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"Ridiculousness" features Rob Dyrdek's unique take on some of today's funniest amateur viral videos and builds them into episodes of edgy, funny and timeless television. Each episode features Rob's unique style and infectious energy as he breaks down amusing web clips by putting them in segments such as "Redneck Good Times," "Worst Case Scenario," "Ridiculousness in Training," "Pogo Stuck," "Hot Mess," "What Happened Last Night," and many more. Featuring commentary from co-hosts Sterling "Steelo" Brim, Chanel "West Coast" (the rapping receptionist from "Fantasy Factory") and complete with a studio audience, the series will also include appearances by some of Rob's closest friends. It's sure to be a ridiculous season!

Season 10

30 Episodes

Rob, Steelo and Chanel are joined by actor Matt Shively to experience some “Paranormal-ish Activity,” do some “Attempted Man S**t” and meet some animals that are “Milk Ready.”
Jan 26 2018
Rob, Chanel and Steelo welcome Big Freedia to get it shaking with “Azz Everywhere,” get drunk and dangerous with “Gin Victims” and find out what it means to be “Here to Slay.”
Jan 26 2018
Rob, Steelo and Chanel are joined by country musician Wheeler Walker, Jr. to discuss his “Banned Mates,” analyze grooming techniques in “Muff Maintenance” and explore the embarrassment of “Premature Releases.”
Jan 19 2018
On a special episode, Rob, Steelo and Chanel celebrate the world of NASCAR, with a salute to “Pass Masters,” an introduction to “NASCAR Exits” and a look at what happens when people get “Pavemental.”
Jan 19 2018
The 80's are back with Rockdiculousness! Steel Panther joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling to fire up the "Flame Fuel," grab some "Community Property" and tempt death with "Livin' On A Prayer."
Jan 12 2018
On an special episode dedicated to the world of weed, Rob, Steelo and Chanel check out some “Animals In Pants,” explore what it’s like to have “Bong Brain” and ask themselves the question “Am I High?”
Jan 12 2018
It’s “Red, White and Bluediculousness” as Rob, Chanel and Sterling salute the troops with some “Basic Basic Training,” take to the sky with “Flyin’ and Winnin’” and get extra patriotic with “For Country.”
Jan 05 2018
Rob, Steelo and Chanel explore the fidget spinner sensation in “Spin City,” diagnose party injuries known as “Funcussions” and examine the exact moment when people develop “Trust Issues.”
Jan 05 2018
Dec 29 2017
Rapper Waka Flocka Flame joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling to consider hiring some "Qualified Rollers," marvel at people who use "No Hands" and laugh at "Craptical Jokers."
Dec 29 2017
Lakers shooting guard Jordan Clarkson joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to throw down some "Jammies," check out the "Tongue Cam" and experience some water pain in the category "Gettin’ Laked."
Dec 22 2017
Singer/songwriter/producer Mike Posner joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to take "Too Many Pills," explore some "Bromantic Bonds" and learn about "White Girl Problems."
Dec 22 2017
Rob, Steelo and Chanel get dodge ball damaged in "Rubber Stamped," become masters of disguise with "Blenders" and get too honest dropping "Truth Bombs."
Dec 15 2017
On a special episode, Rob, Sterling and Chanel get down with the bros as they view the world in "Bro-motion," learn what it means to be "Bro-proof" and study the special bro bond "In Bro We Trust."
Dec 08 2017
On a special episode dedicated to the smart people who make our world a better place, Rob, Steelo and Chanel take a look at some lesser-known "Nerdachievements" and the dark side of science, with "Trial and Terror."
Dec 08 2017
Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and actress Christina Milian joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to be amazed by some "Superhumans," give some restaurants an "F-Rating" and be terrorized by some "Feather Sharks."
Dec 08 2017
Rob, Steelo and Chanel celebrate incredible women with "Super She-Roes," pay homage to mothers in "Mommin' Ain't Easy" and explore the fabled women’s restroom in "Legends of the Stall."
Dec 01 2017
Mark Cuban joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to discuss future investments in the "Mark Tank," try to solve the "Cuban Bathroom Crisis" and explore the "Dangers of Dunking."
Dec 01 2017
On a special episode dedicated to the greatest form of precipitation, Rob, Steelo and Chanel pay a visit to the "Cul-de-Slopes," watch some "Ice Carpades," and find evidence of the elusive "Snow Scorpions."
Dec 01 2017
Rob, Steelo and Chanel celebrate the holiday season by fighting through "Black and Blue Friday," "Gettin’ Ugly" with Christmas sweaters and spinning some "Human Dreidels."
Dec 01 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo get to the bottom of fake news with "Video or Didn't Happen," describe the joy that is a "Crowdgasm" and see what happens when you take too much melatonin and go "Melatonic."
Sep 22 2017
"Stranger Things" actor Gaten Matarazzo joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo for a terrifying special episode as they witness "Pure Terror," get a "Taste of the Grave" and try to avoid the "Demogorgons."
Sep 22 2017
G-Eazy 10x08
Rob, Steelo and Chanel are joined by rapper G-Eazy to learn the "Dangers of Alone Time," get a taste of the riches in "The Almost Good Life" and experience the heartbreak of being "Served a Curve."
Sep 15 2017
Rob, Steelo and Chanel celebrate the next generation by drinking some "Go Go Juice," getting caught up in "Tiny Tornados" and joining "Tyke Club."
Sep 15 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo attend some "Bro Burials," hang with a crew of "Lil' Trunkies" and teach us a new trend called "Speed Bumping."
Sep 08 2017
Hip-hop producer and hit maker DJ Mustard joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to put "Mustard On Everything," suffer through a "Cold Summer" and celebrate the greatest "Hey Makers" of all time.
Sep 08 2017
Hip-hop and R&B singer Ty Dolla $ign joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to check out some "Side Shows," do a little "Neck Prep" and find the hottest "Porta-Parties."
Sep 08 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo witness "World War Bee," diagnose a medical condition known as "Backflip Block" and avoid stray tires in "The Wheel World."
Sep 01 2017
21 Savage 10x02
Rapper 21 Savage joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to go into "Savage Mode," update the dictionary with "Word Birthers" and prove you never know when a random object "Issa Weapon."
Sep 01 2017
On a very special awards show episode of Ridiculousness, Rob, Steelo and Chanel give out Ridicky Awards such as "The Biggest Dick," "The Freedom Falcon" and "The Grand Slam" to the stars of some of the greatest clips from the last 10 seasons.
Sep 01 2017

Season 9

30 Episodes

On a special episode of Major Key-diculousness, DJ Khaled teaches Rob, Chanel and Sterling how to be "Grateful," how to avoid "They" and how to get "Lost at Ski."
Jun 22 2017
Rapper Post Malone joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to ball with some "Really White Iversons," get messy with the category "Saucin’ on You" and show off some "Knuckle Tats."
Jun 22 2017
Rapper Big Baby D.R.A.M. joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to get into some "Bad Brocolli," learn how to speak "Unclish" and fend off a few "Urban Predators."
Jun 22 2017
Rob, Chanel and Sterling are joined by none other than Rob’s dad, Gene Dyrdek who teaches the gang about "The Power of Magnets," that it’s "Never Too Late" and the mysterious "Grey Gunners."
Jun 15 2017
Radio and TV star Charlamagne Tha God joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to "Put Some Respeck on My Name," call out the "Donkeys of the Day" and realize some people are just "Dildo Dumb."
Jun 15 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate summer vacation by getting "Sand Blasted," take a trip to "Painland" and party with "The Bang Gang."
Jun 15 2017
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo swap places as Chanel teaches that "Cute Kills," Steelo warns about "Death Carts" and Rob shows how people get down with "PPP."
Jun 08 2017
Reality star Tami Roman joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to talk about her extreme case of "Ratnaphobia," what it means to be "Street Dumb," and about living with "Butt Regret."
Jun 08 2017
Things get grosser than ever when Rob, Chanel and Steelo check out some talented "Ass Masters," avoid the "Boogie Knights" and discover the disgusting side of "Mother Birding."
May 12 2017
Rapper Young M.A joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to talk about people who have "Hot Sauce," the meaning of "Red Lyfe" and the joy of "Cash Baths."
May 05 2017
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get jammed up in "Stuck My Life," take their chances in "Gator Gamblin'" and enlist in the "Gravy Seals."
Apr 28 2017
DJ Paul 9x19
Hip-hop legend DJ Paul joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to get a little "Zap Happy," live the "Jugg Life" and get energized by some "Beatspiration."
Apr 21 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo take a vacation to "Lake Painatonka," catch the quick hands in "Grabbies" and watch some unsuspecting people get "Effed From Behind."
Apr 14 2017
Singer-songwriter Jessie J joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to learn how to "Do It Like a Dude," hear some harsh truths in "Mom-Splaining" and watch the bodies slam in "Bang Bang."
Apr 07 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo choke down some "Street Meat," party with a few "Sliter Sisters" and hit the stairs with some extreme "Slinkies."
Mar 31 2017
Hip hop star Vic Mensa joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to check out some close calls in "Still Alive," learn creative ways to "Save More Money" and get extra strange with "A Lot Going On."
Mar 24 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo check out the fierce "Lawn Warriors," learn some wisdom in "Speak Your Mind" and witness some "Furry Fury."
Mar 17 2017
Grammy Award-winning duo The Chainsmokers join Rob, Chanel and Steelo to cringe at some "Biters," ride "Stolen Mattresses" and marvel at the magic of real life "Teleporters."
Mar 10 2017
On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness, Rob, Chanel and Steelo dive head first into some Dead Pools, go into Carrot Shock and learn a valuable life lesson that Everything Farts.
Mar 03 2017
Teyana Taylor joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to pay tribute to "Kid Nappers," tell us about "Birthday Assassins," and what it’s like to be in a "Lust Bubble."
Feb 24 2017
Motivational speaker Michael Crossland joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to teach us the "Crossland Method," show us what it means when your dog is "Cross-Bred" and visit the "Field of Nightmares."
Feb 17 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo enter the "Snack Zone," learn the dangers of hiring "Budget Babysitters" and root on reckless golf cart drivers in "Country Club Drift."
Feb 17 2017
Talk show host Steve Wilkos joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to check out some "Surprise Titties," call "Stevecurity" and watch the "Highest Rated Category Ever."
Feb 10 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo learn a new game called "Traffic Tag," receive some "Dick Tips" and things get messy when they "Pop the Man-Pagne."
Feb 10 2017
Jackass legend Danger Ehren teaches Rob, Steelo and Chanel the pain of "Getting Donkey’d," how to avoid "Dental Danger" and get adorable with some "Whiskey Pets."
Feb 03 2017
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo attend a "Russian Talent Show," check out some nasty "Kid Marks" and discover that "The World's Your Weapon."
Feb 03 2017
Music producer Clinton Sparks teaches Rob, Chanel, and Steelo how to make budget beats with "Sparks of Genius," get cultured with some "Massholes" and cause some serious mom damage with "Mama Trauma."
Jan 27 2017
Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate a "Russian Thanksgiving," feel the wrath of some "Teeny Meanies" and plug in with "Virtual Retirement."
Jan 27 2017
Rob, Steelo, and Chanel are joined by BMX legend Jamie Bestwick to experience some serious "Vert Hurt," keep kids in their place with "Youth Slayers" and get over-caffeinated with "Rothrocked."
Jan 20 2017
On the Season 9 premiere of Ridiculousness, Rob, Chanel and Steelo get "Cropped Out," take a trip to their local "Hell Mart" and enjoy some delicious "Pumpkin Spice."
Jan 20 2017

Season 8

30 Episodes

Rob, Chanel and Sterling discuss the drunk ingenuity of "Drinkovators," explore the bizarre "Planet Of The Vapes" and test their palates for destruction in the "Taste Of Death."
Sep 27 2016
Stunt person and Nitro Circus star Jolene Van Vugt stops by to get destructive with “Smash Happy” and capture the perfect monkey moments in “Right Place, Right Monkey.”
Sep 27 2016
Rob shows Chanel and Sterling the animal mastery of “Beast Lords,” the tragedy of having a “Craptastrophe” and the dangers of flying “Foot Bombs.”
Sep 27 2016
The legendary television host Jerry Springer joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to chant “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!,” watch some “Beastdowns” and post some photos on “Injurgram.”
Sep 20 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling look for some "Everyday Peens," watch some videos get "Dog Bombed" and check out some people who have serious "Motor Skills."
Sep 20 2016
The hosts of "The Fighter and The Kid" podcast, Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub, join Rob, Chanel, and Sterling to talk about other “Fighters and Funny People.”
Sep 13 2016
Jackass’ Dave England shows Rob, Chanel and Sterling what it takes to inspire a generation of “Poo Pros,” gets careless with some “Bad Daddies” and the agony of getting “Butt Hurt.”
Sep 13 2016
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel hang out with artist/producer Dillon Francis to talk some “Wack Smack” and learn how to party correctly in “They Did It Right.”
Sep 06 2016
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel pay homage to some “Legendary Assists,” bust up some public makeouts with “PDA Police,” and find out why babies are nothing more than “Tiny People, Tiny Brains.”
Sep 06 2016
Comedy icon Wanda Sykes joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to talk about what it means to have “Unpresidential Nipples,” doling out “Momforcement,” and the first ever “Wandamania.”
Aug 30 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling take the “Running Man Challenge,” explore the fear known as “Crap-nophobia” and learn what it means to be “Saved To Death.”
Aug 30 2016
Super Bowl 50 Champs DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller join Rob and the crew to try out for the "Swat Team," round up some "Attack Chickens," and file to the IRS to become "Fart Tax Exempt."
Aug 23 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling see the secret skills it takes to be an “Undercover Badass,” find a new way of “Gettin’ Paid” and learn that some things are simply “Unforgivable.”
Aug 23 2016
Rob, Chanel, and Sterling are joined by the coolest granny in the game, Baddie Winkle, who teaches us how to stay young in “Fountain of Baddie.”
Aug 23 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling enjoy some "White Whines," attend an "Animals Anonymous" meeting and take a trip to the most dangerous suburb in the country "Slamburbia."
Aug 19 2016
T-Pain 8x15
Grammy-winning rapper and producer T-Pain joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to sweeten the sound of people’s slams in “T-Pain Your Pain” and talk about “Hard 180s.”
Aug 19 2016
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel go "Flame Dumb," test out their hand skills in "Snatch Masters," and slow-mo man's best friend in "Goooooooddddd Boooooooyyyyy."
Aug 12 2016
NASCAR's Bubba Wallace sits with Rob, Stee-lo and Chanel to drive fast and hard in "Trading Paint," play some "Next Level Games" and get into some road rage throwdowns in "Street Heat."
Aug 12 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling spot some "Man Dolphins," hit some red "Bullseyes" and get wet in the category "Dammmmp Daniel."
Aug 12 2016
Basketball great Metta World Peace joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to talk about what it means to play "Metta Ball" and having a job when you're "Here For The Discount."
Aug 12 2016
Redfoo 8x10
Grammy-nominated recording artist Redfoo joins Rob, Stee-Lo and Chanel to talk about the "Legends Of Campfoo," going "Lights Out" and learn what it means to get "Party Rock'd."
Aug 05 2016
Rob, Chanel and Steelo fly solo as they learn how dangerous it is to be born with "Turtle Blood," get in shape with "Beast 90x" and learn the advantages to being 100% "Prank Proof."
Aug 05 2016
Comedian Hampton Yount joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling to check out the danger of "Risky Bits," listen to some "Next Level Narrators" and learn what it means to get "Hamspired."
Jul 28 2016
Olympic Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Farrington joins Rob, Chanel, and Sterling to talk about "Other Sochi Games," "Pokeaphobia" and what it means to be a "Virgin Larper."
Jul 28 2016
Business guru Marcus Lemonis shows us his “Lemonis Face,” teaches us the 3Ps of “People, Process, Pain,” and finally discovers that “They Do Exist!”
Jul 21 2016
The crew is joined by multi-platinum singer/songwriter Leona Lewis to watch some of her fellow "Aisle Trolls," be misunderstood while "Speaking Leonese" and learn about our friends across the pond in "Quite British."
Jul 21 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling discuss a condition called "Temporary Fansanity," people who are "Quick To Cry" and our favorite summer sporting event, the "Bro Games."
Jul 14 2016
Rob welcomes NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski to learn what it’s like to be "Unwakeable," the dangers of being "Bus Blind" and experience the strange aggression of "Mild Boys."
Jul 14 2016
Comedian Eric Andre returns to check out some "Power Dicks," watch people go tongue to tongue in the category "Unexpected Mouth Mates" and get sticky with his favorite dressing.
Jul 07 2016
With a whole new stage, Rob, Chanel and Sterling "Do It For The Vine," bust out their 3D glasses for the category "3Diculousness" and watch some old folks slam in the "Grey Games."
Jul 07 2016

Season 7

30 Episodes

Hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling to celebrate the “Sremmlife,” get hurt “Worse Than It Looks” and have somebody “Come Get Her
Jun 30 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling are joined by pop singer Zara Larsson to go “Beast Catching,” shed some “Beyonce Tears,” and sing along to the “Worstest Love Of All.”
Jun 30 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling check out some hard working monkeys in "Bananas Ain't Free," throw down in "Stripe Club" and dress up nice for some "Formal Slams."
Jun 23 2016
Chris "Drama" Pfaff sits down with Rob, Chanel and Sterling to get "Fully Reckless," go on some "Sketchy Flights" and get saved in time by "Life Savers."
Jun 23 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling welcome model Ireland Baldwin to celebrate some "Bald Wins," run afoul of some "Trash Horses" and learn the difficulties of having "Outside Deficit Disorder."
Jun 16 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling are joined all the way from the UK by YouTube's Sam Sadler to rock out to some "Pins and Needles," get "Scared Forever," and appreciate the little things with "Everything Is Amazing."
Jun 16 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling have rapper/producer Sage the Gemini on the show to find out if he's "Glide Or Die," get "Over Gassed," and announce to the world "I Love Sparks!"
Jun 09 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling keep their area free from "Space Invaders," nap hard after a "Slumber Punch," and see just how weird it gets when cats get their paws on "Too Much Nip."
Jun 09 2016
Ja Rule 7x22
Rob, Chanel and Sterling are joined by rapper and reality TV star Ja Rule to "Keep It On The Green," run in terror from "Ja Ghouls" and be driven crazy by "These Damn Kids!"
Jun 02 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling have NASCAR's Chase Elliott talk about "Hall Of Fame Dads," suffer a "Victory Lapse," and get a helping hand from some "Personal Pit Crews."
Jun 02 2016
Jackass and Wildboyz star Chris Pontius joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling get up close in some "All-Natural Weirdness," dance with some "Party Boys," and try to stay away from "Beasts Unleashed."
Mar 10 2016
Country music star Tyler Farr teaches Rob, Chanel and Sterling the healing power of “Redneck Therapy,” how to “Suffer In Peace” and what it means to have “Outside Junk.”
Mar 03 2016
Motocross champion Ryan Villopoto learns the "Time To Retire" and how to start some "Workplace Throwdowns."
Feb 25 2016
Diplo 7x17
Grammy winning producer and DJ, Diplo, joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling save the day with "Peacekeepers," get crazy with "Mad Indecent Block Parties."
Feb 18 2016
Rob, Sterling and Chanel try out some "Competitive Sleeping," experience the confusion of "Creature Shock" and go too hard on a "Sunday Doneday."
Feb 11 2016
American Idol Winner, Jordin Sparks, joins Rob, Chanel and Sterling to get “Wet And Afraid,” watch some dogs go “Nuts About Balls” and learn it’s hard to breathe with “No Air.”
Feb 04 2016
Travis Scott is here to show Rob, Chanel and Sterling what it's like "Getting Action Figured," fend off the "Antidote Side Effects," and celebrate with some "Masters Of The Dark."
Jan 28 2016
It's Sterling's time to shine as Rob quizzes him with a "Steelo Vision Test," the gang gets some "Trill Advice" and do all they can to avoid "The Brim Reaper."
Jan 21 2016
Paige 7x12
Rob welcomes WWE Diva, Paige, to learn what it’s like to be “Born Badass,” watch some “Everyday Divas” throwdown and learn there’s no better insults than some “Proper Smack.”
Jan 14 2016
Rob, Chanel and Sterling dodge some “No Look Slaps,” hit the “Sensi-Button,” and experience the drama of “The Circle Of Life.”
Jan 07 2016
Rob, Stee-Lo, and Chanel meet with motorcycle madman Robbie Maddison showcase some “Mini Madd Asses”, cause some serious “Grammage”
Dec 17 2015
The original Ridiculousness crew take a look at "Wookiees", "Murder Machines"; and "Ticking Time Moms."
Dec 10 2015
Model and actress Charlotte McKinney joins the crew to get surprised by some “Wookiees”, face off with some “Murder Machines” and watch the destruction from some explosive “Ticking Time Moms.”
Dec 03 2015
Trick shot superstars Dude Perfect joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to enjoy some “Dudebrations”, witness the pain of “Dud Perfect,” and learn about the dangers of “Bad Garretts.”
Nov 19 2015
Actor and rapper Machine Gun Kelly joins Rob to celebrate “Wild Boys,” fend off the “Fun Police” and learn you can never be too scared of “Sky Coffins.”
Nov 12 2015
Nitro Circus stuntman, Andy Bell joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to take a look at some "Nitro Sideshows," the phenomenon of "Street Prancing," and explore the most Russian things on the Internet in "Russian as F***."
Nov 05 2015
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel take a much needed "Karate Break", try to figure out what's wrong with some highly "Defective Pets", and play a classic game of "Heads Or Tails?"
Oct 29 2015
Rapper Mac Miller joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to get “Humpspired,” take a “Paincation,” and discuss the nuance of butt defenses in “Protect Your Hole.”
Oct 22 2015
Rapper Action Bronson joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to showcase his wrestling moves with “Bronsonmania,” watch some “White People Dancing
Oct 15 2015
50 Cent 7x01
50 Cent joins Rob, Stee-Lo, and Chanel to discuss his “Crappy Birthday,” people who are “Built Like 50,” and others who, like 50, are real “Show Stealers.”
Oct 08 2015

Season 6

32 Episodes

Instagram sensation The Fat Jewish joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to show off some "G-Strength", learn how to "Start Baking" and check out some insane clips that are "Probably Japan."
Jun 25 2015
Susanne Daniels, the President of Programming for MTV, joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to meet some couples who are "Soon To Be Exes" and see some floppers who are extremely "Bad At Faking It".
Jun 25 2015
Chanel West Coast takes a turn in the special guest seat to make her trademark "Chanel Face," dodge some sneaky "Camera Assassins," and get giggly with "Laugh At Your Pain."
Jun 18 2015
Hit recording artist Travis Mills joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to meet his new fans, the "Old Fvs," learn about "Lanky Life," and explore the phenomenon of "Dream Tears."
Jun 11 2015
The King of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, join Rob, Sterling and Chanel to take a look at other "Bilzillionaires" and "Beard Outlaws."
Jun 04 2015
NFL superstar LeSean McCoy joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to help highlight some "Real McCoys", take a look at some "Extra Personal Fouls" and see why it's "Never Fun Losing."
May 28 2015
TV personality and Loveline legend, Dr. Drew Pinksy and Rob take a look at some wild people and wonder "What Went Wrong?", and check out some strong seniors flex their "Grey Guns".
May 21 2015
Stand up comedy's Queen Bee Iliza Shlesinger joins Rob, Sterling, and Chanel to witness the drunken "Party Goblin" phenomena and share with us the extent of her "Pupsession".
May 14 2015
Rob, Stee-Lo, and Chanel get their thrills at “Crappyland,” meet some “Secret Aliens,” and experience the joys of having their first “Naturegasm.”
May 07 2015
Professional baseball's Nick Swisher is here with Rob for a little "Bro Bonding," play a game of "Dude or Bro" and learn how to party with some "Bro-Ma's"
Apr 30 2015
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel get ready for prom with "Prom Practice", check out online dating disasters with "Should've Swiped Left" and highlight the dangers of showing up "Drunk On Arrival"
Apr 23 2015
Rob welcomes Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey as they give a salute to modern "Fartistry", talk about what it's like to have "Wolfsense", and teach us to "Say No To Buds".
Apr 16 2015
Juicy J 6x20
Academy Award winning rapper Juicy J gets everyone to "Bounce It", while providing a fresh take on "Wake Up Bake Up" and shows why for some girls it's just "Not Twerking Out".
Apr 09 2015
Professional baseball All-Star Prince Fielder helps highlight "Sluggers", provides some "Skinspiration" for his fellow athletes and gives a salute
Apr 02 2015
Comedian Brooks Wheelan shows Rob the dangers of being 'Drunk On Ebay,' does a little 'Critter Control' and feels the terror of being 'Snake Bait.'
Mar 26 2015
Insane comedian Eric Andre joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to check out some aggressive "Mandozers", show off some "Public Meat" and play a fun new game called "Pick A Person".
Mar 19 2015
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel take a trip down to "The Slamptons", encounter some ancient "Sea Cappys" and learn what it means to be prone to "Gingeries".
Mar 12 2015
Rob exposes super-model Nina Agdal's "Private Weirdness" while she goes "Beast Mode" and basks in the glory of the world's most "Talented Butts."
Mar 05 2015
Superstar rapper Rick Ross goes from "Hood Hundredaire" to "Rich Forever" and teaches Rob and company how to do it all "Like A Boss."
Feb 26 2015
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel introduce us to "Dadholes", show us some people getting "Flapjacked", and listen to some "Star Spangled Butchers".
Feb 19 2015
Detroit Hip-Hop sensation Danny Brown joins Rob to show what it means to be a "Laugh Maverick", share in the love of "Cat Bros", and experiment with some "Great Drinking Combos".
Feb 12 2015
Smosh 6x11
YouTube stars Smosh expose some "Secret Commandos," showcase the hilarity of getting "Shut Up" and help highlight "Why Men shouldn't twerk",
Feb 05 2015
Future 6x10
Rapper Future teaches the crew about "Dungeon Life" and the danger of "Going Too Hard", while Rob teaches him about the "Backyard Space Program".
Jan 29 2015
Rob, Sterling and Chanel experience “Accidental Filth”, see who’s got their “Beer Belts”, and learn what it means to have a “Human Glitch”.
Jan 29 2015
Rob, Chanel and Sterling look at the new phenomenon of "Magnet Backs", take a trip over the pond to see some "British Kerfuffles", and the ultimate wrestler "Horse Hogan".
Jan 22 2015
YG 6x07
Rapper YG drops by the studio to explore a new meaning of his hit song "My Hitta", uncover the true meaning of "Rollin' Fatties"
Jan 22 2015
Tyler the Creator stops by as his alter ego, Mr. Rochelle, to take a look at some "Classholes" and what happens when you are "Late for Class".
Jan 15 2015
Hollywood stunt driver, Top Gear USA host, and X-Games champion Tanner Foust shares the dangers of "Going Extra, Extra Big,and test drives some "Next Level moves"
Jan 15 2015
Sleepy Hollow's resident badass Lyndie Greenwood joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to check out some terrifying "Everyday Demons" & laugh at some hilarious hockey "Puck Ups".
Jan 08 2015
Rob shows skateboard prodigy Jagger Eaton some "Mega Dumps", discovers some "Magnet Feet", and they all learn how to build "Budget Skateparks"
Jan 08 2015
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel learn how people can be protected by "Angel Bubbles", witness an international "Animal Uprising", and celebrate some "Gifts From Heaven.
Jan 01 2015
Ne-Yo 6x01
Grammy winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo avoids some "Ambush Assassins" while getting busy with "Sexy Love" and breaks new ground with "The Future Of Music."
Jan 01 2015

Season 5

18 Episodes

Professional basketball star Nate Robinson takes a look at some fellow "Sharpshooters," plays some "Supermarket Sports," and joins the celebration with "Dunk Cam."
Oct 30 2014
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel find out why "White Men Can't Dread," witness the winged lawbreakers of "Bird Crimes," and take it to the next level with "Extremer Sports."
Oct 30 2014
In this special 100th episode of Ridiculousness, Rob, Steelo, and Chanel reminisce on their favorite moments and bring back their favorite categories.
Oct 23 2014
Supermodel Chanel Iman stops by to inspire hilarious categories where those who aren't as graceful as her fall in heels, fly like angels, and have strange mating noises.
Oct 16 2014
Pro snowboarder and Olympic Gold Medal winner Sage Kotsenburg stops by to watch videos about snowboarding mishaps, blonde haired dare devil fails, and brothers who don't quite fit in.
Oct 09 2014
Rob and his faithful Ridiculousness friends Steelo and Chanel watch hilarious videos of bad times, summer camp, naked criminals, and more!
Oct 02 2014
Rapper French Montana hangs out with the Ridiculousness gang to inspire categories after his music and laugh at hilarious videos that include exotic beasts.
Sep 25 2014
Reality TV stars and sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner hang out on Ridiculousness to watch videos inspired by their famous family!
Sep 18 2014
Pro Skateboarder Paul Rodriquez hangs out on Ridiculousness and inspires categories with his board skills, time on Street Dreams, and even solving problems...
Sep 11 2014
Legendary pro skateboarder Danny Way stops by to watch hilarious videos of missed jumps, people who can't take hits, and chatter victims of anesthesia.
Sep 04 2014
Rob, Sterling, and Chanel ditch the CrossFit and go straight to "CrashFit," assess some serious "Mom Damage," and get schooled by some "Baby Bosses."
Aug 28 2014
Legendary TV Host Larry King joins the crew to laugh about painful crashes, pants mishaps, and what happens when you dance TOO sexy.
Aug 21 2014
Actor and producer David Arquette stops by Ridiculousness to laugh at videos inspired by his own characters, power calves, and that time he was thrown...
Aug 14 2014
Maria Menounos joins the crew and laughs at reporter mishaps, craziness at sporting events, pranks gone wrong, and more.
Aug 07 2014
The gang laughs at lonely boys, imagines the apocalypse, and some really rude awakenings.
Jul 31 2014
Funny man David Spade hangs out to recall Joe Dirt glory, watch major wipeouts, and see some deer make their TV debut.
Jul 24 2014
Eddie Huang joins the gang for laughs provided by bizzare meals, cringe-worthy white people mishaps, and really bad drivers.
Jul 17 2014
Chrissy Teigen flaunts her "Swimsuit Issues," while Rob dives into the hilariousness of "Party Bruises", the almighty "Healing Hugs", and much more.
Jul 10 2014

Season 4

21 Episodes

Rob, Steelo, and Chanel touch on unfollowing people, extreme hugging, and unusual slap fights.
Apr 03 2014
YouTube star and 'Epic Meal Time Host' Harley Morenstein stops by to laugh at epic meal crimes, human bacon, and people who, like him, are just a bit buttery.
Mar 31 2014
Chef Guy Fieri joins the crew to watch videos of junky cars, weird ideas of "flavortown," and people who definitely did pranks on purpose.
Mar 27 2014
Tyga 4x18
Tyga and the gang watch videos of hit collabs, kicks in the face, and people who need to keep practicing.
Mar 27 2014
Rob, Steelo, and Chantel have fun while talking about their beauty, weird disorders, and watching videos of ginger fails, actual wins, and dick moves.
Mar 20 2014
Dancer Derek Hough hangs out on Ridiculousness and laughs at videos of people who are NOT dancers, Oscar-worthy pranks, driving disasters, and sibling rivalry.
Mar 13 2014
Actress Lacey Chabert stops by the studio to break down the "Last Minute Adventures" of old folks and the "Tender Moments" of lovers.
Mar 09 2014
Professional Skateboarder Nyjah Huston joins the crew to laugh at videos of ungifted kids, stunts gone wrong, and people getting road rashes.
Mar 06 2014
The Dudesons travel from Finland to get wild on 'Ridiculousness' with clips of nudity, nut shots, and people cheating death.
Feb 27 2014
Chanel brings out her pup, Weezy, to make a small guest appearance before introducing the segment "Insanimals". The crew also experience some "No Pros" and reveal their true feelings in "Surprise, I Hate You".
Feb 20 2014
Comedian Lil Duval hangs with the Ridiculousness gang to show off his 'doll' skills, laugh at loose moons, and show a clip about tight pants.
Feb 13 2014
Bad Grandpa star Jackson Nicoll stares Rob down in "Made You Blink," sucker-punches Sterling with a "Jackson 5" and reveals why the best bathroom policy is: "Lock the Door!"
Feb 06 2014
YouTube personality Jenna Marbles helps break down the web's best "Face Lookers," people whose injuries are "Selfie Inflicted" and the recent "Nerf-pocalypse."
Jan 30 2014
Actor Michael B. Jordan tells Rob about the pitfalls of "Bad Bro-mates," learns some new "Crying Styles" and scores some "Human Field Goals."
Jan 26 2014
Actor and comedian Mike Epps and Rob watch people "Getting Zombied," stuffing food in unlikely places to "Save it for Later" and ponder who is most deserving of "Bond or Burial" money.
Jan 26 2014
Rob, Steelo, and Chanel hang out and laugh at "Wet Dumps", learn about "British Dads" and share the new sport of "Free Biking".
Jan 23 2014
Actress Stevie Ryan stops by to introduce the crew to "Jamie-Lynns", learn about "Jelly Limbs" and discuss the ins and outs of "Getting Dookied".
Jan 16 2014
'Girl Code's Jamie Lee stops by 'Ridiculousness' and laughs at people who are "Bad With Kids" and discusses the merits of "Drunk Sluts".
Jan 09 2014
Rob, Sterling and Chanel are in the studio "Freaking Out" over the new epidemic "Heavy Leg Syndrome" and they discover the fine art of "Extreme Sitting."
Jan 09 2014
Entertainment icon Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion and Rob enjoy some "Over the Tizzle Celebrizzles," watch the "Foreign 5-0" bumble their jobs and see what happens when kids have "Too Much Pep."
Jan 02 2014
Comedian Nick Swardson shows Rob what it means to be "Old and Horny," the lifestyle of "Day Drunks," and how he knows: "My Car's a Dick."
Jan 02 2014

Season 3

20 Episodes

Drama, Big Black and The Fantasy Factory crew stop by the studio to make some "Miracle Shots" and get "Gassed Up!"
Sep 19 2013
Rob Dyrdek and Australian singer superstar Cody Simpson witness some extremely "Awkward Dates" and discover the internet's most "Anti-Viral Sensations."
Sep 12 2013
Rob and International DJ Steve Aoki practice some "Instant Yoga" and check out the crowd madness at music "Mess-tivals
Sep 05 2013
Rob, Sterling and Chanel enjoy some "Dirty Getaways" and some unskilled workers proving why this has to be their "Last Day on the Job."
Aug 29 2013
Rob and Super Model Joanna Krupa practice some "Partial Arts" and sneak a peak at some "Man Juggies."
Aug 22 2013
Actor Eddie Barbanell and Rob take a look at some adorable "Humanimals" and feel the music with a little bit of "Mancing."
Aug 15 2013
Rob, Sterling and Chanel marvel at some "Man Squirrels" and the unfortunate timing of people who become "Collateral Damage."
Aug 08 2013
Ray J 3x13
Singer Ray J drops by the studio to watch some "Knockout Entertainment" and discuss the danger of "Selfies."
Aug 01 2013
Rob is joined by Rapper A$AP Rocky who demonstrates "A Sneaky Ass Play" and shows us why fine older ladies "Still Got It."
Jul 25 2013
Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan stops by the studio to marvel at some "Mild Things" and watch some innocent bystanders get "Water Damaged!"
Jul 18 2013
Rap phenomenon Riff Raff shows off his "Brain Freeze" and breaks down some unbelievable "Middle of the Mall Sh*t".
Apr 18 2013
Rob and Gymkhana phenomenon Ken Block explain how not to be a "Gymkhanabe" and see first hand what being a "Death Dodger" is all about!
Apr 11 2013
The one and only Carmen Electra joins fellow Ohio native Rob,and his crew, to show us what real "Screamers" are all about and get increase heart rates with a little "Sexercise."
Apr 04 2013
Professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler takes the stage with Rob to view some heated sibling rivalries in "Bro Beef" and show us how to avoid "Skateboard Missiles."
Mar 28 2013
Skateboard legend and all-around Jackass, Bam Margera joins Rob and the crew to view some graceful "Air Dancers" and break down some painful "Tailboners".
Mar 21 2013
UFC President Dana White shows the crew the meaning behind "Banned-Kinis" and goes head-to-head with the most volatile "Hot Heads".
Mar 14 2013
The original crew are here to visit some "Early Graves", pick up a few "M.I.L.S." and enjoy some old fashioned "Russian Good Times"
Mar 07 2013
Steve-O 3x03
Jackass royalty Steve-O helps Rob to catch some "Animal Bullies" and track down the world's most accurate "Nut Snipers".
Feb 28 2013
Twenty-one year-old rapper, Mac Miller, joins Rob and the crew to discuss his hilarious alter ego "Hairy Levestein" and explain what it means to take a "Leap of Faith".
Feb 21 2013
DJ Pauly D from MTV's Jersey Shore joins the set to help weed out the "Jersey Shore Rejects" and show what a little "Guy Touching and Laughing" is all about.
Feb 14 2013

Season 2

20 Episodes

To honor the season finale of Ridiculousness, Wee-Man and Preston Lacy take to the couch to watch and celebrate upon all the other jackasses in the world.
Nov 05 2012
Rob's parents, Patty and Gene, join the crew to relive some videos of their children's Pranks, Sibling Rivalry and some of Rob's greatest childhood moments.
Oct 29 2012
MTV host and BMX rider, TJ Lavin, stops by the set to learn about Shirtless Manplay, Flinstoning and Animal Prodigies.
Oct 22 2012
Rob, Chanel, and Sterling educate the audience on how to Save Your Drink, why Safety Hurts and see some "Chanel's in Training".
Oct 15 2012
WWE Divas and Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie join the crew to show their Backyard Wrestling moves and how to make the perfect Pain Angel.
Oct 08 2012
Big Cat 2x15
Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff helps the host break down clips of outrageous viral videos.
Oct 01 2012
Rob shows the audience how to Escape Your Pain while friend and pro championship skater, Chris Cole, learns what it's like to be in the Hot Seat.
Sep 24 2012
Drift racing super-star, Vaughn Gittin, Jr., reunites with Rob to watch videos featuring Faulty Equipment and High Speed Chaos. Rob introduces instant classic categories such as Flailers and Stunt Dummies.
Sep 17 2012
Actress and musical artist, Kat Graham, shows us some of her big moments of One Liners and how to dance on stage with one shoe. Rob also shows videos of her Magical Spells.
Sep 10 2012
Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, guest stars where he'll discuss with Rob why Grass Is Your Friend and the joys of Human Magnets. The fan favorite, Makeshift Thrill Rides, returns to the show.
Sep 03 2012
Tyler, the Creator and Loiter Squad co-star, Taco, visit the set of Ridiculousness and learn about Sloppy Finishes and Faceballs.
Aug 27 2012
Lil Jon 2x09
Lil Jon and Rob enjoy the "Yeah" category inspired by the rapper, watch videos of Dancing Animals, unintentional Body Shots, and people getting Fenced.
Aug 20 2012
'Nitro Circus' stunt warrior Street Bike Tommy joins the 'Ridiculousness' gang to watch the wildest whisky throttles and gutsiest big dudes on the web.
Jun 14 2012
The original 'Ridiculousness' trio watch clips of random tackles and animals seeking revenge, and Chanel swaps places with Rob for some redneck good times.
Jun 07 2012
Australian radio personality/skateboarder/author/jack of all trades Jason Ellis drops by to check out some bromantic activities and get kicked in the crotch by Chanel live in the studio
Jun 07 2012
"Ace of Cakes" star chef, Duff Goldman, stops by set with a scorpion cake and we see some of his Unnecessary Costumes. He and Rob also show videos of Grand Entrances and Ghost Holes.
May 28 2012
UFC championship fighter, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, shows his wolf battle cry and what really sets off his Hot Button. Rob also shows videos of Crappy Endings and what it's like to get Slampaged.
May 21 2012
Former "PMOY", Sara Jean Underwood, visits the Ridiculousness set, where Rob shows off his Fear Face and they talk about how Cats are Weird.
May 14 2012
Floyd Mayweather visits the Ridiculousness studio where Rob shows him what a Pain Face looks like. They'll also endure some Romantic Injuries and learn How Not To Train.
May 07 2012
Justin Bieber stops by the set to show off some of his Canadian pride, learn about Humanimals and what Popcorning is really all about.
Apr 30 2012

Season 1

16 Episodes

Big Black is back for the 'Ridiculousness' season finale, and the gang watches hilarious vids of people fighting gainst gravity and snow.
Dec 19 2011
The Dingo is back! Laugh as a whole lot of people have a Tough Day on the Job, find out if You're Too Old For That, and who's Almost Awesome. Rob breaks down Skiers vs. Snowboarders. Shoes go flying off in Shoe Down.
Dec 12 2011
Rob invites his favorite Youtube dancer to the set, and the 'Ridiculousness' gang finds out what happens when average joes go up against household electronics and Mother Nature.
Dec 05 2011
The late Ryan Dunn, daredevil and former 'Jackass' star, joins the 'Ridiculousness' gang as they take a look at the latest bunch of wacky web videos.
Nov 28 2011
The 'Ridiculousness' gang welcomes a world-class unicyclist, and everyone gets a taste of some of the web's wildest worst-case scenarios and band practice mishaps.
Nov 21 2011
Caite Upton drops by the 'Ridiculousness' studio, along with a world-renowned biking "expert," to sound off on some redneck good times and major de-facings that were caught on camera.
Nov 14 2011
Rob shows off the ten events in the Ridiculousness Decathlon, and brings in a special guest to deconstruct some nasty bull fights on the web.
Nov 07 2011
Rob's cousin, and 'Fantasy Factory' regular, Chris "Drama" Pfaff joins the 'Ridiculousness' gang for some horseplay, aggressive running, and a special Brazilian lap dance.
Oct 31 2011
Skater Matt Schlager is a guest. Clips of "Man-kinis" and "Dodging Bullets" are featured.
Oct 24 2011
The 'Ridiculousness' family welcomes special guest/extreme television producer Jeff Tremaine to help share web videos featuring the hardest slams and worst friends out there.
Oct 17 2011
The 'Ridiculousness' crew watches the most painful karate mishaps on the web, and learns what it truly means to ride dirty.
Oct 03 2011
Action sports personality The Dingo hangs out with Rob and the gang to watch some web videos of worst case scenarios and costly crashes.
Sep 26 2011
Extreme stuntman Travis Pastrana visits the studio to help Rob and the gang show off the craziest animals and baddest whiskey throttles on the web.
Sep 19 2011
Rob’s former co-star Big Black joins the panel, breaking down Makeshift Thrill Rides, Bieber Hair, and Coming in Hot. See how human scorpions sting in a whole different way than the spider that attacks an innocent dad.
Sep 12 2011
'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville joins the 'Ridiculousness' crew to see what happens when bad ideas turn worse, wild beasts get freaky, and kids end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Sep 05 2011
Rob and the 'Ridiculousness' crew have some redneck good times, experience painful double whammies, and get pogo stuck as they show off the craziest videos on the internet.
Aug 29 2011