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Married is a half hour comedy about being miserably in love. Russ and Lina Bowman can barely remember what was like before kids, debt, and suburbia rained on their romance -- but every once in a while, in between the arguments about their declining sex life and who's driving carpool, they are reminded what drew them together in the first place -- they're best friends. The show also features Russ and Lina's friend AJ who is recently divorced and pretending he's over his wife, and their other friend Jess who is married to a much older man who can't keep up with her.

Season 2

13 Episodes

Russ and his assistant start to get too close; Lina and AJ work together on a children's play about the dangers of addiction.
Oct 01 2015
Russ and Lina bump into Russ's old flame at a gymnastics meet.
Oct 01 2015
AJ ropes Russ into working on a children's book; Lina butts heads with Abby's ex.
Sep 24 2015
1997 2x10
Russ and Lina get nostalgic when they go back to their old school and carry on like they used to.
Sep 17 2015
Russ and Lina try to figure out who gets the kids if they die.
Sep 10 2015
Lina bails on her Mother's Day brunch.
Sep 03 2015
Lina helps Russ manage his relationship with his mother.
Aug 27 2015
Murder! 2x06
Lina and Russ play hooky from work to investigate the man living in their guest house.
Aug 20 2015
Pimps 2x05
Russ and Lina go to extreme lengths for a family vacation.
Aug 13 2015
Russ and AJ have a big night out. Lina tries to be the cool mom.
Aug 06 2015
Russ and Lina go out on separate dates.
Jul 30 2015
Lina and Russ let the wrong friends host her 40th birthday party.
Jul 23 2015
Russ and Lina have an unexpected Thanksgiving, while Jess and AJ pretend they don't know each other.
Jul 16 2015

Season 1

10 Episodes

When Russ, Lina and Jess visit AJ at rehab, everyone's issues come to a head.
Sep 18 2014
Russ & Jess take an unwilling AJ to rehab.
Sep 11 2014
Russ & Lina have a date night in their old neighborhood. AJ and Bernie take a detour on the way to a gentlemen's club.
Sep 04 2014
AJ & Lina encourage Russ to consider a shady real estate deal. Jess's boss puts her in an uncompromising position.
Aug 28 2014
Russ's refusal to have his semen tested results in an unexpected climax.
Aug 21 2014
Russ and Lina get roped into an awkward playdate. Jess helps AJ get rid of an unwanted houseguest.
Aug 14 2014
Uncool 1x04
An overdue orthodontist bill forces Russ and Lina to be uncool.
Aug 07 2014
Russ and Lina go on a romantic getaway. Jess gets in trouble for sexting her neighbor.
Jul 31 2014
AJ and Jess hijack Russ and Lina's night out.
Jul 24 2014
Pilot 1x01
Russ develops an inappropriate relationship with a waxing technician.
Jul 17 2014