Loosely Exactly Nicole

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Nicole Byer is living the Hollywood dream. Well, Hollywood adjacent – the deep valley to be precise – and it's not so much a dream but a struggle. With the help of her two besties, Veronica and Devin, Nicole will have to navigate the "real world" as she endures humiliating auditions, unpaid electric bills and the romantic battlefield that is Tinder, all while slowly, but surely, finding her voice as a comedian.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Nicole has it all: a boyfriend who loves her and a new TV series. True to her life, she realizes having it all isn’t as easy as it seems when she finds out she has to go to Canada for work, only to return to make some huge decisions.
Feb 21 2018
Feb 14 2018
Feb 07 2018
Jan 31 2018
Nicole makes moves at work and tries to take her career at FatGirlzzz to the next level (sort of), but her work friend Marcy has other plans (kind of).
Jan 24 2018
On girls’ night out, Nicole takes cyberstalking to the next level (sort of) and Devin tries to push Nicole’s new love along (kind of).
Jan 17 2018
Nicole tries a rideshare app and meets her true soulmate (sort of), but when her green-card husband Hassan returns for their immigration interview things get complicated (kind of).
Jan 10 2018
On a quest for the best soul food in LA (sort of), Derrick and Nicole reunite (kind of).
Jan 03 2018
When Nicole’s childhood BFF visits LA, a fun night out turns into a rough morning (sort of) and Nicole comes to the rescue (kind of).
Dec 27 2017
When Nicole’s career starts to take off (sort of), her friendship with Veronica is tested (kind of).
Dec 20 2017

Season 1

10 Episodes

With a little help from her friends, Nicole finally catches a break.
Oct 28 2016
When a debt collector shows up, Nicole is forced to take extreme measures to pay back student loans.
Oct 28 2016
Nicole questions her career choice.
Oct 21 2016
Nicole's brother arrives in town for a work conference.
Oct 21 2016
Nicole befriends a novice male stripper after she's pushed aside by Veronica while planning a bridal showe
Oct 10 2016
Nicole catches a break and books her first national commercial. But a forbidden relationship with a boom operator stirs tension with the hard-nosed veteran director.
Oct 03 2016
Nicole learns about being a mistress after she hooks up with the CEO at Veronica's office party. Veronica, meanwhile, faces her first roadblock in a new relationship.
Sep 26 2016
Tensions with Devin run high due to a disagreement over priorities.
Sep 19 2016
Nicole wonders whether she's ready for commitment when Derrick, her friend with benefits, invites her to breakfast. In other events, Devin looks up a long lost love.
Sep 12 2016
Nicole uses a child she's babysitting to help secure an acting role; and Devin seeks Veronica's advice on satisfying a new man.
Sep 05 2016