Rookies (2015)

Continuing Monday / 9:00pm ITV 45 min.
Documentary filmed over the course of a year following trainee officers in Lincolnshire Police, charting their progress as they venture out onto the streets under the watchful eyes of experienced veterans.

Season 2

3 Episodes

Surrey Police trainees Tyne and Antony face one of their toughest shifts yet when they have to manage a volatile suspect in custody who threatens to harm them and himself. Meanwhile, fellow law enforcer Claudia has to deal with a man that wants to be arrested. Finally, the rookies hit the streets alone, away from the watchful eye of their tutors who have guided them through their first steps into life on the frontline
Sep 06 2016
Series revealing what it is like to be dropped into the front line of law enforcement, as seven ordinary people train to be police officers in Surrey. 24-year-old Claudia from Surrey has decided to return home to join the police, having travelled the world for three years crewing yachts and working in bars and ski chalets. Drawn in by the promise of excitement and adventure, Claudia quickly realises that the biggest challenge of all is dealing with people at their most desperate. 22-year-old Ryan is leaving a well-paid job as a software engineer to join the force. A self-confessed geek who still lives at home, Ryan is convinced that policing people is just like programming. 29-year-old Loz has been trying to join the police for over ten years. The 5ft 2in tall former phlebotomist has to overcome her unease that her diminutive size will prevent her from being taken seriously - particularly when she is mistaken for a stripper.
Aug 30 2016
Documentary following trainee officers in Surrey Police, charting their progress as they venture out onto the streets under the watchful eyes of experienced veterans. Rookie law enforcers include 29-year-old Tyne, who has made a radical career move from dance instructor to trainee Police Officer. Cameras also follow 19-year-old Angus, who is leaving a close family home in rural Somerset where he worked in a call centre, to take on a career which will push him to his limits
Aug 23 2016

Season 1

3 Episodes

In the climax of the series the rookies are finally about to hit the streets alone, away from the watchful eye of their partner. 46-year-old rookie Mark’s last shift with veteran officer Mike is one of his most challenging yet – he's called to help a man whose been attacked with a baseball bat after trying to meet a prostitute. But it's the families who are most concerned about the rookies facing the county's most dangerous criminals alone. Recently married Dan attends a near-fatal stabbing during his first solo shift while his husband anxiously awaits his safe return home. 26-year-old Jack's mum might finally be used to him having his own house but that doesn't stop her worrying about her son having to arrest abusive members of the public. And 46-year-old Julia's grandmother has a unique insight into the demands of her new role - she was once one of the UK's first female PC's.
Jul 27 2015
Weeks into hitting the beat, the trainees realise learning on the job can mean making mistakes in full view of a very critical public. Jack stops and searches an innocent couple after being told off for not being proactive enough, while Dan breaks a crucial rule when he runs into trouble on his first night shift, Julia's lack of experience in the drug world means she misses a vital clue when faced with heroin for the first time, and away from work she worries about her 22-year-old son, who has followed her career path and just joined up
Jul 20 2015
In the first episode, 26-year-old Jack finally moves out of the family home and away from his worried parents, while 35-year-old Dee finds the long unsociable hours actually brings her closer to her loved ones - especially her estranged father. Mark, 46, is one of only six black officers in Lincolnshire, and explains why his parents raised him to fear the police rather than join them
Jul 13 2015