Man Caves

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Guys need an exclusive space to hang out in their homes -- a refuge where they can enjoy what they love, whether it's a soundproofed basement used as a rock 'n' roll lounge and adorned with limited edition guitars; a room where diehard ski fans can chill out with a roaring fireplace and alpine atmosphere; or a lush golf-lover's paradise, featuring a state-of-the-art virtual reality driving range, media center and top-notch equipment storage space. Because DIY Network understands there's an environment for every guy that makes him feel fulfilled, we recruited licensed contractor Jason Cameron and former NFL great Tony "The Goose" Siragusa to offer amazing ideas for the ultimate Man Caves. In each episode of this awesome DIY Network series, Jason and The Goose create a man cave solely for one lucky guy, plus offer ideas and expert do-it-yourself instruction to help homeowners everywhere construct their own personal hangouts.

Season 14

6 Episodes

Brett and his new bride recently bought their first home but as soon as they moved in, Brett's wife immediately started decorating with flowers, pillows and scented candles. Brett's family business revolves around metal fabrication, so its only natural that this Man Cave reflect his family heritage. Man Caves is starting with a custom automated TV cabinet and if that's not cool enough, we are making custom shelves using steel pipe. To top it off we are building a custom bar that turns into a BED!
Mar 03 2016
Miko and his son are completely surrounded by women, between his wife, 5 daughters, 3 female dogs and even a female fish, Miko desperately needs a place where boys can be boys. He has made a career working in emergency services his whole life, so it makes sense that his main priority in life is making sure his family is safe. We are going to take that love of security and incorporate it into his Man Cave, so now Miko will be able to completely relax in his new space all while checking in on a number of surveillance cameras, just to reassure everything is okay. Add to that a custom recessed bar, a hidden in wall dispenser, a new vault door and Miko has a Cave that's safe, secure and ready for a party. Watch out evildoers, cause this Man Cave is not to be messed with.
Mar 03 2016
Donny was born and raised in Cork County Ireland but now he is proud to call the USA his home. After falling in love with a Jersey Girl he had his first daughter and if that wasn't enough they then adopted a son. When they first moved in to their new home they had grand ideas of turning their basement into a play area for the kids, but now instead of playing in the basement, the kids took over the whole house as their play area. Now Donny wants to reclaim the basement for himself. We started out by wrapping the room in custom wainscoting then added an authentic handmade barn door, a custom bar and a TV so Donny will have a place to watch all of his favorite Irish sports.
Oct 16 2015
On this special episode of Man Caves, the team is making the trip to Orlando, Florida to upgrade a Luxury Suite at the Amway center. Alex Martins is the CEO of the Orlando Magic and he wanted to give his fans a one of a kind experience when they come to the games. Not only are we bringing in all new furniture and a custom LED lighting scheme, but we are bringing in new tablets with the technology that will allow the fans to have everything they need right at their fingertips. Whether it's to order food and merchandise, check players' stats or maybe they just need to find the nearest restroom, they can do it all right from the comfort of their own seat.
Oct 16 2015
Mark has been married for 24 years and has 3 teenage kids who are always on the move. Between sports and all the social schedules, Mark rarely has time to himself to just sit back and relax. So Now Man Caves is teaming up with Direct TV to give Mark the Ultimate Direct TV Redzone Man Cave. With a full wet bar complete with a Bottoms Up beer dispenser, a custom refreshments stand, a pair of antique arcade games and a one of a kind, handmade Shuffleboard table, this Man Cave is going to make Mark feel like an MVP. When this Cave is done the only thing Mark has to worry about Is being blitzed by his kids and all their friends.
Sep 11 2015
Steve, Jennifer and their son Nolan absolutely love the outdoors. Whether they are out camping, fishing or just hanging out in the back chopping firewood, they can't get enough of the Outdoors lifestyle. The only problem is that whenever Steve comes in and out of the house he always tracks dirt through the basement. So Man Caves is coming in to give Steve and his Family an Indoor Outdoorsman Man Cave. The idea is to make half the room feel like you are outside while the other half feels like you are relaxing in a luxury fishing lodge. With all new log siding, a new custom bar, a hanging chair and all brand new flooring, Steve can feel like he is outdoors while he is in his own basement.
Sep 11 2015

Season 11

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Season 10

11 Episodes

Dec 14 2012
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Dojo Cave 10x06
Nov 02 2012
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DJ Cave 7x03
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Season 5

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Skybox 5x08
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Jun 18 2010

Season 4

13 Episodes

When legendary sports broadcaster Dan Patrick needed to transform his new studio into a state-of-the-art television and radio facility, he knew exactly who to call: Man Caves - the popular DIY Network series dedicated to creating the ultimate guys' sanctuaries. Hosts Tony "Goose" Siragusa and licensed contractor Jason Cameron traveled to Milford, Conn., to help Patrick renovate an old loft space into the ultimate "TV Studio Man Cave" for the launch of his new daily DIRECTV series, The Dan Patrick Show. Goose, Jason and the Man Caves crew customized Dan's studio to have a traditional look complete with reclaimed brick, New England wainscoting and two rooms: a main room with a kitchen and bar, and a fun area with a basketball court with scoreboard (emblazoned with a Dan Patrick logo), a golf simulator to help Dan improve his handicap, and an up-to-the minute sports ticker. Most important to any broadcaster is a way to show off the awards, so Jason and Tony created the first-ever man cave "Emmy Launcher". You'll have to tune in to see how it works.
Mar 26 2010
Glen Eilbacher is a family man who spends a lot of time on the road for work, and often finds himself in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Not so much a gambler, he still likes the look and feel of a Vegas sports book. Hosts Tony "Goose" Siragusa and Jason Cameron help him bring one to his New Jersey home. Will the Man Caves crew roll a snake eyes?
Mar 05 2010
The Kenilworth Police Department has a recreation center that is falling apart at the seams. It serves as a home for meetings, parties for friends and family, and break room for guys on patrol, but it lacks a distinctive personality. The Man Caves crew gives the PBA a much needed facelift.
Feb 26 2010
The tables have been turned on host Tony "Goose" Siragusa as he gets a man cave of his own for his restaurant, Tiffany's. The patio area is in dire need of a makeover, and what better team to come and soup it up than licensed contractor Jason Cameron and his Man Caves crew.
Feb 05 2010
Matt and Alecia Walton are both working actors who have traded in their busy city life for a quiet family life in the suburbs. Behind their house is a garage, with an attic full of junk and Matt's true passion- books. Matt is a huge fan of 60s decor and style, and that's exactly the style the Man Caves crew is going for in his 60s library man cave.
Jan 29 2010
Rick Osso has been collecting comic books and memorabilia his entire life and his collection is massive! Ever since he and wife Clori moved into their new home, his collection has been quarantined to his parents' basement. Now is the time for Rick to let his inner geek out and display his superhero colors by making the first Comic Book Man Cave!Rick Osso has been collecting comic books and memorabilia his entire life and his collection is massive. Ever since he and wife Clori moved into their new home, his collection has been quarantined to his parents' basement. Hosts Tony "Goose" Siragusa and licensed contractor Jason Cameron help Rick re-release his inner geek and display his superhero colors by making the first ever comic book man cave.
Jan 22 2010
The Aldredge's have spent the last few years renovating their house to reflect their love of the mountains of Colorado and Montana, but their basement remains in the same shape it was when they bought the house 10 years ago. Tony and Jason's mission on this Man Cave is to bring a splash of the rural west to Dave's basement.
Nov 24 2009
As a firefighter, Enrique Vazquez spends a lot of his days rescuing people and property from smoke and fire damage. He has been a life-long New York baseball fan, and wants to celebrate his pride by turning his basement into a Locker Room Cave!
Nov 17 2009
JP has a rich cultural heritage. His father is French, and his wife and mother are both Colombian so he is fluent in at least three languages. He would like nothing more than to come home at the end of a long day and retreat to a private Spanish grotto sanctuary, reminiscent of his father's Colombian cafe.
Nov 03 2009
Jon Courtney and his wife have just purchased their first home. The last owner decorated the basement area in hideous wood paneling, Jon's obsession with muscle cars stretches back to his childhood. He would love to be able to come home to a muscle car-themed movie theater and bar area.
Oct 19 2009
Jerry Thorpe is born and bred Boston is die hard when it comes to supporting his local teams, which can be a little awkward in New Jersey! For his own safety Jerry needs a Man Cave, so he can yell as loud as he wants without fear of getting a beer thrown at him.
Oct 13 2009
Guy DeSantis is a family man and a passionate biker with deep Harley-Davidson roots. His strong heritage and love for motorcycles led him halfway around the world as he joined a biker club located in the Italian town his family is from. Guy has no room in his home to work on his bike, and with the addition of his daughter Sophia, it got even harder for him to find a place to tune up. All hope is not lost, though; he has a three-season room out back that would make the perfect Harley Man Cave!
Oct 06 2009
As a special episode of the hit series Man Caves, DIY Network teams up with MLB Network for a special contest asking people Who Wants an MLB Man Cave? The winner, chosen by DIY Network and MLB Network, will receive a Man Cave that would make any baseball fan delirious. Joining Tony Siragusa and Jason Cameron's Man Cave build team will be MLB Network's Harold Reynolds and Mitch Williams, as well as some special MLB surprise guests.
Sep 29 2009

Season 3

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Season 1

15 Episodes

Babba Booey (Gary Dell'Abate) from the Howard Stern Radio Show helps Tony build the Man Cave.
Tony Siragusa renovates Artie Lange's (of the Howard Stern Radio Show) shoreside mansion.
Feb 27 2008
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