Next Stop for Charlie

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Charlie Murray is on one hell of a vacation. Financed by his aunt, Charlie plays private eye as he tracks his M.I.A. cousin Eric across six continents and multiple countries. Turns out Eric is on a quest to attend all of the world's biggest parties, and Charlie is taken along for the ride of his life. From Brussels to Bangkok, the Outback to Osaka, travel with Charlie as he is variously whipped, stripped, and double back-flipped in this outrageous globetrotting comedy, starring and directed by Neil Mandt.

Season 2

9 Episodes

Israel 2x09
In the Season 2 finale, Erik and Charlie make their way to Israel to meet Erik's lost love.
Jan 24 2013
Jamaica 2x08
Charlie and Erik are marooned in Jamaica.
Jan 17 2013
After Ukrainian mobsters force Charlie and Erik to board a ship out of town, they wash up on the shores of Venezuela.
Jan 10 2013
Ukraine 2x06
Upon arriving in Ukraine, Charlie and Erik find a local to take them to the statue in Erik's photo.
Jan 03 2013
Moldova 2x05
Charlie and Erik get tossed off a bus in Moldova for not having the right tickets, so needing work, they take jobs at a company that deals in mail-order brides.
Dec 27 2012
Romania 2x04
A day-and-a-half layover in Romania allows Charlie and Erik to do some sightseeing.
Dec 20 2012
Korea 2x03
Erik discovers that his dream girl might actually be pregnant with his child, so he heads for a rendezvous at a bar in South Korea.
Dec 13 2012
In Japan, Charlie catches up with his cousin Erik, who is sporting an eye patch and remembers very little of what has transpired in the last six months.
Dec 06 2012
Lebanon 2x01
In the Season 2 premiere, Charlie escapes a Lebanese prison after serving six months for a crime he didn't commit. Getting out of the country poses a different set of problems.
Nov 29 2012

Season 1

10 Episodes

Turkey 1x10
In the Season 1 finale, Erik and Charlie plan to travel to Turkey together, where they'll talk turkey and hopefully settle some issues.
Jan 06 2011
Morocco 1x09
In Morocco, Erik misleads Charlie on a number of misadventures.
Dec 30 2010
Denmark 1x08
The chase leads to Copenhagen, where Charlie comes close to finding his quarry.
Dec 23 2010
Brazil 1x07
Charlie heads to Brazil, and he and Eric hook up in Rio de Janeiro, where they carouse with women, booze it up and get involved in a case of mistaken identity.
Dec 16 2010
Charlie heads to Australia but misses his connection in Brisbane and winds up tracking Erik via a difficult trek through the Outback
Dec 09 2010
Charlie chases Erik to a remote island in the Philippines where, apparently, broadcasting in a foreign language is a no-no.
Dec 02 2010
Japan 1x04
Charlie trails Erik to Osaka, Japan.
Nov 25 2010
Erik is tracked to Thailand.
Nov 18 2010
Belgium 1x02
Charlie tracks Erik to Belgium, where he doesn't find his cousin, but does indulge in some Brussels beer and bumps into some Bommels, people dressed in very large, bizarre costumes who enjoy banging into one another.
Nov 11 2010
Peripatetic traveler Charlie Murray (Neil Mandt) tries to track down his globe-trotting cousin Erik and bring him home in this comedy series. In the first episode, Charlie's aunt fronts him the cash to begin his search for Erik, who dropped out of med school and took his tuition money to undertake a quest to see the world.
Nov 04 2010