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"Lopez" explores the real George Lopez we rarely get to see, pushed and pulled between the worlds of race, class and fame, yet always having a hard time fitting in.

Season 2

12 Episodes

George faces big decisions about his professional and personal life and everyone celebrates a big milestone for Manolo.
Jun 21 2017
At the big table read for Valleys, George and the network see don't see eye to eye. Also: Maronzio hits rock bottom and falls in with a new, life-changing crowd.
Jun 14 2017
George's TV show is jeopardized by his co-star's wild behavior; Maronzio tries to woo his ex; and Hector has a problem selling at work, which gets George and Lori talking again.
May 31 2017
George's friends think Lori dominates their relationship; Pfeiffer complicates Olly's work life, and Manolo gets laser eye surgery to please Wendy.
May 24 2017
George goes on a Latin talk show hosted by a clown. Hector makes his solo debut on the home shopping channel and things heat up between Manolo and his teacher.
May 17 2017
George and Lori continue seeing each other while his gig as a guest lecturer at a local university goes badly. Manolo starts seeing his teacher after hours and Olly’s sister’s dating life becomes intertwined with Olly’s work.
May 10 2017
George appears on a home shopping channel to sell his grill and meets Lori, a billionairess. Manolo gets glasses.
May 03 2017
George gets Hector a job at his country club, but he falls in with a bad crowd of rich kids. Olly's little sister rolls back into town while Manolo struggles to stay focused in his GED class.
Apr 26 2017
George is asked out on a date by a beautiful woman: the actress who played his daughter on his old TV show. Olly starts tutoring Manolo.
Apr 19 2017
George has to navigate political correctness in order to convince a transgender actress to co-star in “Valleys.” Meanwhile, Manolo has problems with bullies at school and Maronzio starts a podcast.
Apr 12 2017
George and Olly pitch his new show idea to the network. Manolo is nervous about starting school to get his GED and Hector nearly destroys a bakery.
Apr 05 2017
George quits his Las Vegas residency, causing big problems. Manolo gets out of jail and introduces his roommate, Hector, to everyone.
Mar 29 2017

Season 1

12 Episodes

In the first season finale, George fires everyone and makes a final push for his Vegas residency show, but things soon get out of control.
Jun 22 2016
George is stranded in the desert after his car breaks down and gets help from a mysterious couple. Watch Soon
Jun 15 2016
George becomes frustrated with community troubles at his Las Vegas and San Fernando properties.
Jun 01 2016
George agrees to be roasted, but his wife interferes and legally ties up his jokes, leaving George without an act.
May 25 2016
George considers a new opening act after learning that Maronzio has other career goals.
May 18 2016
George plans a big birthday party for his daughter, but schedules it for the same day of another party hosted by a wealthy family.
May 11 2016
George hosts a celebrity golf tournament to strengthen his Vegas residency credentials while his daughter goes AWOL.
May 04 2016
George returns to his roots and offers championship rings to a local baseball team and thinks about buying land in his old neighborhood.
Apr 27 2016
George throws a neighborhood party at the urging of his new girlfriend.
Apr 20 2016
George gets in a twitter war with an angry groupie and faces a tough choice between the lawn he loves and a chance to build his brand.
Apr 13 2016
George goes on a date with a dog rescue volunteer after adopting a rescue dog.
Apr 06 2016
George gets auctioned off at his daughter's elite private school fundraiser attended by his enemies. He doesn't want to embarrass himself or his daughter, or get bought by Snoop Dogg.
Mar 30 2016