Man vs Weird

Ended Monday / 7:00pm Channel 4 60 min.
Comedian Simon Farnaby travels from Europe to the US and Asia, meeting people who possess or claim to possess extraordinary powers. Simon meets people who can apparently cut and burn themselves without feeling pain, as well as torture kings and Shaolin masters who can drill into their own skulls without injury. He also encounters human magnets and people claiming to be able to withstand massive electric shocks. And miracle makers who perform incredible feats using just the power of their minds, from healing to levitation. Having met all these gurus and miracle workers, can Simon make himself super-human too?

Season 1

4 Episodes

After travelling the world, Simon returns to the UK to enter the world of suburban psychics, mediums and the paranormal and goes on his first ever ghost hunt. He meets a man who claims he can dream the future; visits the headquarters of Ghost Spirit Investigators, who spend their nights recording spirit voices; and meets a psychic surgeon who claims to operate without even cutting the skin.
Jun 02 2014
Simon meets Indonesia's leading shaman, Ngurah Harta, who appears to cut him with a razor without injury. In Romania, Simon wants to know if renowned healer Zinaida can actually make him levitate. In Amsterdam, he submits to the stare of divine gazer Braco. He meets Goran the human fish in Croatia. And in LA, Master Zhou tells Simon that his healing energy is so strong it creates steam.
May 26 2014
Simon visits the Banten tribe in Indonesia and witness the tribe's sacred ritual as they cut and burn themselves without injury or pain. In China, he meets the performer Yang Guang He, who can pull a car along a street with just a rope attached to his eye sockets. In Los Angeles, Simon catches a performance by the legendary Zamora, 'Torture King', who pierces his body all over with sharp metal skewers. And Simon tracks down Hu Giong, the Shaolin master, they call the 'Unbreakable Monk'. Hu balances on lethally sharp spears and takes a drill to his skull, without injury. He even teaches Simon some of his super-strength tricks. Has Simon really found a true superhero?
May 19 2014
Simon meets several people who claim to be able to control nature's most powerful forces. His journey starts in rural Croatia, where he meets internet child sensation Ivan, a nine-year-old boy who many claim has magnetic powers. Simon watches Ivan suspend an 18 kilo weight on his chest. In Georgia Simon meets Etibar the 'Magnetic king', who sticks 44 spoons to his body. In a village outside Belgrade Simon meets a man who claims he can store electricity in his body and withstand massive electric shocks. Simon also explores telekinesis. And in a grand hotel in Budapest, he meets magnetic legend Laszlo Harasztosi. Can Laszlo pass on his superhuman powers to Simon?
May 12 2014