Man Finds Food

Ended Wednesday / 7:00pm Travel Channel 25 min.
In his new original Travel Channel series, Adam Richman crisscrosses the country on the ultimate quest to uncover unique, surprising and delicious hidden food treasures.

Season 2

17 Episodes

Adam seeks biker-approved secret eats at South Dakota's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, including a pop-up barbecue pit serving a secret sandwich, off-menu wild boar poppers in a Deadwood saloon,
Adam Richman looks for hidden eats in Ilulissat and Oqaatsut, Greenland, including off-menu reindeer schnitzel, fried rice that combines Thai and Greenlandic flavors and an off-the-grid
Iceland 2x15
Adam Richman seeks out off-menu dishes in Reykjavik, Iceland, including a holiday-inspired pizza with unusual toppings, a meatball sandwich at a laundromat and traditional Icelandic
Adam Richman travels to Manila to find the city's best off-menu dishes.
Sep 19 2016
Adam Richman is on the hunt for secret eats in Hong Kong, including a giant off-menu tomahawk steak at a hard-to-spot pub and wings at a speakeasy hidden inside a stamp shop.
Sep 19 2016
Adam Richman hunts for secret eats in Mexico City and finds a restaurant in an ancient cave.
Sep 12 2016
Adam Richman seeks out Singapore's secret eats, including chilli crab at a hard-to-find restaurant, chasiu at a speakeasy hidden beneath a ramen shop and a gourmet hot dog in a movie theater parking garage.
Sep 12 2016
Adam Richman samples the off-menu eats of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Sep 05 2016
Adam Richman seeks out secret eats in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, including satay found off the beaten path, a spicy burger with black buns and a nature hike that leads to the best grilled seafood in the city.
Sep 05 2016
Adam Richman's on the hunt for secret restaurants and off-menu dishes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, including a hidden bowl of pho, off-menu cashew smoked ribs, a secret soul music burger and a hidden garden restaurant in the middle of the city.
Aug 29 2016
Adam Richman finds secret eats in Warsaw, Poland, including a Polish spin on Neapolitan pizza, an off-menu version of a classic Polish street food, and a homestyle restaurant hidden inside an apartment building.
Aug 29 2016
Adam Richman seeks out the best off-menu eats in Cape Town, South Africa.
Aug 22 2016
Adam Richman travels to Rome to uncover the city's culinary secrets, including a unique take on Cacio e Pepe at a restaurant located in a castle-walled city and traditional porchetta in limited supply.
Aug 22 2016
Adam Richman finds secret eats at a speakeasy and a hidden restaurant in Moscow, Russia.
Aug 15 2016
Adam Richman finds off-menu Pad Thai and a floating food market in Bangkok, Thailand.
Aug 15 2016
Adam finds a speakeasy, a secret closed-door restaurant and off-menu steaks in Buenos Aires.
Aug 08 2016
Adam sleuths out London's tastiest secret eats, like a speakeasy disguised as a detective agency, a sundae that requires customers to dance, a limited supply barbecue sandwich and a restaurant hidden inside an antique market.
Aug 08 2016

Season 1

15 Episodes

Adam is in New York City to try a clandestine Cuban restaurant, secret short-rib sliders at a sweets shop, limited off-menu veal chops at a speakeasy steakhouse, and a popular Latin luncheonette hidden inside a loading dock.
Jun 24 2015
Adam is in Portland, OR, searching for a massive off-menu burger that features almost every animal; a secret mac-and-cheese dish with pastrami; and a legendary grilled-cheese restaurant that has its dining room in a school bus. The Fried Onion/The Moussa Grilled Cheese Grill/The Alyson Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen/Jeremy
Jun 17 2015
Adam's in Austin to expose secret restaurants and off-menu dishes in the heart of Texas. He finds a trendy hidden lounge nestled behind a bookcase in a hostel, a kitchen-sink burger and a decadent French toast breakfast sandwich.
Jun 10 2015
Adam is in Philadelphia, on the hunt for a wacky joint with a secret beer-filled burger; the ultimate chili-pie upgrade at a restaurant in an old bank; a hidden Mexican meatball sub; and an off-the-menu glazed, fried chicken at a doughnut shop.
Jun 03 2015
Adam begins his Wisconsin journey, very appropriately, hunting for the best in cheese. The crew pulls up to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart, a local market/restaurant hybrid that supplies more Wisconsin cheese than anywhere else in the world. It is here where those deemed worthy can make their own "Cheese Mart Sweep," an ever-changing off-menu grilled cheese creation composed of any combination of as many as five cheeses found in the market. With the expert help of the Mart's cheesemonger Kelley Cramer, Adam is able to select a tasty combination of morel and leek jack, three-alarm Colby jack, garlic cheddar, dunbarton blue, and bon-bree brick.
May 27 2015
Adam heads to Boston to discover the best off-menu dishes and restaurants in unlikely locations. He uncovers authentic Australian pies in an artful shipyard, an adults-only secret steakhouse and a lobster eatery in a house's garage.
May 20 2015
Adam is in Atlanta seeking out a secret burger with Southern charm, barbecue in a questionable location, an off-menu taco combining 2 comfort-food classics, and a restaurant in a warehouse with an exclusive in-the-know delicacy.
May 13 2015
Adam's in Nashville, TN, for off-menu deep-fried grilled cheese; a sweet ice cream soda science experiment that you can order only with a secret tweet; a hidden 3-cheese chili hot dog; and a sweet and spicy chicken-and-waffles creation.
May 06 2015
Adam is in New York City with some NFL players searching for secret Super Bowl snacks. He samples an Eagles cheesesteak in a pretzel roll, a Browns tater tot version of nachos, a Bears Italian beef sandwich and a Broncos carnival funnel cake. NEW YORK, NY Wogie’s/Pretzel Roll Philly Cheesesteak Little Town/Carnival-Style Funnel Cake Manny’s On Second/Polish Boy Totchos Overlook/Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich
Apr 29 2015
Adam is in New Orleans, where he reveals secret menu items, including a garlic knot/nachos hybrid that's "knot" on the menu of a New York pizzeria operated out of a renovated warehouse; a barbecue surf-and-turf po'boy; and redfish on the half shell. NEW ORLEANS, LA Parkway Bakery & Tavern/The BBQ Surf and Turf Po’Boy Pizza Delicious/Garlic Knot-chos Bayou Hot Wings/Pepper Jelly Wings McClure’s Barbecue/Smoked Redfish on the Half Shell
Apr 22 2015
Adam is in Oahu, HI, to find the best short ribs he's ever had, modestly served in a bowling alley; a New York/Hawaiian fusion pizza in an Irish pub in Chinatown; and a classic Hawaiian dish so off the menu that it was once deemed illegal. HONOLULU, HI Aiea Bowl/Braised Short Ribs The Pig & The Lady/The Mushroom Godzilla J.J. Dolan’s/The Drunken Duck Pizza Town/Pa’i’ai
Apr 15 2015
Adam's hunt for secret dishes leads him to the City by the Bay, where he tries an off-menu Hawaiian/Korean mash-up, a decadent burger/pate hangover cure, and Eggs McMahon, some down-home soul food served from a hidden curbside window. SAN FRANCISCO, CA Boxing Room/French Fry Po’Boy Namu Gaji/Loco Moco Little Skillet/Eggs McMahon Starbelly/Doc’s Way Burger
Apr 08 2015
Adam is in Las Vegas, where he explores a Chicago Mob-inspired speakeasy and its secret dish, which uses Al Capone's original marinara sauce; 2 crazy mash-up sandwiches; and a New York-style pizza joint hidden inside the Cosmopolitan casino. LAS VEGAS, NV Capo’s Italian Steakhouse/The Leftovers Park on Fremont/Lobster Slider The Pizzeria/Classic White Pizza Jamms Restaurant/Jamminator
Apr 08 2015
Adam Richman hunts down sly restaurants in Chicago. He discovers a “monster” mash-up sandwich that holds the entire menu in a roll, a true New Orleans po'boy at a hot dog joint, and Chicago's “king of gnocchi” in a hidden eatery located in a residential home. CHICAGO, IL Scofflaw/Guapichosa Phil’s Last Stand/Fried Shrimp Po-Boy A Tavola/Meat & Potatoes La Sirena Clandestina/Size Me Up
Apr 01 2015
Adam Richman goes to Los Angeles to find a spicy, off-menu burger at his favorite Thai joint. Then, he discovers an inside-out grilled cheese, a secret Mexican breakfast dish named after Godzilla, and a burrito that combines flavors from Peru, Korea and Mexico. LOS ANGELES, CA The Escondite/Godzilla Destroys Skidrokio Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese/The Inside Out Cha Cha Chili/Lomo Burrito Jitalda/Jazz Burger
Apr 01 2015