Paranormal Emergency

Continuing Monday / 7:00pm Travel Channel 60 min.
Police officers, paramedics and other first responders reveal their true encounters with the paranormal while on duty. Not only do these cases defy explanation, they terrify even the most seasoned of men and women who have devoted their lives to serve and protect the living.

Season 1

10 Episodes

A campus policeman is lured into a building by the vengeful ghost of a murdered student, a UFO chases down two deputies and an officer encounters a deceitful spirit inside a courthouse.
Nov 11 2019
A police chief must save his community from an ominous entity called the Tall Man, a deputy confronts a forgotten spirit in an old prison and officers come face-to-face with an urban legend.
Sep 30 2019
A deputy comes to the aid of two teenage girls being targeted by a menacing creature, rangers investigate a haunted office building and an EMT has a ghostly encounter at the scene of a horrific crash.
Sep 23 2019
An EMT gets a ghostly surprise after a deadly shootout, officers encounter a convict with supernatural powers and a coroner discovers the dead aren't always at rest.
Sep 16 2019
Two officers witness the beginning of a monstrous legend. a patrolling officer comes face to face with the ghost of a Civil War soldier and helicopter pilots try to outrun a UFO.
Sep 09 2019
Disembodied cries lead first responders to a deadly crash, police officers help an elderly woman who claims she is being tormented by unearthly voices and ghostly children taunt firefighters in an abandoned mansion.
Sep 02 2019
The restless dead call out to a police officer, a mysterious light is spotted in the sky during a night patrol and a rookie comes face-to-face with a legendary spirit.
Aug 26 2019
Paramedics feel an evil presence in an elderly woman's home, a police officer helps a man being stalked by Bigfoot and an officer investigates strange sounds in a woman's basement.
Aug 19 2019
A Chicago cop confronts an evil entity in a bar, a rookie officer patrols the haunted floor of courthouse and paramedics aid a man possessed by a demon.
Aug 12 2019
An officer discovers a demon lurking around an abandoned factory, a paramedic is trapped inside a speeding ambulance with a poltergeist and a mysterious entity protects an officer during a shootout.
Aug 05 2019