Man Seeking Woman

Ended Wednesday / 7:00pm FXX 30 min.
A naive romantic goes on a desperate quest for love when his longtime girlfriend dumps him.

Season 3

10 Episodes

Blood 3x10
Josh and Lucy get married.
Mar 08 2017
Cake 3x09
Josh lets Mike throw him a bachelor party and soon comes to regret it.
Mar 01 2017
Dolphin 3x08
When her mom becomes obsessed with Josh’s wedding, Liz seeks out her estranged father.
Feb 22 2017
Bagel 3x07
Josh tries to pull off the perfect proposal.
Feb 15 2017
An exciting flirtation causes Lucy to question her relationship with Josh.
Feb 08 2017
Shrimp 3x05
When Lucy’s career takes off, Josh fears being left behind.
Feb 01 2017
Popcorn 3x04
Lucy is horrified when Josh befriends her parents.
Jan 25 2017
Horse 3x03
Lucy attempts to forge a relationship with Josh’s best friend Mike.
Jan 18 2017
Ranch 3x02
Josh prepares Lucy to meet his mother.
Jan 11 2017
Futon 3x01
Josh and Lucy fall in love but struggle with their living situation.
Jan 04 2017

Season 2

10 Episodes

Balloon 2x10
Josh gets his chance to be with Rosa.
Mar 09 2016
Eel 2x09
Rosa wants her boyfriend to be exclusive.
Mar 02 2016
Fuse 2x08
Josh tries to convince Rosa that he’s over her.
Feb 24 2016
Cactus 2x07
Josh finally makes a move on Rosa.
Feb 17 2016
Honey 2x06
Josh tries to prove to Rosa that he’s a better option than her current boyfriend.
Feb 10 2016
Card 2x05
Josh struggles with a difficult career choice.
Feb 03 2016
Tinsel 2x04
Liz falls for an unavailable man.
Jan 27 2016
Scythe 2x03
Josh becomes desperate and decides to settle.
Jan 20 2016
Feather 2x02
Josh struggles to satisfy his girlfriend.
Jan 13 2016
Wings 2x01
Mike resents Josh for spending all his time with his new girlfriend.
Jan 06 2016

Season 1

10 Episodes

Scepter 1x10
Josh tries to get Maggie back.
Mar 18 2015
Teacup 1x09
Liz struggles to move on after getting dumped by Leo.
Mar 11 2015
Josh is convinced that he’s finally found his soul mate.
Mar 04 2015
Stain 1x07
Josh and Mike are invited to a destination wedding.
Feb 25 2015
Gavel 1x06
Josh finds a new girlfriend who's great for him.
Feb 18 2015
Sizzurp 1x05
A beautiful woman miraculously falls for Josh.
Feb 11 2015
Dram 1x04
Josh's family decides that it's the right time to pressure him into settling down.
Feb 04 2015
Pitbull 1x03
Josh and Mike have a wild night out.
Jan 28 2015
Traib 1x02
Josh's friends help him compose a text message.
Jan 21 2015
Lizard 1x01
A breakup has lasting effect in the opener of this series following a naive twentysomething's unrelenting quest for love.
Jan 14 2015