Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Continuing / 7:00pm Disney Channel 21 min.
12-year-old Griffin Campbell and his family move to the small town of Sulphur Springs and take ownership of an abandoned hotel rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who disappeared decades ago. Griffin befriends Harper, a bright-eyed, mystery-obsessed classmate and together, they uncover a secret portal that allows them to travel back in time. In the past, they’ll attempt to uncover the key to solving this unsolved mystery, a mystery that affects everyone close to them.

Season 1

11 Episodes

Harper goes back in time and finds her dad who takes her on a ride down memory lane.
Mar 12 2021
Griffen and Harper try to find a way to get Savannah back from 1960.
Mar 05 2021
Once Griffin and Harper learn they can’t reopen the hatch to let Savannah in, they quickly go back through the portal.
Feb 26 2021
Griffin and Harper realize that Savannah could've traveled back in time.
Feb 19 2021
Griffin and Harper sneak back through the portal to find a search party looking for Savannah. Police officers begin their questioning.
Feb 12 2021
Young Jess dares Savannah to spend the night in The Tremont basement with real ghosts. Young Ben comes to Savannah’s defense. Young Jess storms off and wishes Savannah gone!
Feb 05 2021
Ben is upset by the flurry of news reports marking the thirtieth anniversary of Savannah’s disappearance, while Zoey and Wyatt see it as the perfect opportunity to finally capture her ghost on tape.
Jan 29 2021
Harper asks Griffin to meet her at the portal after school, but when Griffin gets home, he discovers his grandfather has arrived for a visit.
Jan 22 2021
Griffin and Harper learn the camp dance is coming up, and that was the day Savannah went missing. Harper meets Jess and learns her mother did go to camp and hated Savannah.
Jan 15 2021
Griffin and Harper realize they’ve time traveled to the time period before Savannah’s disappearance. When they go back again, they think they see Savannah getting taken into the woods.
Jan 15 2021
Griffin Campbell and his family move to a new town, take ownership of an abandoned hotel and hope to restore it.
Jan 15 2021