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Four girls are summoned to become the legendary heroes known as the Mysticons. They will undertake a quest to find the Codex.

Season 2

20 Episodes

Sep 15 2018
Sep 08 2018
Sep 01 2018
Aug 25 2018
Aug 18 2018
Aug 11 2018
Aug 04 2018
Zarya's addiction to video games turn catastrophic when a spell suddenly traps her inside her own phone.
May 19 2018
The Mysticons encounter an infant dragon and decide to protect it, but Arkayna and Zarya have different ideas as to what protecting such a creature would really mean.
May 19 2018
Emerald's overprotective mother comes for a surprise visit, but has no idea that her daughter is the legendary Mysticon Knight. As Emerald and Citrine have a mother-daughter outing, Arkayna, Zarya and Piper try to deal with a maleficent eclipse that strengthens dark creatures and send into a vicious frenzy. While Emerald shows her mother around Drake City, Arkayna, Zarya and Piper try to keep her from witnessing anything evil and dangerous, which proves a difficult task, especially with the eclipse looming nearer.
May 12 2018
May 05 2018
Apr 28 2018
Apr 21 2018
Feb 24 2018
Arkayna and Zarya go in search of an ancient and mighty weapon to stop Necrafa and the Spectral Dragon before the entire realm of Gemina is no more. Meanwhile, Emerald and Piper try to fend them off, with the aid of Nova Terron and his fellow Astromancers, without Proxima who is still deeply hurt and dejected upon discovering that she will forever be the "lowly orphan mage".
Feb 17 2018
Queen Necrafa herself infiltrates the Astromancer Academy and captures Proxima. With the youngest royal twin now in her hands, the Queen of the Undead intends to use her in order to put her master plan into action. With the immpending annihilation of Gemina close at hand, the Mysticons and Astromancers formulate a plan to rescue Proxima before the egg starts to partially spawn the almighty, destructive Spectral Dragon.
Feb 10 2018
Fed up with having to constantly save the entire realm of Gemina as Mysticon Striker, an overwhelmed and stressful Piper wishes upon a gold coin that reverses all of time to before she, Zarya, Emerald, and Princess Arkayna were chosen as the second generation of legendary Mysticons.
Feb 03 2018
The Mysticons are hired by the leader of the boys' band Gnomes to Men from an obsessive fan girl who possesses unusually strong sound/vocal abilities.
Jan 27 2018
Arkayna defies the Astromancers and heads off alone in the hope of finally meeting her long-lost twin. She is surprised when she suddenly aided in her mission by the powerful yet mysterious Proxima. During their journey, the two gradually begin to warm up towards each other. Meanwhile, Necrafa discovers the true identity and whereabouts of the lost Princess of Gemina.
Jan 20 2018
The Mysticons turn Zarya into a baby to infiltrate a fairy orphanage to discover the whereabouts of Arkayna's fraternal twin sister from its owners.
Jan 13 2018

Season 1

20 Episodes

Dec 24 2017
The Mysticons follow Tazma back to Queen Necrafa's portal in a race to retrieve the completed Codex from the realm of darkness, only to reunite with an old foe, Dreadbane.
Dec 17 2017
Em's first date with Kasey is rudely interrupted when Kasey is kidnapped by the evil pirate Captain Kaos; the Mysticons set off on a swashbuckling adventure to rescue Kasey, while Kaos wants revenge on Kitty and Zarya, who marooned him years ago.
Dec 10 2017
Em gets frustrated with Arkayna bossing her around, but instead of voicing her anger, Em bottles it up using a service called Vex-Away; when a canister breaks, the condensed anger spills out into the city, infecting all the citizens with rage.
Dec 03 2017
The Mysticons race Necrafa to find two powerful gems; Gawayne has the gems, and plans to give them his girlfriend; the Astromancers have declared the Mysticons outlaws.
Nov 19 2017
The Mysticons dive under the sea to retrieve the statues of Arkayna's parents, and are attacked by a cute, little mermaid; she brings them to mermaid Queen Truefin, who has Arkayna's parents, but is using them as a sacrifice to a terrible kraken.
Nov 12 2017
While Arkayna searches for her parents in the ocean, Zarya is in charge, and Necrafa attacks; the Mysticons must battle Necrafa while the Astromancers raise a protective dome, but Necrafa plans to use Drake City's best defense against its citizens.
Nov 05 2017
Just when Arkayna has a chance to save her parents, Nova Terron orders her to destroy the Dragon Disk; the Mysticons conspire to save the Queen and King using the Disk, but with the Astromancers Tazma, and Kymraw chasing them, time is running out.
Oct 29 2017
Dreadbane bombards Drake City with meteors, demanding that the Mysticons hand over their pieces of the Codex; the Mysticons must team up with Kitty Boone and her sky pirates to infiltrate Dreadbane's fortress and save the day.
Oct 22 2017
Piper wants a pet for her birthday, but when the Mysticons get her a gumlump she finds out that she is in way over her head.
Oct 15 2017
After Zarya gets hit by one of Tazma's spells, the Mysticons have to seek out Malvaron's aunt to help break the curse.
Oct 08 2017
The Mysticons must pull off the heist of their lives when they break into the Astromancer's palace to use their magic forge.
Sep 24 2017
The Mysticons try to track down Zarya and convince her to rejoin the team.
Sep 17 2017
The Mysticons meet Zarya's childhood friend and sky pirate, Kitty Boon.
Sep 10 2017
The Mysticons travel to Em's hometown, a dwarf mining town under attack by Dreadbane.
Sep 03 2017
Zarya's temper gets her into trouble when she uses her Mysticon powers to settle a personal score.
Sep 01 2017
Piper gets fed up with being treated like a child, but when Kymraw shows up at the Magi Mall, Piper must save the day.
Aug 31 2017
Gawayne invites everyone in the kingdom except Arkayna to celebrate his coronation.
Aug 30 2017
The new Mysticons get called to Astromancer Island to begin their training.
Aug 29 2017
The legendary Dragon Disk brings together four girls and bestows upon them magical powers.
Aug 28 2017