Masters of Science Fiction

Ended Saturday / 7:00pm ABC (US) US 45 min.
A series adapting science-fiction stories by well-known authors into 60 minute episodes, introduced by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. Stories filmed included those of science fiction authors Robert Heinlein & Robert Sheckley, historical novelist Howard Fast and mystery novelist Walter Mosley

Season 1

6 Episodes

Set in the future, we are introduced to courtrooms without human judges or juries, and automated justice is the law of the land.
Nov 29 2007
In the not too distant future, Watchbird robots, previously used as unmanned weapons for the military, are assigned to aid police forces in a small number of test cities. Their task is to prevent killing before it happens. However, soon everyone discovers the fragile formula of life and death.
Nov 22 2007
A group of people are sentenced to drift in space forever so they take one final chance at returning back to Earth.
Aug 25 2007
This futuristic episode revolves around the seventh richest couple in the world. Their lives take a turn when they acquire an anthropoid named Jerry.
Aug 18 2007
In war torn Baghdad, U.S. soldiers discover a mysterious casualty which they can't identify as human.
Aug 11 2007
Set in a post-Apocalyptic future, psychiatrist Dr. Deanna Evans interrogates a confused man who is suffering from a lapse in memory.
Aug 04 2007