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Morten, a political thriller on treason, power and seduction, tells the story of Morten Mathijsen, an ambitious and multi talented politician with a past that can damage his reputation. Peter Paul Muller is Morten in this series, based on the books with the same title by Anna Levander, pseudonym of journalist Dominique van der Heyde and writer Annet de Jong. Jean van de Velde and Barbara Jurgens adapted the story for this series, which is also directed by Van de Velde.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Morten 1x08
May 26 2019
Kelly 1x07
Death has not only invaded Morten's private life, but is now also in danger of breaking his political career if the experiment with the Drion suicide pill gets out of hand. Marijn knows how to give a truthful twist to the truth about this and rises in Morten's face. An unexpected phone call confuses Mo Limam's family life.
May 19 2019
Esther 1x06
Morten Mathijsen is energetic as a new cabinet formator and involves Mo Limam in his grand plans, but Mo has his own problems at home. Marijn is increasingly penetrating the inner circle of Morten and is being trusted by Esther. On the day of the presentation of the first Mathijsen cabinet, Marijn and Evelien collide.
May 12 2019
Otto 1x05
The day of the election has arrived and it is not just all or nothing for Morten Mathijsen, but also for his extortionist. Mortens wife Esther realizes that she is the weak link next to Morten and is considering a drastic decision. Marijn has to find a certain Otto de Kooning from Evelien and comes to a shocking discovery with far-reaching consequences.
May 05 2019
Tilda 1x04
On the eve of the election, Morten Mathijsen wants to get rid of his alleged blackmailer and ventures into the lion's den. Also leader and number one of the party Tilda Adema must submit to Mortens urge to validate. Marijn Flanders comes to the rescue of Morten when the need is high.
Apr 28 2019
Eva 1x03
Marijn Flanders receives an order from Evelien Bax to look for the author of the Maison Neuf manuscript: Eva Laurillard, and comes to a shocking discovery about her own past. The blackmailer of Morten Mathijsen appears to possess a different weapon, which means that not only the relationship with Evelien Bax is at risk, but also with his wife Esther.
Apr 21 2019
Marijn 1x02
Kelly de Nooijer decides on the basis of the remains of the manuscript to seriously investigate the death of her father in villa Maison Neuf and stumbles upon a wall of unwillingness. Kelly infiltrate in Morten's life under the name Marijn Flanders. Morten Mathijsen creates a political furore but after every public performance, he is confronted with increasingly compelling messages from a blackmailer.
Apr 14 2019
Evelien 1x01
Morten Mathijsen has a beautiful wife, three daughters, a succesful carrier and a bright future as politician. Helped by an unexpected meeting with old class mate Evelien Bax, Morten Mathijsen grasps the opportunity to profile himself as candidate prime minister. The discovery of a unpublished manuscript in the basement of a publisher gets the young cleaner Kelly de Nooijer on the trace of a traumatic incident from the past.
Apr 07 2019