddow Show); Herbie Hancock (CD, "The Imagine Project") performs.
Aug 03 2010
Actor Will Ferrell (The Other Guys); Nas and Damian Marley (CD , "Distant Relatives") perform.
Aug 02 2010
Actor Paul Rudd; comic Bill Burr; Interpol performs.
Jul 29 2010
Actor Michael Keaton; The Flaming Lips perform.
Jul 28 2010
Actor Luke Wilson; actress Kristen Schaal; Dierks Bentley performs.
Jul 27 2010
Actor Denis Leary; MLB player Albert Pujols; Jimmy Webb performs.
Jul 26 2010
Comic Joan Rivers; comic Bill Burr; Steve Winwood performs.
Jul 22 2010
Actor Bill Murray; Alejandro Escovedo performs.
Jul 21 2010
Actor Steve Carell; actress Selena Gomez; Sheryl Crow performs.
Jul 20 2010
Actor Sylvester Stallone; actor Rob Corddry; Robyn performs.
Jul 19 2010
Actress Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer); singer Bret Michaels (CD, "Custom Built"); Jimmy Cliff (CD, "Existence") performs.
Jul 15 2010
Summer toy demonstration; actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception); Laurie Anderson (CD, "Homeland") performs.
Jul 14 2010
Actress Kristin Chenoweth (Broadway's "Promises, Promises"); journalist Jonathan Alter (Book, "The Promise: President Obama, Year One"); M.I.A. (CD, "Maya") performs.
Jul 13 2010
Actor Nicolas Cage (The Sorcerer's Apprentice); Steel Train (CD, "Steel Train") performs.
Jul 12 2010
Actor Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse); director Barry Sonnenfeld.
Jul 01 2010
Actress Julianne Moore (The Kids Are All Right); astronaut Mike Massimino; The New Pornographers perform (CD, "Together").
Jun 30 2010
Singer Dolly Parton (Hallmark's Dolly Celebrates 25 Years of Dollywood), Landon Donovan (USA National Soccer Team).
Jun 29 2010
Guests include actress Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), Gary Faulkner (Guy who tried to hunt down Osama bin Laden), with musical geust Tokyo Police Club (CD, "Champ") and a Top Ten with John Isner (Winner of the Longest Tennis Match in History)
Jun 28 2010
Jay-Z (CD, "The Blueprint 3"), Top Ten with Eminem, Jay-Z and Eminem (CD, "Recovery")
Jun 25 2010
Actor Kevin James (Grown Ups), journalist Thomas L. Friedman (Book, "Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America")
Jun 24 2010
Actor Adam Sandler( Grown Ups); Bettye LaVette (CD, "Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook") performs.
Jun 23 2010
Regis Philbin (Daytime Emmy Awards), Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue (CD, "Backatown")
Jun 22 2010
Actress Salma Hayek (Grown Ups), Chris "Mad Dog" Russo
Jun 21 2010
Actress Jada Pinkett Smith; comic Larry Miller; Fred Eaglesmith performs.
Jun 18 2010
Actress Miley Cyrus, TV personality Rick Harrison.
Jun 17 2010
Jun 16 2010
Devo 17x154
Jun 15 2010
Jun 14 2010
Jun 11 2010
Jun 10 2010
Jun 09 2010
Jun 08 2010
Jun 07 2010
May 26 2010
May 25 2010
May 24 2010
Ashton Kutcher; Larry Miller; Brooks & Dunn; Michael Ammar; Reba McEntire.
May 21 2010
Actress Katherine Heigl; magician Steve Cohen; Band of Horses performs.
May 20 2010
Russell Brand; Johnny Ace Palmer; Stone Temple Pilots; Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.
May 19 2010
Jonah Hill; Janelle Monáe; John Carney; Miss USA Rima Fakih presents the Top Ten list.
May 18 2010
Matthew Fox; Zac Brown Band; Jason Randal; Michael Lynche.
May 17 2010
Actor Mike Myers; comic Tom Dreesen.
May 14 2010
Actor Alec Baldwin; the National performs.
May 13 2010
Actor Michael Keaton; actress Jenna Fischer.
May 12 2010
Actress Queen Latifah; actor Will Forte; MGMT performs; Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden presents the Top Ten List.
May 11 2010
Actress Evangeline Lilly; actor Sam Rockwell; eliminated ``American Idol'' contestant Aaron Kelly; a performance by the Broadway cast of ``Million Dollar Quartet.''
May 10 2010
Actress Amanda Peet (Please Give); comic Nick Griffin; Wale (CD, "Attention Deficit") performs.
May 07 2010
Journalist Brian Williams; author Beth Ostrosky Stern; Court Yard Hounds perform.
May 06 2010
Animal handler Jack Hanna; actress Kerry Washington; Willie Nelson performs.
May 05 2010
Actor Russell Crowe (Robin Hood); Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (CD, "I Learned the Hard Way") perform.
May 04 2010
Actor Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2); actor Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory); eliminated ``American Idol'' contestant Siobhan Magnus.
May 03 2010
Professional soccer player David Beckham; comic Mike Birbiglia; the Hold Steady performs.
Apr 30 2010
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow (Iron Man 2); a performance by the Broadway cast of ``American Idiot.''
Apr 29 2010
Actor Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man 2); OK Go performs.
Apr 28 2010
Singer Courtney Love; actor Michael Caine; Hole performs.
Apr 27 2010
Apr 26 2010
Apr 23 2010
Apr 22 2010
Apr 21 2010
Apr 20 2010
Apr 19 2010
Apr 07 2010
Apr 06 2010
Actor Nathan Lane; She & Him perform.
Apr 02 2010
Actor Sam Worthington; sportscasters Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic; Patty Loveless performs.
Apr 01 2010
Actor Ricky Gervais; turkey callers; The Whigs perform.
Mar 31 2010
Actor Luke Wilson; President of the Sandpoint Tea Party Patriots Pam Stout; Alan Jackson performs.
Mar 30 2010
Actor Robin Williams; eliminated ``American Idol'' contestant Paige Miles; Usher performs.
Mar 29 2010
Actress Tina Fey; actor Bryan Cranston; Joan Jett and the Blackhearts perform.
Mar 24 2010
Actor Ben Stiller; chef Jamie Oliver; Justin Bieber performs.
Mar 23 2010
Mar 22 2010
Mar 17 2010
TV host Jimmy Kimmel; actress Kirstie Alley; rapper Snoop Dogg presents the Top Ten list.
Mar 16 2010
Actress Jennifer Aniston; environmentalist Charles Moore.
Mar 15 2010
Actor Liev Schreiber; comic Jim Gaffigan; Drive-By Truckers perform.
Mar 12 2010
Real estate mogul Donald Trump.
Mar 11 2010
Jessica Simpson; Mehmet Oz; Rod Blagojevich; Alkaline Trio.
Mar 10 2010
Actress Julianna Margulies; grocery bagging champion Kyle Perry; Broken Bells perform.
Mar 09 2010
TV host Kelly Ripa; Lady Antebellum performs.
Mar 08 2010
Actor Matt Damon; comic Danny Bhoy; Corinne Bailey Rae performs.
Mar 05 2010
Actor Tom Hanks, Spoon, and a Top Ten list presented by US Winter Olympic Bobsled Gold Medalists Steve Holcomb, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler, and Curt Tomasevicz.
Mar 04 2010
Comic Jerry Seinfeld; journalist Tom Brokaw.
Mar 03 2010
Author Mitt Romney; actress Mia Wasikowska; figure skater Evan Lysacek presents the Top Ten list.
Mar 02 2010
Actor Bill Murray; Ludacris performs.
Mar 01 2010
TV personality Nicole Richie; comic Tom Papa.
Feb 19 2010
Actress Scarlett Johansson; Daniel Merriweather performs.
Feb 18 2010
Actor Ewan McGregor; comic Abby Elliott; Mumford & Sons perform.
Feb 17 2010
Stupid Pet Tricks; actor Ben Kingsley; Mary J. Blige performs.
Feb 16 2010
Actor Tracy Morgan; the winner of the Daytona 500; Fanfarlo performs.
Feb 15 2010
Actor Jeff Bridges; comic Joe Wong; the Soft Pack performs.
Feb 12 2010
Regis and Joy Philbin; Elizabeth Banks; Benicio Del Toro.
Feb 11 2010
Jessica Biel; Christoph Waltz; Josh Turner; ``Survivor'' contestants.
Feb 10 2010
Jennifer Garner; the 2010 Sports Illustrated cover model; Sade; ``Survivor'' contestants.
Feb 09 2010
Drew Brees, Sandra Bullock, and Josh Turner are the scheduled guests. Plus, the cover of the 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is unveiled!
Feb 08 2010
Animal handler Jack Hanna; comic Joe Wong; the Swell Season performs.
Feb 05 2010
Actor Jamie Foxx; actress Amanda Seyfried; Robin Thicke performs.
Feb 04 2010
Comic Sarah Silverman; actor Jeremy Renner; Paris Hilton presents the Top Ten list; Nneka performs.
Feb 03 2010
Actor John Travolta; snowboarder Shaun White; Ben Harper and Relentless7 perform.
Feb 02 2010
Actor Bruce Willis; Ne-Yo performs.
Feb 01 2010
Jan 22 2010
Harrison Ford, Lou Reed and the Blind Boys of Alabama
Jan 21 2010
Jan 20 2010
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Bettina Luescher, and The Swell Season are the scheduled guests.
Jan 19 2010
Tonight: Kristen Bell, Randy Jackson and The Heavy. Dave responds to NBC's Dick Ebersol, plus what will "The Tonight Show" look like in the year 2042?
Jan 18 2010
Tonight: an incredible week comes to an end with Glenn Close, comedian Eddie Brill and music by Matt Morris.
Jan 15 2010
Was Dave fondled on the operating table? Celebrate the 10th anniversary of his heart surgery with Dr. O. Wayne Isom. Plus Denzel Washington: Bad Heart Surgeon, and music from The Low Anthem.
Jan 14 2010
Why is Kiefer Sutherland wearing a dress? Also tonight: those NBC pinheads, Keri Russell & music from The HotRats.
Jan 13 2010
Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Sudeikis, Findlay Brown.
Jan 12 2010
Tonight: Stay out of Jennifer Connelly's kitchen! Plus: Dave's advice to NBC, Paul Teutul Sr. and Ryan Bingham.
Jan 11 2010
Teri Hatcher strips with broken ribs. Plus: comedian Jake Johannsen and the music of The Dodos.
Jan 08 2010
Bradley Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and Nick Jonas are the scheduled guests. Plus, the "Top Ten Things I've Learned From the Last 20 Years of Television," presented by Homer Simpson.
Jan 07 2010
Dave & Sigourney Weaver turn "Avatar" blue. Plus: Marv Albert's wild & wacky sports bloopers and Julian Casablancas performs.
Jan 06 2010
Did "Chuck" star Zachary Levy almost get a guy killed? Plus: Amy Adams and music from Vampire Weekend.
Jan 05 2010
Michael Cera, Jenna Elfman, and David Gray are the scheduled guests.
Jan 04 2010
Alec Baldwin gets intimidated by an acting legend. Also: Jay Thomas returns and Darlene Love sings "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).
Dec 23 2009
Susan Sarandon and Colbie Caillat are the scheduled guests. Plus, "Top Ten Christmas Carols!"
Dec 22 2009
Maggie Gyllenhaal and John Witherspoon are the scheduled guests. Plus, a Top Ten list from Stewie Griffin!
Dec 21 2009
Dec 18 2009
Dec 17 2009
Dec 16 2009
Dec 15 2009
Hugh Grant, Zoe Saldana, and Alicia Keys are the scheduled guests.
Dec 14 2009
Dec 11 2009
Dec 10 2009
Dec 09 2009
Dec 08 2009
Dec 07 2009
Thanksgiving episode with Dave's Mom. Natalie Portman and Adam Lambert are the scheduled guests, and Dave guesses the pie that Dave's Mom made.
Nov 25 2009
Nov 24 2009
Nov 23 2009
Nov 20 2009
Stephen Colbert, Emily Blunt, and John Mayer are the scheduled guests.
Nov 19 2009
Nov 18 2009
Nov 17 2009
Dave briefly comments on the overusage of the word "douche"; Sharon Stone talks about her kids and defends her decision to pose topless in Paris Match; Seth Meyers shares a funny story about a goat; Wyclef Jean and Cyndi Lauper performed "Slumdog Millionaire."
Nov 16 2009
Nov 13 2009
Nov 12 2009
Dave rambles on about an pre-show audience question that really wasn't; a Top Ten list with no theme; Kate Walsh looks back at the early days of her acting career; Andre Agassi promotes his autobiography and "retires" his mullet wig; Norah Jones performed "Chasing Pirates."
Nov 11 2009
Nov 10 2009
Nov 09 2009
Ricky Gervais, Brian Regan, and Ralph Stanley are the scheduled guests.
Nov 06 2009
Nov 05 2009
Nov 04 2009
Al Gore and Brad Paisley are the scheduled guests. Plus, a special Top Ten from Michael Buble!
Nov 03 2009
Nov 02 2009
Oct 30 2009
Tom Hanks and Weezer are the scheduled guests.
Oct 29 2009
Oct 28 2009
Oct 27 2009
Oct 26 2009
Oct 16 2009
Oct 15 2009
Oct 14 2009
Oct 13 2009
Oct 12 2009
Oct 09 2009
Oct 08 2009
Oct 07 2009
CBS Orchestra bandleader Paul Shaffer, Eliza Dushku and KISS are the scheduled guests.
Oct 06 2009
Oct 05 2009
Larry David, Olivia Wilde and Tom Russell are the scheduled guests.
Oct 02 2009
Oct 01 2009
Sep 30 2009
Sep 29 2009
Sep 28 2009
Sep 25 2009
Sep 24 2009
Sep 23 2009
Sep 22 2009
Barack Obama becomes the first president to appear on the Late Show while in office. During his 30+ minute sit-down with Dave, President Obama discusses the economy, foreign policy, and health care reform. Quote Dave: "Your job is more difficult than my job."
Sep 21 2009
Sep 11 2009
Sep 10 2009
Sep 09 2009
Tony Blair and Julianna Margulies are the scheduled guests.
Sep 08 2009
Footage of Dick Cheney wheezing through an interview on Fox News; Dave expresses jealousy towards Neil Patrick Harris for appearing on the cover of the CBS/Viacom magazine "Watch!" and asks him about his recent trip onboard the Orient Express; Steve Mazan riffs on hotel keycards; Dave shows a doctored "Watch!" magazine with him on the cover; Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros performed "Home."
Sep 04 2009
Billy Crystal and John Fogerty are the scheduled guests.
Sep 03 2009
Sep 02 2009
A message from the Department of Labor; a staffer gives Dave a 16th anniversary t-shirt (courtesy of Dave); Jeremy Piven puts the mercury poisoning rumors to rest; Rumor Willis plugs Sorority Row; The Black Crowes performed "Good Morning, Captain."
Sep 01 2009
Dave makes an unusual offer to Moammar Khadafi; throughout the night, Dock Diving Dogs make a splash out on 53rd Street; Howie Mandel explains the origins of his obsessive-compulsive disorder; The Dirty Projectors performed "Cannibal Resource."
Aug 31 2009

Season 16

199 Episodes

Beyonce 16x199
May 25 2009
Jan 21 2009
Aug 28 2009
Aug 27 2009
Aug 26 2009
Mary-Louise Parker, Eugene Levy, and Jet are the scheduled guests.
Aug 25 2009
Aug 24 2009
Aug 21 2009
Aug 20 2009
Aug 19 2009
Aug 18 2009
Quentin Tarantino, Eric Ripert, and Robert Cray are the scheduled guests.
Aug 17 2009
Jul 31 2009
Jul 30 2009
Jul 29 2009
Jul 28 2009
Jul 27 2009
Jul 24 2009
Jul 23 2009
Jul 22 2009
Jul 21 2009
Jul 20 2009
Jul 17 2009
Jul 16 2009
Jul 15 2009
Jul 14 2009
Jul 13 2009
Jul 10 2009
Jul 09 2009
Jul 08 2009
Sacha Baron Cohen, Joel McHale, Rob Thomas
Jul 07 2009
Jul 06 2009
Jun 26 2009
Jun 25 2009
Jun 24 2009
Jun 23 2009
Jun 22 2009
Jun 19 2009
Jun 18 2009
Jun 17 2009
Jun 16 2009
Jun 15 2009
Jun 12 2009
Jun 11 2009
Jun 10 2009
Jun 09 2009
Jun 08 2009
Jun 05 2009
Jun 04 2009
Jun 03 2009
Jun 02 2009
Jun 01 2009
May 22 2009
May 21 2009
May 20 2009
May 19 2009
May 18 2009
May 15 2009
May 14 2009
May 13 2009
May 12 2009
May 11 2009
May 08 2009
May 07 2009
May 06 2009
May 05 2009
May 04 2009
May 01 2009
Apr 30 2009
Apr 29 2009
Apr 28 2009
Apr 27 2009
Apr 24 2009
Apr 23 2009
Apr 22 2009
Apr 21 2009
Apr 20 2009
Apr 17 2009
Apr 16 2009
Apr 15 2009
Apr 14 2009
Apr 13 2009
Apr 03 2009
Apr 02 2009
Following the monologue, two goons walk off with Tony, claiming he's been adopted by Madonna; in lieu of Biff, Andy Kindler makes the annual trip to Yankees Spring Training; champion grocery-bagger Francisco Palacios puts Dave to shame in a face-off; Marg Helgenberger talks about her first job; Ray LaMontagne performed "You Are The Best Thing."
Apr 01 2009
Mar 31 2009
Mar 30 2009
Mar 25 2009
Via videotape, Osama bin Laden congratulates Dave on his marriage to Regina; tonight on "At Home with the Madoffs," Bernie and Ruth watch TV; Mary Tyler Moore plugs her autobiography and shares an embarassing story about Ed Asner; Blake Lively talks about her maltipoo; White Lies performed "To Lose My Life."
Mar 24 2009
After discussing Bruce Willis' wedding at length, Dave mentions that he married his longtime girlfriend in a private ceremony this past weekend, than explains all the obstacles he faced on the way to the courthouse; an update on George Clarke and the Late Show Weight Loss Challenge; Hugh Laurie plugs Monsters vs. Aliens; Sarah Paulson does impressions; Bloc Party performed "One Month Off."
Mar 23 2009
Mar 18 2009
Mar 17 2009
Mar 16 2009
Mar 13 2009
Mar 12 2009
Mar 11 2009
Mar 10 2009
Mar 09 2009
Mar 06 2009
Jon Stewart is scheduled to appear. Plus, Day 4 of U2 Week!
Mar 05 2009
Mar 04 2009
Mar 03 2009
Mar 02 2009
Feb 20 2009
Feb 19 2009
Feb 18 2009
Feb 17 2009
Feb 16 2009
Feb 13 2009
Feb 12 2009
Feb 11 2009
Feb 10 2009
Feb 09 2009
Feb 06 2009
Feb 05 2009
Feb 04 2009
Feb 03 2009
Feb 02 2009
Jan 30 2009
Jan 29 2009
Jan 28 2009
Jan 27 2009
Jan 26 2009
Zach Braff; Arj Barker; and The Airborne Toxic Event. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; "Bride Wars"; Mystery Sound in Space; Alan Kalter's How It Works; and a Late Show Farewell to Great Moments in Presidential Speeches.
Jan 16 2009
Kyra Sedgwick; and Gwen Ifill. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; George W. Bush cleaning his glasses; Inauguration Day Plans; filling in for Osama bin Laden; and Chris Elliott and Gerard Mulligan drop in uninvited.
Jan 15 2009
Clint Eastwood; and Randy Rogers Band. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; The 9th Anniversary of Dave's Quintuple; and Alan Kalter's Celebrity Interview.
Jan 14 2009
Salma Hayek; and Jimmie Walker. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; phone call for David Letterman; little known things about the Bush Administration; Dave's Cocoa Guy; a message from Late Show writer Bill Scheft; and a special Top Ten from baseball's newest Hall of Fame inductees, Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson.
Jan 13 2009
Billy Crystal; and Kara DioGuardi. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; an Odd Blagojevich Press Conference; 49er Coach Mike Singletary; and a Top Ten List with Owen Wilson from Maui, Hawaii.
Jan 12 2009
Kiefer Sutherland; and Wendy Liebman. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; a monkey sneezing; a squid sneezing; Dick Cheney Lie Count; Governor Bill Richardson; Late Show Fun Facts; Alan Kalter's Guide to the Inauguration; and a top ten list.
Jan 09 2009
Kate Winslet; and Marv Albert. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; Front Page of the New York Post; Regis in High-Def; and a Top Ten List.
Jan 08 2009
Ricky Gervais; Rose Byrne; and Okkervil River. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; Ball State at the GMAC Bowl; what's popular on the Monkey Channel; the White House lunch; a top ten list; and the guy who was hanging bare-assed from a ski lift.
Jan 07 2009
Dave delivers a pizza to an audience member, but she's too excited to eat it; Dave reads the "Top Ten Questions"; Kevin James plugs Paul Blart: Mall Cop and discusses his weight problem; another chat with CBS store employee "Stanley Kronkite" (Johnny Dark); "Squawk Box" host Becky Quick analyzes the Bernie Madoff controversy; Erin McCarley performed "Love, Save the Empty."
Jan 06 2009
Kate Hudson; and Glasvegas. PLUS: CNN Clip of the Night; Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; Homeland Security USA; Changes in the Late Show 2009; the President defends his record; Regis in high-def; a top ten list; Dave's resolutions; and Biff still celebrating.
Jan 05 2009
Dave shows a (phony) clip of Larry King interviewing the shoe that was thrown at President Bush; Tracy Morgan jokes about his recent legal troubles; Dave asks Paul about how he spent his Christmas; "MADtv" star Matt Braunger makes his television stand-up debut.
Dec 26 2008
Mickey Rourke; Jay Thomas; and Darlene Love. PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; a sneezing monkey; a top ten list; Holiday Quarterback Challenge; and Paul Shaffer's does Cher's "O Holy Night."
Dec 23 2008
Dustin Hoffman and Todd Rundgren guest. PLUS: An Apology from Bernie Madoff; Coach Mike Singletary; the Bitter Cold Hits the "Today" Show; the Al Qaeda Holiday Party; and a Top Ten List.
Dec 22 2008
Jerry Seinfeld and Leona Lewis are the scheduled guests.
Dec 19 2008
Will Smith and Of Montreal are the scheduled guests.
Dec 18 2008
Jennifer Aniston and Broken Social Scene are the scheduled guests, and a special top ten list with Jim Carrey.
Dec 17 2008
Tom Cruise and Fall Out Boy are the scheduled guests.
Dec 16 2008
Adam Sandler is the scheduled guest. Plus, a Holiday Toy Demo!
Dec 15 2008
In need of a pick-me-up, Dave repeats the sneezing monkey clip; a bronchitis-stricken Meryl Streep promotes Doubt; Dave's old buddy Jeff Altman does a few impressions.
Dec 12 2008
Sen. John McCain and Bon Iver are the scheduled guests.
Dec 11 2008
Keanu Reeves, Paula Abdul, and Loudon Wainwright III are the scheduled guests.
Dec 10 2008
Amy Adams, Michael Sheen, and Jamey Johnson are the scheduled guests.
Dec 09 2008
Jennifer Connelly, Anderson Cooper, and The Duke Spirit are the scheduled guests. Plus, a special Top Ten from the Ball State University football team!
Dec 08 2008
Bruce Willis promotes the Fun Facts book, declaring the tome "Yippee-ki-larious, mother****er!"; Tom Arnold laments the failure of his third marriage and plugs Gardens of the Night; Dave chats with a grouchy CBS Store employee (Johnny Dark); Faith Hill and the Morgan State University Choir performed "Little Drummer Boy."
Nov 28 2008
Denis Leary and John Mayer are the scheduled guests. Plus, Dave's Mom and the 16th annual pie-guessing contest!
Nov 27 2008
Teri Hatcher, Ludacris, and T-Pain are the scheduled guests.
Nov 26 2008
Dave calls out Tony for making him read the same monologue joke twice; after President Bush pardoned 14 convicted felons that week, Dave and Alan grant clemency to an audience member; Reese Witherspoon relives her 2005 Oscar win and plugs Four Christmases; Harry Connick Jr. performs "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."
Nov 25 2008
Nicole Kidman, Simon Baker, and Kanye West are the scheduled guests.
Nov 24 2008
James Franco and Bruce McCall are the scheduled guests. Plus, Day 5 of "Tribute Band Week" with The Allstarz!
Nov 21 2008
Stephen Colbert and Kristen Stewart are the scheduled guests.
Nov 20 2008
Day 3 of "Tribute Band Week" with Mr. Brownstone. Plus, Katie Couric!
Nov 19 2008
With First Lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy on the show, Dave wonders if he'll accidentally start an international incident; Lyle the Intern and his pal "Rudy" (Joe Grossman) promote their internet show; Jack Hanna brings out a baby kangaroo, an aardvark, and a macaque; on Day 2 of Tribute Band Week, The Cold Hard Cash Show performed "Folsom Prison Blues."
Nov 18 2008
Emma Thompson and fox attack survivor Michelle Felicetta are the scheduled guests. Plus, Day 1 of "Tribute Band Week" with Purple Reign!
Nov 17 2008
A plug for Tribute Bands Week; Bill Cosby does some stand-up, promotes the "Cosby Show" complete series DVD set and comments on the election; The Answer (making their American TV debut) performed "Never Too Late."
Nov 14 2008
Bruce Willis and Sia are the scheduled guests.
Nov 13 2008
Russell Brand and Charlie Haden are the scheduled guests. Plus, Stupid Human Tricks!
Nov 12 2008
Dave shows a clip of King Tut's mummy appearing on Maury; NFL superstar Terrell Owens presents the Top Ten; the legendary Don Rickles plugs his new book and riffs on marriage and growing old; Alicia Keys performed "The Thing About Love."
Nov 11 2008
Ted Turner, Jamie Oliver, and Taylor Swift are the scheduled guests.
Nov 10 2008
Alec Baldwin endorses the Fun Facts book; Natalie Portman discusses campaigning for President-elect Obama; Bill Scheft begs the new president to make an ass of himself; Artie Lange plugs his new book; Brad Paisley performed a cover of The Cars' "Good Times Roll."
Nov 07 2008
Ben Stiller and Q-Tip the scheduled guests. Plus, the Kid Scientists of Naperville, IL!
Nov 06 2008
Dave shares a few thoughts on election night; an audience member panics when he realizes he forgot to vote; Tom Brokaw promotes his best-selling book, "Boom!"; a very pregnant Vera Farmiga plugs The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
Nov 05 2008
Paris Hilton, Elvis Costello, and Jenny Lewis are the scheduled guests. Plus, a Top Ten from Ricky Gervais!
Nov 03 2008
Marcia Cross, Alan Zweibel, and George Clinton are the scheduled guests.
Oct 31 2008
"New Halloween Costumes" include Sarah Palin's passport, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Amy Winehouse's hair, and an oversized copy of the Fun Facts book; Cole Hamels of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies reads the Top Ten; John Legend performed "I Love, You Love."
Oct 30 2008
Alec Baldwin, Paul Mooney, and Ryan Adams & The Cardinals are the scheduled guests.
Oct 29 2008
Regis Philbin and James Taylor are the scheduled guests.
Oct 28 2008
Bill O'Reilly and Lauren Conrad are the scheduled guests.
Oct 27 2008
Oct 17 2008
Oct 16 2008
Oct 15 2008
Oct 14 2008
Oct 13 2008
Tonight on "Late Show Green Tips," Chris and Gerard show off their new hybrid; Jeremy Piven discusses winning his third Emmy; Alan has a few words to say to Gov. Sarah Palin; Elizabeth Banks plugs W.; Lou Reed performed "Caroline Says, Part 2."
Oct 10 2008
Michael Bearden fills in for Paul; a man wanders onstage to get his copy of the Fun Facts book autographed; Bill Murray promotes City of Ember and conducts a town hall debate; Beck performed "Gamma Ray."
Oct 09 2008
Oct 08 2008
Dave presents the (fake) opening credits of the second presidential debate, which closely resemble Magnum P.I.; Debra Messing plugs "The Starter Wife" and takes a jab at Sarah Palin; Alan's tour of the Late Show control room is sabotaged; Alianca da Terra founder John Carter discusses the plight of the Amazon rainforest; Tegan and Sara performed "Call It Off."
Oct 07 2008
Oct 06 2008
Dave comments on the previous night's vice-presidential debate, which is followed by a string of Unfair Edits; NBC anchorman Brian Williams also throws in his two cents; Tim Robbins talks baseball, shares a story about Paul Newman, and plugs City of Ember.
Oct 03 2008
Oct 02 2008
Oct 01 2008
Anne Hathaway, Josette Sheeran, The Virgins
Sep 30 2008
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Cera, Pete Seeger
Sep 29 2008
Lance Armstrong, Kristen Wiig, TV on the Radio
Sep 26 2008
Paris Hilton, Usain Bolt, Morningwood
Sep 25 2008
Keith Olbermann, Chandra Wilson, Delta Goodrem
Sep 24 2008
Lyle the Intern fails to convince Dave to join his latest scam; Julianne Moore discusses her trip to Brazil and plugs Blindness; Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen do stand-up; Kings of Leon performed "Sex on Fire."
Sep 23 2008
Former President William Jefferson Clinton and Chris Rock are the scheduled guests.
Sep 22 2008
Throughout the night, Olympic high-jumpers strut their stuff out on 53rd Street; Dave reads from the "Late Show Fun Facts" book, in stores next week; in her first LSDL appearance in seven years, Meg Ryan plugs The Women and shares an anecdote about her daughter; Ricky Gervais promotes Ghost Town and describes doing press junkets for the movie.
Sep 12 2008
Jessica Simpson and Jack Hanna are the scheduled guests.
Sep 11 2008
Sen. Barack Obama and LeBron James are the scheduled guests.
Sep 10 2008
Jada Pinkett-Smith, Chris Russo, and Michael Buble are the scheduled guests. Plus, the second annual NASCAR Top Twelve!
Sep 09 2008
Keira Knightley and Thomas L. Friedman are the scheduled guests.
Sep 08 2008
John Malkovich, Hayden Panettiere, and Steve Earle are the scheduled guests.
Sep 05 2008
Following the previous night's acceptance speech, Dave admits to underestimating Gov. Sarah Palin; Andy Kindler makes his last report from the GOP convention in Minneapolis; Robin Williams throws in his two cents on the election; Shannen Doherty plugs the new 90210 and describes surviving the Southern California mudslides; Duffy performed "Warwick Avenue."
Sep 04 2008
Dr. Phil McGraw, Tilda Swinton, and Tricky are the scheduled guests.
Sep 03 2008
Nicolas Cage, Anna Torv, and Terrence Howard are the scheduled guests.
Sep 02 2008

Season 15

119 Episodes

Show #2975 15x168
Water-balloon fiend Paul Thoresen drops a 55-gallon bomb on a convertable with three "tourists" (mannequins); the Democratic National Convention is over but Biff's still there; Amy Sedaris obsesses over Dave's shoe tassels; Kim Kardashian describes nearly losing her big toe and plugs Disaster Movie; Brian Regan does stand-up and promotes his upcoming TV special.
Aug 29 2008
Show #2974 15x167
Aug 28 2008
Show #2973 15x166
Olympic Gold Medalists Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor, Neil Patrick Harris and Nas are the scheduled guests.
Aug 27 2008
Show #2972 15x165
Tonight on "Get to Know Delaware," a fun fact about neighboring Pennsylvania; Dave's "son" throws a beer bottle at a green room TV; live from Denver, Biff fails to interview DNC Chairman Howard Dean; Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay tosses a discus and a javelin at a taxi cab; Little Anthony and the Imperials perform "Hurts So Bad."
Aug 26 2008
Show #2971 15x164
Aug 25 2008
Show #2970 15x163
Donald Trump discusses real estate in Abu Dhabi; "WIll It Float?" is played on the roof; Dwayne Kennedy riffs on the possibility of a black president
Aug 08 2008
Show #2968 15x161
Penelope Cruz, Randy Newman, Danny Way
Aug 06 2008