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Oakland police officer Rebecca "Rebel" Cole has always excelled by playing by the rules. She has always known that she must be better and smarter on the job because she is both black and female. After her brother is slain by police, Rebel soon becomes disillusioned with the system and become a private investigator and a champion for her community. Caught between family loyalty and the fraternity in blue, Rebel's actions set in motion a cause-and-effect crisis that can't be undone.

Season 1

10 Episodes

Just Us 1x10
May 30 2017
Just Us 1x09
May 23 2017
May 16 2017
May 09 2017
May 02 2017
Apr 25 2017
Apr 18 2017
Rebel and TJ team up to help a female Army vet from Iraq who is homeless and on the run for her life.
Apr 11 2017
Rebel sets out to disprove the police department's claim about Malik and discovers something she never knew about her brother and one of the cops involved in his death.
Apr 04 2017
Pilot 1x01
A renegade cop finds her true passion in private investigation after the convoluted death of her brother while she was on duty.
Mar 28 2017