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We travel to Indigenous communities across the Americas to meet people protecting their homelands and rising up against colonization.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Mar 10 2017
Mar 03 2017
Young Indigenous Hawaiians fight to reclaim their Occupied Kingdom from US control, resisting the construction of a billion-dollar telescope at the summit of their sacred Mauna Kea.
Feb 24 2017
An urban reservation in Canada aims to fight poverty, crime and violence against girls and women.
Feb 17 2017
Young Navajo fighters who engage in mixed-martial arts in order to combat alcoholism, racism and violence are spotlighted.
Feb 10 2017
The Apache's most sacred land has been handed over to a multinational mining company by the US government, but the San Carlos Apache are fighting to stop the transfer.
Feb 03 2017
Over 5,000 Red Power warriors have descended on Standing Rock camp to stand in solidarity and protect tribal burial sites from the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Jan 27 2017
The people of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation of North and South Dakota fight to stop a pipeline from being built on their ancestral homeland.
Jan 27 2017