Not Going Out

Continuing Monday / 7:00pm BBC One 30 min.
Not Going Out reveals the many childish antics of witty smart aleck Lee among his friends and family in and around London.

Season 11

5 Episodes

War 11x05
A family visit to the World War Two war graves in Normandy unearths a piece of family history that is best left buried.
Feb 05 2021
When Lee joins Facebook for the first time and makes contact with an ex-girlfriend from twenty years ago, Lucy is less than pleased.
Jan 29 2021
Carol 11x03
When Lee's feckless dad, Frank, announces his engagement, Lee cannot believe that any woman would want to marry him and sets out to find out exactly what is wrong with her.
Jan 22 2021
Pub Quiz 11x02
To celebrate their anniversary, Lee and Lucy plan a friendly night of quizzing with Toby and Anna in their local pub, but the evening is derailed when neither couple can bear to lose to their partners and the foursome splits into rival teams.
Jan 15 2021
Social niceties are stretched to snapping point when Lee and Lucy take in a package for their neighbour and inadvertently discover that it contains an embarrassing object that Lee now has to return. That proves to be easier said than done.
Jan 08 2021

Season 10

7 Episodes

Builder 10x07
Lucy takes the kids away to her parents while Lee stays in the house to oversee the building work in their kitchen. Unfortunately, the builder Lee has employed to do the job has an annoyingly relaxed attitude to deadlines.
May 27 2019
Unable to convince Lucy that he didn’t smash Lucy’s precious heirloom, a blue and white antique vase that belonged to her grandmother, Lee summons the family to a meeting to flush out the culprit.
May 20 2019
Memory 10x05
Lee decides to gatecrash Lucy's favourite television programme and watch it with her. Lucy is not best pleased especially when Lee can't remember the name of the leading actor
May 13 2019
Schooling 10x04
When Charlie’s school gets a bad Ofsted rating, Geoffrey and Wendy offer to pay to send Charlie to Private School, which presents Lee and Lucy with a moral dilemma.
May 06 2019
Lee is outraged that the twins have started sex education at school and resolves to teach them everything he knows about the facts of life before Miss Anstis corrupts them.
Apr 29 2019
Can Lee and Lucy’s friendship with Toby and Anna survive a long weekend in a damp cottage in the New Forest?
Apr 22 2019
Parachute 10x01
Toby organises a sponsored parachute jump to raise money for a Children’s Ward in his hospital. Supportively, Lee, Lucy, Anna and the grandparents all agree to take part, but once airborne will everyone pluck up the courage to jump?
Apr 15 2019

Season 9

7 Episodes

Bust Up 9x07
Encouraged by Anna, Lucy considers whether a breast augmentation is for her.
Apr 19 2018
Lee and Lucy object to the school lollipop man handing out lollipops to the kids.
Apr 12 2018
When Lee and Lucy cancel dinner with Toby and Anna at the last moment it opens up a can of worms.
Apr 05 2018
Pets 9x04
To teach the children to be more responsible Lee and Lucy get a family pet.
Mar 29 2018
Stolen 9x03
A missing toy keyring causes a rift between Lee and Lucy and best friends, Toby and Anna.
Mar 22 2018
As a surprise for Lee's birthday, Lucy invites the whole family to join them in an escape room.
Mar 15 2018
Lucy's father reluctantly allows Lee to help Lucy clear up the builder's mess in their new kitchen extension.
Mar 08 2018

Season 8

7 Episodes

Enough 8x07
Lee and Lucy’s discussion about whether they should have another child descends into psychological warfare.
Mar 03 2017
If Lee and Lucy’s marriage wasn’t in trouble before they go to Marriage Counselling, it is by the time they leave.
Feb 24 2017
Charlie 8x05
Lee is worried that Charlie is getting a reputation at school for being the class clown.
Feb 17 2017
Hot Tub 8x04
Lee and Lucy play Hot Tub Fantasy Date with Anna and Toby, and end up in hot water.
Feb 10 2017
Car 8x03
Lee's hopes for a stress-free ferry trip to France with Lucy and the children are dashed when they don't leave enough time for the car journey.
Feb 03 2017
Reluctantly Lucy allows Lee’s father, Frank, to babysit and then wishes she hadn’t.
Jan 20 2017
Romance 8x01
After seven years of marriage, Lee and Lucy disagree about the best way to keep the romance alive.
Jan 13 2017

Season 7

10 Episodes

After being pressured by Frank, Lee gets drunk on the night before his and Lucy's wedding, which causes serious problems for Lee and Frank, along with Lucy's father, Geoffrey, after the police find that the ring that belongs to Geoffrey is actually stolen. Will the three of them make it to the church on time for Lee and Lucy's wedding day?
Dec 24 2014
Lucy 7x09
Lee spends time in the bar with Toby worrying that the woman of his dreams is drifting further away.
Dec 19 2014
Plane 7x08
Flying off on a summer holiday, Lucy and Daisy endure the worst flight of their lives when Lee gets a bad case of the jitters on the plane.
Dec 12 2014
No matter what happens, Lucy's surprise party for her parents' anniversary must remain a secret or it won't be a surprise. So why she tells Lee about it is anyone's guess.
Dec 05 2014
Alcohol 7x06
Frank's drinking becomes a problem and forces Lee and Lucy to reassess the living arrangements in the flat.
Nov 28 2014
In an attempt to impress Lucy with his intellectual prowess, Lee joins Daisy as a contestant on the TV quiz show Pointless.
Nov 21 2014
Anna 7x04
Lucy aspires to be friends with her posh new neighbours Toby and Anna, but she hasn't reckoned on Lee dragging her back down to earth.
Nov 07 2014
Donor 7x03
When Lucy decides it is time to have a baby, she is surprised to find the whole family taking a personal interest in the conception.
Oct 31 2014
Lee's big mouth has got him and Lucy invited to a christening party thrown by new neighbours Toby and Anna, and now they have no time to find the perfect present for the baby who has everything.
Oct 24 2014
Mugging 7x01
When Lucy has her handbag stolen from right under Lee's nose, he feels the need to prove his manliness over and over and over again.
Oct 17 2014

Season 6

8 Episodes

Boat 6x08
Lee spends a long weekend on his a boat with Lucy, even though she is terrified of water.
May 31 2013
Magic 6x07
When Lucy's god-daughter is suddenly dumped on her the night before the girl's birthday party, Lucy and Lee have to come up with an appropriate entertainment for fourteen nine-year-olds.
May 24 2013
Play 6x06
Lee is forced to fight for Lucy's attention when her first love reappears on the scene.
May 17 2013
Rachel 6x05
Lee decides that the best way to get Lucy to notice him is to make her jealous. Now all he has to do is find himself a girlfriend.
May 10 2013
Lee does what he has to do to stop Lucy from flirting with the male delegates at a three-day annual trade conference in order to get herself work.
May 03 2013
Therapy 6x03
Lee takes advantage of Lucy's new-found skills as a relationship counsellor to patch things up with his father.
Apr 19 2013
Skiing 6x02
On a holiday to Eastern Europe, Lee, Daisy and Lucy become stuck on a cable car.
Apr 12 2013
Rabbit 6x01
Lucy accidentally runs over a pet rabbit belonging to the daughter of an important client.
Apr 05 2013

Season 5

6 Episodes

Drunk 5x06
After Lucy suffers a mild indiscretion whilst drunk and claims to have no memory of the event, she and Lee embark on an experiment with a bottle of home-made potato hooch to prove once and for all that you can remember what happens when you're mashed.
May 18 2012
Lucy finds herself working on a Government initiative encouraging men to regularly check themselves for lumps. Eager to please Lucy, Lee follows the campaign's advice and discovers something he wasn't expecting.
May 11 2012
Running 5x04
To impress Lucy, Lee starts training for a 10 kilometre Fun Run only to injure himself immediately. In an effort to hide the injury from Lucy, he gets himself a secret sports massage, but this just leads to more trouble.
May 04 2012
Camping 5x03
In a desperate bid to prove his manliness, Lee joins Tim, Daisy and Lucy on a camping weekend in the middle of a dark spooky forest.
Apr 27 2012
Dads 5x02
Lee's lazy weekend is wrecked when his scrounging father turns up unexpectedly. Having just come out of hospital he needs somewhere to stay for the weekend. Will Lee take on the demanding role of carer?
Apr 20 2012
Band 5x01
When Tim joins a band at work and Lucy falls for the lead guitarist, Lee becomes jealous, and decides that if he can't beat them he should join them.
Apr 13 2012

Season 4

6 Episodes

Lee dreams of a perfect life with Lucy, but can the reality ever match up?
Feb 10 2011
When an old lady wanders into Lucy's flat and makes herself at home on the sofa, Lee doesn't know what to do with her.
Feb 03 2011
Dancing 4x04
Lucy and Tim are distraught. Their parents' 30 year marriage is at an end and their father has moved out of the family home - and into Lee's bedroom.
Jan 27 2011
Movie 4x03
Lee promises to stop treating Lucy's flat as if he owns it - but not before he has hired it out to a film director.
Jan 20 2011
Debbie 4x02
Lee's past catches up with him when a young woman appears on his doorstep and asks for a cup of sugar.
Jan 13 2011
Drugs 4x01
After a night spent out clubbing, Tim returns to the flat wearing the wrong coat, and convinces Lee to help him return it to its owner.
Jan 06 2011

Season 3

8 Episodes

Lee's father turns up at the flat unannounced. This is the man who walked out of the family home when Lee was four, never paid his maintenance and ate Lee's goldfish. Lee wants him out of the flat but Lucy tells him that the only way forward is to forgive and forget. Unfortunately, Lee's dad's behaviour makes this virtually impossible for Lee to achieve.
Jul 24 2009
Lee is shocked when he finds out that Lucy is thinking about getting married to Pavlov so that he will be able to remain in the country. As Lee attempts to get her to change her mind her family and other friends think that Pavlov is perfect for her.
Mar 20 2009
Speech 3x06
Lucy is stressed. She has an important speech to make at a Recruitment Conference and nobody to help her write it. Lee sees an opportunity to impress her and offers his services but at the expense of Tim, who also thinks he's the best man for the job. What starts off as a small job now turns into a competition between Tim and Lee to not only see who can come up with the wittiest lines but also to establish which of them Lucy likes best.
Mar 06 2009
Lucy isn't happy with the noise a new neighbour is making. She asks both Lee and Tim to talk to him but both are scared too. Tim decides to take up boxing so that he will have more courage. Lee ends up going to confront the man.
Feb 27 2009
Party 3x04
Lee and Tim decide to try and throw Lucy a 30th birthday party but they both have different ideas. Lee is not happy when Lucy shows up at the party with a man and decides to try and get rid of him.
Feb 20 2009
Amy 3x03
Lee and Tim ask a lesbian couple who have moved into the building over for dinner. They are shocked when Lucy discovers a side of herself that she never knew existed.
Feb 13 2009
Winner 3x02
Lee wins a £1000 after winning an essay writing competition. A journalist shows up to interview Lee but expects him to be disabled after reading his story.
Feb 06 2009
Lee is shocked when Lucy announces that she is pregnant and he wonders if he could accidentally be the baby's father.
Jan 30 2009

Season 2

8 Episodes

Lucy and Tim's parents Geoffrey and Wendy invite themselves to the apartment for Christmas, and Lucy persuades Barbara to work on Christmas Day to help out. On Christmas Day, Tim brings his girlfriend Daisy. Lee buys a murder mystery game, which they all then dress up and play. However, the game ends abruptly when Tim and Geoffrey argue. Lee then manages to talk Geoffrey round and they finish the game.
Dec 21 2007
Lee thinks that Guy is a gangster and gets suspicious when a suspect package is delivered to Guy. However, there appears to be an innocent reason and Guy goes to take Lucy on holiday to Sicily. However, at the airport Guy asks Lucy to marry him but she turns him down saying he is too controlling, and Guy goes to Sicily on his own and Lucy says their relationship is over.
Oct 19 2007
Dating 2x06
As Lucy and Guy's relationship intensifies, Lee starts to ponder his lack of a girlfriend and, encouraged by Barbara, tries speed dating. Tim is forced to go on a disastrous date with Barbara in order to prove that he sees her as more than 'the help'.
Oct 12 2007
Art 2x05
In an effort to appear as intellectual as Lucy's friends, Lee shows off his 'knowledge' of the art world - holding forth on the subject of an unknown artist, who his cleaner Barbara has told him is the next big thing. When Lucy takes the advice and invests a fortune in the artist's work, Lee is left trying to prevent her from finding out the artist is actually a nobody.
Oct 05 2007
Baby 2x04
When Guy's daughter Chloe gets appendicitis, Lee and Tim are left looking after her son Dillon while Guy and Lucy visit her. While in their care, Dillon swallows a subbuteo football and Lee and Tim have problems locating it, and try to think of ways to get it out of his body. However, it later turns out Dillon did not swallow it after all. Lucy is worried about the age gap between her and Guy.
Sep 28 2007
Lucy and Guy are going out with each other, and Guy has practically moved in. This annoys Lee who thinks Guy is too old for her. Lee soon discovers that Guy owns a lap dancing club. While at the club, Lee and Tim see Rose (Thaila Zucchi), a librarian that Tim has been seeing, and discover she is a lapdancer. Tim later dumps her, but then changes his mind. However, Rose refuses to get back together. Meanwhile, Lucy dumps Guy but they soon get back together but agree to take their relationship more slowly.
Sep 21 2007
Gay 2x02
Lucy persuades Lee to pretend to be gay after she lies to a business acquaintance Guy, who she was told is gay himself, by telling him she lives with a gay flatmate to prove she is not homophobic. However, Guy soon starts to get suspicious and tests Lee's sexuality by taking him to a gay bar. Later, Guy overhears Lee saying to Tim, who had started to think Lee was gay, that he is not gay. When Lucy then explains to Guy what happened, he reveals he is not gay and he and Lucy kiss.
Sep 14 2007
With Kate having gone back to America, Tim tells Lee he is going to sell the flat, and hires a cleaner called Barbara to clean it. Lee attempts to get a mortgage so he can buy it. In the meantime however he puts off all the potential buyers, until Lucy, who unbeknown to Lee is Tim's sister, arrives saying she will rent the spare room when Lee buys it. Lucy soon decides she wants to buy it herself, and both offer to buy it from Tim. Tim decides to sell it to Lee, however, he cannot get a mortgage so Lucy buys it. On Tim's wishes, she rents out the spare room to Lee.
Sep 07 2007

Season 1

6 Episodes

Lee finally manages to get a job, as a caretaker. But taking up the new post involves moving out of the flat. Kate interviews potential new flatmates including Pete, and Tim sees an opportunity to get back together with Kate. Lee's new boss proves to be a hard taskmaster. So, will Lee stick at the job or throw in the towel and move back in with Kate?
Nov 10 2006
Kid 1x05
Kate and Lee are forced to take in a lodger, a surly 14-year-old boy called Nicky. Lee's attempts to bond with the teenager prove less than successful, while Tim and Nicky discover they have quite a lot in common. Meanwhile, Kate tries to persuade a carnivorous Great Dane to become a vegetarian with unfortunate results.
Nov 03 2006
Stress 1x04
Lee starts teaching Kate to drive. His (or her) lack of success seems to stress him out and Kate notices. She persuades him to try some yoga and given his track record he doesn't take it seriously. He is banished to have acupuncture while Tim tries his hand at teaching Kate how to drive. He does surprisingly well until Lee admits that he's taking tranquillizers during an increasingly speed fuelled drive in the countryside. Big question...will she pass?
Oct 26 2006
Aussie 1x03
Ruth, an Australian friend of Kate's, comes to stay and Lee is persuaded to pretend to be Tim. Lee gets a job handing out leaflets at a shopping centre, but soon falls foul of a local youth.
Oct 20 2006
Death 1x02
Tim's 94-year-old grandmother dies. Kate accuses Lee of not being in touch with his emotions when he fails to tell her. As penance he sees an expensive psychotherapist, who gets a bit too close to the truth. Tim, flirts with Kate, less than successfully, while she comforts him at his grandmother's funeral.
Oct 13 2006
Serious 1x01
Kate tries clown classes after unsuccessfully getting Lee to go to them. You couldn't really call her own attempts a success. To repay Kate Lee goes on a date with Lucy Moss, an author whose book, about her turbulent life, was published by Kate's company. It's a less than happy event, as Lee proves less than great at being serious. With Lee out of the way Tim tries to make things up with Kate.
Oct 06 2006