Let's Stay Together

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm BET US 30 min.
“Let’s Stay Together” is the story of Stacy Lawrence, a pediatrician who is engaged to Charles Whitmore, the contractor she hired to remodel her kitchen. Stacy and Charles have a fun, sexy, intense dynamic. However, six months in, some of the magic of finally finding a soul mate has worn off, and they find themselves constantly renegotiating their rules of cohabitation. In contrast, Stacy’s super-fabulous younger sister Tasha and her husband Jamal act like an old married couple even though they’re only in their 20s. Tasha made a lot of mistakes in love before she found a stable, ambitious guy like Jamal so she has dedicated herself to pleasing her man and raising their six-month-old twins. Jamal considers himself lucky to have a fine, dedicated wife like Tasha even though she does bring the drama on a regular basis. Charles’ earthy younger sister Kita, a proud employee of the DMV, is celebrating her independence by taking a break from dating while she explores all that life has to offer before she settles down.

Season 4

10 Episodes

Apr 29 2014
Apr 29 2014
Apr 22 2014
Apr 15 2014
Apr 08 2014
Apr 01 2014
Mar 25 2013
Mar 18 2013
Mar 11 2014
Mar 04 2014

Season 3

10 Episodes

May 21 2013
May 21 2013
May 14 2013
May 07 2013
Apr 30 2013
Apr 23 2013
Apr 16 2013
Charles and Stacy exchange anniversary gifts, but she becomes overly attached to his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Jamal's mob-boss client goes to jail; and Kita feels she's entitled to Darkanian's perks, exasperating Crystal.
Apr 09 2013
A dry spell in the bedroom tests Charles; Stacy reaches out to a marriage counselor; Jamal's newest client is a mob boss; Crystal and Kita happen upon Troy, as Kita tries to fight off her feelings for him.
Apr 02 2013
Stacy confronts Connie about a kiss in the Season 3 opener. Also, Jamal fears that Troy has feelings for Tasha; and Crystal is the recipient of a generous offer
Mar 26 2013

Season 2

22 Episodes

Jun 05 2012
May 29 2012
May 22 2012
May 15 2012
May 08 2012
May 01 2012
Apr 24 2012
Apr 17 2012
Apr 10 2012
Charles and Stacy clash over their honeymoon location. Elsewhere, Jamal and Tasha plan competing bachelor and bachelorette parties, and Kita returns from her reality-TV shoot.
Apr 03 2012
Crystal juggles dating two men. Elsewhere, the unemployed Jamal and the jobless Tasha spend their idle time together—and promptly get on each other's nerves.
Mar 27 2012
Charles and Stacy install a security system in their home. Meanwhile, Crystal and her friends decide to pledge Tasha's sorority.
Mar 20 2012
Stacy and Tasha's rivalry emerges when both run in a race. Meanwhile, Crystal volunteers to shoot a commercial for Charles' company.
Mar 13 2012
Stacy mulls over traveling abroad for a medical program. Meanwhile, Tasha's blunt remarks and opinions impact Jamal's run for public office.
Mar 06 2012
Jamal represents Charles in a court case. Meanwhile, Tasha launches a celebrity-theme gossip blog.
Feb 28 2012
Stacy is left to dog-sit her mother's unruly dog; Troy sends Jamal out of town on business and tries to make his move on Tasha
Feb 14 2012
Charles behaves like a baby when he gets sick; Jamal and Troy become running buddies. Meanwhile, Crystal has a dating party for her college schoolmates.
Feb 07 2012
A celebrity client charms Charles and, eventually, Stacy. Meanwhile, Jamal lands work with Troy.
Jan 31 2012
Charles helps Stacy become financially responsible; Tasha lands work with Troy; Crystal dates a former pimp.
Jan 24 2012
Stacy aspires to be an ideal housewife; Jamal and Tasha consider a vasectomy; Charles' cousin becomes a hit on the Web.
Jan 17 2012
When Stacy finds out that Charles watches pornography, she sets out to make adult material with him. Elsewhere, Kita throws her own birthday bash and is encouraged to sign up for a reality show.
Jan 10 2012
Season 2 opens and picks up with dramas surrounding Charles' and Stacy's wedding. Here, Charles escapes from an elevator and attempts to head home. Meanwhile, Troy arrives at Stacy's house, upsetting Jamal.
Jan 10 2012

Season 1

13 Episodes

In the first-season finale, Stacy and Charles reminisce at their rehearsal dinner about the start of their relationship. Later, the pair's wedding day features a few unexpected moments.
Apr 05 2011
Tasha and Jamal arrange a reunion for Stacy and Charles, but the plan hits a snag when their intended targets each bring dates.
Mar 30 2011
Stacy goes on a date to test her feelings for Charles; Tasha tries to impress a mothers' group; and Charles reflects on his problems after a visit with his dad.
Mar 22 2011
Charles and Stacy reconnect, but Charles thinks they should keep their distance until Stacy sets a wedding date. Elsewhere, Jamal and Tasha attempt to write a children's book.
Mar 15 2011
Stacy exhibits cold feet at her engagement party, prompting Charles to question if she's ready to get married. Elsewhere, Jamal discovers that Tasha's father is still supporting her financially.
Mar 08 2011
Stacy is offended and gets in a fight with Tasha; Jamal and Charles sneak around to see each other.
Mar 01 2011
Charles hires a wedding planner since Stacy is procrastinating; Tasha becomes an entrepreneur.
Feb 22 2011
A gift from Stacy's old boyfriend bothers Charles, so he decides to replace it; Tasha worries she's less attractive now that she's a stay-at-home mom.
Feb 15 2011
Stacy hires Charles to renovate her office; Kita has romantic dreams of Jamal.
Feb 08 2011
Charles and Stacy go to pre-marital counseling; Kita makes Tasha jealous.
Feb 01 2011
Charles meets Stacey's med school friends; Jamal's client's attempt to seduce him.
Jan 25 2011
Stacy and Charles spice things up in the bedroom but soon find themselves exhausted. Elsewhere, Jamal objects to Tasha's wardrobe choice for their son during a photo shoot.
Jan 18 2011
Jan 11 2011