Michael and Michael Have Issues

Ended Wednesday / 7:00pm Comedy Central US 25 min.
Best friends and collaborators for over 20 years, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter finally have their own TV show. There's just one problem: they are their own worst enemies. Sketches will be interspersed throughout the narrative thread of each episode. Behind-the-scenes of the show-within-a-show, viewers will get a first hand look at issues, both big (in an attempt to broaden their appeal, the guys turn their show into a frat house spectacle) and small (the two Michaels fight over the approval of a teenage intern writing an article about them for his high school newspaper) that the two misguided stars wrestle with as they confront their own issues of insecurity and jealousy as each attempts to undermine the other.

Season 1

7 Episodes

Frogbox 1x07
Michael and Michael agree to appear on a rival sketch comedy show.
Aug 26 2009
Michael Ian Black agrees to let Michael Showalter stay with him, but quickly regrets the decision.
Aug 19 2009
College 1x05
Michael and Michael get a gig performing at a college.
Aug 12 2009
Michael Ian Black decides to slack off and leave Michael Showalter to have to do all the work.
Aug 05 2009
Michael and Michael cause problems in the office when they try to create some romance by playing cupid.
Jul 29 2009
The Michaels try to buy Biederman some pot for his birthday. Sketches: King's Gift, Weatherman.
Jul 22 2009
Jealousies flare when Black and Showalter battle for their intern's admiration. Sketches: Teenage Abstinence.
Jul 15 2009