Paranormal 911

Continuing Monday / 7:00pm Travel Channel 60 min.
Victims and emergency responders give first-hand accounts of paranormal encounters.

Season 2

11 Episodes

A corrections officer is overwhelmed by a dark energy at a 200-year-old prison, and paramedics rush to the aid of a man who claims he's been cursed by black magic.
Jun 27 2020
A prison guard is attacked by an invisible assailant, a rookie police officer answers a phantom phone call from an abandoned nursing home and an EMT is stalked by an angry spirit.
Jun 20 2020
An EMT encounters aggressive spirits in a building that once housed an animal testing lab, a paramedic and his partner enter a house of horrors and a police officer investigates sinister paranormal activity at his own station.
Jun 13 2020
A paramedic is haunted by the restless spirit of a dead Army officer, and a security guard encounters a demonic presence while investigating an abandoned hospital ward.
Jun 06 2020
A firefighter encounters a terrifying apparition at the scene of a house fire, a police officer witnesses a ghostly priest administer last rites to a critically injured child and a security guard hunts for an invisible intruder inside a remote warehouse.
May 30 2020
An EMT has a close encounter with the spirit of a car crash victim, a shadowy entity stalks a police officer and her partner while they investigate an abandoned home and a paramedic witnesses a patient's horrific transformation.
May 23 2020
A rookie EMT gets an unwanted guest, a haunting lullaby lures firefighters inside a burning building and a paramedic encounters a ghostly figure on a remote road.
May 16 2020
A dark entity attacks a security guard in the basement of a nursing home, an EMT has a chilling encounter with a dying man and a paramedic hears ghostly children playing in an old barn.
May 09 2020
Campus police uncover disturbing evidence of dark Satanic rituals in an abandoned dorm, and the ghost of a teenage car accident victim follows a firefighter home.
May 02 2020
A firefighter answers a call for help at a house of evil, police chase down the terrifying specter of a dead doctor and an officer is surrounded by a strange fog and shadowy figures while investigating an abandoned car.
Apr 25 2020
A police officer encounters a terrifying entity while investigating a home invasion, a tortured apparition wreaks havoc on a top-secret government site and paramedics are brutally attacked by an unseen force at an asylum.
Apr 18 2020

Season 1

13 Episodes

A security guard hears ghostly whispers while investigating a break-in at a former hospital; a firefighter unknowingly summons an evil entity while playing around with a spirit board.
May 20 2019
Police officers face a paranormal nightmare when they respond to a 911 call from a distressed homeowner; Firefighters experience ghostly phenomena at an amusement park.
May 20 2019
A first responder questions his sanity after he sees the ghost of a young accident victim in his home; A police officer encounters a dark entity that may be the cause of multiple fatalities on a notoriously dangerous stretch of highway known as the Coffin Corridor.
May 13 2019
A paramedic witnesses the demonic possession of a young girl; a police officer encounters shadow people while investigating an attempted robbery; an EMT is horrified when a ghost hitches a ride in her ambulance.
May 06 2019
A prison guard witnesses a terrifying encounter between an inmate and her dead brother; a paramedic is confronted by the ghost of an elderly patient's past; a state trooper comes face to face with a remorseful spirit.
Apr 29 2019
A paramedic is spooked by a ghostly wind inside a closet, two kindly spirits help a firefighter locate a missing car crash victim on Christmas Eve and a bomb threat leads to a series of chilling events in a mall.
Apr 22 2019
An officer investigates a mysterious disturbance at a family gathering, a dark presence hitches a ride in a police car after a shooting and a paramedic hears a ghostly argument while answering a call at a recently diseased woman's home.
Apr 15 2019
The ghost of a young girl follows a police officer home from the scene of an accident, a spirit plays tricks on a deputy at an Alabama mansion and a paramedic is shocked to see the apparition of a bride and groom walking down the aisle of a church.
Apr 08 2019
A Homeland Security officer is left shaken by an encounter with an otherworldly intruder inside an empty government building, a mysterious soldier saves a hospital corpsman's life during a hurricane and paramedics respond to a ghostly 911 call.
Apr 01 2019
A correctional officer witnesses the Grim Reaper collect the soul of a dead prisoner, the ghost of teenage girl attaches herself to the EMT who tried to save her and an elderly man is saved by his recently deceased wife.
Mar 25 2019
An EMT responds to a call in a home that contains a creepy collection of mannequins, a first responder questions her sanity after hearing the voice of a dead woman and a police officer comes face-to-face with an attic ghost.
Mar 18 2019
A police officer chases a ghostly intruder around a nursing home, a father's spirit watches out for his baby from the other side after a deadly car crash and a first responder receives an extremely cold slap in the face from an unseen entity.
Mar 11 2019
A dark entity follows a paramedic home from the scene of a suicide, a first responder hears a ghostly scream during an emergency call and a paramedic has a terrifying encounter with the Grim Reaper in the morgue of an old boarded-up hospital.
Mar 04 2019