Opposite Worlds

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm Syfy 60 min.
The Syfy channel enters into a reality competition with a live social media interaction where people at home can affect the results of the players' decisions and their fate. The 14 people will compete in team challenges to determine whether they live in a futuristic or past part of a uniquely created house. The two parts are divided by a glass wall, enabling each team to watch in envy or dread of the other team's decisions or troubles.

Season 1

12 Episodes

Feb 26 2014
End 1x11
Feb 25 2014
Feb 19 2014
Feb 18 2014
Feb 12 2014
Life 1x07
Feb 11 2014
Feb 05 2014
Time 1x05
Feb 04 2014
Jan 29 2014
Worlds 1x03
Jan 28 2014
The viewers' choice for Decider is revealed, and then that player gets to pick which two combatants take part in the first Duel of Destiny.
Jan 22 2014
The series premiere of a reality competition that pits the past against the future and gives viewers the chance to control the fate of the contestants who, in the opener, are divided, with a glass wall between them, into two teams based on primitive and space-age worlds.
Jan 21 2014