Paranormal Survivor

Continuing Monday / 7:00pm Travel Channel 60 min.
Do you believe in ghosts, poltergeists and demons? PARANORMAL SURVIVOR will take you through terrifying real-life encounters with the supernatural. Hear from those who’ve faced these feared spirits - and watch dramatic recreations that lure people back to the scenes of these harrowing confrontations.

Season 5

10 Episodes

A monster stalks and attacks Frank Miller, a couple become the victims of paranormal activity that turns dangerously violent, and Holly Buffington is terrorized by the ghost of her ex-husband who refuses to rest in peace.
Jun 11 2019
Paranormal activity in Lisa Blakely's home puts her son in danger's way, a shadowy figure terrorizes a young boy, and Micky Bailey falls victim to an evil spirit intent on inflicting harm.
Jun 11 2019
Josie Haas is horrified to discover that the evil spirit of a bootlegger has followed her home, and Felicia Sills unleashes something terrifying when she unearths a Civil War era ring.
Jun 04 2019
Chris Houston is haunted by an evil ghost boy, a farmhouse is cursed by the presence of dark entities, and something dangerously demonic lurks in Bonnie Shukofksy's home.
May 31 2019
Missie Hornbeck is tormented by terrifying apparitions, a teenager is horribly attacked by a demonic beast, and Rocky Primiani experiences frightening encounters with the afterlife.
May 24 2019
Carly Hall is haunted by evil spirits from her nightmares, a couple are attacked by a demon in their dreams, and Ivan Latendresse is by ghosts that implore him to hurt others and take his own life.
May 17 2019
A young couple fear their 5 month old baby is the target of an evil spirit, Deanna Dunkle is attacked by dark shadows lurking in her home, and John Stewart is horrified when paranormal investigators reveal that a shadowy ghost wants to kill him.
May 10 2019
Lee Bailey's home turns from strange to scary as a pair of ghosts torment his family, James Creechbaum unwittingly becomes a beacon for lost spirits, and a shadowy monster violently attacks a mother desperate to protect her children.
May 03 2019
Monica shares her experiences being stalked by the Grim Reaper; Brittany shares her experiences of torment; a mother and her two daughters share their experiences with an evil lizard-man.
Apr 26 2019
Julie purchases a farmhouse and claims it’s haunted by an evil slave runner; a couple shares their story of a ghost targeting their son; the story of a fixer-upper haunting.
Apr 19 2019

Season 4

10 Episodes

Survivors reveal their stories of mistakenly interacting with the dead.
May 11 2018
A man reveals a painful reminder from the time he antagonized a negative entity, something dangerously demonic lurks in a woman's closet and a woman is terrorized by a demon that visits her dreams.
May 04 2018
Witnesses tell stories of being tormented by ghosts in their homes.
Apr 27 2018
Survivors with burials near their homes reveal their experiences.
Apr 20 2018
Survivors tell stories of jailhouse ghosts and spirits protecting a secret.
Apr 13 2018
Survivors reveal their harrowing experiences with supernatural animals.
Apr 06 2018
Witnesses tell stories of horrific attacks and a stalking spirit.
Mar 30 2018
Survivors share stories of being possessed by evil paranormal entities.
Mar 23 2018
Survivors share their experiences of being physically attacked by entities.
Mar 16 2018
Witnesses share stories of paranormal experiences surrounding their homes.
Mar 09 2018

Season 3

10 Episodes

A blended family in Illinois have their house taken over by ghosts; a woman’s childhood home is so infested by spirits that her parents are forced to abandon it; & a spirit returns to his old stomping grounds to try to terrify the new occupants away.
Aug 08 2017
A couple begins to witness spine chilling apparitions in their apartment while a young woman has terrifying recurring dreams that tragically come true.
Aug 01 2017
A 16-year-old girl is left scratched and shaken after being physically attacked by a malevolent spirit and a teen only makes matters worse when he uses a spirit board to try to contact the entity behind the paranormal activity in his family’s home.
Jul 25 2017
Sydney Drew and his wife see spirits in their home, but when their son is born the activity changes for the worse; a family moves in with a whole host of terrifying spirits; and apparitions plague another family but one of them is troubling.
Jul 18 2017
Shon Winegardner discovers why he got such a good deal on the mansion he just bought; a family uncovers a spooky basement room; and when a couple finds hidden items in their home they had no idea that spirits were attached to them.
Jul 11 2017
An evil spirit tells Dawn Whitehair to get out of her new home; Chris Page is plagued by a jealous ghost who wants him all to herself; and an entity tormenting a family possess the medium they brought in to help to convey a chilling message.
Jun 27 2017
Kristine McKee’s new home is haunted by a poltergeist that gets physical with her son; a friend’s past live comes back to haunt Danielle Low with potentially life threatening results; and a woman is left bruised when a paranormal entity attacks.
Jun 20 2017
Allison Gilson’s son is tormented by a terrifying creature with 1000 teeth; a young boy makes an imaginary friend but discovers it's not the only entity lurking in their new home and a ghost uses a boy to get to his mother.
Jun 13 2017
A couple accidentally invites spirits into their home when they decorate their nursery, Julie Stuart falls in love with an antique dresser that turns out to be haunted and a couple opens the door for a dangerous spirit with a shocking identity.
Jun 06 2017
Wayne Mallows gets way more than he bargained for when he buys a haunted B&B; a family’s dream home turns into a nightmare for their teenage son and Linda Bogert buys the historic home of her dreams only to be attacked and possessed by evil entities.
May 30 2017

Season 2

10 Episodes

Deana Rotondo is tormented by the ghost of a predatory man, a couple make a shocking discovery in their dining room and Beth Shaw is stalked by something, or someone, hiding in her garage.
Feb 26 2016
A young woman is possessed by a demonic entity, a boutique falls under the spell of a spirit and something evil tries to take over Kate Kirkpatrick’s home.
Feb 19 2016
Michael Wordon’s house is haunted by a tragic event that occurred decades ago, the spirit of a woman searching for her family has deadly results and the ghost of a murdered woman scares a young couple from their home.
Feb 12 2016
A woman’s late mother returns to make her life a living hell and the spirit of a long dead aunt is determined to keep her former home for herself.
Feb 05 2016
An angry spirit torments a young boy in the worst night of his life, while an extremely unwelcome guest crashes a teen’s birthday party.
Jan 29 2016
A teenager’s obsession with the ghost of a young girl almost proves fatal, a Civil War veteran drives one family to the edge of destruction and Heidi Linden is taken over by a mysterious force.
Jan 22 2016
TJ Swick’s dreams are invaded by the spirit world with life changing consequences, a teen is targeted with demonic messages and a childhood friend returns from the other side to save Robert Salvas’s life.
Jan 15 2016
Seika Groves gets more than she bargained for when she brings home an antique washstand, an evil spirit attaches itself to all those it encounters and Tammy Dean accidentally summons demonic beings into her home.
Jan 08 2016
A tattoo shop is plagued by the ghost of an evil criminal, Tammy Northcutt’s mother-in-law returns from beyond the grave and Michael Vara’s life is put in danger by a malevolent spirit.
Jan 01 2016
After taking over an old farm Al Kelchener is assaulted by the spirits of the former owners, Ed White is tormented by a demon for over 20 years and Kristen Whitesell is attacked by the ghost of someone close to her.
Jan 01 2016

Season 1

10 Episodes

Three former skeptics of the occult became believers when they experienced firsthand proof of an unworldly plane. Unable to deny the evidence, all became convinced of the existence of ghosts.
Mar 20 2015
Exploring stories in which multiple people experienced the same supernatural event.
Mar 13 2015
Frightening messages from the spirit world in which the entity has an evil intent.
Mar 07 2015
The tales of a trio of deceased soldiers who returned to convey messages to the living.
Feb 21 2015
Exploring the different methods people use to try to communicate with spirits, and a look at how they're unprepared when the spirits respond.
Feb 21 2015
Three people encounter spirits intent on reclaiming their space, at any cost to the humans who have intruded.
Feb 14 2015
The difficulty of knowing whether a spirit is an evil entity or a protective ghost.
Feb 07 2015
A woman learns her son can see spirits and soon realizes he has been possessed by one.
Jan 31 2015
Members of the public, discover that it is never a good idea to invite ghosts into your life.
Jan 24 2015
Entities possess an old photograph, a motorbike and even a vintage car, opening up a world of confusion and terror for the owners.
Jan 17 2015