Paranormal Witness

Ended Wednesday / 10:00pm Syfy 60 min.
From Raw TV, the acclaimed creative team behind "Locked Up Abroad" and "Gold Rush Alaska", this tense, filmic and high-octane drama-documentary series brings to life the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. Using the mixture of intimate first-hand testimony and grittily realistic drama that Raw TV is known for, "Paranormal Witness" will transport the audience into a world turned upside down by extraordinary and terrifying events. "Paranormal Witness" is produced by Raw TV. Executive producers: Dimitri Doganis and Bart Layton.

Season 5

13 Episodes

Stacey Hayes manages an abandoned hospital's renovation and witnesses alarming paranormal events; the investigators she calls for help then get trapped and attacked by the forces.
Oct 26 2016
A couple camping in the desert see lights in the night sky and figures descending to Earth, and unlock the truth of their alien abduction with hypnotism.
Oct 19 2016
Guest after guest flees an old Victorian mansion hotel in the middle of the night, forcing the owners to confront its terrifying history before a local bride's fairytale wedding is ruined by a ghostly watchman.
Oct 12 2016
Detention officer Jay Yates works the night shift at the infamous Estrella Jail, where a sinister spirit is driving both inmates and officers to insanity and death.
Oct 05 2016
Wolf-like creatures stalk the Bilstein family at their desolate Texas ranch with a horrifying history.
Sep 28 2016
The Pit 5x08
When a woman rents out the dilapidated guesthouse of her new home after covering up bullet holes and a mysterious hole in the floorboards, strange events start to occur.
Sep 21 2016
The Pracht family encounters 19th-century murderer Stephen Richards in their new home in the plains of Nebraska.
Sep 14 2016
A young couple on a sightseeing trip to Point Pleasant enters an old munitions bunker and unwittingly awakens the infamous Mothman - a harbinger of doom that follows them home and subjects them to a reign of terror.
Sep 07 2016
Zozo 5x05
A war veteran takes a new job in Lawton, Okla., but the fresh start that he and his brothers decide to make together turns nightmarish when a malignant demon known as the Zozo enters the picture.
Aug 31 2016
A loving Christian family are shocked to discover that their eldest son has entered into a deadly contract with the devil, which is why a mysterious and evil "Tall Man" is stalking their home.
Aug 24 2016
Life turns hellish for three young girls from a Hispanic family after they break the rules when playing with a Ouija board.
Aug 17 2016
Three young college students recall moving into a rental property in a rundown Savannah neighborhood and coming face-to-face with the ghost of a demented crack fiend.
Aug 10 2016
Author Harper Lee once traveled to Alabama to research an enigmatic preacher accused of murder, and writer Jenny Scott follows in her footsteps.
Aug 03 2016

Season 4

13 Episodes

In the Season 4 finale, a couple feel blessed to move into a home that once belonged to their daughter's great-grandmother. That is, until they come to fear that another deceased relative wants them gone.
Nov 18 2015
The story of eight Marines who were sent to guard an ancient and much fought-over outpost in Afghanistan, where they claim they faced a ghostly enemy.
Nov 11 2015
Three brokenhearted women renting an old house together seek a fresh start, but instead get what they believe is a supernatural tormentor who is preaching about hell and brimstone.
Nov 04 2015
The parents of five girls claim that malevolent forces terrorized them physically and even put a life-threatening curse on the family, which resulted in a near-fatal incident.
Oct 28 2015
A woman suspects that something evil is hiding behind a boarded-up fireplace in her apartment in Washington, Mo., which she once thought of as a sanctuary, but now fears is haunted by a witch.
Oct 21 2015
A stroke victim and her family seek a fresh start in a new country home, but instead end up fighting for their lives and sanity when they encounter what they believe to be a band of terrifying Native American spirits.
Oct 14 2015
A family's dream "forever" home turns into a nightmare when they discover satanic symbols carved into the floorboards and start to believe that a dark, terrifying demon is after one of their souls.
Oct 07 2015
A family are fearful of what they describe as a darkness that lurks beneath the inky water of a pond at the back of their property.
Sep 30 2015
A woman who is consumed by guilt over her grandfather's death believes he is haunting her and her family.
Sep 23 2015
A family claim they are being torn apart by a life-size doll, which they fear is possessed and after their 6-year-old daughter's soul.
Sep 16 2015
A Pennsylvania politician finds himself doing battle with the ghost of a murderous doctor that haunts his home, and also an ancient pagan god that the doctor once worshipped.
Sep 09 2015
Three female college students claim that they are being terrorized by a demon woman hell-bent on tearing their lives apart.
Sep 02 2015
In the Season 4 premiere, the owners of an abandoned motel are pushed to the brink of evil.
Aug 26 2015

Season 3

20 Episodes

Several senior American airmen, including a lieutenant colonel, describe seeing what they believe were UFOs near a nuclear weapons base in Suffolk, England, in the third-season finale.
Nov 27 2013
The story of a senior exorcist who was trained at the Vatican in Rome.
Nov 20 2013
A young family claim that they were terrorized by a malevolent spirit masquerading as a child.
Nov 13 2013
Bill Vaile, a former NASA engineer comes face to face with the paranormal.
Nov 06 2013
The story of a coven of witches who supposedly trapped people in a Southern plantation house that's now allegedly haunted.
Oct 02 2013
A family believe they are being haunted by a homicidal foster father and a sister trying to prove she's innocent of murdering her brother.
Sep 25 2013
The story of a psychic detective who helped track down a serial killer in New Jersey.
Sep 18 2013
An academic and his wife buy a Southern home only to learn that a jilted socialite committed suicide there and is now believed to haunt the house.
Sep 11 2013
The story of a property developer who turned an old lakeside mansion into apartments unaware that the home was once used as a refuge for tuberculosis sufferers in the 1920s.
Aug 28 2013
A ghostly mayor from the Wild West battles a mother and her daughters.
Aug 21 2013
An innocent man is haunted by the face of the saint of the criminal underworld.
Aug 14 2013
Five werewolves hold a family hostage in their own home.
Aug 07 2013
A family who moves into a home in a small southern town experience activity caused by a malevolent entity named "The Bad Man" who in life was a child molester.
Jul 31 2013
A newly built home in California becomes a hotbed of paranormal activity, the spirits in question turn out to be the victims of Charles Manson and his cult.
Jul 24 2013
Medical professionals from different hospitals in the U.S. reveal their alleged encounters with ghosts.
Jul 17 2013
A devout Baptist family from Indiana's alleged battle with demonic forces is recalled.
Jul 10 2013
The owners of a restaurant in El Paso are convinced that during renovations to the place they inadvertently opened a portal to the spirit world
Jun 26 2013
Three brothers share their experience of reuniting on a family farm and the disturbing memories they each encountered from their childhood.
Jun 19 2013
A couple with no children feel like they are being haunted by the son they never had.
Jun 12 2013
Season 3 begins with the story of a firefighter's widow who feared for the safety of her daughters after unknowingly purchasing a home that once belonged to devil worshipers.
Jun 05 2013

Season 2

12 Episodes

The story of newlyweds in Chicago who come to believe their home is haunted and uncover disturbing information about the former occupants.
Oct 24 2012
A group of hikers recount their encounter in the Hollywood Hills with a veiled lady wearing a white dress. Also: a California family believes their old farm cottage is protected by something otherworldly.
Oct 17 2012
A creature with 14 inch feet is tracked to a cabin in the woods of London, Ohio; and in North Carolina, a man claims to see an apparition of a red haired girl running across his backyard.
Oct 10 2012
The story of an alleged alien abduction is told by the people who were involved.
Oct 03 2012
A family fears their Indianapolis mansion is haunted by the serial killer who previously resided there.
Sep 26 2012
A family learns that their new Connecticut home was once a funeral parlor, and soon strange incidents occur within its walls.
Sep 19 2012
A single mom has troubling nightmares after moving into an apartment complex in California.
Sep 12 2012
The ghost of a Victorian era mother may be haunting the home of newlyweds.
Sep 05 2012
The origins of a Dybbuk Box, which is said to contain a malevolent spirit, is investigated by its owner after it supposedly created havoc in the lives of two previous owners.
Aug 29 2012
Recounting strange phenomena at Salt Lake City's Capitol Theatre
Aug 22 2012
A family's scary experiences in a Brooklyn townhouse are detailed
Aug 15 2012
A young mother must protect her children from the unruly spirit that's haunting her house.
Aug 08 2012

Season 1

6 Episodes

In 1983, a Monroe County Prison convict allowed out of jail to attend his grandfather's funeral finds himself the victim of demonic possession giving him the power to make it rain indoors.
Oct 12 2011
A night of UFO sightings in Trumbull County, Ohio, is documented on police radio recordings; a malevolent spirit summoned via a Ouija board terrorizes a young family.
Oct 05 2011
Sep 28 2011
A family is confronted by a vicious poltergeist in their new California home; a former deputy sheriff's encounter with a mysterious beast in the wilderness of Oregon is detailed.
Sep 21 2011
A mysterious disappearance on a California road leads one family to make a ghostly sighting.
Sep 14 2011
A 5-year-old girl in Baltimore befriends an invisible girl named Emily, a seemingly harmless playmate who becomes malevolent toward the girl's family, and a mother and daughter encounter a mysterious girl in Florida in the debut of the documentary series exploring personal accounts of paranormal experiences.
Sep 07 2011